Episode 07

「―天秤の銀貨―」 (—Tenbin no Ginka—)
“—Coins of the Scale—”

I constantly praise this anime for its ongoing action and fast paced storyline, along with interesting characters to follow. It’s great to see that even during its slower-paced episodes that it’s able to build up anticipation very well. There can be a lot of depth within each character and I appreciate that the show has taken the time to develop this area. I’m not sure how well this is shown in the manga, however I like seeing how the relationships between characters have formed and bit of their history as well.

A large portion of this episode was devoted on the relationship between the Byouinzaka sisters and especially how Houko deals with being an Instead. I don’t think she necessarily feels responsible for what happened to her sister; however I do think she feels it’s her duty to keep her sister from falling deeper into a murderous trance. She may not have known back then what being an Instead was, but it’s awfully brave that she’d sacrifice herself like that. I honestly hope in that case that Yamane understands what her sister is going through (and I think she does). It was also sweet to see the relationship between the sisters and Iwai since it was always something that I found rather complicated and for some reason – they’re not in a hurry to kill her. Iwai clearly knew that although they weren’t the best of friends, the Byouinzaka sisters were there for her and even now that she has Kiri, it doesn’t mean that the sisters mean less to her. Goes to show that Iwai really has a kind heart to forgive Houko for all the horrible things she’s gone through.

Then there was that sweet scene of how Kiri and Kashiko first met. I wasn’t too surprised at the turn of events, but I have to hand it to Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge for being able to add in such suggestive scenes all the time. For some reason I’m not as creeped out by it anymore and somehow Kiri’s obsession with hair just seems rather normal in the grand scheme of things. It’d be interesting to see other love interests in Kiri’s life, but I don’t think we’ll get that kind of exposure or depth in this season.

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Episode 08

「—パーティーチョッパ—」 (—Paatii Choppaa—)
“—Party Chopper—”

I cannot believe the amount of cliffhangers they’re leaving in this second half of the show! And more surprisingly, they actually killed off Kiri; or rather, made it appear so. I didn’t believe he would actually hang but it’s an interesting twist to see that he doesn’t get back on his feet afterwards. The sequence between Seigi and Kiri was fun to watch although a little predictable when Kiri came at him with scissors.

The more important take away from this episode though was the audience and the party they were at. Our main characters are in the midst of Gossip’s party and I thought there would be more people actually approaching them and talking to them – not just gossiping. Now that I think about it though, the name of the group is very fitting for their behavior. The mood and the animation really reflected the atmosphere of the party too. Very ominous and mysterious with new and strange faces everywhere. Everyone clearly knows who you are and yet you know no one. It’s especially awkward when the play started featuring Iwai and “The Queen”. I think this was meant to show the origin of the Hair Queen. It’s probably based on how Iwai’s ancestors did something to piss the Queen off and became cursed and then the game started…

We’re more than halfway through the season now and there’s a ton of questions I still have – thankfully each episode seems to reveal more about the overarching story. In fact, this “game” might be more than just about killing the Hair Queen. For some reason I still get the creeps when I think about Gossip watching over them, almost like it’s their form of entertainment. We all know that Kiri lives next episode but then the question is, who shot Seigi? And what are the Byouinzaka sisters going to do about it?

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  1. OK, how many people though “just cut the damn rope already”. I guess we can’t have the show subverting it’s own plot or pumping out the cliffhangers just to subvert them in the preview either. OH well. At least it’s still entertaining, annoying, but entertaining.

      1. If they are indestructible then let him TRY to show us. How it is better to hurt Seigi when you’re stuck on a rope when all he has to do is dodge, & finish the job – like he did, lol.

      2. Naske:

        When they said “only good can defeat other goods” it means only “Authors can defeat other Authors.” The goods themselves are stated to be indestructible.

        Also even IF he was able to cut the rope, it would only return since the only requirement for it to manifest around the target’s neck is that the target is deemed criminal by the book’s user.

        The Moondoggie
      3. The IFs & BUTs are great & all. However, would it do any harm to show us. . .

        It would have been the perfect opportunity to do so. He DID end up being hanged anyway & all.

      4. So says the one who wants to cut indestructible things. If the episode where he tried to cut the syringe of another Good was ignored by you, then asking to be spoonfed here is just as dumb.

        The Moondoggie
      5. Well you can just go and drop it if you’re tired. No use forcing yourself to watch just for the sake of it right? Yeah I like the show, but I’m just pissed spoonfeeders seems to have infested the whole anime fan community this year.

        It’s like a zerg outbreak. Very nasty, annoying bunch.

