「れ彼ら彼女らは真実を知る」 (Izure Karera Kanojora wa Shinjitsu wo Shiru)
“In Time, Those Guys and Girls Will Find Out the Truth”

It’s really scary watching Hachiman try to deal with Saika. If he didn’t accentuate all of his actions when dealing with him it probably wouldn’t be as bad but if things keep up at this pace I think he may need to re-evaluate his sexuality. That or sew 男, the character for male, onto all of Saika’s clothing.

Getting back on track, it seems that the prediction I made last week totally came true. In typical Hachiman fashion, he manages to get to the root of the problem and decides to tackle it straight on. But who would have thought that his solution would involve destroying the fake bonds that people tend to construct? And in order to expose that selfish nature, it was really surprising when the method he chose had the chance of creating a cascading effect that wouldn’t stop at solving Rumi’s problem but could have went as far and destroyed the bonds between all of her friends. But as things played out it was a little mindboggling how smoothly things went. Then again with a social genius like Hachiman holding the reigns with a little backup from Yukino and Yui, I should have assumed things would be okay.

Luckily (or unluckily) it seems that Yukino is the one that Hachiman seems to have his eyes on. But who could blame him when he has such a beauty standing right next to him? From her silky smooth hair to the way she looks when the moon is shining down on her, the only thing standing between her and capturing some hunk of a guy is that twisted personality of hers. But in typical anime fashion, it’s that one saving grace that helps a beauty of a girl end up with someone on the opposite spectrum. That being said, I can’t help but worry that this upcoming arc won’t actually bring the two closer together. Because even if you look passed all the personality issues that could easily prevent the two from seeing the feelings they have for each other there’s the whole issue of whether Yukino would trample all over Yui’s feelings — something I don’t think could ever happen.

So in the end, we see everyone get a little closer with one another. While Hachiman is still trying to stubbornly hold onto the precious world he’s created for himself, everyone else seems to be slowly acclimating to this new environment. With Yukino slowly dropping that facade of hers and people like Hayato opening up and showing his true feelings, it finally feels like we’ve gone passed the introduction stage and can really dive into the juicy stuff. And judging from the events that occurred right before the episode ended, I’m willing to bet it’ll have something to do with Yukino and possibly Hayato.

P.S. The good guy never gets any reward huh :T




  1. Dat Komachi is outranking Kirino by far big way for the best little sister award!
    Omg Hachiman , you just become like yochii akihisa, one simply can’t jump voluntary in a TRAP!
    oh and PhyTit is a wonderful subject , which school should i apply to?

    1. We did a phytits class in Year 12.
      If I remember correctly, the experiment involves a male and female participant to stand with their backs and legs flush against the wall.
      Next, they are asked to bend over and touch their toes.

      Can’t remember the conclusion, but I think one of them falls over almost every time.

      Sadly, I think that teacher is no longer teaching physics.

      1. Yep, did the same. We did it back-to-back though. It was the funniest thing I did in HS (during a class) by far. We had most of the girls BB team in our class since it was one of the few classes available after there morning practice :p

        Of course most of the boys BB team in it for the same reason, including myself. The girls (well most of them) fell over magnificently & most of us could touch our toes (or the ground) w/o bending our knees. It still didn’t matter. It was so damn funny that they put it in the yearbook.

    1. you miss the point was the friendship between 5 girls was destroyed/nonexistent to begin with.
      it was an outcast and 4 girls (but not necessarily friends) banded together to ostracize her.

  2. I was debating heavily that I think Hikki could very well be homosexual. Or bisexual. When I was recapping the other episodes it kept dwelling on me that I could very much be right. While many curse the ‘trap’ for humor purposes, Hikki very much welcomes it to the point of it not being hilarious, to the real thing. The deal breaker in this episode? “I wish I was the one that made you dripping wet. ” CASE CLOSED. Not certain if it’s word per word, since I’m going just on memory here. But seriously, come on.

