「謎の影」 (Nazo no kage)
“A Mysterious Shadow”

After all the bravura that accompanied Keiji’s star turn in the last two episodes, it seems like the center of attention has shifted back to the main cast, and the focus this week is none other than Matabei (Kobayashi Yuu) and Hanzou (Gotou Saori). It would be hard for me to overstate just how much I love these two side characters and no question, both Matabei and Hanzou are the perfect supporting players for this show. Let’s put it this way – Sen Hime would not have been able to unleash her inner sadism without her masochist counterpart and if it wasn’t for Hanzou’s enthrallment with BDSM, such an enticing subject would never have been featured as prominently as it has been. Then there’s the fascinating contrast between Yukimura and Matabei that more often than not, brings out the inadvertent laughs. The puerile aura that Yukimura exudes is a fine example of a “jailbait” and such loli complex could hardly be more different than Matabei’s sultry appeal which, of course, emanates an aphrodisiac of a more seasoned variety. Both Matabei and Hanzou are endearing enough to be the leads on their own, but what makes them particularly special is how they shine through even brighter when they serve as complements for the principal cast, and it is such a quality that has earned them a unique presence in this show.

There’s a good chance that both Matabei and Hanzou may finally emerge as a Master Samurai and if it wasn’t already apparent from the updated opening sequence last week, the latest confrontation with the mysterious dark shadow underscored yet again, the forthcoming debut of their alternate personas! It has been made conspicuous from day one that nothing short of a Master Samurai could stand up to the Four Sword Demon, and I suspect their refusal to be mere sitting ducks in the upcoming battle would ultimately instigate an imminent lip lock with Muneakira. But make no mistake about it – while I have no doubt their desire to be of service is part of the inspiration, it’s also indisputable that both Matabei and Hanzou have shown an exquisite sexual urge to ravage Muneakira like a wildcat and no matter how hard they try to resist their primal instincts, those faces of a woman in love do not lie! Speaking of the dark shadow – or rather, the perverted tentacle monster, the advent of the mysterious being should be a godsend for those of you who have a fetish for tentacle erotica and whoever this monster is, he certainly does have a wicked sense of humor. The sight of its tentacles ransacking both Sen Hime and Yukimura must have induced waves of nosebleeds and whether it was intentional or not, the seeming mismatch between the somber tone of his voice and where its lustful set of limbs reach out to had me laughing out loud!

There appears to be a certain connection between the Dark Samurai and the sudden appearance of the enigmatic monster, and while I have no idea what their role in all of this is, I have a certain suspicion the upcoming revelation will shed some light on the origins of the Four Sword Demon. The childlike Houzouin Inshun (Satou Satomi) is probably key to this puzzle and her latest interaction with Juubei showcased a side of the Dark Samurai that we’re unfamiliar with – she’s a good kid at heart who doesn’t appear to be nearly as contentious or combative as her companions. It remains to be seen how her relationship with Juubei will evolve as their impending battle approaches, and while the brief exchange that they shared this week seems amiable enough, everything can change in a blink of an eye if and when the trigger-happy Dark Samurai decides to unleash their carnage. Such an undesirable outcome is obviously not going to sit well with Juubei and I suspect what comes next could very well hinge on this brand new friendship that is slowly brewing in the backdrop.

Random tidbits:

  • Both Matabei and Hanzou want a piece of Muneakira so bad – I’m surprised they haven’t jumped at him yet!
  • I’m not going to lie – the presence of Keiji and badass-Juubei is sorely missed. Their return can’t come soon enough!
  • First Musashi, and now Inshun – Juubei has sneakily built quite an impressive yuri harem.
  • Those pesky pigeons were being so nasty to Sasuke – they’re better off as roast squabs!
  • Whoopsie…” – Inshun might be a loli by physique, but the sheer might of her arms is no fluke.
  • Censor-monkey bars – move away Sasuke, you’re blocking my view!
  • “Whatcha staring at, Kanatsugu?” – something tells me she’s not impressed!
  • “It’s not that I’m mimicking Keiji’s training or anything” – Kanetsugu’s tsundere antics are pretty hilarious!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #HyakkaRyouran Samurai Bride 08: A wild tentacle monster appears! Matabei and Hanzou could finally emerge as the new Master Samurai #Anime
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    1. To be fair, this is the second tentacle monster in Samurai Bride – the first one appeared during the swimsuit episode, but it didn’t do much besides besides eating Kanetsugu. The tentacle-raping starts with the second one :3

      1. @ewok40k

        It’s no way near as awesome as Hyakka Ryouran anyway.I believe that’s pretty much due to the fact that it tries to take itself too seriously.Then again,I wonder if in the eyes of others it could be considered “trainwreck fantastic”.

