「―リリカル・ナイト・フライト― 」 (―Ririkaru Naito Furaito―)
“―Lyrical Night Fright―”

Another one bites the dust… but not the character I was expecting. Seigi was not the most unique or deepest character I’ve seen in this series, but I did think he had potential to be a long lasting character. Unfortunately his time was up and it’s sad to admit, but I think Kozakura got more development than he did in his final moments. Even as Seigi was slowly passing away, I still couldn’t feel that much sympathy towards him. It wasn’t until Kozakura poured her heart out that I felt a little bad for her. Not him. I don’t really understand how deep their relationship of “brother” and “sister” was, but I think in her own way, Kozakura liked being able to keep him out of trouble. She just couldn’t save him this time – not that many people could’ve; there’s at least a dozen knives in his chest.

So I was right about my predictions revolving the Gossip party. Gossip is indeed a “head organization” that watches over the players and the leader of Gossip is a woman named Violet Witch (Tamura Yukari). The story behind the family of witches and Iwai is a bit weak to me, since there seems to be no real motivation for this chain of events and why it carries out after generations. I guess the murderous intent that people receive is also something that’s passed on genetically through family and also through the possession of Killing Goods. All I know is that Violet Witch is not someone to play around with. As Seigi stated, she probably has her own protégé that she probably has bets on to win the game – and that person has yet to reveal their face.

Then there was that scene that probably made a lot of people go… “wait, whatttt??” How did a murder scene become a love-making scene? I don’t understand. But I guess witnessing a murder does crazy things to people, and since I’ve never been in such a situation, I have no right to judge. Most of all, Kiri and Iwai probably just felt very depressed and lonely after listening to Kozakura talk about Seigi. They may have been a very oddly matched couple, but it worked and seeing that relationship cut short really makes you appreciate each other a little more. This must’ve triggered something within Kiri and Iwai to make them “confess” to one another. Although it’s not a straight up “I love you!”, I think the kiss was enough to signify their relationship. Iwai seems to accept it as well.

We’re going to see some new characters next week and probably more authors being introduced. I still have no idea how this is going to all come together of if the anime will even conclude in 4 episodes. There’s still Hitomi (the piano player) hanging around as well so I’d like to see her come into the picture. For the most part, I think the anime will likely end with the conclusion of a major arc and all I can hope for is no cliffhangers!

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  1. This episode was actually good. Mainly because we finally got some answers to what the hell gossip is & the boss bitch shows up. Too bad Seigi mostly kills himself by trying to hang her. His own need to hand out justice did him in. Oh well. The fireworks after the murder was a bit twisted but it fits this show to a T.

  2. I didn’t really realize it till now but for a show about serial killers in a “killing game” not a lot of people die. Yeah there was the Hammer Guy but he died off-screen. Hell Seigi’s case he had to be cut, then shot, then poisoned, then stabbed dozens of times before finally dying. Just seems odd.

  3. Also I don’t understand how Kiri could lick Iwai’s neck and chew her ear but was too nervous to kiss her on the lips. Maybe I’m naive but isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

    1. Three reasons I can think off.
      1.) They never were exactly allies to begin with.
      2.) Since Yamane is an actual murderer, Rulebook would just try to kill her.
      3.) Because they believed that all the members of Gossip were thinking that it was a play (including the head) they didn’t help because doing so would potentially anger them and since the sisters are basically being raised by the Gossip, the potential of them being kicked out on the streets was high.

      I’m betting on number 3, but 1 & 2 are plausible.

  4. Wow. I thought RDG was confusing, but this anime is flat out FRUSTRATING. Yes. FRUSTRATING. Things occured that just made me wonder just what the staff was thinking when they made this.

    Don’t get me started on that whole “JUST CUT THE DAMN ROPE” sensation from last week, that was forever long, and…long…and long. And no matter what happpens or how hard he tried, the guy just ran his fingers on the book and got away with it.Each.Fucking.Time. Really now?
    The sisters STILL didn’t do anything and QUESTION ‘just what happen’, like what the fuck. You’re watching the lead here get strangle on stage for a LONG period of time, and you don’t even bother to come to his aid at all? Not even budge. Just stay still. In denial. WHAT.

    Fuck that love scene. Fuck it. You basically raped her, you licked her, you nibbled her ear and you just kiss her on the.fucking.forehead. cause you’re a fucking pussy. Fuck my vocabulary, but Goddamnit, fucking FRUSTRATING. WHY. HOW. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE. How do you guys not wish to kill yourself after watching the previous episodes? I mean-hahahaha.. I think I lost it. I thought Valvrave was bad at not making any sense, but this really takes the cake. Like holy shit, so sorry for the profanity here. But wow.

    1. Yeah… I’m going to disagree too. Everything makes sense when you put things into context.

      Why didn’t Kiri cut the rope? It’s been already said that Killing Goods are indestructible. Kiri has been told this (By the Professor I believe) and he has witnessed it during his battle with Yamane. And the rope is part of the Seigi’s killing goods (I mean it appears out of midair) so it is indestructable too. Using this information, it is logical that instead of wasting time on what Kiri knew is a futile effort, he did something with a greater chance of success and that was to try to attack Seigi to make him lose focus.