        The Moondoggie
  2. I was yelling at the screen at the end of 8 going “COME ON YOU KIRI YOU PUSSY, DON’T LET THAT ROPE GET THE BEST OF YOU!” then I smh’d when he pretty much lost, then I realized he didn’t die from the preview so they kinda spoiled that part. Hate when they do that because it’d make you guess if they actually killed him off.

    Jason Isenberg
  3. I apologise but episode 8 was just like Seigi’s execution method: long, drawn-out, and painful for the viewers as much as Kiri. He got attacked twice and we still know nothing more about Rulebook’s strengths and weakness. Everything the noose and rope works by seems to be completely arbitrary. There is no real method to escape other than flailing wildly and trying to cut Seigi. I am astonished at the lack of preparedness on both Kiri and Iwai’s part. They both know very well that they’re a target for serial killers worldwide and they both go into a party full of them empty handed?
    On Kiri’s part, he’s already been attacked once. He knows that Seigi requires concentration to maintain the noose, while I congratulate him on goading Seigi into attacking him physically once to get him within range of his scissors, why not prepare a something else that will definitely break Seigi’s concentration? Pepper Spray maybe? Following the hotel staff to the backstage is excusable as there would be no story without this gullibility/stupidity to drive the plot. Main complaint here is that he took nothing from his previous experience with Seiji and now he (and the audience) is paying the price for it.
    As for Iwai, there was nothing much she could have done. But couldn’t the director have given her a more original line than, “Kiri-kun! Kiri-kun!” Saying it for the last 8-15 minutes of the episode really cuts away the tension here. She knows the Byouinzaka sisters are there. Why not call out to them? Why not call out to anyone? Whatever happened to heroines like her using their wits to escape that predicament? (Maybe it’s her characterisation but the main complaint is the “Kiri-kun! Kiri-kun” broken record scene)
    As for the Byouinzaka sisters, so much for being friends (to the point that we get treated to a whole scene of close-up tears shed for their beautiful friendshop with Iwai) with Kiri being strangulated in front of them and not doing a damn thing. They too, know about Seiji and the fact he needs to concentrate to maintain the noose. 8 minutes of just standing there, slack jawed and with opaque glasses. Maybe this is all excusable if this is the 1st time meeting Seiji, but it’s not. They’ve known about him, seen him in action, and did not a damn bit of preparation for when he returns.
    I don’t have any problem with the main characters, the premise of the story, or the way the turn of events go, the problem is the director. Its all him. He executed everything about this episode poorly and made every main character look apathic or outright fools.
    Finally, why on earth must the episode previews be played with the broken record of “Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge” in the background in front of the clips? Sounds really stupid after the 8th time it happens. If the director is too lazy to edit in the select voice clips (like every other anime episode preview does!) at least play the clips silently! There will be more of an effect there in this genre of anime. Protest all you want. This episode was done badly.

    1. I hear you completely. This show had a great deal of potential but episode 8 is just plain boring, to the point to where its drop worthy. A perfect example of this type of extenuation over an entire series is Red Data Girl, but that disaster speaks for itself. This show just perpetuates the ‘damsel in distress’ way too often for it to be interesting in the slightest. As for the foolish main characters, that’s a result of trying to tell the story without making character development overarch between episodes. You can even call it not learning from your mistakes – or NOT being able to learn from them. Something that occurs as a plot device, one of the worst kinds.

      1. Huh?Drop worthy for one ep,for this ep?Really?That’s really exagerating dude,it probably was the weakest episode of Crime Edge so far but I wouldn’t call it a game breaker.

      2. Of course it’s not drop worthy if you can stand super repetitive junk. Some people out there can even stand (& enjoy) Endless Eight ~shudders~. I’ve probably watched at least an hour of this series, that’s just how much “Kiri-kun!” I’ve been skipping. But that’s still the 4th most on my list. I also usually don’t totally drop shows, just watch less of it

        I wish I could watch more but I understand that this stuff wasn’t worked up for westerners. It’s audience like a certain thing, a certain way & shows that go against that norm is blasphemed to hell. But for some reason, show that feature characters with brains, cliché scene destruction, & character development (GASPS!) aren’t apart of that norm. However, it’s just those things that we enjoy – since it’s different. I can deal with it, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll watch all of it, or any of it at all.

  4. I have to say, I’m really impressed with the main duo of this series.
    Though it was already apparent in the 5th episode, Iwai isn’t the typical damsel in distress who needs to be saved all the time but actually is strong willed and can “bite” (like when she lashed out at Seigi).
    And Kiri has none of the indecisiveness plaguing so many anime protgs these days. He Knows what he wants and what needs to be done and acts upon it.

    Overall, though not outstanding, this show is still quite a nice discovery for me this season.


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