I must confess – I am sorely disappointed at Zirconis and his failure to strip Mira nee naked was downright sacrilegious! The lack of any naked girls this week – aside from Lucy – was certainly dissatisfactory, but there are a number of chapter highlights that partially made up for such a blunder, and chief of all is the grand entrance of Jellal – right at the moment when Erza needed him the most! Let me say this up front – I consider Erza and Jellal to be the best characters in Fairy Tail and I don’t think there’s any pair in this series more deserving of a happy ending than those two. The boundless appeal of Erza’s character is pretty much self-explanatory – she’s smart, sultry, badass and not to mention ridiculously hot. Jellal’s verdict, on the other hand, might not be as clear-cut and I suspect there’s a wide divergence in the fan base as regards the depiction of his character. No question, my strong interest in Jellal is a direct extension of my infatuation for Erza and to a lesser extent, his similarity to Sieg Hart – who is my favorite character in RAVE. It’s utterly beyond doubt that he cares for Erza deeply, but what makes Jellal especially noteworthy in this large cast is the character profundity that he has displayed since the unfortunate events at the Tower of Heaven – he’s trying his very best to atone for the grave missteps of his past and presumably, that would entail a certain exculpation from Millianna and perhaps even Kagura. To say this confrontation was a long time coming might be an understatement, but if the Oración Seis arc is any indication, I’m more than confident in Mashima sensei’s ability to deliver, not only a battle of grandiosity, but also some heartfelt moments to go along with the unexpected convergence – and hopefully, this will free Kagura from the pain that Simon’s demise has caused her and put an end to the cycle of hate at last!

As for the other major order of business, there wasn’t any big surprise – with the exception of the missing naked girls – in the battle with the Jade Dragon, but even I have to admit Zirconis has quite a pitching arm – one that allowed him to send Lucy’s boobs right into Natsu face with pinpoint accuracy! There were several great comedic moments in this chapter that managed to draw a chuckle or two out of me, but the gag that particularly stood out is, of course, the boob-groping scene – cover your eyes instead, you perv! One of the things that I love most about Fairy Tail is the great chemistry that the characters share and I don’t think there’s any question that those two are fantastic together – yes, I’m shipping Natsu and Lucy very hard! It seems like Lucy’s monologues has somehow inspired Natsu to conjure up an idea that could help him defeat future-Rogue – what that may be is anyone’s guess, but based on what Lucy said before Natsu’s eureka moment, I have a certain suspicion it might involve either feeding the dragons or taming them through some unknown means. Then there’s also the question of what will Lucy find in her future-self‘s journal, and perhaps that might offer further insights into what exactly happened in the future and how did future-Rogue become the person he is today!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #FairyTail 331: Natsu no ecchi – cover your eyes instead, you perv! Jellal makes his grand entrance #Manga


    1. Well, I don’t suppose Natsu would act a little more “evil” and target the fire dragon by going inside of him, to kill him, and then get strong like Sting and Rouge.

      Or I don’t suppose Natsu would be even more evil and just kill Rouge’s past self.

    2. Erza’s my role model. Natsu who? 😛
      L002, it did occur to me that present-Rogue might sacrifice himself to stop his future-self. Natsu would never let that happen though 😡

  1. Thanks for the review Seishun ^_^

    My thoughts
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Good point. I can’t remember when was the last time Natsu showed any sexual desires – I think he tried to peep once and that’s about it. Groping Lucy’s boobs would have sent me to the hospital for blood transfusion XD

  2. lol I thought Natsu’s idea was getting eaten by a dragon and kill it from the inside.

    I also share my profound disappointment of no naked girls beside Lucy this week.

  3. Natsu is probably going to start eating the dragon literally.I would not be surprised at all if that happened.As long as he doesn’t puff the magic dragon ;p

    Speaking of Natsu, well played my good sir, well played.You sacrificed your face to grope dem titties even though your face was already full of them.I always believed that Natsu would seize the opportunity to grope Lucy when given the chance.

    Wendy is being all cute and badass <3 while teaming up with Miranee in her sexy demon form!

    I predict Jellal, just like other Heel Face Turners, is going to let Millania beat his ass, but Erza and possibly Kagura will put a stop to that.

    Personally, I don't want Jellal to get killed by Millania or Kagura and I'd probably just render Millania unconscious and tell her to havaseat while I go help fight the dragons.

  4. Erza and Jellal are the power couple of Fairy Tail and power couples always have obstacles standing in their happiness. Jellal and Erza might have to go through a long long time of difficulties and hardships before they finally become together. I hope Hiro Mashima keeps it that way.

    K C M
  5. This chapter makes me so very, very, VERY sad that the anime has ended.

    I’ve never been a fan or Erza x Jellal, mainly cause it makes Erza seem less… well Erza like. Oh well…

    1. Don’t worry too much about the anime ending…I heard that they may be planning on taking a break from the anime and allowing the manga to continue on for a bit. We may have to wait some months or so until the season…

  6. I can’t wait for Present Rogue to have an encounter with Future Rogue so as to increase the intrigue, I also wonder what happened to Minerva how can she just exit the scene and abandon her comrades, I know she’s not compassionate about her comrades and only cares about being No.1 but leaving them out fight alone is really deplorable even for her(maybe not so deplorable) or maybe she plans to side with Future Rogue no that will really be deplorble.

    K C M
  7. Now that the anime had ben stopped (for now), i think the manga will go more to a echhi direction.’

    Natsu covering lucy boobs so he cant see them was hilarius. Now that Natsu has a plan to get the upper hand, but his plan must involve the fire dragon, eating his flames (makes him tame :p, hellsing). Seems Jellal will have his hands full fighting the catlady (forgot her name) but, erza might stop them.
    Sting metioned that he and natsu has battle more then once, does it mean that he’s stronger that the future natsu? With all the dragons battle, think that zeref wil drop by?


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