「エンジテミル」 (Enjite Miru)
“Try To Act it Out”

For an episode that I thought was destined to bring out some intricacies from Cthuko’s character, it surprisingly ended up reinforcing the idea that Mahiro and Nyaruko may actually have a chance to end up with each other. Because as things stand now, I can’t imagine Cthuko forcing herself onto him without Nyaruko’s blessing and Hasta once again ends up on the backlines sucking up oxygen.

After all the buildup from the end of last week’s episode, I whole heartily expected that an official love square would have formed between our main characters. But after the date that Mahiro and Ctuhko went on, it ended up feeling more like the friendly kind that best friends would share. A kind of friendly outing where two people can do lovey-dovey things like bump heads and share food without worrying about setting off any potential flags.

Which leads into what I was talking about earlier — Nyaruko ended up dominating the episode as soon as the second half hit. And with the ferocity of a girl who’s been emotionally/sexually/Mahiro-sanium deprived for so long, the talk between Nyaruko and Mahiro finally hit on some of the more delicate topics. And after a bunch of crying, a bit of talking, and a heartwarming hug at the end it looks like things are on track to get a lot more exciting from here. Because if the past two episodes are any indication on where things might be heading, it looks like Mahiro is going to have a lot of stuff on his plate. Because even if you look past his relationship struggles, there’s still the whole fact that he has alien stalkers watching his every move since he’s one of earth’s most popular stars.

On a quick note, this week’s cameos were a lot easier for me to spot than previous weeks. Maybe it was because they were from more recent series or maybe I was just focusing a bit more than usual but I smiled after catching the Chuunibyou, Railgun, and Death Note references. What did you guys catch that I missed?




    1. Oh, let’s forget the little detail that so much as glimpsing her true form will cause his eyes to melt ad his brain to explode. This is, of course, after he loses his sanity.

      Let’s also remember that the Nyarlathotepians are mind-controlling planet warlords and that she could easily be forcing him to love her, and he is slowly losing the fight for his own independent mind.

      But naw, she should be his girlfriend. Cuz she’s cute and naked half the time.

      1. But, but — she also said that she’s formless, and she took the form of a cute lil’ human to fit with earth’s society.. and as far as I can tell, she won’t be taking that tentacle form anytime soon because she knows it’ll jeopardize her love for Mahiro. Who would go to a date ugly and unprepared anyway?

        I dunno about that mind control thing but, those feelings evoked from her emotions seemed real.. or am I the one being mind controlled here? O.O

        Nyarko now is one of my fave aliens, together with Lala of TLR and Ichika of Ano Natsu. Just sayin’.

      2. It´s not just she´s cute, after this episode´s emotional outburst is quiet clear she´s truly in-love with Mahiro, that sort dedication can melt any guys heart. And sure, she´s time bomb waiting to go off at any second but what is like without a little fun.

      3. And what really are the differences between that and a regular woman?

        Is a glimpse of her true form without make up truly any better? Also they really don’t need mind-control to drive men insane either. As for Nyaruko being a planet warlord, I’d take that every time over what happens when you take your wife to arrange your new home. A warlord would be easier to deal with and far less demanding.


      4. I recently read one of H.P. Lovecraft’s books a few weeks ago (only for Nyaruko of course haha, I was actually looking from Fleurs du Mal because of Aku no Hana though lol) anywho, I was Nyarlathotep’s story, and apparently it came down to Egypt first, and resembled a pharoah. Of course, it can shapeshift though, so I guess the entire premise of it looking like a pharoah doesn’t matter 😛

      5. Nyaruko appearing as a Pharaoh, toying with the people and driving them to insanity, was also brought up by Mahiro in episode 1 or 2 of this season. And the interesting part was, that Nyaruko didn’t refute it, but just looked at Mahiro like “I know I did this. What’s your point?”

        I do not need to say, Nyaruko’s behaviour didn’t really calmed Mahiro.

