「Item (アイテム)」 (Item (Aitemu))
“Item (Item)”

It’s another week of Railgun S and the game of chess between Misaka and those behind the Sisters’ Project continues… with the addition of “ITEM” into the picture. Suffice to say, they make a pretty flashy entrance to start things off—filled with explosions and epic takedowns. It just goes to show though, just how much of a facade the peaceful exterior of Academy City is…

…a facade filled with shady dealings and mercenaries/terrorists that would do anything for the right price. The client’s goals? Good and bad? Psh. As our lively bomber gal Frenda says so aptly herself, the people she kills were born to be killed by her, and it’s some crazy stuff to say the least. I guess in the end, it’s just par for the course though, because the fight between Misaka and Frenda ends up equally crazy as a result… especially when you consider that Frenda doesn’t even seem to have any powers in particular, yet still managed to push Misaka to the lengths she did. Granted, when you’re loaded with an endless supply of bombs, have time to prep, and have an exceptional intellect (at least, it seems she does) it’s the least you can do… though it’s still surprising how much she did end up doing by herself.

Indeed, the fact that she ends up being such a handful by herself really doesn’t bode too well to say the least, because gosh darn, there’s a few others with her in the group—and one capable of blowing through walls with ease no less. At least though, the scientists did end up making one mistake though—as choosing to invite Shinobu back into the fold gives her perhaps the best opportunity she can get to trash the facility herself, even if it doesn’t look like things’ll go that smoothly according to the preview.

Moving on to some deeper aspects to finish things off, this episode notably continues a kind of side commentary on “fate”/”predetermined paths” that’s been going on for a little bit now. Misaka’s heated reaction to Frenda’s comments about people being born to die really ends up highlighting this, and well, it brings up the always interesting question of whether or not one should accept one’s fate readily or try to fight back against it even if it looks futile (or in the sisters’ cases, perhaps not even programmed as a potential outcome). In this context, what Misaka’s essentially doing is fighting their fates in their stead… which makes the act exceptionally symbolic (and emotionally powerful) to say the least. Sure, in many ways she’s just taking responsibility for something she played a part in starting, but it still takes a lot to actually choose to do something about it—especially when it doesn’t seem like those she’s fighting for even want that freedom themselves. One does wonder though, if she wasn’t an Electromaster (and thus not as readily capable of combating the scientists behind the experiment), if she’d go ahead with the plan anyway… Hmmm. I’d like to say she would, but it’d really be a losing battle from the outset.

Either way, Railgun S is stringing together an impressive streak of solid to great episodes, and it definitely looks like the coming ones will be of similar nature. With ITEM on Misaka’s back after all, there’s no room for rest, and it’ll be something to see how things work out and when Kuroko and the others will ultimately involve themselves too. Just some darn exciting stuff to look forward to.




    1. After Mikoto saw through that half-hearted ruse, Frenda isn’t half the fighter that she used to be, cowering like a lamb that got separated from her mother. And as the sequence showed, Frenda didn’t even have a leg to stand on, up until Mugino cut her way through their dance of life and death. Having her pride cut down before her must’ve been a pain in the gut for Frenda. Poor girl, hope she gets to stand up with on her own two feet.

      Gaze of Providence
  1. There are other ways to fight back against the higher-ups and researchers even if you’re not an electromaster, as shown in the most recent Railgun manga chapter…

      1. Outside of Accelerator and Kakine, it’s pretty much a toss up between who’s ability is stronger as it’s all pretty much number crunching by Acadamy City’s computers. Accelerator and Kakine are obviously 1 and 2, while the computers pretty much deducted that Mikoto is 3rd.

        And don’t even get me started on Gunha the 7th ranked level 5.

      2. Mikoto is exhausted. She’s been shorting herself on sleep and draining her powers immensely for the past several days in these attacks. She is by no means in any good condition to fight another level 5.

        Also, as I understand it, the only reason Mugino isn’t ranked higher among the level 5’s is because of limitations on her ability to control her powers, not because of overall strength.

