Turn back, those of you who treasure your Kuroneko happiness. Turn back now…

「俺が後輩とひと夏の思い出を作るわけがない」 (Ore ga Kouhai to Hito Natsu no Omoide o Tsukuru Wake ga Nai)
“I Can’t Create a Summer Memory with My Underclassman”

Apologies for being so late with the post–I was gone at a convention (Fanime for those of you interested), so this post is especially late! On the bright side, I hope most of you have cooled your heads over what happened in the last few seconds of this week’s episode, enough so that we can have an intelligent discussion…maybe.

Aside from any maturity issues, this episode is majorly important to both Kuroneko and Kirino fans alike. Contrary to her usual attitudes, Kirino is fairly tame, even in the face of a shocking revelation, while Kamineko continues to show increasingly affectionate and innocent sides to her character…though one side probably does not garner as much popularity as the others. Toss in a few more imoutos here, another shocking twist here, and you have a hot episode that probably still burns for some. Sorry for being late, but hopefully better late than a double post! Let’s dive in, shall we?


OP8: 「Reunion」 by ClariS

They sure do like playing the sticker joke a lot, don’t they?

Right from the get-go do we see Kirino in a much tamer mood, so much so that it’s off-putting. What happened to her signature bitchy attitude? Why the sudden character development? If this occurred earlier in the series, it would be easier to attribute the change to a natural character development. It would be much easier to JUST attribute it to the feeling of a third wheel–that is something we should all be able to relate to. However, as her detractors have often noted, Kirino simply isn’t one to change much in the face of major events, or at least not enough to some. This change to a much more subdued and friendly character triggers a flag within us, indicating that something is indeed wrong with Kirino.

We can safely guess that it’s about Kyousuke entering a relationship with Kuroneko, but why does this event elicit a much more subdued and much less malicious reaction than any other event? It could be that she cares about both people involved and that she has learned from her lessons, but perhaps we need one more scene with Kirino to make a better guess.

She may look levelheaded here, but everyone knows it’s Hinata who can topple that in an instant.

[insert “final form” joke here]

For now, let’s focus on Kuroneko and her plan of action this episode. To be quite fair, it’s all quite an interesting setup, where she even synchronizes her fantasy life with her personal life to…interest effect. I may not be as big a fan of Kamineko as I should (I prefer plain Shironeko), but I must applaud her for all the work she’s done on that costume! I suppose this is her way of showing off and being considerate for Kyousuke, but in the end I feel like it works out. Both of them pour in a lot of effort and consideration into their date–Kamineko dresses up and makes good food while Kyousuke holds out his hand and is willing to fork out eighteen thousand yen for the first date gift. It’s truly adorable, but at the same time is a tad bit naive. There isn’t anything wrong with naivety in this scene though–for a first couple, their interactions should seem a bit clumsy and over-the-top, fitting for a fresh couple in a similar situation as this. The way they worry about everything, the way their nervousness and excitement oscillate, all of it I think was a good portrayal of a fresh young high school couple in love. It makes me jealous at times, but that just goes to show how well the show portrayed their summer.


It looks like she became a…fallen angel. You know, ’cause of the broken wings and the–forget it.

Here we have a prime example of Tamaki’s Blue Period…

Kyousuke is willing to drop ~$180 USD on the first date? Damn.


Fate will bind them together…through their hands!


Can anyone vouch that nosebleeds actually happen in situations like this?

Ruri is such a good artist…and a good friend ;_;

Alas, the happiness couldn’t continue for TOO long; people were already begging that the happiness not end last episode! It seems that Kuroneko, despite the lack of emotion she shows at crucial times, does look outside the bubble that is her and Kyousuke. Kirino still is a good friend to her, so much so that she took careful notice and consideration to how Kirino would react to her dating Kyousuke. It’s pariah-like for Kuroneko to wish for Kirino and Kyousuke’s happiness like this. The foreshadowing of the picture above nailed the reality of her relationship’s mortality, all for the sake of the people she cares and loves for. It’s a fact that Kuroneko has genuine feelings for Kyousuke, and it saddens me that those feelings are being put on the line for Kirino, but it is also admirable at the same time, as well as understandable. For some of us, friendship and the greater good mean so much more than a personal relationship. Though at times it is detrimental to forming deep intimate bonds, it is also beneficial in resolving problems within larger groups. Kuroneko recognizes the roadblock that Kirino is stuck at, and perhaps pities and sympathizes with her friend enough to take action herself. What that action is exactly will reveal itself soon…

…she’s coming on to him, right? Her expressionless face reminds me of HenNeko

I hope we can all agree that she is the best imouto of this episode.

