「光の王女」 (Hikari no Ōjo)
“Princess of Light”

It has been strongly implied that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” would be the political kernel of this show and the turn of events this week has pretty much confirmed that. The unlikely partnership between Haruto and L-elf is certainly a long time coming, but as always, things are never quite as simple in Kakumeiki Valvrave, and even I will admit their relationship is an unequivocally complex one. I don’t think anyone will question the necessity of this collaboration and the mutual benefits that can be reaped from both sides is more than conspicuous – L-elf’s intellectual prowess is indispensable for Module 77’s survival, and Haruto clearly possesses something valuable that the prodigious soldier needs in his pursuit of a Dorssian revolution. The emotional side of this nascent relationship, however, is not nearly as straightforward, and Haruto and those at Sakimori Academy have good reasons to be disconcerted by L-elf’s uncanny presence – after all, it wasn’t very long ago that L-elf stabbed Haruto in the heart and left him for dead! No doubt, Haruto is not blind to the abrupt about-face of L-elf’s allegiance and the prodigy’s flurry of action until now evidently warrants more than an inkling of circumspection. But there’s no denying that L-elf has fully held up his end of the bargain thus far and Haruto’s willingness to give him the benefit of doubt isn’t without plausible reasons – especially after the brief insight into L-elf’s subconscious mind last week!

Who would have thought the most poetic moment of this episode would come from the typically dispassionate Dorssian soldier and the many faces of L-elf were certainly laid bare in his short flashback. What we have this week is a glimpse into L-elf’s enigmatic past and his interaction with the pink-hair maiden (Toyosaki Aki) showcased a side of the prodigy that we don’t see very often – an L-elf who was in all of his most vulnerable and sympathetic! As it turns out, the mysterious young girl is indeed, the Dorssian princess and while the exact nature of their relationship has not been made clear, the compassion that she showed him during his most desperate moments has, without doubt, established the unique bond that those two share – and it’s almost definite that she’s the key motivation behind L-elf proposed Dorssian revolution. Then there’s Colonel Cain who remains one of the most fascinating element in the mix and where his ultimate loyalty lies has yet to be determined. It’s hardly a surprise that the superior of the Dorssian fleet knows more than he’s letting on and the concealed imprint on his neck is concrete evidence that he is somehow connected to the mysteries presented here. What his grand plan may be is anyone’s guess, and the only thing I’m remotely assured of at this point is that the crucible of events is not going to unfold in a linear fashion – not when there are so many moving parts and competing agendas!

Clearly, the dramatic imperative of the episode was not confined to the Dorssian’s front and the ambience at Sakimori Academy is hardly peaches-and-cream after the unfortunate demise of Sakurai Aina. One way or another, everyone was cast down by the accursed fate that befell one their fellow students and even Shouko, who is usually the bright and optimistic one, broke down in anguish! Saki, who shares an amicable relationship with Aina, is obviously disheartened by her friend’s passing, and the courageous face that she put on at the front line was probably nothing more than a façade to hide her remorse. Whether her self-reproach is justifiable or not, she does blame her own incompetence for causing Aina’s death and I suspect the recent happenings could serve as an impetus that will push her forward as a Valvrave pilot. Of course, the same could be said about Kyuuma who, no question, was impacted most severely by Aina’s death. Hell bent on revenge, he’s eager to hop onto a Valvrave to carry out his act of vengeance and if next week’s preview is any indication, it might not be too long a wait before he officially joins Haruto’s ranks in the line of battle – that is, as long as Yamada Raizou (Nakamura Yuuichi) stays out of his way!