    1. Like you said…I think Hachiman is at least Bisexual. I mean when guys usually fall for traps its more like “Oh I find him/her cute….but wait! He’s a guy so I can’t!” but Hachiman is more…well…accepting of it and I think he’s gone past the trap point and just finds anything Saika does adorable/cute…including that “I wish I could get him wet” line….>_< sorry, wasn't expecting that. But I don't agree with people saying that Hachi is completely straight because they just justify its only a trap and this stuff has been done before millions of times…um…are they watching the same scenes as we are? Either ways, it doesn't matter if he's straight or not (personally I think if he was at least bi then the show would take a more interesting turn with the loner aspect which includes sexuality) but of course its not like its needed and I'm fine with Hachiman as he is….the guy that wants to make another guy wet.
      P.S….Hayato seems to be treading into the Saika x Hachiman territory, not that I wouldn't mind….or it could be that Hayato is so damn nice to people! Stop being so damn sexy!!

      1. you gotta enjoy the fact that you can legitamently pair up Hachiman with a majority of the characters on both sides of the gender pool, hell, I support any pairing with Hachiman in it regardless.

      2. Exactly. I have no issue with Hikki’s sexuality, to me it doesn’t make him nor break him in this series. But his ‘acceptance’ of Saika that are very favorable, makes anyone really question his sexuality. Hikki is a character of internal dialogs and critical thinking of his surroundings, I’m surprise that he hasn’t consider the possibility of him being into men.

        GRANTED.. this episode did stated “I may take the Saika route”, and that line really blew my mind. It meant so many things at once. And the fact that he sounded rather serious and not in a joking fashion that other animes would take, kind of annuls what I had stated about him not noticing that he may like men. Stating the possibility of taking his route is clear enough that he has accepted his orientation and is fine with that. Not many people think it, let alone voice it. Which I don’t remember if he said it or was thinking it. But Hikki has presented himself so far as the type that wouldn’t reject any move from Saika so far. Hell, let them both become a pair, that would be refreshing and out of the blue ending. I could go for a yaoi pair instead of the cliche ending up with one of the girls in the Club.

    2. @Megas
      You’re making me want to pick up the Manga damnit. I think its safe to say whether its included or not, the subtly is over the limit. It’s pretty obvious at this point to turn back now.

      1. It’s the LN, Volume 5, Ch 3 to be exact. I pretty much died reading it. It put everything SaikaXHikki until now to shame. It was fillerish but I can still remember it verbatim. I’m pretty sure you can find summaries of it – outside of 4chan & animesuki, it’s too spoiler-happy there. But it will give you an idea of the shear amount of stuff they skipped.

      2. Damn Megas, you came back with coordinates and everything. I will keep track of that… if they don’t show anything next week. <x Cause I know that if I look now, I will spoil the entire series for me, and I when I do that, I can't enjoy the anime episodes. D8

      3. @ megas, dammit, I just read that part and…-_-….why won’t the animate those scenes!! Especially the other scenes that weren’t shown…oh well. I now think that 8man is a straight guy who’s also Saika-sexual.

  3. You mentioned that the you believe that the next arc will be about Yukino or Hayato, but isn’t the preview in which Yuigahama is speaking suggesting at something polar opposite? I recall there being a piece of text suggesting that 8man will return to the path he followed to begin with, so what I think will happen is Show Spoiler ▼

    There were also a heck ton of undertones in this episode, even if you disregard 8man’s blatant homosexual traits. Hayato mentioning that someone is watching out for 8man, (probably referring to his sensei or Yukino’s big sister, as to which I’m not sure) and also Hayato’s somewhat mysterious past.
    Also, https://randomc.net/image/Yahari%20Ore%20no%20Seishun%20Rabukome%20wa%20Machigatteiru/Yahari%20Ore%20no%20Seishun%20Rabukome%20wa%20Machigatteiru%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2033.jpg, massive Bakamonogatari flashback.

    1. The preview is hinting at the end of something between Yuigahama and Hikigaya for me. I don’t know if this would be considered a spoiler or not, but it looks like she is going to Show Spoiler ▼

      and it will not end up being pretty.

  4. Hachiman strikes again! Seriously, I love this character. Part of me hopes he stays crusty and miserable, if only because he is so entertaining to watch. However, I also hope he finds happiness, be it through getting a girlfriend (or boyfriend…), or just finally realizing he has friends that do indeed care about him. Whatever happens, one thing is certain; Komachi is the most amazing imouto ever, both in looks and personality.

  5. And the reign of Hikki begins . . .

    This stuff is moving at the speed of light – GOOD THING!!! Volume 4 gone already! The LN was VERY slowly paced in volume 5 to 7, thanks to Mr Wataru prolonging the 3 separate events in those volumes so long that I dosed off several times while reading them.