    1. What are you talking about? There’s no lack of plot or back story from my perspective :3
      As I said in my review for the premiere, Hyakka Ryouran has always been more about the character interactions, the comical moments and of course, the gracious fanservice. You might have to look elsewhere if you’re seeking an Oscar-worthy script 😡

  1. Consider me tentacle-tickled with this one. Hanzo and Matabei aspiring to Muneakira’s harem of Master Samurai are great too. But best of all was Jyubei x Inshun date. Can’t wait for the final confrontation to be over so we can have some “defeat means friendship” (T).
    But first there is this tentacle monster to dfeal with, and the mystery of the origin of the dark samurai…

    1. +50 Seishun Points!
      Tentacle-tickled! I like that expression XD
      Maybe the Dark Samurai will become part of Muneakira’s harem – everyone will be a happy camper XD

  2. I’m guessing the tentacle monster is….IDK, forgot her name but the butch dark samurai that’s MIA this ep. Since they made it apparent that she’s been gone for a while along with Inshun. We kind of know that butch-samurai has this psycho tendency and her color scheme/aura she emits is the same as the tentacle monster. Maybe Inshun just follows her wherever she goes so she can absorb her ki/energy so she won’t go all rampant like they’ve shown before.

    1. I did consider the possibility that Mataemon might turn out to be the tentacle monster – even though he sounds like a dude! I guess we’ll find out next week 😉

  3. I liked how Matabei and Hanzou related to each other as both being servants of their masters and how they got slowly left behind in terms of fighting ability and can’t even protect them now. I can’t wait for next episode and what they’ll make of these feelings.

    1. It’ll be pretty nice to finally see Matabei and Hanzou kick some ass – it’s not like those two don’t try hard enough. I really like their Master Samurai attire too :3

  4. Yes! Matabei and Hanzou episode! Seeing the two blushing and acting shy is just too cute! And Isshun was quite cute too. And only 1 Naoe minor antic?! BLASPHEMY! lol



    I also love the way the scenery is like beautiful art paintings. It almost makes the characters look out of place, like they were shopped into it or something, lol.

    1. I know right – those two want Muneakira sooooo bad, they’re so adorable XD
      Well, Kanetsugu was the one driving the boobie traps this week, you got that to be happy about :3

    1. that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing though…granted it lasted longer than expected but it was a nice because the setting actually helped with the character developement

    2. You should, The Moondoggie 😉
      Not for the last 3 episodes – it’s back to serious business now that they’ve paid down their debt LOL
      I quite enough the Meido Kissa shenanigans, to be honest, the comedic skits were hilarious XD

    1. Unfortunately, there are the trolls who do nothing BUT go to blogs, forums, YouTube vids, etc and down-vote everything for no reason other than to try to piss people off (and trolls like them say those other people have “no lives”).

      So here, for example, if I put up a post and I get 1-3 thumbs down not even a half hour later for no real reason (and only 2 more posts after or something), then I assume it’s those trolls.

  5. Seriously, when will the general make Matabei and Hanzou master samurais?! They’re the only ones in the main cast that weren’t turned to master samurais? Come on Muneakira! Do your thing man!

    1. I’ve been soooooo waiting for that!Beta-San needs some lovin’ <3

      While I'd love a dedicated episode to each of the two girls,my bet is that they'll deal with this in a single ep and use the remaining 3 to take care of the Dark Samurai battles,the samurai bride thing.Then there's also Gisen and a character that's yet to make an appearance in this second season but is still present in the opening,Nia.I assume they won’t bring back or pay much attention to the whole Gisen-Amakusa issue and maybe use it make a 3rd season,which I’m totally down for 😛

      1. I agree, they’ll probably make them both Master Samurai at the same time. Oh man, I really wish Nia was featured more prominently in the second season, she’s positively delicious – totally my type! Let’s hope she makes another appearance by the end of this episode 😉

  6. Is there going to be any actual fighting, or are they reserving that for like the last three episodes. Seriously, I don’t care if this has a ton of awesome fanservice, the moment you put “samurai” in the title, you make people expect some damn action, or at least something remotely close to the word! -_-;

    1. The impending showdown is probably going to be pretty action-packed – similar to the last two episodes of its first season. But I’ll be lying to you if I said that’s going to be the main attraction of this show – the fanservice and comedic skits will remain a big part of it 😉

  7. just a random stranger passing by… (lol)

    seems like Seishun is the most liked writer in RC. look at all the love for seishun lol.. or maybe it’s just the PLOT :3

    1. LOL thanks, I guess – but I’m not sure how you come to that conclusion. I don’t think my obsession with fanservice/ecchi is going to please the mainstream anime watchers. If anything, it has made me very unpopular with them XD

      1. yeah, not going to lie, by looking at the evidence you pretty much are the most popular writer currently on RC. Any comment you make 75% of the time automatically gets high votes, even higher than the comment you responded to. Even at times when you say something completely regular or nothing “out there” and you get like a spam full of likes…weird. (No offense, I’m not trying to be snarky or saying this in a mean way, I’m just putting out a point). Like that one post you made on your previous Majestic Prince ep review someone gave their theory on the next ep or logical input…something like that and they got only 2 or 0 thumbs up while you just respond with “Well anything can happen in this show” (around those terms) and you get 15 thumbs up just for that comment. I mean I get that people deserve thumbs up for their comments but there’s times when i notice I notice your fans going fast and loose with the thumbs up option on anything you write. Believe me, your comments/replies are pretty great and funny but then there’s the times when you have normal comments that get the same amount of praise that any other commenter wouldn’t get if they wrote the same. Heck I bet if you just replied with “Yes” or “No” in a comment you’d get like 20 thumbs up. Again, not trying to start anything and I do like what you bring to RC, I’m just saying something about your “loyal” fanbase.


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