Random tidbits:

  • “Next Episode: Inu to Kaminari” – Now this is just confusing, just when I thought Kyuuma is certain to be the next Valvrave pilot, another curve ball was thrown at us!
  • I’ll never get tired of seeing the “Harakiri” attack in action. No words can do this amazing spectacle justice!
  • It’s for “World Peace” – or did I make a deal with the devil?
  • L-elf can never be held down by mere buckles – that scene had me laughing out loud!
  • Do I sense a budding romance between Nanami Rion (Horie Yui) and Kibukawa sensei? That lucky bastard!
  • Shouko looked like she needed a hug – It’s too bad she didn’t get one from the socially inept Renbokouji Akira (Yuuki Aoi).
  • I approve of H-neun’s superior taste in woman. Kriemhild (Mizuki Nana) is insanely hot, but she’s not going to make it out alive if she continues to tread where she’s not supposed to.
  • “Coffee tastes better when you put some sugar into it” – I like my coffee plain black. Double shot espresso, please!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #Valvrave 08: A glimpse into L-elf’s enigmatic past and an unlikely partnership that has finally been set in motion! #Anime


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  1. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say both Raizou and Kyuuma are getting Valvrave’s next episode. The Dog part probably stands for the “Inu” in Inuzuka and the Thunder part is self explanatory.

    On that note, Raizou in a yellow version of the suit Saki and Haruto were wearing…

    I don’t think I’d be able to contain my laughter.

    1. Hmmm… you could be right. Both Kyuuma and Raizou might get their Valvrave at the same time and I suspect all five would be introduced before the the first cour ends. Bandai would probably want to sell as many model kits as they can before the second cour starts.
      Raizou in a yellow suit? Perhaps orange would seem less awkward LOL XD

      1. Also, the ad at the end of the episode during the preview says Valvrave III (The yellow one) releases 6/8, so I think that’s more evidence that both V and III are debuting. Sunrise likes to debut their mechs before the model kit actually releases, going off of previous shows.

    2. In my opinion the yellow valvrave design is the best. I like robots with heavy weapons, multiple lasers and high maneuverability; like Virtue and Raphael Gundam, and Strike Freedom Gundam.

      I really hope that Thunder is the pilot for the valvrave yellow. That heavy weapons robot pilot has a fierce character would be great.

  2. L-11 gets lots of character development this episode. Th effects of Aina’s death on the students is displayed very well. The emotions and effects are displayed very weel and also obviously serves as a motivation to inuzuka kyuuma.

    The relationship between Haruto and L-11 is also very interesting and Haruto finally acknowledged that working with L-11 is a necessity to ensure their survival, although the other students might think otherwise. I wonder how HAruto and L-11 are going to make the students acknowledge this partnership and to qualm their hatred against him.

    Overall, it looks like Valvrave is stepping up its game. Every episode, it is bringing its amazingness up another level and I hope it will continue to so. I just finished watching episode 8 and I’m dying to watch the next one already.

    1. > I wonder how HAruto and L-11 are going to make the students acknowledge this partnership and to qualm their hatred against him.

      He’ll drown the entire module with coffee if he has to, that’s for sure.

    2. I prefer coffee without sugar though 😡
      To be honest, I don’t think L-elf gives a damn about the other students – he’s merely interested in Haruto and his Valvrave. Interestingly, he hasn’t shown much interest in Saki, even though she’s now a Valvrave pilot, just like Haruto.

      1. More like his interested in taking all the Valvrave. Haruto is just a human resource tool to get to all the people. He wasn’t able to calculate how Shoko thinks though. She is just unpredictable when it comes to serious thinking. One example is the “Jingle bell” part which came out of nowhere and the Independence part. I bet ERU-ERUFUU’s IQ dropped and just laughed cause it was kinda insane yet possible.

      2. Well I like cappuccino or mochaccino with milk LOL XD. These dialogues were crazy, I’m imagining what might misinterpret the fans or pranksters on the internet.

        In the previous episode Saki already express their distrust of L-elf. Remember? she just on the floor next to Thunder, and had a kitchen knife and a bokken, but L-elf only use their bare hands. For the character of Haruto, he was the only one who would accept a deal in the middle of an emergency situation. Haruto also known that L-elf has a human side for the picture of the princess. In desperate times we resort to desperate measures, but never without a reason. Except the crazy suicide, that’s way too desperate without a shred of reasoning, pure desperation XD

      3. I think it’s more for what Haruto said in ep1, about sharing the camp, that reminded L-elf of what the princess said, they used exactly the same word.

        P.S. So the princess’s name, is Liselotte or Licht?

