「勇者、修羅場に突入する」 (Yūsha, Shuraba ni Totsunyū Suru)
“The Hero Rushes Onto the Battlefield”

Now that’s what I call a confession.

You have to admire this series for being as great as it is; it’s not as if Hataraku is reinventing the wheel or otherwise creating something we’ve never seen before, but as always, execution wins the day when it comes to this show. Cliches and tropes we’ve seen hundreds of times in anime before are never exactly the way we expect them to be here. Emi is miles more interesting than the typical tsundere or stalker (and her seiyuu does a wonderful job), Chi is more than just the timid girl in love with the main character, Sadao is a seriously nice guy who just happens to want to take over the world, etc. It’s not about how different from the norm everyone is, but rather how well they’re pulled off, whether through characterization, voice acting, comedy, etc.

The best example I can point out from this episode is the confession scene between Maou and Chi-chan. There were no flustered faces, no stuttering, just a straightforward “I’m in love with you”, and both characters were mature enough not to be thrown for a loop. Part of this is that Maou probably knew all along how Chi felt (remember that matter-of-fact date?) and had no way of really dealing with it, but though Chi may have suspected that he knew all along, it’s still really nice to see someone just come out and say it without freaking out in an anime.

Of course, having someone watch your confession is a different story, and when Suzuno catches them, Chi has a much more traditional reaction (though she steals Maou’s bike in the process). Unlike Emi’s original misunderstanding, Suzuno is not in love with Maou, but rather an assassin from the Church (as suspected) sent to investigate whether or not the Hero and Demon Lord are in cahoots. She decides early on that Emi is free of suspicion (and idolizes her in the process), but while she asks for assistance in killing Maou, Emi quickly turns her down. Though she cites her duty as the Hero as the one responsible for killing the Demon Lord, I do have to wonder if this is simply because she’s hesitant to kill Sadao after all she’s seen of him. Whether or not that’s due to love isn’t quite clear yet, but there’s definitely personal feelings standing in the way.

Still, even when rejected, Suzuno seems to have imprinted on Emi like a little sister, and she seeks her out to proudly show her how well she’s adapting (or not). Unfortunately when Emi’s friend has the same misunderstanding about Suzuno and Maou, she drags them all off to MgRonald’s, where Chi and Sadao are dealing with the very familiar-looking manager of the rival Sentucky Fried Chicken (who’s stealing all their business) across the way. With Suzuno possibly out to poison Maou’s stronghold and playboy Sarue Mistuki (Iguchi Yuuichi) out to crush MgRonald’s business, it seems the Demon Lord has his hands full of trouble.




  1. Suzuno is so fucking adorable. Already got a GIF of her looking at the TV, lol.

    And poor Lucifer, the ignored one now.

    Also, aside from James-er Sarue, the fact that Chi-chan ran off with Maou’s bike on a moment’s notice could also be an (unintentional) Pokemon nod (given Satoshi/Ash quickly ran off with Kasumi’s/Misty’s bike in episode 1). Though, at least Chi-chan didn’t end up trashing it, lol. And more of her awesome facial expression. XD

  2. SO it seems “James from Team Rocket” made his usual overly flamboyant apppearance, only he had to change his hair color and height. If this is a plot from the Church, it is very well thought out. To take down Maou as they break down his McRonald economically.

    I am rather finding Suzuno’s rather tech-issues with Japan in more of the serious “I want to pity her” side rather than the humorous side. I can’t help but wonder if she got ripped off for that RING OF GOLD. By “pawn shop” I do hope she meant jewelry shop. But, humorously, Emi’s discovery was the best, this episode’s face expressions was the best.

    Anyway, Chi-chan, BEST EXPRESSION EVER. SHE IS HINATA (Naruto) TIMES 10!!!! I mean, unlike Hinata, she confessed her LOVE FOR MAOU and IS HAVING A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN whenever she sees him with another girl.

    Last Order
  3. lol James from Pokemon. I laughed out loud when he appeared.

    And Suzuno will become part of the harem eventually, we all know it, she has no feeling for him YET :3

  4. Any series that can make me laugh within 1 minute of an episode is a star in my book.
    Seriously, this show just keeps bringing out the laughs. And all the facial expressions this episode dishes out is just pure win.
    Best comedy this season, nuff said 😀

  5. Lucifer: ‘Why do I deserve to be treated worse than [Emilia}?!’

    Let’s see, you placed the people of Sasazuka and your leader’s co-worker in mortal peril, you happily betrayed and (nearly)killed your fellow leader and his loyal general, you eagerly allied yourself with a power-hungry baldy, and because you’re a short scheming twit.

    So, yes, you DO deserve to be treated worse than Emilia.

  6. Prepare for trouble! and Make it double!
    To protect to world from devastation!
    To unite all peoples within our nation!
    To denounce the evils of truth and love!
    To extend our reach to the stars above!

  7. As if this show couldn’t get any better, we get Suzuno, love declarations, cliché scene destruction, business rivalries, fake love rivalries, a Pokémon knockoff, & Emi going nuts (as usual). This type of show will NEVER be boring, EVER!

    If only all the other garbage (except for Yahari) I’m watching made me smile this much, this season would be a better place. It’s always an awesome thing when an adaptation is spot on regardless of how much crap it skips.