        Anyway, the point is you shouldn’t assume that someone with a higher ranking will automatically beat someone with a lower one, especially when you’re talking about people who are on the same basic level.

      3. Well in a 1 on 1 battle probably Mugino is stronger. What she does is nothing but destruction and she is possibly more powerful when she is acting as a cannon. Mikoto is more like versatile than powerful. Yes She is powerful, after all she’s a level 5 but if you look at other level 5’s you will see versatility is her main trade.

      4. @Wanderer

        You’re correct that her ranking is based on her inability to fully control her powers.

        Show Spoiler ▼

      5. @Longhaul

        Show Spoiler ▼

      6. @Setsuna Henry
        The #6 Level 5 hasn’t been introduced yet. Power, gender, identity etc has remained unknown for a long time even in the novels. The latest volume of Index gave some new facts though.
        LN spoiler:Show Spoiler ▼

        In short, we’re still ways away to knowing the identity of the #6. Kamachi likes his secrets.

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay ITEM. Can’t wait for next week’s episode.
    BTW, VAs for ITEM are as follows
    Mugino, Shizuri – Koshimizu, Ami (if you don’t know this name, go look it up, it should be instantly recognisable)
    Kinuhata, Saiai – Akasaki, Chinatsu (Nibutani from Chuunibyou)
    Seivelun, Frenda – Uchida, Maaya (Rikka from Chuunibyou)
    Takitsubo, Rikou – Suzaki, Aya (Tamako from Tamako market)

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

  3. I fear sequels, yet look forward to them simultaneously. I love that some of my favorite series are getting sequels, but the possibility of it ruining the story keeps me afraid. But I must say that this show doesn’t disappoint.

    I was getting a little scared come episode 2 or 3 when all that was happening was searches for cards. But when the episode with the sister and Misaka happened, it made me emotionally invested in the series. Now come episode 8 and we have an amazingly choreographed fight with cunning tactics like faking a language or bluffing about explosives.

    Not to mention the characters remain top notch with Frenda I think being a very 3 dimensional and fun villain. Her “Teehee” brought back Yahari Ore no Seishun de ja vu and I couldn’t help but laugh. She is a bit twisted but I can’t help but love the character dynamics between her fun personality and Misaka’s serious one.

    Not sure if it’s gonna happen next episode, but if the opening is any hint than Kuroko should be joining the fray and that makes everything 10x better.

  4. The episode uses content from 4 chapter of the manga. They paced it perfectly with Shinobu’s scenes that would’ve appeared much later.

    10/10 episode.

    -Frenda’s shitty trigger discipline (probably to establish subtly that Frenda is an idiot)
    -Saiai’s terrible hair.
    -Mikoto doesn’t look at all worn out, I blame the previous episode for this. They could’ve at least put some lines on her eyes.
    -Frenda throwing several kicks that Mikoto dodges (I get that it is to allow Frenda to exposit things but it is quite bothersome)
    -Green beams

    Gaze of Providence
    1. I’m with you on the green beams, the colour doesn’t seem to suit a person called the “Meltdowner.” Maybe it’s cus the beams melt things, but the colour makes it such a downer. HA! XD Okay, bad joke. >_< Otherwise I felt everything was spot on.

    2. -Saiai’s terrible hair.

      YES! My thoughts exactly. It’s like another version of her! In the LN and manga she’d also wore a dangerous-looking, one piece wool dress that looks like an over-sized sweater. There’s none of that here! DX

    1. Never most likely.

      Frenda would’ve either killed Mikoto or Mikoto would eventually try to get close enough for her to pass a current through Frenda without causing a spark, since you know, she’s the level 5 Electromaster.