    1. That’s an interesting comparison, though I should point out that the voice actresses who play those parts are different.
      Yuuki Aoi (Hyakka Ryouran’s Juubei) is the one who’s voicing Akira and she’s doing a bang-up job at it – the eccentricities of her character are captured extremely well in Yuuki san’s performance :3

    1. Its breakfast Croos!
      >L-Elf’s Ham and Egg sandwich in episode 1
      >Haruto’s coffee in episode 8

      Betting next one is either cereal or something about fried rice.

    2. You must forgive me Croos-kun, but those gifs make me question whether you’re the kind of guy who would take the A-drei route, much like how I’m questioning Hachiman’s preferences after he admitted to almost taking the Saika route…XP

    1. yeah good point. Here are a few things to account for though:

      1. A laser attack is essentially a concentrated ray of photons that project immense energy. Once it hits an object the energy is absorbed and heated. No doubt the maximum output of the valvrave’s laser is unimaginably hot. As a result, the heat would propagate into the water and for some time allow the water to burst out as liquid form.

      2. Given the amount of sea water in that colony (enough for battleships to be afloat), it’s feasible to think that if water did create a ice block around the hole, there may be enough pressure to break through the ice as it develops.

      I think they can reason it as a combination of the two above factors. The initial heat provided by the laser keeps the initial water surrounding the hole well above normal temperature. As a result, the freezing process will be slow until the warmer waters rush out. Once a certain amount of the heated water flows out, the colder sea water approaching the hole will be able to freeze and seal the hole.

      Water is a very decent insulator so I think the hole might be able to fix itself, or at least you won’t have to worry about all the heat from the colony to leak out from the ice.

      That’s the best explanation I can come up with.

      My issue with the plot might be more about the fact there are combat ships inside the colony. Feels inefficient to rely on them, since the colony is an enclosed space and for sure the amount of sea that covers it doesn’t span too far.

      1. It would make sense if those ships can also fly out into space. Same thinking with the Dorssian aces’ mechs and the wings on it: won’t make much sense unless they, too, can fly in an atmosphere.

        Designs, designs, designs

      2. I would assume that there were some emergency bulkheads that would seal off the hole. They always have something like that to seal leaks in a space colony to prevent loss of atmosphere and oxygen. Of course they can’t close too fast because it is holding back probably 1000s of metric tons due to the water pressure coupled with the vacuum of space.

        As for why the water didn’t freeze instantly, that is because water boils first because the boiling point being lowered drastically due to the lack of pressure. Water holds a liquid form on Earth due to the pressure created by gravity. The higher water is taken up into the atmosphere (further away from the pull of gravity) the lower it’s boiling point becomes. Now in space which has the absent of pressure, one could assume the boiling point is nearly 0. But of course, when it ceases to be a liquid and thus lacks the ability to boil, it will then freeze.

        I can’t say Valvrave depicted it the most realistic, hell, I don’t even think they knew about the facts but it theoretically works.

    2. L-Elf is a magician. How else does he make those predictions, unbuckle the buckle even though buckles can’t be half buckled and curve those bullets around him?

      Also you’d expect Ryouma to be in more pain from… you know having a bullet in his shoulder?

  3. While we got a fast forward to the future last time, now we take a step back into the past to see a bit of L-Elf and the princess and how they met. It seems that L-ELF is a child from a conquered territory and tried to escape what might be a terrible fate waiting for him. Good thing though, that not all the commies in Dorssia are bad people, the princess, although was taken hostage by L-Elf, “shared her life with him” out of kindness. Now we know why L-Elf loves her so badly, it was enough to make Haruto cry.

    But really, that isn’t the only relationship that grew this episode: Haruto finally confessed his gay love for L-Elf through a coffee metaphor opens up to the possibility that L-Elf’s way might bring them victory, as our heroes got caught in a Dorssian trap.

    With L-Elf’s strategy and disruption, Haruto and gang managed to repel the Dorssian infidels. But behind the scenes, Cain seems to have something up his sleeve. He is clearly knowledgeable about the Valvraves. But how he is connected remains a speculah.

