「魔王、近所付き合いで家計を助けられる」 (Maō, Kinjo Tsukiai de Kakei o Tasuke Rareru)
“The Demon Lord’s Neighbor Helps Him with His Money Issues”

Who could it be this early in the morning? Oh, it’s only someone calling herself Kamazuki Suzuno… and she’s here to give thee some noodles (more like bricks disguised as noodles). And just like that, another member of the cast comes into the picture—equipped with with an obvious fabrication of a back story—and things get even more entertaining for our big three over in the Demon Stronghold.

In the meanwhile though, there’s just no break for Emilia—who’s starting to question the worth of her continued observation of the aforementioned, especially through scorching heat that makes your clothing see-through. But I guess when you have sacred power available to you in a bottle (BEHOLD! HOLY VITAMIN BETA! Delivers in only one day! Albeit, with the potential to kill you if you drink too much), it ain’t too much of a hassle. Or is it? I gotta say though, it ain’t really up to snuff if it can’t make it so you can traverse the stairs properly without tumbling down… into the Demon Lord MGRONALDS SHIFT MANAGER MAOU-SAN’s arms no less—the man who admittedly has a lot to deal with… you know, with Emilia treating him like this, and the new branch of Kentucky Sentucky Fried Chicken across the street.

In any case, it’s just another great—comedy filled episode of Hataraku Maou-sama this week, and the series has definitely cemented itself as one everyone should be watching. The gags continue to be exceptionally funny (and creative)—especially that bit with the stairs and Emilia’s first reaction to Suzuno (SHE’S THE SAME SIZE AS ME!)—and I’m admittedly surprised at just how well the series has been able to carry itself up until now. Generally though, I can’t say there’s… much else to say as a result however, aside from the fact that it looks like things’ll be turning a tad bit more serious in the coming weeks. With a mysterious attack—undoubtedly by agents from Ente Isla—on Emilia ending the episode off, along with rumors of potential issues arising on the mainland itself… well, let’s just say it seems like a return to Ente Isla in the near future seem to be a likely scenario at this point… something that’ll undoubtedly be interesting to see (especially if Maou AND Emilia return… as allies). Guess we’ll see how that’ll work out.

Author’s Note: Just subbing in for Kairi this week (busy with finals etc.). She’ll be back to cover next week.




    1. This is the first time I have seen a random minor character comming to save the hero. Well come to think of it, the police did happen to save Maou from being killed by the Hero.

      Chi-chan, she is so cute when she gets in Jelous-mode.

    1. I know right 😀 I usually don’t like more new girls added into the harem but she’s really sweet, calm and likable. She and Emi are my fav female characters in this series now.

  1. This series has everything I see lacking in most modern anime; a strong male lead (and great male supporting characters as well), tasteful amounts of fan service, and a good balance of comedy and plot (with a hint of romance). Anyone not watching this is doing themselves a real disservice.

  2. Psssh Vitamin Beta and its MP Regen abilities, Vitamin C is superior because it prevents scurvy!

    Its funny how even Emi’s friends back home are starting to get suspicious of her relationship with Maou’s. And the new girl is certainly going to mix things up a bit. I kinds feel sorry for Chiho now. I predict that seeing Emi and Chiho together stalking Maou will make for some funny moments.

    The gags are still funny too. I laughed when Emi’s assassin screwed up his ambush by smashing his face on the transparent sliding door. He’s clearly not native to Earth.

    1. Scurvy is but a status ailment, I’d much rather have vitamin beta to restore my MP so i can cast a cure all than have a specific healing item for each status and there are a lot of status ailments in RL. lol.

      1. But status ailments are a bunch of pussies. Slap an item or a healing spell and BAM the victim is cured and the affliction is gone. RL status ailments don’t get cured in a second they take a slow, arduous and sometimes painful process to cure because they are that tough.

        Vitamin C> All

  3. satan & company got gift from female in kimono aka suzuno a big box of noodles while emi got her box gift of vitamin drink to boost her magic power.

    yet on warm day emi still spying of satan’s place til see suzuno go snoop a lot til fall catch by satan til drop on ground then meet talk & greet emi going all protect suzuno from satan & gang.

    then emi having call from going on esta isla even her caller/supplier of vitamin drink wonder way emi being satan is like husband & wife?

    as for satan being prepare to work battle cause here come rival food aka SFC chicken & oh reveal gift he got from suzuno to chiho which big lunch & heart design look got chiho in panic.

    & emi well pick-up food til attack by masked person give vitamin drink did boost her power yet masked person almost got her til saved by an orange toss & oh got call from chiho about satan’s lunch from suzuno.

    1. Although she is a girl wearing a Kimono, is she really Asian from an anime perspective. I mean, she obviously came from Maou’s world, and most of Maou’s residence are based in a European feature. Shouldn’t Maou notice maybe she is a foreigner?