  1. Kuuko: “Then…how about we put ‘Mahiro’ in between ‘Kuuko’ and make it…’Kuroko.’ (*Cue Shantak-kun flipping out*)

    If it’s a boy, we’ll have him play basketball. If it’s a girl, we’ll have her go to Academy City.”

    That scene totally had me in stitches. It helps that Shantak-kun makes a rather perverted expression (similar to Kuroko fantasizing about her “Onee-sama”) at the end of the scene. XD

  2. Really silly melodrama. I know Nyaruko’s obsessive and all but this felt like emotional whiplash. It’d be one thing if Mahiro was actually starting to fall in love with some other girl so at least there’d be some legitimate conflict.

    But the way it stands it looks cheap, like they just needed a way to fill out five minutes of the episode. It makes Nyaruko look crazy, and not in a good, endearing way. I know this is fiction and all, but can you imagine your boyfriend/girlfriend getting depressed over some innocuous acting?

    It vaguely reminds of Kaede from Shuffle, except without any build up. Or that episode of Avatar when Aang somehow gets angsty over the silly fire nation play. Can’t get behind this sort of spontaneously enacted and resolved melodrama. Either stick to comedy or do the serious shit properly imo

  3. Jojo reference is in this episode which I feel obligated to point out.
    Bruno’s trademark line is delivered while beating his opponents senseless with his fists.
    He begins stringing “Ari, Ari, Ari” to his rapid punches and finishes with “arrivederci” (“goodbye” in Italian) during his finishing blow.
    Me and him go way back, he’s pretty cool guy.
    People love to gather in crowds and imitate him. ARRI, ARRI, ARRI, ARRIVEDERCI!

    Giorno Giovanna
  4. Haiyore! Nyaruko San W is an anime I never really took seriously – but this episode somehow change that. We all know Nyaruko love Mahiro but for her to say it so sincerely actually tears me up a bit. Somehow this episode shows me a side that I never really expect of Nyaruko – a side that demands me to see her as more than a shallow love interest.


  5. We all know where this is headed, it’s an anime, and not a very clever one at that.

    But lets compare it to the real world, strictly speaking, the interactions between Nyaruko and Mahiro.

    If a dude displayed the behavior we’ve been seeing out of Nyaruko he would totally be side-lined, desperation is about as un-masculine as injecting Estrogen straight into your blood stream. But that goes the other way around as well, Mahiro isn’t interested, the only times he displays any sign of bashfulness is when he’s up close to her face and thinks to himself “man, this shapeshifter sure shifts to seductive shapes!” But is instantly reminded of “it’s” obnoxious behavior and dismisses his feelings immedietly. Sure he has lingering thoughts, but hey, he’s a young boy, around his age I was desperate to get me some too and lowered my standards, haha. So a space alien? Sure why not, but just one time okay?

    TL;DR: If you lay out your feelings the way she did and the reply you get is “I’ll think about it” Then it won’t ever happen. As for asking to continue loving him, sure, go right ahead, he’ll be doing his thing so don’t complain if he runs into a normal person he starts liking instead.

    Now, back to the anime, and let’s observe MC and main heroine get together in some retarded turn of events or forced plot development.

    1. Yeah, I have to agree.
      That was a beautiful confession, but he basically blew her off and continues to “lead”
      her on with false hope. She straight out asked him what she could do, and he did not
      answer her honestly. I don’t get it sometimes with some of these shows – yeah I know
      it’s a corny comedy, but they don’t do their characters justice when they handle things
      like this.

      This is really another form of fan service as there are (real) guys out there that enjoy this
      abnormal kind of power over a girl — a lot more guys jerks than you would think, too.

  6. Like I commented last time, in comedy some drama (done carefully) can have far more of an impact. The viewer is so pushed away from the norm that they feel the same shock the character does. Of course this is pushing that Mahiro is wrong for not being more receptive to Nyarko, which I dislike, but at the same time it does do a good job of showing Nyarko as more than just a pushy girl.

  7. After this episode, I wouldn’t mind an extra episode or OVA showing Yoriko-san’s story. And echoing Stilts’ sentiment from last week, I like listening to Cthuko’s voice very much.

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