  8. I think my favorite thing about this series is how expressive the characters are. Emi’s various rage faces, Chi-chan’s overreactions to… everything? Not to mention the stellar voice acting from the entire cast. I’ve said it once; do yourself a favor and watch this series. Also, go Chi-chan!

    1. It’s this “out of left field” stuff that’s part of the perfect execution of Maou-sama! The whole greenland and James thing was just frosting on the cake.

  9. A Demon Lord vs. the Legendary Hero, an ancient Church conspiracy, Magical Assassins, a struggle between what is truly good and what is truly evil? Who cares about all that!? Now the battle between Not!McDonalds and Not!KFC for more customers? THAT’S an EPIC STRUGGLE that I can invest myself in! Go Maou!

    I welcome Suzuno’s dynamic to the cast. As hilarious as everything was in this series, how Maou and Emi integrated to society felt too easy. Its nice that Suzuno delivers an actual Fish Out of Water perspective for the Ente Isla natives. My favorite parts were when she fumbled around the TV and when she started riling on the ATM machine.

    1. Well about that part, Suzuno was clearly stated in the anime to have arrived in Japan for slightly over a week, & she has mostly been spending her time as Maou’s neighbor & not working, so the fish out of water scene would make sense.

      What wasn’t mentioned in the anime was that from the time that Maou & Alsiel arrived in Japan, to Maou’s first meeting with Emilia,
      Show Spoiler ▼

  10. a concentrated eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! episode lol

    and Chi-chan confessed which is funny since next week in Yahari it seem’s like Yui who are voiced by the same VA is also going to confessed to 8man

  11. Suzuno fascination with television is really funny, oh boy I’ll bet she will like the new xbox. xP
    Out of all the anime I’m watching this season, the overall quality and enjoyment I’m getting from this is really consistent. Everything is just fun, even if nothing major is really happening.

  12. Sentucky Fried Chicken promo’s would probably be like this:

    “For every kiddie meal at Sentucky Fried Chicken, you’ll get a free [stolen] pokeman toy! Collect them all!”


    The Moondoggie
  13. That Sentucky Fried Chicken how is Maou supposed to take over Japan with this business taking all of the customers. Question for you people is Yuuichi Iguchi related in any way to Yuka Iguchi?

  14. emi & chiho go charge into satan’s house yet here suzuno fix food & everything give chiho going why this is happening yet some talk emi take suzuno to see city area.

    while satan with chiho give some talk with chiho go confess to satan til suzuno heard cue chiho run with bike & suzuno arrive back with emi revealed she also from esta isla.

    give both what & explain give suzuno is doing some “interogation” yet why in old fashion japan outfit due to watching & learn old history of japan yet not adjust to modern time yet emi being “hmm” give she want to do thing on her own cause emi will not allow the japan people get hurt.

    chiho sorry for bike taking to satan give now bigger probs cause SFC is attacking mcronald which if keep satan could be going to greenland snow area mcronald & meet SFC boss who bit wanting chiho.

    & emi work time here suzuno give lots of bags give pawn a big money & want go satan’s work place so yea have to go along while satan & chiho all HMM cause sent satan’s loyal sidekick to spy on SFC.

  15. So many surprisingly subtle scenes in this show.
    e.g. When Emi and Suzuno are having coffee:
    1) Emi opens her milk packet and spills a little.
    2) Emi cleans it up.
    3) Suzuno sees this and repeats the action, intentionally opening her milk packet with enough force to spill a little.
    4) Suzuno does a subtle fist pump to celebrate a successful mimic.
    5) Suzuno cleans it up.

    1. he’s also a bit concerned that her dad might recognize him from when he just arrived from enta island. chi chan already knows he’s a demon, so i think his concern might be from “borrowing” the money haha.

    1. OOT : I will go to Japan for 1 month (my first experience going abroad), and sumimasen, nihongo o hanasudekimasen 😛
      Can somebody teach me how to buy train ticket/ Suika card? pick the correct router? 😀

  16. Suzuno is just too adorable. In the last episode she was all calm and mature. This week she’s more clueless, loud and cute XD haha Definitely my fav female character along with Emi.

    LOL and I can already see the friend-zone coming to Chi-chan XD

  17. That really was one of the better confession scenes I’ve seen in an anime. And gah, Suzuno is just so cuteeeeeeeeeeee. Has there been a bad episode in this show yet?

  18. Chiho kills me with her facial expressions.I love how she brought along Emi to Maou’s place for moral support XD.

    My Chibi James can’t be this successful!SFC stealing all of MgRonald’s customers while Moonbucks is just taking it easy with no competition.

    Of course, you realize this means war SFC. No one wants to be forever alone in Greenland lol

    Lucifer sleeps in cardboard boxes, that’s messed up.Suzuno at the electronics store was hilarious.

  19. Yandere face!

    Psycho face!

    (He’s got a more moe face in this ep that just didn’t get capped, so I’m using this.)

    Dem faces. I bet most of the animators’ budget is just for these.

  20. Now we know where Team Rocket is getting all their funds with all their giant robots that always gets blown up by Pikachu every episode.

    Managers must get paid alot!


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