      1. Maou, Ashiya, and Emi seem to fit in well enough without anyone questioning their heritage. It’s probably safe to say even if Ente Isla has a lot of similarities with your typical fantasy world with European touches the people themselves seem to have a passable resemblance to Japanese.

  4. It’s official, placing bombs inside delivery packages for terrorist attacks is now a thing of the past!All you need is your very own Miki T Letter that scars your enemies for life!

    Ultimate Muscle!That convience store guy was such a badass.He should show up again like some of the cops from the beginning of the show.

    Chiho is still the best girl and Metal Gear Stalker needs to stop, hang out with your co-worker for once (poor girl always getting stood up) and stop cockblocking Maou’s potential love interests!

    1. It’s called Karma and she so deserved it. She complained about how she and Maou always argue and completely overlooks the fact that she’s the one who starts it.

  5. Excellent episode as always…I was really impressed with the slowmo scene when the letter was about to be brought up with the photo. I also like the new character, she’s pretty nice.

  6. you gotta be a total pervert to get the joke during the lunchbox scene when maou said “wanna see the bottom half?” and chi-chan responds with “wait, I’m not ready yet!” and then cue maou with his this sounded awkward face

    1. I’m pretty sure she was referring to the lunchbox; she was too surprised and stunned by the quality of the top half that she had to prepare herself to see the bottom half (since she suspected that the lunchbox came from a potential love rival). In the end she decided since she’d already gone that far she should just go all the way (in regards to seeing what was in the lunchbox).

  7. Animation inconsitency spotted.

    Maou magically changed from shorts to long pants. >.>

    Image 22 to 23. No screencap was done after that, but when Maou was asking Emi what she’s making out of them from her ‘warnings’ to Suzuno and calling her an evil magistate, he was back to his shorts lol.

  8. I cringed a bit when Maou got punched in the nose with blood gushing…
    Punching someone who just saved you from falling down the stairs..only Emi would do that. =p

    Overall a great episode in my opinion.
    One thing has me wondering though, there doesn’t seem to be much of a connection with the episode’s title, “The Demon Lord’s Neighbor Helps Him with His Money Issues”.

    If I understood correctly, Suzuno was only helping Maou’s gang to cook, she didn’t sponsor them ingredients or somewhat. (Saves time, but not money. Or is it time = money?)

    Or was it implied that she would be making bentous regularly for Maou? ^^
    Now that would really save money.

  9. The ending was pretty amusing. Emi probably started to think Maou had finally reverted to his evil ways and done something worth killing him for, only to realize he’d just brought a bentou to work made by a young female neighbor. Classic anime “…huh?”

  10. Are we the only people who like this anime?
    or are they the only people who trash this anime? >>http://seventhstyle.com/?s=Hataraku+Maou
    I just notice they trash this series every week regularly.

    Nevertheless Good episode for me, LOL at Emi misunderstanding about suzuno/bell “going after Maou”, these two are not even talking in the same wavelength.
    And I am also surprised about episode 7 = manga chapter 13,14,15, but in the LN its only around 100 pages.

      1. Sounds like Seventh Style hates comedy. And if they’re expecting full seriousness, then yes they picked the wrong anime to watch. The title alone strongly suggests humor.

        Michael Chandra
    1. Well the writer on that blog can’t seem to appreciate the true beauty in this series. The animators handle the comedy, fantasy and the slice of romance pretty good so far. And a comedy show with a slight of fantasy and romance is a difficult to pull of because it needed Great execution and timing as well.

      With all of this, Hataraku mao sama already got me in their first episode until to the latest one… what i’m trying to say that It is a show that you love to watch and to re watch all over again.

      I guess he can’t comprehend that it is an anime adaptation of the light novel and he should be considering that fact. And when I read his whole review. Gadamet. He is taking it seriously.The whole demon vs hero thing. I mean… wtf? Thats why RC writers is one of the best in reviewing anime because they know what they are doing. seventhstyle was bullcrap. Talking about over acting critics and wanna be japanese.

    2. Seventh Style is a known troll blog. If something gets popular that he doesn’t like he puts a negative spin on everything newsworthy involving it.

      I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Sankaku Complex is a much better troll blog as they generally use 2ch reactions for trolling rather than Seven’s extremely subjective and unfunny trolling.

      1. sasaku is funny with all H pic XD
        Trolling is useless , they are just trying make use of anonymity for fun and encourage internet fixed identity.
        If you dislike something, you have 2 solutions , put on bad but true comment or ignore it.
        I would ignore but wasting their precious time blogging an anime to troll for 7 ep yeah i guess there is so many thing better to do. like jumping from roof top, put an iron spoon in a microwave , or light them self. hell 0 productivity but at least they don’t waste their time.

