「三度、彼は元来た道へ引き返す」 (Mitabi, Kare wa Moto Kitta Michi eh Hikikaesu)
“And Yet Again, He Goes Back to the Path He Originally Followed.”

With more than half the season already gone, I have to hand it to the people who are directing and writing the adaptation of this series. After last week’s sudden big reveal that it was partially Yukino’s fault that Hachiman got hit by a car, I was half expecting this new connection between them to be the spark that would maybe get the two closer together. But instead of something as fickle as that, it would seem that this might be the catalyst that may really shake the foundation of Hachiman’s values.

And when we’re talking about a slice-of-life, things like this normally never happen. Just as Hachiman said, we’re always dealing with a male lead who’s either struggling to figure out if a girl likes him, is the envy of all girls, or is too dense to understand just what’s going on. But when we have a character who can both see everything that’s going on (I apologize for calling Hachiman dense in a previous post) and understand how to not get stuck in that trap, it really highlights how this genre can take a different spin on things, be fun, and still grounded in reality.

At the same time because of how all of this content is handled, this show has the amazing ability to make the atmosphere surrounding an episode hit the both ends of the emotional spectrum. While things felt pretty upbeat while Hachiman was taking Yui on a “fake” date, I’m sure a few of you were like me and felt a little tug at your heart when Haruno appeared. I mean, can you imagine what might happen if either Yui or Yukino attempted to ask Hachiman out without consulting the other?

So where does that leave us? For the moment, I’m being hopefully optimistic that next week’s episode title is possibly referring to Hachiman and how after everything that has happened he won’t let things reset between him and Yukino. Not only would it place us in a really good spot for this first season to come to an end but I think it’d be nice if making up with Yukino also paved the way for him to become a slightly more optimistic person. At the same time, if things do go down that route I hope it’s done in a way that preserves what makes him such a great character – his honest outlook at life with a bit of commentary that only comes from someone who’s experienced it all.

P.S. Sorry for the late post guys! I’ve been busy at work the past weekend and got a little too involved with setting up streaming on twitch. Again, thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my posts and I’ll try to get things back on schedule! You guys rock <3



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  1. I love this show. It takes conventional romcom premises and destroys them.

    When I read the title, I thought it was just trying to be clever. But 7 episodes later, it’s still what it claims to be. It’s in no way a romance. It’s just a guy destroying flag after flag after flag…

    But too bad, Yahari, because now I’ve fallen for you.

    1. I think it just hits home for too many people. Some people just want their anime to be an escape from reality, not a mirror into it. This show is definitely ground-breaking on that front.

      1. Great characters placed in a mediocre setting can make a show great,even if it’s plot isn’t anything too special.Even better is when the main cast is mostly focused on,especially in a 1 cour series.This was a pretty big issue I had in Angel Beats where despite finding it pretty good,I didn’t like how the main cast was only given slightly more development than the supporting characters with some of those even having more interesting stories.But this one gives you the feeling that the writers & producers completely know what they’re doing.They know they got 3 good characters here,they know it’s a 1 cour show,they know Hikki is the most interesting of the 3 and they’re using their limited time to give us more of the most interesting aspect of the show – more of them.The side characters aren’t anything special but their interactions with our 3 mains helps us learn more about them(and for them to learn about each other).As such,it’s probably better if they didn’t animate all those little interactions with Saika that I keep hearing about from the LN readers(I’m not one of them so don’t spoil me!)as they might end up taking too much time that could’ve been accorded to Hikki,Yukino & Yui interactions – which is what the most of us are probably watching this for.

      2. I love how they are relying on the main characters to carry this show as well. I really couldn’t tell who were the main characters in Angel Beats (save for the MC) until the end. It didn’t take anything from the show at all but it was a little weird at times.

        Literally speaking, Hikki’s interactions with Saika & Sensei in this volume are fillers. They hardly tie into the plot or timeline at all so they treated it as such, unfortunately since both were relatively awesome.

  2. I love myself. I have never once hated myself. My high base specs, my kind of good looks, my pessimistic but realistic perspective, I can’t say I hate them whatsoever. But right now, I’m on the verge of hating myself. The Yukinoshita Yukino that I’ve known, always beautiful, unable to lie, honest, always standing on her own two feet, without anyone or anything to support her. I’m sure that I held Yukinoshita Yukino in admiration. I chose to expect things out of her, I chose to force my ideals on her, I chose to feel like I understood her, and so I chose to be disappointed. As much as I’ve told myself not to, I still do it. Even Yukinoshita Yukino lies. I can’t accept this basic fact.
    And so, I hate myself.
    – Hikigaya Hachiman
    As always, awesome monologue by Hachiman

      1. 8man built up his own expectations of Yukinon from his ideals and desires. For him Yukinon is perfect, always blunt, straight to the point, strong, and honest. And yet with recent events and revelations it is slowly becoming clear for him that this strong, honest Yukinon is just a facade, that Yukinon is just like any other normal girl. This is what he hates about himself, because he held up Yukinon as his ideal girl.