      As for the Byouinzaka sisters, there were three logical possibilities I thought of, which you can see in my above post.

      And as for the intimate scene you called rape… Yeah… It was pretty clear it was all consensual. I mean… I’m sure how anyone could see that as rape… It just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m sorry. I just don’t understand. You are entitled to your own opinion still.

      1. @Mikey
        I said nothing of ‘why he didn’t cut the rope’, I stated the ‘sensation’ of the thought of ‘why didn’t he’ like many had thought before me that was ‘frustrating’. Even if there was logic for why he didn’t do it, it didn’t change the fact that that entire scene made you wish ‘if he could’ just to spare yourself and him the misery of watching such struggle.

        I read the reasons, and in all honesty, I call bullshit. The way it was presented in the anime the sisters look really clueless. I can buy that they thought it was part of the play at first but how dense can you really be? It was a very long scene that I would had been content with them noticing something is wrong even if they couldn’t do anything. I rather have the anime present possible reasons why this is happening instead of me making up scenarios just to justify them. Neutral relationship? Isn’t the Queen her friend? Didn’t they just had a heart to heart chat on the phone? She even got her a dress. At this point I can safely say they care a tiny bit about them to actually voice concern to even thinking about how something is wrong. Instead I go nothing.

        I’ll admit I was out of line for saying ‘rape’, since they seem to agree with it, but I’m struggling with the current mindfuck of how that’s ‘ok’ and kissing on the lips isn’t. Whatever cute relationship they had was cranked up to 11 of adulthood for mere middle schoolers that I must admit left me feeling awkward… To a quick sudden ‘I’m not ready yet!’ Wait. What. Well there goes that warm feeling of building a cute relationship that you tend to find out of ‘innocent’ couples. Maybe I see the Queen as what she is, a small innocent fragile school girl that I found that scene really awkward to watch.

      2. Ah. My bad. I did misunderstand what you said.

        I still stand by my statement that everything in Crime Edge mostly (Key Word: Mostly) makes sense in context. I feel as if this is the kind of series that isn’t going to hold one’s hand and. And it isn’t the first time the show has done it either. The Hammer Man using the lightning to hide his hammer blows in episode 3, the piano Author being blind and her Instead being deaf in episode 4, Ruka being the Author and not Romeo in episode 5 and 6. Those are the main ones I could think of.

      3. @Mikey
        It’s okay, it happens.

        I am aware that this is an anime and usually in anime they’re not generally well balance nor very well thought out so you’ll always have illogical moments. And that’s fine, I got the gist of what type of series this would become, base on the styles and events, and I was enjoying it. Only after these past 2 episodes, all logical reason that was consider logical that existed in this series cease to exist. At least to me, because it become frustrating to watch. While the series plays tropes and certain characters down to a T on cliche moments, some can really make you have a negative feedback on it, and some can actually throw you off. I guess the only real qualm that I have that really set me off was that final scene.

        Judging on the scene alone, it can have many different perspectives, and while it can be consider tasteful to some, illogical to others, to even downright ridiculous, to me it doesn’t make sense for those 2 characters. I like to believe we grew fond of their ‘cute’ relationship. It wasn’t so long ago that Kiri fled in tears because he misunderstood that Iwari wanted to see the stars with him. Granted the episodes are getting darker, but must you push their cute relationship that way as well? And by that I mean ‘sped it up’. Someone stated before about skipping first base, which he did. Have they ever held hands? Done other ‘physical’ things besides cutting hair? Instead of gradually getting there, we’re thrown in quickly on a rather intimate moment that surprise everyone and then bewilders the viewers on the sudden ‘brakes’ of it all. And I’m suppose to be okay with them ruining my cute relationship that was logical at first but is now illogical?


    2. I see that the floodgates that’s been building up since episode 8 has burst this episode. As before, I stand by my statement that this director is very incompetent in executing this series. As for your queries on why he can’t just cut the rope, I was always under the impression that the rope is telekinetic in nature. So beyond cutting the Author himself, the rope is otherwise intangible.
      The nature of this Killing Good is rather broken if you think about it. Able to manifest a noose as long it’s within eye contact of the Author and the victim has broken any law (no matter how petty) is enough to incapacitate it’s victim. And that leads to a overconfidence on Seigi’s part. (Sort of like a very hands-on Death Note) Seigi even has a similar justice despensing complex like Yagami Light.
      But as like the last episode, the Byouinzaka sisters look like they just don’t care. (If that’s the case, why treat the audience to a close-up 5 minute sob session about friendship then?!!)
      Another thing I simply don’t get is how readily Kiri forgives his attempted murderers. The student council president slapped him twice in the face with a riding crop and tried to get him to hurt who he loves most in the sickest way possible. One freudian excuse later and you can just smile and apologize for what happened last night?
      How many of you can just think on how to give a man who tried to murder you twice medical attention, while the rope mark is still fresh on your neck? Congrats to the ones who do, but the rest of us just gained a main character they can’t connect to. (and that’s crucial for good stories, characters the audience can connect to)
      Finally, like Solara mentioned, the impromptu love scene. I can imagine this is due for the immediate need for thank-god-we’re-alive sex, but again, the director executed it badly. No hand holding, no gentle kiss, just straight to ear nibbling and necking. (Let’s not forget the hair smelling!)
      I shall attempt to explain the reason for uncomfortableness within the audience. The ear biting and neck licking is fine, as long as there’s a more established physical relationship. At the begining of those physical contact, couples usually hold hands and kiss as it’s less…invasive. Yet the director skipped a few steps ahead and suddenly gave us a half-assed 1st step. Hence the jarring feeling that a proportion of the audience felt at that scene.
      So, Solara, it’s not really rape, it’s just that they threw the conventional foreplay sequence out of proportion, hence the unsatisfied audience. (and Iwai?)
      That policewoman is one hell of a insane masochist though.

