Episode 05

「はじめてのお化粧」 (Hajimete no Okeshou)
“The First Makeup”

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Episode 06

「はじめてのお泊り」 (Hajimete no Otomari)
“The First Sleepover”

I’ve decided to lump my impressions for both these episodes together this week. Although there’s not a lot of overlap, I still feel as though there’s a lot of build up and anticipation for a showdown of sorts. The latest episode points out that there are two clear divisions at the school. You’re either on Takayanagi’s side or you’re on Souda’s and both of them are competing to become the “World Heritage Candidate” (which comes with many benefits yet to be revealed).

Last week’s episode featured what exactly the Souda twins/triplets are capable of. They took down Takayanagi pretty quickly and left him shaking in fear – enough to take down his site and withdraw from the school presidential elections. In his place is a new student named Kisaragi Jean Honoka (Bridcut Sarah Emi) whom is a “judge”. I can’t really put my finger on it, but she doesn’t come off as a trust worthy character either so I’m pretty certain that she has her own agenda up her sleeve. As a “judge” though, she claims that the student council is a neutral party to the “war” that surrounds the school.

Speaking of “neutral” parties, it appears as though the first ever student council president is still kicking around. Murakami Hodaka (Ishida Akira) invites Izumiko to dance for him while caking her face with make-up (not a fan of the look sorry!). Before she does though, Miyuki comes to the rescue! From what exactly? I’m not sure… It bothers me that Miyuki seems to know a lot of insider information that he’s hiding from Izumiko though. I think the audience is meant to feel the same way as Izumiko – a little lost and confused by her surroundings and ignorant to her importance and role. Anyway, I wouldn’t even hesitate to ask Miyuki about what’s going on because I would hate to know that others know more about me than I do. Izumiko is still very passive and introverted to me so it didn’t come as a surprise when the “spirit” within her took over and started claiming that Izumiko will be a “judge”. This confuses me even more because the spirit doesn’t seem to want to come to life and destroy mankind – although it’s not revealed how or why yet.

From what I can understand, there seems to be tension within the school now based on these 3 camps. You’re either with Takayanagi, Mayura or “neither”. In the last case, it seems like Mayura has concluded that Miyuki is against her by hiding secrets and powers from her. She wants to test him and we’ll probably see this come to light next episode. This has got to be one of the bigger twists in the series so far; I was not expecting Mayura to turn on Izumiko or Miyuki since they all seem so chummy and friendly. Guess I assumed wrong since everyone is just watching their backs and testing to waters to see who and what everyone is. I assumed that Mayura and her brothers were always “special” but it seems like the story has really focused on them and their power struggle against Takayanagi.

There’s also a few hints of romance here and there, especially at the end of episode 5. I thought Miyuki would be a typical bad-boy turned good archetype but he hasn’t seemed to change much past episode 2. He’s still a strong male character, but he doesn’t seem right for Izumiko. Their banters aren’t cute and they misunderstand each other more than anything else. I blame both parties for not stating their feelings more clearly – probably more so Izumiko since she does feel a little rejected. Then there’s Mayura and Manatsu who still have better chemistry than I’d probably see in other siblings but that’s always nice to see. Unfortunately Masumi can only see from afar and not join his siblings; which made me glad to see Izumiko join him. I’d like to see where they went that night… but a part of me also thinks she might’ve been really dreaming.

Note:Apologies for the late posts! I’ve been traveling a lot lately and it gets in the way of my schedule – with 2 Wednesday shows. Just a forewarning that next week’s episodes may also be a tad late too so expect it to be posted around Friday.




  1. This show’s so atmospheric, it really seems to radiate feelings of both mystery and dread- that the main characters are at the mercy of forces far more powerful than themselves which they do not understand- that alone makes it worth following…

    1. seemed like that at first but now with so much heavy investment with the side characters im lost what the story is actually trying to tell… is it trying to tell a story about how a friend is being a fussy about a dead horse or is it about the actual girl who get possessed and us viewers are suppose to be okay with exorcism?

  2. I honestly at this point still do not know what to make of this series. Clearly I’m beyond the 3 episode rule, and viewers tend to have a better understanding of their respective shows around that time. Besides the mysticism of it all, I’m still split about it what to really expect here.

    In the first 3 episodes I was lost, and admittedly a bit bored. Then the cast finally assemble and then I got super excited about it. Then it gave us an interesting semi fast pace episode when the website thing, then it stopped? Until it picked right up again the last few minutes of episode 6. The way I see it,“if I didn’t get it then, I won’t get it now..”