    1. I don’t really see how her clothing would determine her classes in the school (I’d say the sweater is just a part of optional attire for school uniforms like how there are school sweaters, hats, and other kind of attire that can be purchased in schools)

      1. Lol, my mistake. You stream games or something? You should totally advertise it here on RC. I’m sure there are a lot of gamers on the site who’d love to watch…:)

  3. I can’t help but feel frustrated at Hachiman for purposely sabotaging his opportunity to get closer with Yui. It’s painfully obvious that Yui likes him, and he somewhat knows it. He isn’t dense, and he may be staying true to his cynical personality, but at the same time it goes to show that he’s actually afraid of forming any relationship because he doesn’t want to be hurt anymore. He may appear to be more mature and wiser than he actually is, but at the same time he is emotionally stunting himself by not willing to take any plunges in life.

    That said, I still enjoy Yahari because how unconventional Hachiman is. His cynical and pessimistic personality is enjoyable to a certain degree but I find it frustrating that he keeps cockblocking himself like this. He should give himself a break. Or just get it on with Saika.

    Fat Cat Lim
    1. oh you wouldn’t even begin to know how much of the Sakia x Hachiman scenes/chapters they took out from the LN when converting it to the anime. I’m pretty sure they passed this one chapter where if it were to be animated, would take up an entire episode of Show Spoiler ▼

      -_- OVA?

    2. He’s been wrong so many times when he mistook “being nice” for interest from a girl that he refuses to take the chance anymore. Even if she was interested, I think he believes that once she really got to know him he would still be rejected. He’s not about to go through that pain again.

  4. What Hachiman said about forcibly imposing his values on Yukino left me really thinking about his relationship between him and Yukino. From a first glance, both of them seem to be almost alike when considering how they see life and their nonconformity with others at their youth. But then, later on, there is evidence that Yukino and Hachiman have different experiences as Hachiman was trying hard to make an impression in the start of his freshman year in high school, but all in his life Hachiman was forcibly isolated from his peers; and for Yukino, she was constantly treated as the “understudy” for representing her father’s job, while becoming bullied and isolated herself due to how jealous others became when they compared themselves to her.

    In a way, Hachiman saw that how applying his perceptions kind of only bring Yukino to stay in only one position without any significant closure or impact, per se, I can see how Hachiman confesses that he feels despicable toward himself.

    Probably as a valuable lesson, Hachiman has left me a great impression on how subtle paradigms we sometimes have, can be repetitive, and have an effect in our relations with other people.

  5. Komachi best wingman. Memories of going to the fireworks: Priceless. Ahhhh he shot Yui down even before she can get to say anything at all! Why Hachiman? If it’s me I’ll be melting even before Yui is done.

  6. I am really in love with this show, this week yet again an stellar episode about feelings and friendship.
    Also I really enjoyed that this was a Yui episode, in this series an many others girls like Yui are always inferior to Yukino’s.
    Which I think is a pity ofcourse Yukino is a wonderful amazing razer sharp smart girl but she always wins.
    Even if her sister denies it eventually people like Hachiman notice her and are captivated by her, ofcourse it is quite difficult because most boys aren’t like Hachiman and so a lot of boys and people won’t understand her but once a Hachiman notices she is covered.

    But Yui is a different matter we may see her as a typical happy go lucky girl who is sweet and tries hard but there is much more to her she is loyal to her friends and tries to do the right thing she is smart. Sometimes I want to stump Hachiman in the face dude look at her once !
    This episode was a teaser for a lovely akward relationship between them their chemistry is for my point of view quite high and wonderful.

    Please don’t get me wrong I really really like Yukino I think she is an amazing character but somehow this episode made the dicision for me Yui and Hachiman I vote for this couple.
    Anyways let me say once more I LOVE THIS SHOW !!!

    1. I would have loved to have seen Yui get her confession out, if only to see Hachiman’s internal dialogue which would be truly fascinating. Would he believe it was a true confession born of a natural path or would he still believe that without the situation with her dog they would not ever have reached that point? Would he see it as a shallow high-school romance that would only end horribly?

      I don’t know if Hachiman could actually open himself up enough for a healthy relationship. If for some reason the relationship went south (which could easily be sabotaged by Hachiman himself) it would reaffirm his self-deprecating standpoint on life and probably exacerbate it even further if that’s possible. I still believe Hachiman deserves happiness (preferably with Yui) even if he himself doesn’t.