    In other news, Jewbro-sempai finally got the determination needed to pilot a Valvrave, and it looks like him and Thunder will be getting their mechs next week. It’s good that they didn’t drag out his angst over Aina’s death and blamed Haruto for a little while only. He’s more mature that the other Sunrise pilots with the same coincidence has him.

    Episode is 10/10, and watch it while having breakfast.

    1. I’m glad Kyuuma didn’t pin the blame solely on Haruto as well, he seems like a good kid. I’m still not sure how I feel about Raizou getting a Valvrave, to be honest. His character is too comical and I can’t seem to take him seriously as one of the main characters just yet 😡

  4. I loved this episode, character development for L-Elf as he further solidifies himself as a badass and the most overpowered character in the show. So is Cain a vampire too? It looks like he is since it appears he also has a bite mark on this neck, but when did this happen and who is he really? Also, that mecha that the physics teacher was looking at the end of the episode, is that the mandatory midseries upgrade? So many questions, but sure we’ll be getting answers in the coming weeks.
    Next time, blue is activated! Looks like it’ll be centered around Kyuuma and Thunder- so is yellow going to show up as well? It would make sense that Sunrise has all five activated before the season ends- but who knows. Really excited for the next one though. ^^

    1. Good question, I’m not sure if Cain is a vampire-like being like Haruto but he’s definitely in the know of its secrets. I don’t remember seeing any imprints on Haruto’s or Saki’s body. In fact, Saki hasn’t even exhibited any vampire-like attributes – we have no idea what’s the trigger, but I’m guessing that could be because she has yet to receive any grave physical injuries.

      1. So far, the only “vampire” thing Saki has done thus far is her taking over Haruto’s body to troll blondie and the fact that she’s still alive 200 years in the future. I’m not sure what Cain’s deal is, but he’s starting to feel like Aizen to me, what with how unfazed he gets by everything that’s going on… Just waiting for him to tell us that everything was “just as planned” at this point. =P

  5. H-neun is my bro now. I’ve been very VERY interested in Kriemhild when I first saw her on the screen. As I said before, she has those child-bearing hips! *wink wink* =)

    1. LOL at “child-bearing hips”! I’m a sucker for the onee-sama types and Kriemhild fits that niche perfectly, not to mention the fac that she’s voiced by Mizuki Nana :3
      I’m guessing Matabei is your favorite from Hyakka Ryouran then?

      1. Matabei is “okay”, but I like Hanzo more, especially her Master Samurai form. XD

        I’m so envious that Cain has a subordinate like Kriemhild at his side and yet all he’s been saying from the last few episodes is Valrave-this-Valvrave-that. LOL.

  6. Was really hoping that we’d get another Valvrave activated this episode, but hey, at least we know that Five is making its debut next week (once again, the next episode preview doesn’t specifically show who the pilot is). Hopefully, with the title “Dog and Thunder”, we’ll have Three as well.

    I, too, am interested in how the other students are going take L-elf suddenly becoming their ally (and, from the look of the preview, coach…why am I suddenly reminded of Gunbuster?).

    I kind of felt bad for Satomi; Shoko has (unwittingly) taken away his position as leader and his role as his sister Akira’s sole confident. This, combined with Takahi’s(?) tease(?), has gotten him all on edge. Here’s hoping it doesn’t make him do something he’ll regret.

    P.S. And so we finally meet the girl from the opening, and she is indeed the princess (credited as Liselotte, who L-elf mentioned back in Epiosde 1/2, voiced by Aki Toyosaki).

    1. Added her seiyuu’s name to the post – I knew forgot something, thanks Starqo XD
      I agree, I have a feeling Satomi might do something crazy too – the event could be the trigger for Akira to hop onto a Valvrave. Let’s hope she doesn’t lose he onii-san in the porcess 😡

  7. zztop
    1. So Dorssia converted the Kremlin into some penitentiary for political prisoners. I would understand now why L-Elf would defy and try to change the system, with the things going on in Dorssia.