    Anyway the next episode is definitely about Yui (Most of volume 5). It was overly drawn out in the LN so they can get it in 1 episode if they want to & I bet no one will complain. I’m not into spoilers so I’ll leave it at that.

  6. Saika fan service > Yukinon fan zervice > sensei and Yui fan zervice > imouto fan service.

    That’s my fan service ranking for this episonde. Seriously…. Saika’s the most dangerous trap ever. It’s even making me question my straightness.

    And a quick SHAFT moment in Yahari. Were they involved in this episode?


  7. Personally, I think Hachiman’s solution to Rumi’s problem is quite cruel. Yes, after the relation in the group getting torn away and back to zero, there’s no more group bullying to her. But even after Rumi saved all the other girls from the ‘bullying’, her loner state is still exist. Poor Rumi…

    Kevin Yamagata
  8. Ya best start believing in Saika Routes Mr.Hachiman, you’re in one.It won’t be long before you become a dangerous predator and jump on Saika.

    This has to be my favorite episode so far.I found the Shunning Tactic that Hachiman came up with to be hilarious, but I was unsatisfied.The ringleader with the side ponytail wasn’t chosen or put on the spot at all because Rumi decided to save them at the wrong time.I don’t think we’ll even get to find out what happened after the trip for Rumi.Maybe in a later episode I guess.

    Raise your Saika Flag high Hachiman while I take away Komachi <3!

  9. From her silky smooth hair to the way she looks when the moon is shining down on her, the only thing standing between her and capturing some hunk of a guy is that twisted personality of hers. But in typical anime fashion, it’s that one saving grace that helps a beauty of a girl end up with someone on the opposite spectrum.

    Hachiman isn’t really a loser as per the typical definition of the term. He’s just as extraordinary as Yukino herself. As you yourself said…

    Then again with a social genius like Hachiman holding the reigns with a little backup from Yukino and Yui, I should have assumed things would be okay.

    …he’s a social genius. He has a far-superior-to-normal natural aptitude for understanding and manipulating interpersonal relationships. The “ordinary” male lead in an anime/manga who always tends to end up with “beautiful/desirable” women are almost never normal. They’re just the unassuming type who appear to be normal on the outside but are in fact quite extraordinary within- the mild-mannered, unassuming reporter is really Superman kind of thing. An illusion of normalcy cast around a hero to make the story a form of wish fulfillment for real normal folks.

    In the real world these heroes are the type of guys who get bullied in school, never standing out because a high school environment isn’t conducive to the blossoming of their hidden talents. Ten years down the road we then find that they end up becoming more successful (net worth wise, etc.) than even the class valedictorian- through utilizing some talent in the real world that had little practical use in school- such as business savvy and whatnot.

    In the case of a person like Hachiman with intuitive aptitude for the mechanics behind human relationships who revels in covert manipulation due to a passive-aggressive streak, certain kinds of high-ranking managerial positions would suit him well- I know I’d promote him. And if given the chance he’d probably excel in politics as well given that politics is all about manipulating interpersonal relationships (Consensus-building, log-rolling and whatnot)- and if they ever get to the subject of future careers at the end of the story I bet this is exactly what he’ll end up doing after being given his big chance through marrying into a political family…

  10. Sad thing is is that this isn’t all stuff pulled out for sheer dramatic effect, but real human behavior in the larger scale of things. A majority of the time, even among those who may like to think or say otherwise, people will tend to look out for themselves long before (easily) sacrificing themselves for another, especially when the chips are down and one’s own survival is at stake (literally or figuratively) , even among the seemingly closest of closely-knit friendships. =(

  11. Very well executed episode that highlights inner characteristics of various problems. Didn’t expect Oregairu to be so great, but it is. Great character interactions and even the monologues are interesting.

  12. I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned how Hachiman instantly noticed Yukino’s car as the one that hit him and that he pretended not to notice it when Yui mentioned it so that she wouldn’t worry. I think Yukino is aware too and feels really guilty, though it only shows when she’s not with Hachiman.