  7. “I like myself, I never once for a single second hated myself. My base stats are quite good, and I’m not ugly either. I’m pessimistic and realistic. I definitely don’t hate myself. But now, for the first time in my life, I feel like I might despise myself. The Yukinoshita Yukino I knew was always beautiful, and she’d never lie. She was just, and she kept standing even if there was no footing to stand on. I think I was captivated by Yukinoshita Yukino. I held my own expectations and forced them on her. Sometimes I’d assume I understood her, then I’d just get myself disappointed. I tried sobering myself so many times, yet I couldn’t fix that part of me. Even Yukinoshita Yukino lies. The way I refuse to accept something so obvious is simply despicable.” Hikigaya Hachiman

    Putting the girl you like on a pedestal, and then realizing she isn’t what you thought she was… This is a situation that I’m sure a lot of us can relate to. And once again, Oregairu delivers yet another dose of realism courtesy of the cynical yet honest protagonist- this show never fails to strike close to home week after week, just great writing all around.

  8. I do and don’t like how easily relatable Hachiman is. From an outside perspective, he is severely flawed, broken, and bitter- but in his shoes, it’s just functionable, utilitarian, and good sense. Hopes can’t fall if you never raise them in the first place.

  9. Another one of those episodes that just makes you think about not only the characters, but yourself and your perspective of your surroundings. I’m sure that a lot of us have done what Hachiman has done to some extent and it’s something else when an anime makes us question and think about ourselves as much as we think about the characters in the show.

    Great episode. I can’t be more glad that I picked this one up.

  10. Among “most unforgettable male characters”, I’d say Hachiman as joined that roll of honour.

    Its not everyday you get to meet a character that’s full of cynicism, “objectiveness”, and has great intellect on the nature of humans and their behaviour.

    Seriously, it’s such a waste that this’s only 1 cour. Would love to see this as a 2 cour series.

    P.S. Takaii – For all of your Yahari posts, there’s a DISTURBINGLY SEVERE lack of full screen shots

  11. Does anyone else agree with me when I say that it would be comical if we had Keima from the World God Only Knows interact with Hachiman? I can imagine that they would be good friends in a weird way. I emphasize on weird. Though, I’m glad that we got to see Yukino’ sister in this episode, I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. I wanted some sibling rivalry for Hachiman’s affection! Another thing I love about this show is that you can sympathize with Hachiman because a lot of the stuff he’s been going through are things we have probably dealt with ourselves. I remember being gravely disappointed when I put someone on a pedestal and didn’t receive the expectations I had for the person. My view of them was almost like they were superhuman, but they were humans just like any of us. I hope this show gets into the pit of character flaws, and openly deal with them. A scene where Yui tells Hachiman off because of his nature of pushing everyone away, so he doesn’t get hurt would do wonders for Oregairu! Though, that’s just my opinion.

    1. That would be interesting, but then they’d both be occupied with their own thing – Keima’ll be playing is PFP and Hachiman would sit there listening to music or something. Also there’s a nuance between them even though both of them have lost hope in the real world, Keima behaves as though he lives in another world while Hachiman lives in the real world.

      Expectations aren’t limited to people. Take Anime for example, when you hype something up, you are undoubtedly increasing the probability for it to disappoint.

      lol This show is all about character flaws, but its not a show about how to solve those flaws but how to live with it – for now at least. What you mentioned with Yui telling Hachiman off, I could never see that happen, she’s too submissive but it would be interesting to see her pull it off – though I think that will be nigh impossible especially after getting her (suspected) confession blocked. I don’t think I can see Yukino doing it either, because I think that she knows that Hachiman knows about the accident and also realises the consequent change in their relationship. The only one I could see really talking to Hachiman is the teacher, Hiratsuka. That’s the only realistic thing that I could picture.

      1. I agree with you on both points. Expectations aren’t just limited to people, and that this show is all about character flaws. Though, I disagree when people think that Yui couldn’t or wouldn’t tell Hachiman, but that’s just my opinion. Both are valid opinions, but coming from my side, I think that Yui ever getting mad and telling Hachiman off is a high possibility depending on the right situation. Thinking of her as a person while disregarding the plot, it makes sense to me that she would get emotional and get frustrated. Not mad in the way where she just throws things and shouts. The kind of mad I’m thinking of is where she cries and holds a kind of resentment for Hachiman. Not that I think that Hachiman would ever throw her into that kind of situation, but if she was, I think that she would honestly confront him or just plainly continue ignore him like she did in the past. Though I think she’s now at the point where she would confront people instead of ignore them. I would like to hear what others think of this since I would like to keep an open mind and see things from every side of the spectrum.

  12. this episode is probably the best one so far.

    8man monologue, check.
    8man cockblocking himself, check.
    yui struggling to express herself honestly to hikki, check.
    yukino’s facade showing signs of weakness, plus!

    i have nothing to really add to the discussion. i enjoyed this episode a lot and i think that pretty much covers it.


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