  5. Cherrie, I’m sorry for the comment that I left. Feel free to remove it needed. I was just so ‘iuyn4u8rkhiwyia7fdhgjasd’ that it just came out. I like and hope to believe that you feel my frustration somewhere deep inside and could relate a little bit, and to anyone that happens to read it. I apologize again for anyone that took offense to the cluster F bombs.

    1. Haha if it makes you feel better, I don’t think any comment should be “deleted” unless you’re really offending someone and just trolling =P so don’t worry about it. Yes, people will disagree – I disagree because I thoroughly enjoy Crime Edge… but everyone’s entitled to their own opinions ^^ no worries.

    1. Exactly. It really didn’t. I’m at the point where we could had been fine without it. Basically.. ‘was this necessary?’ I’m all up for fan service but that whole thing was really out of place.

    2. It was just weirdly lame. Licking, nibbling, that confession, & then that kiss (on the forehead of all places ruining it, WTF) – talk about ROFL. It was more funny than anything.

    3. Once again, I’m going to have to disagree. I found the whole thing pretty realistic. First of all, contact of the upper body (The neck mostly) is less intimate than deep-kissing. When people normally have sexual contact they start there and then get progressively more intimate until they… well you know… go all the way. Anyway, this is even more realistic when we take into account the fact that Kiri is 14, on the offset of puberty and as sexually charged as humans get, combined with the fact that he went to second base without even going to first. I mean, come on, since when has anyone’s first time not been awkward and mood breaking.

      1. What I mean was the whole mood didn’t make sense we went from a death to an almost sex scene. Now I could probably understand that after Kiri almost dying and Iwai being ecstatic that he’s alive but still it was almost completely sudden…this show’s good in a weird way lol

        Jason Isenberg
  6. Unfortunately Cherrie, it will be a cliffhanger/original ending.The anime has just about caught up to where I am in the manga ;/On the flipside, the manga might be as short as the Author’s other manga, Karakasa no Saien, which means maybe a real ending perhaps?

    I felt like Seigi would be a long lasting character.Now how will Koza get her bondage fetish kicks :(?

    I can’t be the only one bothered by the Color filter screens whenever the action starts happening.It’s eating me away inside >.<

      1. because its not like its pure black and white because we’re able to distinguish contrast clearly in that state. Turning into sephia makes it harder to look at the scene plus I thought they originally did that for censoring…weird censoring but they used in in some scenes this ep that didn’t need it. I’m hoping its going to be removed when the Blue Ray comes out.

      2. The filters don’t bother me much either… since the majority of the episodes are still in full color. What bothered me was K!! Omg that blue hue bothered me to no end… couldn’t finish watching it =(

        I didn’t know the manga was ending… in that case, there might be a second season if this one does well ^^ Then I don’t mind a cliffhanger much lol

      1. A bright blue color filter, might as well slap some sparkles and shooting stars on it too if you want to ruin the tone/mood that badly.It’s a stupid thing to add if it’s supposed to be some sort of censor and if it’s just there to make the scenes look more serious or dramatic, it fails horribly.

  7. Well it’s not like it wasn’t gonna happen sooner or later. I mean Kiri is basically a maniac, lolicon and has rapist tendencies due to his obsession with hair. Iwai is prime target.

    My only wish, both in the manga and the anime, was that he went all the way with Iwai already.

    And can you put fault at this, if ever? The mangaka for Crime Edge was one of those who started with h-mangas before moving to another genre, like Oh-Great. So you really can’t remove the ecchi scenes from their works.

  8. it’s already been 9 episodes and I’m still confuse as to what the origin of the curse of the hair queen is or why is there a serial killer tournament to kill the hair queen,so far characters have only given vague details surrounding the origin.

  9. What I took away from the love scene was that as an Author, his killing goods are affecting him. Kiri was probably never so confrontational or violent (which would explain his compassion for Seigi before his death.) but the goods are creating Jekyll and Hyde actions. When he came up behind that blonde haired classmate a few episodes earlier, I thought he was ‘possessed’ by the goods and looked like a killer or rapist about to strike. Now that he’s with Iwai, he does weird kinky stuff that a killer would: Licking fetish, hair fetish, etc.


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