    Maybe this series wasn’t for me? Which doesn’t make sense considering how much I loved ‘Another’ and ‘Tari Tari’, I honestly can’t make heads or tails about this. Shouldn’t I be super excite and thrill to see each passing episode and recommending this show for many others to watch? I don’t know why it’s boring me. Just what dafuq! (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू)

      1. I thought the same thing when I first picked it up. Admittedly, the gorgeous artwork and scenery made me persistent about not dropping the show. I’m at the half point and really confuse about dropping it or keep hoping for the best.

    1. As much as I want to say that the show is meh, it comes across as a little more than just have bland characters, stagnant plot, or boring theme. It really is just a show about a bunch of ideas that mesh together well, but is seriously lacking elements of understanding. So that “WTF is going on” feeling is definitely created here. I have no idea what this show is trying to do with itself. It has no direction. So it’s hard to watch to say the least.

      The show seems to be taking on the same conditions as it’s characters are under. The characters are apart of a story larger than themselves & they simply have to play their part – the type of story where it feels like you’ve just been dropped in the middle of a 1000-page novel, in which you have no way to find out what happened b4. So the only option you have is to move forward. It works well when you explain things as it happens, but leaving too much BS as “mysterious” just comes across as lazy.

      1. You worded everything I pretty much felt, the thought of it lacking proper direction didn’t cross my mind nor that it looked a tad ‘lazy’. I guess I didn’t expect PA Works to ever do that. Especially considering how much work they put in the production value. I honestly thought I was missing something here cause I wasn’t fully enjoying it. I made a statement a bit back about how confused I was that it didn’t allow me the chance to actually enjoy it like it should be because of all that guessing . I don’t want to spend my time just doing that, I would like solid ground of better understanding so I can focus on that more. But it’s not being carried out right and it’s nice to know that many have notice that too.

        The only solid ground that I have of understanding is that this school is for ‘special people’, minus an older man in a wheelchair. Px

  3. My dear Charrie-sama, what you call chemistry between siblings is called tune, is mutual understanding, the siblings are known of all life.
    The good brothers and sisters are understood despite the misunderstandings and discussions. We care and protect each other. The fights are common, but usually the siblings love each other. When everyone fails us, we can always count on our brothers and sisters

    1. Well, sounds like you lucked out in the sibling department- many others simply can’t get along with their brothers and sisters at all, and can’t understand your “tune” simply because they’ve never experienced it…

      1. I’m just trying to explain that the siblings are known for long time. But also can be misunderstandings or differences. Because we are all different and independent. Never agree all the time, there are fights. There can always be ugly fights. But in the end, if the siblings love each other, everything can be arranged. It all depends on never forgetting that they are family and is something irreplaceable, special. The family must be united.

    2. Don’t assume everyone is the same. My siblings hardly ever talk to each other, only coming home to sleep. Most of the time they are out work/school and go out with their respective cliques. Been years since the family went out together.

      1. I really sorry to hear that. I know very well that human relationships are not simple. I know some people do not know correctly the value of the family. It’s something you should see and understand for yourself that the family is the only thing that really has value, a true blessing. The only thing in this world for what it is worth the effort

  4. I have my assumptions based on everything revealed so far in history. The Himegami seems to be a goddess, or something close. Miyuki’s concern comes from not knowing what people would do if they knew that Izumiko is related to that spirit. They seek to have her on their side, or make sure that is not against them.

  5. I’m still at a loss when it comes to understanding the school’s politics and why these kids are fighting each other. It made sense the first time they beat down the arrogant jerk, because he tried to kill them, but now apparently they’re expected to separate into cliques and fight, and the winner will be judged by the student council? Why? I didn’t follow any of that.

    That said, I still like this enough to keep watching it anyway, despite not understanding why stuff is happening.

  6. The only thing that’s worth laughing on so far in this series is the fact that Izumiko got drunk on that punch…

    …and then the “spirit” ‘s declaration of not wanting to destroy the world, that was more surprising than this week’s cliffhanger – which got dampened with the preview for next week. So much for proper editing…

  7. Miyuki is a d*ck. I get what they are trying to do, but he’s just like…UGH. His daddy issues, and not caring what anyone else things is just annoying. He’s like the bad-boy type but without any redeeming qualities (so far at least).
    RDG started off good, but we are just getting more and more questions with NO ANSWERS.