Partners in crime, making the situation hilariously awkward!

…but first let’s have some Tamaki and Hinata discussion/fangirl/d’aw. Though Tamaki is a budding artist and possible future manga-ka in disguise, Hinata takes the cake in being one of the best imoutos portrayed in this show. Smart, keen, and a loud mouth to proclaim her deductions, she is a character that spices up the interactions between the characters. No shit or excuses will pass her eyes, and I wish that the show had introduced her earlier. I can only imagine if Hinata had met “bitch” in person, and how she’d be able to call out Kirino’s tsundere nature right away. The show would probably resolve itself quicker without all the tiptoeing if that were the case, but man it would be a gust of fresh air. It is funny to see HanaKana talking to herself though as she voices both the middle and the older sister of the Gokou family. In this case though, it is the middle sister that holds the most maturity and wisdom, as Kuroneko seems a bit naive and unprepared–what sisters would actually just stay outside in the blazing heat?

HanaKana making fun of HanaKana, who then proceeds to abuse HanaKana for insolence. Sounds about right.

Kirino has been surprisingly tame this episode…I was not expecting this at all.

Back to Kirino though. The advent of the scene above gives us an important insight into Kirino’s recent behavior–it’s simply a matter of distance. For Kirino, one can tell how close she is to certain people based on how she interacts with them. While Ayase may be an exception, a good rule of thumb is that the most sharp her tongue is towards someone, the more comfortable and close she is to them. Whereas her nice attitude will be seen by most people, it is her “bitch” nature that is only seen by people she can trust or can bond with.

Thus, it is poignant when Kuroneko mentions Kirino’s hesitance–instead of being a sign of respect, it is instead a sign of distance and disconnect, far from just the realm of awkwardness. With Kuroneko and Kyosuke forming their own relationship, Kirino perhaps feels that she isn’t needed anymore, or perhaps that she is unable to relate with the bond that they currently share. No longer does she share this exclusiveness with Kuroneko or Kyousuke–now she feels that she’s competing for the two, and obviously loses out when it comes to their bond (at least to her), and as such feels out of place in their presence. No longer is her brother just hers or Kuroneko her best friend–it’s something more, and she holds back because she can’t find the closeness to express her trigger-happy anger. For them, they have become distant and untouchable for Kirino, and as such for Kirino, it would feel out of place to act her usual loud self around them.


Some people out there wish this festival would last forever…where it just ends here.


…oh no.

Kuroneko realizes this distance that Kirino is facing, and as such she’s “putting everything on the line” to achieve the perfect world she envisions for Kyousuke and Kirino. I am not sure myself how this is supposed to help the Kousaka siblings come together, or how is fits with her master plan, but alas, that is what the next episode will seek to answer. This cliffhanger is killing me right now and I can’t wait for next week, but I have a good guess at the general direction the show is going now. With 5 episodes left to finish the final volume, we should expect this to be the beginning of the final closures between Kirino and Kyousuke. This is unfortunately where Kuroneko’s major episodes end, but then again, seeing into Kirino’s more vulnerable side may be just as fruitful. We still don’t know much about Kyousuke and Kirino’s past and why they initially had a cold relationship before–it is my hope that the concluding episodes tie up all those loose historical strings.

Okay, proceed to lament/cheer/express emotion in the comments! Again, apologies for posting so late, I blame anime conventions!

ED7: 「刹那のDestiny」 (Setsuna no Destiny) by 花澤香菜 (Hanazawa Kana)


Next episode…oh boy.


    1. -immediately discovering her sister’s boyfriend
      -calling out Kirino on her bitchiness
      -kittyblocking Kuroneko if you know what I mean… as much as I support the relationship, they are too young to make SOME memories…
      on the other front, Kirino calmly accepting the dating btetween Kyosuke and Kuroneko was eerily disturbing… does she go into withdrawal when faced with something that really troubles her?

      1. Not gonna lie to you man, when Japanese people call someone a bitch it doesn’t mean the same thing as when we do it. She actually called her a slut, so she pretty much called Kyousuke Slut-Onii-san.


      1. Kuroneko’s little sisters are awesome.Bitch Onii-san, made me fall out my seat from laughter.I believe everyone deserves a spinoff focusing on Kuroneko’s family.

  1. As much as I’d love to see Hinata and Tamaki’s interations with Kirino, I feel like Kirino would just end up drooling all over Kuroneko’s adorable little imoutos. No Kirino, you may not take them home!