      1. You know, other than the possibility of such a class in MMORPGs, I have yet to come across Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Show Spoiler ▼

  11. That might have been the most hilarious (and overdramatic) bento box opening ever. Poor Chiho… Thought she didn’t have to contend with anyone for Maou anymore and then bam, traditional Japanese beauty shows up! Looking forward to their inevitable meeting and what role Suzuno ends up playing in the plot- next week should be a good one. ^^

    1. I haven’t read the light novels, but I doubt Suzuno is really interested in Maou romantically.
      Show Spoiler ▼

  12. I was reading a review on another site, & there came an interesting question.
    Spoiler mode then?

    Show Spoiler ▼

    On another aspect, if Lucifer is a fallen angel, what would happen if he drinks Emi’s Holy Vit. Beta?
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I thought we were going to find out with Emi and Lucifer talking about her ‘energy drink’, then later when she left, I wondered if Lucifer had taken the bottle and she wouldn’t find out until later. Guess not. Lucifer has been around long enough to go to the store a few times, evidently, so I don’t think it was him running into the glass doors. In the OP, at the end, when Chiho runs toward the group, you see Suzuno standing there in red robes, so I’m going to check back in the episodes to see if that character is show there. Don’t think she was wearing those if she was the one at the beginning of the episode talking to the church leaders. Ack! Need more info!

  13. I’ve noticed that a LOT of people have been giving Emi grief for her continued aggressive antagonism towards Maou. I would join their ranks if not for the fact that she has every right to hate him like that. Besides, if she ever drops it for the sake of “not being annoying”, she’ll still be called out for going soft/forgetting that this is the same guy that “supposedly” killed her father.

    Can’t please em all I suppose.

    1. They’re not oranges. They’re non-washable paintballs used by shop owners in Japan to mark fleeing aggressors/criminals so cops can easily find them.

      Japan is so badass.

  14. What’s with the downvote troll? Can’t into DemonLord X Hero comedy?

    Anyway it’s really funny how Emi still can’t put trust on Maou. Hence all the comedy and fanservice.

    The assailant in the end feels weird: pink(?) irises? I could be wrong, but there seems to be an abundance of overpowered females in Ente Isla…

    The Moondoggie
  15. The episode this week felt a little jumbled up to me, though that could just be me being overly tired and reliant on caffeine boost for late-night work. :p

    In any case, the comedy delivers again. Ashiya is up to his comedic self again (A demon general getting heatstroke from eating some heaty food? LOLWUT? XD) Ultimately Emi steals the thunder this time, with her real nemesis being The Stairs, actually looking/acting more and more like a stalker and getting misunderstood again.

    Chii-chan receives honorable mention for her reaction to the bento. I really laughed out loud in the dead of the night while watching this when she reacted.

    So many comedic elements, the main essence of the show being showcased. Yet the show continues to throw in interesting tidbits for plot development, such as the movement of countries back in Ente Isla as well as the mysterious assailant.

    Hataraku sure knows how to whet the appetite of a demanding audience member. 🙂

  16. Well, they found a way to give our “Hero” Action time. Because of save Energy, she could not do many things. But now with this Vitamin Beta, she can have Action time, too. Not Only Dark Lord…

    But from the eye of the Enemy. She must be a Demon. Her Eye Pupils says so…

  17. Rundown of my reactions…

    -How much udon was packed in that box that Maoh couldn’t carry ir? Lol.
    -Emi debating over what she has been doing, finally considering it to be stalking.
    -What/who is Hanzou? Is that Lucifer’s first name in Japan? Urushihara Hanzou?
    -Uhhhhh is Ashiya still knocked out from last episode’s photo of Miki-T? Lol what?
    -Lol “seems to be the same size” Was not expecting that from Emi lol.
    -Maoh promoted from shift supervisor to assistant manager. This guy is rising fast. He’s about take the world by storm!
    -Possible misunderstanding of “going after Maoh.” Seems like Emi is referring romantically but maybe Suzuno is thinking of destroying him? I mean… she mentions battles. Lol.
    -Emi catching herself before completely falling down the stairs again. Ridic… lol
    -Sentucky Fried Chicken
    -Chiho bracing herself for the bottom half of the bento. Oh lordy.
    -Emi pushing the sales clerk to the wall!!! Then Emi is immediately saved by the same sales clerk by thrown oranges? Lol for dayzzzz
    -Emi’s embarrassing ringtone. Seems she’s integrating quite well with humans.
    -Emi’s reaction to hearing what Chiho meant when she finished her phone call!

  18. Poor Chiho. She started as my favorite character and yet is constantly being eclipsed by the rest of Maou’s “harem”, as bystanders would call it. She’s featured in the ending, but that’s about it.


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