It looks like Lucy has gotten himself into a wildly precarious position – his cover is not going to hold up any longer, and both Don Chinjao and Cavendish are eyeing for his head fervidly! The leader of the Chinjao Family is clearly not an ordinary foe and even if he’s not a Devil Fruit user, those mighty headbutts that he unleashed are pretty destructive in their own rights. A 500 million bounty would indicate that he is at the very least, as powerful as a Shichibukai, but the aspect about his introduction that especially stood out to me is what it says about Monkey D. Garp – just how fearsome was the Vice Admiral that he was able to inspire such intense malevolence within an adversary as powerful as this one! The battle of C Block should prove to be highly amusing – if it indeed happens, and I have no doubt Don Chinjao is more than capable of putting up a good fight, even when he’s measured up against Luffy. Then there’s the question of how Cavendish will fit into the picture – the true extent of his abilities will remain a mystery for now, but what we know for certain is that, like Zoro, he is an owner of a Meito – which without doubt, would have prompted fits of passionate elucidation from Tashigi if she was present! The revelation that he is a swordsman could lead to a future confrontation that pits the Pirate Prince against Zoro – let’s not forget, the Pirate Hunter is one of the Eleven Supernovas as well – and while he seemed intent on killing Luffy at the moment, I have a certain suspicion he will eventually come forth as an ally for the Straw Hats, not before getting his pretty ass kicked though.

The coliseum battles continued to move forward at a blistering pace and even as I’m still expecting Bellamy or Bartolomeo to emerge as the winner of B Block, it’s also increasingly evident that there’s more to Gladiator Ricky than meets the eyes. A number of readers (Love you guys, keep the comments coming!) have noted the possibility that he might turn out to be Kyros – the legendary gladiator of Corrida Coliseum and despite the fact that we have yet to receive any visual confirmation of his combat capabilities, even I have to admit his character depiction does fit the bill pretty well. In any event, the latest development pretty much confirmed that Lucy’s cover is completely blown and by my assessment, it’s highly possible Doflamingo or a member of the Donquixote family is already in the know. Whether Lucy remained undercover or not might not really matter as much as he thinks, but what’s also progressively apparent is the fact that he might not be able to handle all the opponents at the Corrida Coliseum just by himself and the rest of the Straw Hat crew could be joining the fray sooner than we think.

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #OnePiece 708: Those Headbutts! Lucy’s cover is completely blown and everybody is eyeing for his head fervidly #Manga



    1. He’s definitely a very capable swordsman and I suspect that would make him the perfect opponent for Zoro 😉
      Pirate Prince vs Pirate Hunter. Make it happen!

      1. I don’t know if this would happen, but considering that Zoro is one of the Supernova’s that the guy wants to kill, that is likely. I am curious if Zoro wants to get his hands on Durandal, even if he doesn’t perhaps that blade can be given to Brook since it is a western stylized blade.

        I am wondering if Oda is now just planning to have Caribou a change of heart. I seen Bellamy “change” to an extent, though he still fights very viciously (to stab people’s foot and then try to lift them, the pain). But Caribou of all people, we seen what he did to the mermaids and to his crew. If he doesn’t change in the end, I am hoping someone will kill him considering he knows about Shirahoshi’s secret.

  1. Bartolomeo may have the ability to reflect damage back to the attacker. This may also explain why he is so calm, because nothing can touch him.

    At the same time, if he already has this ability, why would he need the Mera-Mera no Mi?

    Lastly, as a funny side note, Attack on Oars!

    1. i can’t wait for the next release. i’m interested in seeing some kind of background to all of this. right now it just seems like a mix and mash of unknown characters, cavendish being the least interesting of all in my opinion. headbutt man might be cool but i don’t get how he could have not known that dragon existed but was able to recognize luffy right off the bat while he was in (an albeit crappy) disguise. i’m not sure if chinjao’s rage indicates that he stood equal with garp.. it could just be that he was steamrolled but i’d be interested in hearing otherwise.

      unless luffy starts busting heads, the only thing i’m really interested in seeing is the outcome of the b block match. bellamy put on quite a show for his return to the scene, but i would like to see how he stacks up against bartolomeo.

      that’s a nice crossover! do you happen to have the source?