    Mr. Michio
  2. I have waited so long for this post… all I have to say about this episode regarding the last entry of Kuroneko’s journal can be surmised with three simple words. “What The Fuck”

  3. I didn’t expect Kirino to blow up this episode. When she said last episode that Kyousuke should give serious thought if a girl confesses, I actually thought that Kuroneko might have already talked to Kirino. Also, I thought the reason why she did the whole fake boyfriend thing in the first place was because she already expected them to start dating (so the explosion happened before the event, not after). She was already expecting it, so why would she get angry now? She’s got that out of her system.

  4. This episode & the next pretty much sums up this series: a bunch of weird kids do shit, do some more shit, & then they ALL end up doing exactly what they DON’T want to do. What type of kids ALWAYS do what they don’t want to do. Can you even call these creatures KIDS?! This series is a total trolliing tsundere.

    As if the series wasn’t yanking it’s own chain enough, we get “Bitch-san”. . .

    I’ll gladly feed this troll if it can produce such laughs. Too bad I don’t feel anything for the dubious plot this show is digging 🙁

  5. Well it’s a good thing this post wasn’t delayed, or else my opinions and feelings about this episode would’ve been worn out by now and I would’ve forgotten what I wanted to type! This being a exceptionally important and mood-whiplashing ending too. So. I will just go and check how LITTLE time I had to wait to read this blog entry after I watched the episode, and I’ll be commenFIVE FRIGGIN DAYS!?!?!?!?!? FIVE MOTHERF****** DAYS M******!$*@@%$!!

    1. Although I can’t really say anymore than, “I was at a convention,” if you REALLY wanted to post your impressions that badly, there are tons of other forums and rooms out there to express your thoughts. RandomC is but one of many places of great discussion ^^.

  6. I have to disagree partly. There was a point where you could argue that Krinio developed when she made that confession about not having an actual boyfriend and then the episode afterwards (ep 7) she slightly was tamed and then this episode…totally tamed, her brother and her “best” friend dating – how are you supposed to voice your dislike for it?

  7. “With 5 episodes left to finish the final volume”
    Wait, that refers to planned broadcast of 13 episodes right?
    I think I read somewhere that there would be 3 more to be released online after that, to make a total of 16.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    And regarding Kyousuke’s injuries at the beginning of the episode,
    (Light Novel spoiler)
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Ah yes, you’re correct–I was somehow thinking the extra episodes would be an alternate version of the future episodes. Yeah, there are a number to go (though when those episodes come out is beyond me). Also, I’m unaware of where we actually are in the light novels, but I do know we are approaching the final volume soon.

      1. If I read the Baka-Tsuki translations right,
        next episode should cover until the end of LN Vol 8.
        The 12th (& last) volume should be published by about next week.

        Show Spoiler ▼

    1. you should’ve seen me then! I was wearing my mascot shirt one day and a Random Curiosity shirt on another day (thanks Luxor)!

      Btw, RandomC meetup and panel anyone? 😛

  8. I think I read a report from a doctor that said that over-stimulation does not cause nosebleeds, and that they are used in anime to express dramatic effect rather than imitate reality.

    1. Ah, thank you! I also hear the nosebleed trope originates from an old wives tale…though I wish this did happen in real life. It sure is hard to be dense about stuff when the other person is experiencing a convenient nosebleed ;_;.

  9. “Break up with Senpai”
    My heart sank. I predicted breaking up on the same episode. Still, seeing it make me feel sad. Well, better ending this way then Ruri moving away and breaking up with him. Unless, she is breaking up with him because she is moving away. Still sulking since this episode was out. What a anticipated disappointment.

  10. As a light novel reader, if Kyousuke says this line in the next episode Show Spoiler ▼

    , I think it will go to the Kirino route. And I will find that very disturbing.

    1. I’d think if that happened it would lock Kirino out of the running, as it establishes a boundary between them. The content of the quote is clear. What am I missing? Show Spoiler ▼

  11. If you think it’s the perfect world for just Kyousuke and Kirino, you will miss the point.

    It’s the perfect world for Kyousuke, Kirino AND Kuroneko/Shironeko/Kamineko. That’s the point.

  12. Yes, Zanibas, I’m totally thinking on the same page with you on Kuroneko’s reasoning.

    Please remember she is still a (silly) chuunibyou, and if you think like a chuunibyou, then her wish to break up makes some sense – in order to facilitate the “perfect world” where Kyousuke and Kirino reconcile, she was willing to sacrifice her own happiness to make that happen, she was betting on the hope that if in such a world Kyousuke would still end up choosing her, but if he decides to end up with another girl (be it Manami, Ayase, Saori, etc), so be it.

  13. So… what the heck is up with that ending, is Ruri breaking up with Kyousuke just for the sake of him to have a good relationship with Kirino?, Dafaq?! The characters of this show are forgetting that they are siblings, jeez louise!