      On another note, Kyuma in the last scene of the episode seems to give vibes of him becoming a enemy or hated rival of Haruto in the future. Of course that is just my opinion.

  8. Col. Cain’s sure giving off a lot of mechasexual vibes re. the Valvrave components in the tubes… O_O”
    What’s up with the green vibrating crystal in the birdcage?

  9. i am just wondering who the hell is recording the battle?, cuz we see kyuuma watching it from his phone.
    oh,and the princess is so MOE XP. i hope she and L-ELF get a happy ending

    random dude
  10. I am staying out of speculations on next Valvrave pilot, since one potential candidate just died. But few things caught my attention:
    -L-11 being his usual magnificent bastards, down to sinking a naval fleet, disposing of magnetic boomerangs, and cooling the valvrave in ONE SHOT!
    -H-9 being shot down in his attempts at seducing Kriemhild was hilarious.
    Can we have a spinoff dedicated to the “alphabetically coded squad” antics?
    -A-3 reporting to col. Cain was… interesting, to say the least. Are the Valvraves in the tanks being assembled or disassembled (alien artifact theory?)
    -list of potential hidden agendas (besides obvious L-11): Kibukawa-sensei, col. Cain, heck maybe even Kriemhild as a watchdog on Cain put by his superiors…
    -Nothing says (Do)Russia like Kremlin and columns of prisoners…

    1. A-Drei fed Cain with a load of bullshit regarding L-Elf, but the colonel did not really seem to care. Is L-Elf’s keikaku all according to Cain’s keikaku as I suspected? :3

    2. Keikaku doori ufufu~
      Personally, I think Kriemhild and H-neun would make a very cute couple – it’ll be like Gundam 00’s Kati Mannequin x Patrick Colasour all over again. That’s true love, I tell yea!

  11. I found out it will be a 13 episode unless they plan a S2 which think they will since 13 is not enough to wrap it up. Maybe their will be 2 pilots I still bet Kyuuma will take the blue valrave! Let just see who it goes…

    1. Haruto’s pretty badass in his own right and unlike Saji, he’s quick to make up his mind, hardly the wishy-washy type.
      I happen to like Saji Crossroad by the way, I think his character highlights the stark contrast between a soldier and a civilian. He’s also voiced by my favorite male seiyuu – Irino Miyu, so that’s a huge plus 😉

  12. I propose that we have a Weekly “Best Vavlrave Quote”. Haruto’s Coffee and Sugar analogy was so cheesy and hilarious (and very shippy) right up there with the late Senator Figaro’s “Moses” line. (I don’t really agree though, coffee is best black)

    At this point I kind of wish they’d reveal that L-elf had psychic powers. I’d actually believe it. But then again he wouldn’t be half as entertaining as he is now with all the BS he pulls every episode.

    I’m glad for a new Vavlrave next week. I do enjoy how Sunrise keeps a lid on the next potential pilots.

  13. judging from the weapon of Valvrave Blue, which bow and (beam) arrow, I think the pilot seat will fall to Kyuuma
    Thunder probably will get the Valvrave Yellow, the one twin buster riffle

  14. well, guess kyuuma is going to be the pilot of the blue one after all. as for raizou being the pilot of the yellow one, i dunno, i just can’t take the guy seriously as a pilot candidate (maybe it’s that hairstyle). he feels like a joke character with all that hot blooded antics.

    well, i am still hoping that saki wouldn’t be the only female pilot in the series.

    1. I have a feeling Akira might be a Valvrave pilot too so we should at the very least, see two females emerge as a pilot.
      I can’t take Raizou seriously as a main character as well. If he is indeed, a Valvrave pilot, he should receive some character development in the upcoming episodes. Hopefully, my impression of him will change by then.

  15. Who needs a shiny, golden all-powerful robot when you’ve got an L-Elf on your side?

    Our silver-haired dark hero of few words never fails to impress; and it’s not even his predictions that brings a sadistic grin to one’s face, but rather his decisiveness in doing whatever the hell he wants.

    Much akin to his spiritual predecessor of Izayoi in last season’s Problem Children, it’s either get on board or get the hell out of the way – or in L-Elf’s case, stare down the barrel of a gun. XD

    And you can’t help but love every damned minute of it.