  13. Questions of Hachiman’s orientation aside…
    -Komachi is one sexy little imouto. Anyone who isnt vaccinated to her like Hachiman is likely to fall for her. But comparing her to Kirino is totally wrong, if I’d have to put a closer comparison, it would be the formidable Miya from Amagami
    pausing for a moment to insert:
    -Yukino definitely feels inadequate in certain area…
    -I wonder what is the story behind Hayato’s eternal smile and charm. He definitely hinted that there is one, and darker than the facade.
    -OK, so we have our trio of main characters literally connected by fate, namely that accident that cemented Hachiman’s loner status and both girls probably feel responsible…

    1. Yu, Yukino and Hachiman are all tied together by the accident, and Hayato is tied to Yukino through family connections. I wonder what other connections exist with some of the other characters.

      1. Hayato is the opposite of Hikki. Rather then letting past event making himself into a loner, he decides to do his best to be nice/good to everyone due to experiences from his past. Striving to be a better person like some Shonen leads.

      2. It’ll basically be Sukitte Ii na yo with a bitchy emo version of Mei, being chased around by a perfect version of Yamato.

        It wouldn’t just be mediocre, it would also annoy everyone to death every week & be cancelled after several viewers are admitted under suicide watch. I’m not joking.

  14. After Yukino did that head tilt, I was done, she’s just too adorable despite her cynical and brutally honest personality. (no one does that better than Senjougahara, but Yukino comes pretty damn close) Another great episode- the ending was definitely on a darker note though, Hikki does mention that he doesn’t see Yukino for the rest of summer vacation… Curious to know what they do with her arc and how their relationship progresses from there. Also, since it’s her arc soon, does that mean we get a version of “Hello Alone” sang by Hayami Saori as well? Because that would be awesome. =3

    1. while Hikki’s personality has been warped by his interactions with his peers, it seems as if Yukino’s has been warped by her family situation. It feels somewhat like Masuzu of OreSura or Haru of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun’s situation. Her reaction to the arrival of her sister was telling.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right about that, as that makes a lot sense. Now the real question is, how are they planning on handling her arc? I expect a emotional flashback or two followed by some brutally honest narrating…

  15. OK, this is REALLY LATE. I just did some reviewing & noticed that back in episode 3, right after Yui twists her ankle she goes back to get Yukino in her gym attire. She comes back in her school uniform. So why in the hell is she changing in the room when Hikki walks in on them. Now her & Yukino may have switched uniforms (size difference?) but it just looks like a mistake more than anything.

  16. They say if you change yourself, you’ll change the world, but that’s a complete lie. When people judge somebody, it becomes a fixed idea and an impression that lasts. A loner is forced to stay a loner. If you do your best at something and stand out , that’ll only get used as fodder for criticism. Those are the rotten rules of the Kingdom of Children.

  17. The good guy always gets the reward, the real good guy never gets the reward. Somehow my elementary school is normal ( I guess). Never really saw such extreme outcast situation.

  18. It seems that Yukino’s sister might be quite the bitch.It might’ve been done for comic relief but I kinda doubt it.Even if it was,I found her butting in the affairs of Yui,a girl she doesn’t even knows,to be a pretty dickish move,not to mention the impression of wanting to be in control of her sister’s life(while she’s probably controlled by their parents,or at least her mom).

    Also,’dem smiles while not showing the eyes.Here’s another.

    At any rate,*grabs a beer* here’s to hoping they’ll do something good with Yukino’s story.She needs to be worthy of such an awesome character like 8man!

  19. I think that the reason Hachiman reacts that way to Saika is because he’s “safe” being male. He cannot react that way to females because of the issues he’s had with rejection in the past.

  20. Heh. Statistics. And probably not inaccurate ones, all things considered. <1% indeed.

    It's pretty telling of Yukino's world view that she approves of Hachiman's actions even when the man himself says he hasn't actually done anything good for Rumi. I approve. It's also telling that Hayato doesn't appear to disapprove at all either – he's rather more of a realist than he seems at first glance.

    ….and on a totally unrelated note..



    ….Saika… males generally don't… sit like that. At all.

  21. You can’t destroy what never even existed to begin with. A friendship built on the mistreatment of others is no friendship at all, so Hachiman did nothing wrong when he exposed these fake social bonds among the girls as the lies that they were. Besides, when you think about it, anything built on such a shady foundation isn’t worth much to begin with and tends to be quite weak, usually requiring only one good kick to bring it crashing down, as Hachiman masterfully demonstrated with his ingenious plan.


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