  14. Kuroneko broke up with Kyousuke because she saw that Kirino was lonely with them going out together even though she hide it by not getting angry.Kuroneko saw that Kirino became tolerante.
    Congrate Kuroneko because she thought of Kirino of her real friend and doesn’t want her to feel lonely.
    Congrate Kirino because she became tolerante and forced herself for accepting their relationship(KyouxKuro)
    =>That’s what we call mutual LOVE between friends.
    GOOD EPISODE!Waiting for the next!

    1. Well, you’re close. Her Destiny Record actually had everything planned out from beginning to end, including the break up, well before she saw Kirino’s reaction. That was just the nail in the coffin.

    2. Yet,one has to sometimes(or most of the times) be selfish to succeed in love.One could then say that Kirino would have more shots at it but she’s a bit too selfish to the point of being thoughtless of others.

      To be honest,if we’re to look at this realistically now,neither Kirino nor Kuroneko are ready to be in romantic relationship.I wonder if that’s where the show is heading.

  15. Geh,as much as I was expecting this break up,the most likely reasons for it are just….sigh.Putting your own feelings at stake for the sake of others move huh?Admirable sure but it’s so damn naive that it’s borderline stupid.Kurokeno/Shironeko/Kamineko,you dissappoint me,I thought you were smarter than this!

    Even so,I’m prepared(or more like hoping) for some good development & interactions between Kirino & Kyousuke in these last eps.If Kyousuke is really that much into Kirino and is willing to let go of Ruri for her then I’d at least hope for him to make that decision himself and not have Ruri sacrifice her own feelings for him to realize that.

    Sadly,that seems to be the most likely direction OreImo is heading but hey,we got enough eps left so hope is not lost.

    1. No, it’s not as simple as putting her own feelings at stake for Kirino’s. Kirino is very important to her. As much if not more than Kyousuke. She also knows how important Kirino has become to Kyousuke. She loves them both. Her happiness is dependent upon theirs. She experienced what she wanted to with Kyousuke, but feels that to continue it would damage her relationship with Kirino and that as just important to her. Remember, Kirino is her first close friend and to a girl like Ruri that is probably more important than any boyfriend.

      1. That sound’s about right yet wrong at the same time.Kyousuke should be just as important to her as Kirino,even as a friend only.If she did that to experience what a relationship with Kyousuke would be then my opinion of her is gonna go down a few notches since that’s basically toying with a guy’s feelings and a good friend of hers to boot.

        Naturally though,this could make for some fine dramatic episodes the next few weeks if done right which I wouldn’t say no to.

  16. OMG, to me that was a near perfect episode (especially if the last page of the notebook was edited out). Young romance at it’s best, clumsy, unsure, fresh, full of promise. Sigh…. Kuroneko was still Kuroneko, but different somehow. Both more mature but also unsure of herself. So many different outfits and aspects to the girl.

  17. My reaction to the end of this episode:


    Love the little sisters, and yeah it was weird seeing an actress fight with herself but it’s awesome.

    I had a smile on my face practically the whole episode, except where Kyousuke only commented on Ruri’s breasts. In a western cartoon that would have warranted a record scratch sound. :/ That idiot.

  18. This episode was soo cute…Only to be ruined once again by Kirino! Why does ths spoiled little brat get everything she wants! Kyousuke and Kuroneko would be better off just continuing their chaste relationship and leaving Kirino in the dust so that she can think long and hard about how her behavior negatively impacts others…Nuff said

  19. I see. So a blogger covers a show weekly, then makes readers wait for 5 days after a particularly important episode and only gives them a legit reason for the delay AFTER the review is actually posted????

    I don’t care if this reply get 50 thumbs-down now! Go on! Do it!

      1. Listen, I put in a request to Div to put up an announcement on the sidebar that the post would be delayed a few days before the episode posted, but apparently he’s off being busy, so that announcement didn’t go up. I had Enzo up to do some writing, but getting other staff members to attempt to assist with capping and formatting the post for this show (filmstrip format is 5x harder to do than a regular post) wasn’t as successful, so I decided to wait till I got home, and god forbid I try a double-post format with a filmstrip.

        Mistakes happen. I didn’t want to have to go into the nitgrit because I assume people would be understanding, but it seems at least one person is dissatisfied. Here’s your full explanation.

  20. considering where we are in the story with only 5+3 bonuses episodes left, i guess all the rest of the volumes are getting thrown out the window for an anime ending?

    that said, although i was heart broken with Ruri’s break up, i was wondering when Ayase will finally come into the picture.

    Btw, zanibas, I was honestly impressed with your writing. Just want to bring it up that I appreciate such good writing.


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