  16. “H-Neun’s superior taste in women” hahahaha I approve too. I’d rather see Kriem switch sides than die… it would be a waste.
    In any case the episode was really great just like last week. The only thing that displeased me and I’m nitpicking, is the fact that while we got to see Haruto’s mechatypical launch sequence, they skipped Saki’s.

    1. I hope Kriemhild doesn’t kick the bucket as well. I’ve mentioned in the comment section above that I think H-neun x Kriemhild would make a pretty cute couple – their dynamics would be similar to that of Gundam 00′s Kati Mannequin and Patrick Colasour.

  17. That Light Princess, that coffee analogy. DAT MARK OF CAIN. Oh God I can just imagine the cliffhanger they’re going to put out at the end of the season.

    God dammit it’s about time that Haruto got something going with the almighty prophet ERU ERUFU. The chemistry between the two is quite something this episode though. All that needs to happen is for ERU ERUFU to pilot that Valvrave shown at the end.

    1. Heh, that would be really interesting – if L-elf does indeed emerge as the pilot of the Blue Valvrave. It wouldn’t be the first time we were trolled by an episode title XD

  18. So many comments over everything but not many over Sakurai, that really made me cry, both her and Kyuuma were so sweet you wished nothing bad would happen, but sweet people in anime are the ones that get the most red flags on, that made me really upset!

    While I only watched 8 episodes today, I hope I won’t be disliked for saying, some attributes reminded me of ‘Guilty Crown’, highschool students, facing the world… but since I did not enjoy how Guilty Crown took a complete dive, this show is far much better. I know we are dealing with machines in this anime, and it doesn’t compare to Guilty crown, but there’s just this similarity. This show though, has more sense than Guilty Crown, so I shouldn’t even make the comparison.

    Thanks for your review! I think the President of the school might do something next since he deosn’t seem pleased at moment. Cheers, M.

  19. Woah,Valvrare surpassed itself with this episode – and I mean by conventional anime means – and it still managed to keep it’s trainwreck fantastic status as well,all in a day’s work.

    L-Elf reached a new level of badassery and set the bar for the most badass character of the year pretty high.Seriously,every second he takes the spotlight is pure gold – all according to keikaku.

  20. Another enjoyable episode. It’s going to make the summer that much harder to bare without my weekly Valvrave fix when we do reach episode 13.

    After the tragedy of last week there was something kind of sweet about this episode:

    -I enjoyed the glimpse into L-Elf’s past and under that extremely dangerous exterior is (well, could be) a decent person. Why was he in a concentration camp? Was he already a killer at a young age or did Dorssia push him into it? Or was the princess the counter-balance to his darkness until they were forcibly separated at some point?

    -No wonder L-Elf is fascinated with Haruto. In addition to piloting the Valvrave his sweet nature reminds him of the princess. Maybe both characters’ (Haruto and the pink-haired maiden) innocent/naive nature are a curiosity and a source of frustration for him. In addition to being his muscle I believe Haruto could serve as a source of humanity for our silver-haired badass. Maybe. I dunno, there was just something touching about the scene where our young immortal pilot went looking for L-Elf, found him, and the latter knew he’d be rescued: https://randomc.net/image/Kakumeiki%20Valvrave/Kakumeiki%20Valvrave%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2033.jpg

    On a final note, I’m getting the feeling Satomi may betray the Valvrave pilots down the line. Maybe he sells them out to ARUS or something. He’s already had his power usurped by Shoko and Haruto. It was bad enough Takahi got more respect from the students than he did. His resentment may get worse when our next two Valvrave pilots obtain their mechs and L-Elf takes a prominent leadership role in the colony. I say he justifies the betrayal (if it happens) as something in the best interest of JIOR. https://randomc.net/image/Kakumeiki%20Valvrave/Kakumeiki%20Valvrave%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2011.jpg

    1. I’m more than 99% sure that Satomi will either:
      1) snap with awful consequences (injured/imprisoned/POW)
      2) sell the Module to either Dorssia or ARUS
      3) die while trying to become a Valvrave pilot