      Gaze of Providence
  5. Been wondering for a couple of weeks here, Zephyr… You do know that Misaka-san’s given name is “Mikoto,” right? Because it keeps throwing me off seeing phrases like “the fight between Misaka and Frenda” as though “Misaka” is actually her name. Or are you messing with my head on purpose? >_>

    1. He’s doing it on purpose and is messing with your head 😛

      But in all seriousness, our #3 Level 5’s full name is Misaka Mikoto. Her last name is Misaka and her first/given name is Mikoto. Japanese always place the surnames/last names first when mentioning the full name. Both are still her name and identity. It really doesn’t matter what name to use as it still refers to our Electromaster and protagonist of Railgun. It’s just that Misaka is the name that is being used by most people like Saten, Uiharu, Kongou, etc so most people stick to using that name, Zephyr included.

      I dunno what the issue about this is all about but it would be better if you can elaborate more what is bothering you. As far as I know, Zephyr is consistent with using Misaka’s name in his posts so I don’t see what the problem is or what is throwing you off.

      1. You probably just should’ve left that one to Zephyr instead of speaking for him. For all we know he just likes the name Misaka more than Mikoto. It’s not like you’re wrong either way.

      2. I know. But I just found it weird that he thinks Zephyr is messing with him with the naming when that has been the way most, if not all, people watching this show call her. Even the characters in the show have been calling her Misaka for 4 seasons now(both Index and Railgun seasons) so how would that be called messing around.

  6. So in ITEM we have Holo the immortal wolf as the leader (Mugino), the True Tyrants Eye (Fre nda) its explosives expert, as well as Mori Summer (Kinuhata) and Tamako (Takitsubo) as its other members.

    This should be fun.

  7. …and that is why I meant Mikoto is for a fight unlike any other…
    Frenda was hard enough by herself, but now the rest of the team has shown up, it is really uphill struggle. Sheer power of Show Spoiler ▼

    aside, they act as a team, in cooperation.
    I like Frenda as an example of badass normal who doesnt need any powers to be extremely dangerous. Her looks are great too, but personality… Lets just say she probbaly killed at least few innocent people in her career, considering bad guys are most likely to hire ITEM. And she enjoyed this. So forgive me that I will skip the fa… fawning train.

  8. If you all are curious
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. You should have add more detaill on what are you about to tell in spoiler, so more people may interest to read it or can avoid it better.

      By the way, your spoiler is a bit wrong:

      Show Spoiler ▼

  9. Mikoto is experiencing first hand a glimpse of the dark side of Academy city; Man, she has no idea how fucked up that city is. Speaking of dark, i think that’s one of the main reasons fans cant wait for index III; Kamachi’s story-telling becomes considerably darker and more mature, although the light-hearted moments are still in tact. Kamachi’s writing slightly improves and he is able to conceive a much more consistent story arcs with clear continuity between events; his writing still suffers from the occasional one to two dimensional characters, bland dialogue, and clunky story-telling from time to time, but LN 12 and onward is the point where he evolves as a story-teller and brings a certain darkness and tension to the story that goes slightly past just being entertainment for teens. For a lack of a better word, the world Kamachi builds on at this point becomes pretty grand.

  10. lol, did not expect frenda to suddenly kick into melee combat of all things…giving her style and…frame…and she managed to toss misaka by her hair…OUCH…

    an action-packed episode…well done J.C. i’m keeping on liking this…

    1. Frenda, contrary to many espers, is well aware that she can be forced into situation where she cant rely on her explosives, so she actually trained unarmed (save the heel blade) CQC, proving yet again she is smart foe. Remember how it was Saten with baseball bat that smashed Telestina’s devices? Always have a plan B, and brute physical force is the most reliable one.

      Military Otaku slang used: CQC = Close Quarter Combat

  11. Nice Action in this Episode. But the preparations for this Girl, to draw these Lines… How did she made them? Like a Painter? and in what Time? 🙂 For Example the Stairs….

      1. and for Misaka using Magnet Fields.. Well she sure is Level 5. Bend the Electronic Current around the Metal, so that this create a Magnetic Field…

        You know hoe Magnetic Field works with Electronic Current? He flow around a Metal like a snake in one direction. So that the Metal Atoms get Magnetic… Impressive Will force here

        Or, be careful. Your give Misaka perhaps to much powers


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