      1. Hmm… I like Cavendish and he’s the new character at the coliseum that I find most interesting. He seems pretty impulsive and characters like that are such a blast to watch!

    2. That’s an interesting theory. It seemed like a pretty standard force shield to me, but who knows… the ability might even have something to do with haki.
      LOL Love that picture. Attack of the Oars! 😉

  2. Seeing how Cavendish seems to be more interested in Luffy, than the Mera Mera no mi, then I guess that Rebbeca-chan has a more higher percentage to eating that fruit.

    Well, anyway, I wonder if Sanji has been stabbed yet. Even if that guy did master Haki, like Whitebeard, I won’t be the least surprised that he will be hospitalized right away for obvious reasons, it is a country full of lovley woman that stabs people.

    In the interesting prospect is how Luffy is making the attempt to lie. Though…….I can’t say for certain if he will stay hidden for long. Hopefully Franky will destroy that factory soon.

    1. LOL Sanji’s having the time of his life at the moment. Violet’s gonna stab him so bad 😛
      I think we’re a long way from destroying the SMILE factory. They haven’t even located the whereabouts of the plant 😡

  3. I’m surprised Luffy didn’t do his ಠ3ಠ’ face when lying to Chinjao and Cavendish, since he’s renowned for being such a bad liar.

    Hack goes down…so the three with the highest chance right now are: Bellamy/Unknown gladiator/the troll. Can’t see the Fighting King going through, but here’s hoping we will see the extend of how damaging his punch will be.

    1. Heh, his I-am-telling-a-lie face was hidden under those stache 😛
      I surprised Dagama and his king lasted this long. A punch that is strong enough to make a hole in a fortress – should I even be impressed?

  4. Luffy’s cover being blown is an expected one, but the timing was not so much. I mean Luffy can’t fight with a sword…that’s suppose to be his weakness ain’t it aside from the sea. Now that his disguise is useless he can go all out and fight.
    The suspense lies with Bartolomeo and what ability he has to cause Hack to break his hand. Did he use haki or something?

    random viewer
    1. Who knows, based on Bartolomeo’s animal-like appearance, I assumed he would turn out to be a Zoan Devil Fruit user, but that’s clearly up for debate now that he has demonstrated a unique ability that could very well be related to a paramecia-type or even Haki, as you’ve pointed out.

  5. Luffy sure has gotten more mature. If it was two years ago, he’d have gone all out once his cover was blown, and wouldn’t have hidden himself to avoid being disqualified either.

  6. So many waging parties are being established, it’s awesome. There’s that common saying that a shonen manga isn’t a real shonen manga until it has a tournament arc. One Piece kind of already did that with what transpired on Skypeia, but I feel like this arc is invoking a bit of the same essence.

    I’m reading each week’s chapter with a conscious effort towards determining if every Straw Hat member will have an enemy to fight one on one. I’m still not too sure, especially with how many allies they have on their side. I didn’t think Zoro would be the one to face off with Cavendish. I thought the opposite, in fact. Their characters just don’t have an intriguing contrast. But now that you remind me of Zoro’s supernova status, I’m a bit swayed.

    I can’t wait until the arc kicks into full gear, but these chapters are no one near boring. Don Chinjao seems like a worthy adversary, much more so than Bellamy, if you ask me. That 500,000 Beri bounty and unjustified grudge against Luffy, it’s just asking for an ass-kicking.

    1. We’ll see what happens, it’s just a wild guess on my part but a match-up of Zoro with Cavendish should prove to be highly interesting 😉
      Does’t look like Chinjao is going to go down easy, his 500mn bounty indicated as much. Plus, he managed to withstand direct attacks from both Luffy and Cavendish without so much as a scratch.


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