      L-Elf being rescued and knowing that Haruto will come to his aid was indeed touching. Finally they started to trust each other! I need somebody to put this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwwwWiKggwo into that scene and then the credits roll! *w*

    2. I agree, I don’t believe Satomi would just sit idly and let the others run things for him. The chances of him defecting to ARUS is high and if that happens, it would certainly have an impact on Akira – maybe giving her to push she needs to pilot a Valvrave :3

  21. And once again, white haired men pilot white mobile units. If one of the unseen Valvrave’s is white, L-elf will likely be the pilot, though I hope the two remaining units are Cyan and Orange, so we could have a full rainbow(or maybe even a double rainbow… so intense).

    I’m a huge fan of the Splicer Z type’s design, I hope L-Elf or other characters will pilot some in the future. Also, can’t wait to see what new equipment the IDEAL’s have and how the other Valvrave’s fight next episode.

    The only thing I sort of regret is the Valvrave I not using the Z Edge anymore except for the Hara Kiri move. The swiss knife seen in episode 4 could also appear more often IMO.

    1. The Splicers are indeed very cool. I prefer the Z-type to the G-type as well – pretty sure we’ll see more of them in the future. But I’m still hoping we’ll get to see L-elf in a Valvrave, if and when that happens – it would mark the most epic moment in Kakumeiki Valvrave :3

  22. That was a heart-warming episode!
    -I didn’t expect Haruto to agree to the contract with L-Elf willingly, but he totally did! I hope they will begin to understand each other more and more. I’m glad Haruto did not turn out to be a blockhead like the rest of the student body.
    -Colonel Cain flicking through the photos brought to him by A3 sounded as if he was looking at a collection of indecent pics! That voice was…so intense! Those are some really magnificent photos indeed…
    -L11 on the phone shooting soldiers – what cheat codes does his use!? >3
    -I wonder what will happen to A-Drei from now on… I’m going to rage if his faithfulness is not rewarded.
    -I feel Kriemhild is going to die next episode…which I don’t want to happen.
    https://randomc.net/image/Kakumeiki%20Valvrave/Kakumeiki%20Valvrave%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2033.jpg I wish ‘Aimo’ started to play during that scene :3

    1. I see death flags all over her!
      Next episode could be too soon, but I can’t say I’m too optimistic about the prospect of Kriemhild making it out of the first cour alive 😡

  23. I think there are 7 main Valvraves. All that represent the 7 colors of the rainbow.

    Valvrave 1 – Red
    Valvrave 2 – Orange
    Valvrave 3 – Yellow
    Valvrave 4 – Green
    Valvrave 5 – Blue
    Valvrave 6 – Indigo
    Valvrave 7 – Violet

    It was mentioned in the previous episode that there were 7 Valvrave pilots & Cain probably has 2 or 7? Since they are the only ones that are missing/not revealed yet.

    Random Thoughts
    1. The only problem with this is that Valvrave VI is already revealed to be the violet one, which breaks off the pattern of the rainbow’s colors.

      That’s not to say they can’t make indigo the seventh one but it would be a little odd to stay in the proper order for all the colors besides violet and indigo.

    2. I suspect Cain’s the one who has access to the two remaining Valvrave. He’s probably boss character of the first cour and he needs a mecha that is at least as powerful as the Valvrave – presumably, on par with the combined effort of the five at Module 77 :3

  24. Tensions rise as Dorssia goes all out against JIOR, characters mourn their loss, L-Elf’s past is revealed, and a contract is formed.

    After 5 episodes of dancing around it, Haruto finally agrees to partner with L-Elf, but thankfully on his terms. It’s good to see that even though Haruto acknowledges how partnering with L-Elf is JIOR’s only chance of surviving, he’s not going to compromise his ideals in the process. Hopefully he can maintain that stance. As for the partnership itself, it amazes me how two people who started out so antagonistic towards each other can mesh so well. With L-Elf’s intellect and tactics combined with Haruto’s skills as a pilot with the Valvrave, the two make a nigh-unbeatable team. And just as Haruto said, their vastly contrasting personalities balance out and make something incredibly powerful. I also think that, slowly but surely, Haruto’s idealism is slowly endearing L-Elf to both Haruto and the plight of JIOR. Though one has to wonder who the eight casualties would have been had they carried out L-Elf’s original plan.