  8. I find myself enjoying this series quite abit despite it not being very clear on what exactly is going on still. Having a superb animation team behind it is one factor perhaps. PA Works certainly have set pretty high standards with how amazingly they can churn out episodes like they do for their series.

    Also, perhaps being a lil’ contradictory. I actually like the air of mystery and how much of it is still a blur. In most cases, we’ve already by now been given the major plot that will drive the entire series. However, the downsides on those series are that when we reach the midway point, it has kinda burned itself almost dry and is running on fumes or has to find a new impetus to push the story onward. Therefore, the fact that RDG is still unclear, might actually help it in that it would not potentially suffer any of that fate and be able to push on at a steady pace.

    1. I agree. The strength of RDG is this mystery and confusion that arise as the story proceeds. Every story of mystery and mysticism must maintain its atmosphere. RDG has retained its atmosphere and managed to keep us wanting answers to our questions, at its own pace. For me this anime has gotten enjoy myself, and hopefully continue well.

  9. You don’t have to apologize for the late posts!I refuse to watch preairs so I’m still waiting on 7 and 8 ;/.

    Why must people always spike the fruit punch?!It was funny watching a drunken Izumiko though.

    The bitchslaps were the highlight of episode 5, if only I could find a gif >:3.

    Also, I don’t like when my already cute characters get their natural looks destroyed with makeup.I really don’t get this recent trend of lipstick in anime, at least one main character gets it for either comedy like Kanetsugu from Samurai Bride, plot purpose like Izumiko and Anko from Tamako Market, or just plain wtf like my favorite girls from Shingeki no Kyojin.So anime studios, I must ask you because it’s starting to get creepy.

    1. If the highlight of this series is just to have the main oc have her hair down, then we got a serious problem here. That would seriously make you wonder why you’re following this. Lol

  10. this show give me 0 excitement while Hanazaku Iroha does! it’s just so light that i can’t grasp the idea in this anime. I would prefer another or Tari tari with the same art style. the only thing that make this watchable is Souda Mayura cuteness . and Izumiko long hair look just like Alice from kamizama memo chou.
    but whatever i’ll continue to watch this!

  11. I’m loving this series, it’s so beautiful and though it’s a bit tough to follow, it’s like watching a dance (fitting, considering the role of dancing). I have a feeling some of it is hard to understand because we’re trying to look at this with Western eyes rather than through the eyes of Shinto/Shugendo. There’s also the issue of having to cram so much material into a one cour format despite being a huge story (I think there were multiple novels written), so stuff has to happen and happen quickly. Personally I see Miyuki and Izumiko as having come pretty far from their first introduction, though Izumiko the most. Subtlety is the key here; the series isn’t telling us what the changes are, it’s showing us in minute actions and decisions. It’s really rather breathtaking for me.

  12. Drunk Izumiko reminds me of drunk Tohko from Book Girl. Tohko got drunk from the words “confession, embrace and kiss” in the 6th Book Girl LN. The both have the same look though Tohko has much better characterisation than Izumiko

  13. It’s a little unfair to comment since I’ve seen the next two (7 & 8) episodes, BUT a lot of my issues with Miyuki (not explaining things to Izumiko) and Izumiko (that passivity!) are starting to disperse as they slowly pull together.

    Beyond the fantastical settings, plot-wise I do think it would take time for a boy who has until now refused his “destined role” and a girl who has never interacted much or easily with others to figure out how to become not just friends but a team who works together. Since there have been developments, I’m willing to stick with the story.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. While that link is informative, it’s not really the issue here, at least from what I gather throughout the comments since episode one, cause I tend to read them, the main problem that it appears to be is poor execution. Like for example I shouldn’t have to do extra research to understand what’s happening. And instead of having things answered to some degree, things keep piling on top of the ‘confusion’ that it gets to the point of not really enjoying the series . Some find this series amazing, and as much as I want to be part of that group I’m seriously in the ‘dafuq’ group base on the execution of things.

  14. I enjoy this series, but like others, I feel like I’m hanging on by what small amount of fingernails I have to stay with things. I think the first half of the first episode should have laid out some background and context, where as the story develops we see things and say ‘ah, that’s where that fits, that’s what that means’. I don’t need to be led by the nose, but it would have helped if they’d turned on a few lights…


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