    Kyuuma definitely did not take Aina’s death well, but at least he was able to get over blaming Haruto for it. Though avenging her is still on the top of his mind. Then we have Yamada, who’s the character who most wants to get in on the action and fight back against Dorssia. The next episode is aptly titled “Dog and Thunder,” hinting that these two may just be getting what they wished for. Though oddly enough, only Valvrave 05 was shown in the preview. You’d think Sunrise would show at least a glimpse of Valvrave 03 in action in the preview for its debut episode.

    Looks like the main ship from here on in is Haruto/L-Elf… though honestly, it looks like Haruto and Saki are getting closer by the episode, from their talk about Aina to Saki worrying about Haruto during the battle. I wouldn’t count her, or a love triangle between her and Shoko over Haruto, out just yet.

    I really have to feel for Satomi. He’s trying to make the best out of a terrible situation even when things are completely out of his hands. His authority barely means anything to anyone, a girl he likes is more interested in a boy bodyjacked by a girl, and his sister is in her own way starting to leave her comfort zone and pushing him away at the same time. But you have to respect how he took charge and tried to force L-Elf to do something at gunpoint, no matter how vain an action it ultimately was. I think that alone earned him some respect points from Takahi, Yamada, and even L-Elf. I still doubt he’s going to be getting a happy end once this is all over, but I hope Sunrise doesn’t make things too cruel for him.

    We finally get a peek into L-Efl’s past and who Liselotte is, and it certainly offers some new insights into his characters and motivations. From the beginning it seems like L-Elf has never lived an easy life, and was far from a real Dorssian citizen in his youth. One could say that whatever Dorssia was doing to him and those other people is somehow the reason why he is hyper-competent compared to, say, normal human beings. And then when he managed to escape from whatever awful things Dorssia subjected him to, he met a little girl who not only treated him with probably the only kindness he’s ever experienced but also gave up half of her own life for him without nary a second thought. It’s no wonder he’s so dedicated to her both in his actions and emotionally, though whether that dedication can be something construed as love remains to be seen. It’ll also be interesting to see what the Dorssian Princess is like now compared to the kind, gentle young girl L-Elf knew in his childhood.

    Kriemhild is starting to question Cain’s commanding of the assault on JIOR and whether he has his own agenda separate from the will of Dorssia. And if anything is going to inspire her to act on her suspicions, it’s the sheer horror she felt at witnessing the Valvrave decimate their forces in one swing. It’s probably not going to end well for her though.

    And as for Cain, he remains the shows most mysterious character and I’d wager the most likely candidate for Big Bad. The mark on his neck evidently implies he’s a Magius like Haruto and Saki, and apparently there’s a whole clan of bodyjacking vampires out there. Or at least there used to be, Cain might just be the only one left. Considering the fact that Valvrave 02 is missing from the set on JIOR, I’m willing to bet that Cain has it and that Valvrave 07 still hasn’t been built. Ultimatley, Cain’s plans for the Valvraves and the world still remain a mystery though they appear to require a “wife”… OS-Tan?

    1. Wow, that’s quite an essay you’ve written over here – a job well done!
      I got a chuckle from L-elf’s 8 casualties-comment, that number came out of nowhere XD
      I think you’re on to something over here – the Valrave’s OS-tan could be the “wife” that Cain was referring to.
      Satomi is slowly growing on me, I like the fact that he stood his ground when he was confronted by an agitated Raizou – he’s still very much a comic character, but I’ll give him props for that 😉

    1. My take is he was a “bezprizorny” – a young, ofter orphan criminal without anybody in charge of him. Usual (Do)Russian solution for them was either imprisonment or recruitment into army… He was probably headed for the first one when he met the princess, and she managed to get him into second one, and into elite forces to boot…

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