「―レッド・ライジング―」 (―Reddo Raijingu―)
“―Red Rising―”

This week’s episode featured mainly the aftermath of Kiri and Iwai’s encounter against Emily. Iwai went straight to her dad’s old office and pulled out his diary (apparently he has a diary that she didn’t bother to check before). Kiri suffers from loss of blood and wounds that won’t heal. All the while, Emily’s past gets revealed piece by piece. It wasn’t anything I wasn’t expecting and I hate to say I told you so, but… I told you so! (Technically I guessed half-sister…)

As it turns out Emily’s “father” is not her legitimate father. In fact, Emily was born as a child in the streets with no family until someone brought her to Iwai’s father. He wanted to find someone who could wield Killing Goods in order to help Iwai cut her hair. Turns out that the girl that he found was Emily and he raised her up as his own (whenever he was in town). I found this a little depressing actually since Emily knew that he wanted to use her to help Iwai; her “father” wasn’t actually her father. I’m not a child psychologist or anything, but don’t children usually like to have their parents’ complete attention? I would be quite upset to know that my father was leaving me to be with “her” (sounds like a mistress or something) and I thought that might have eluded to Emily’s hatred for Iwai. It turns out that she only wants to kill Iwai because she wants to wish her father back to life. Oh… the dangers of bringing the dead back to life. Why do I get the feeling that these types of wishes never work? Even Violet hesitates before agreeing. We’ll have to see if Emily even succeeds in her murder.

Separated from Iwai this episode was Kiri – all alone with his bleeding arm and no one to take care of him but Yamane (of course…). Kiri must either be a very ignorant man or just very devoted to Iwai because it seems like there’s another contender for his heart now. I don’t necessarily think Yamane “likes” him, but maybe it’s because she doesn’t realize it herself yet. Nothing really irks me anymore when it comes to Crime Edge, even when it’s swapping blood with each other. I’ve always known that Yamane gets off to that, but Kiri’s a whole new story. That also can’t be very sanitary… but I guess that’s not that point of the scene. Yamane brings up a good point that Kiri has no instinct to kill which many of the authors have. I also don’t think Emily (who’s apparently an artificial author or “created” author) has that killer instinct. It’ll be interesting to see how that turn of events go down when Kiri goes searching for ancestry. From the looks of it, he goes a little too killer-hungry later…

There are only 2 episodes left of Crime Edge and Emily’s arc is likely going to mark the end of this season. Still miles away from the end of the story, Crime Edge has come a long way since I started blogging it and it’s exceeded a lot of my expectations in terms of entertainment value. I hope it doesn’t disappoint in these final episodes and worse yet, I hope it doesn’t end off on a cliffhanger. It’s nice to see that some characters have developed a fair bit (all in one-cour) though, sometimes you never get to see that aspect even in a 2-cour show. Let’s hope Kiri doesn’t go too crazy in these final 2 episodes.

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  1. Yamane has become the person I have the most sympathy for. Tortured by the Killing Goods, she still is underneath a good person.

    Emily doesn’t grasp something. How will her resurrected “father” react when he finds out it was accomplished by the murder of Iwai? She must not have watched FMA. Resurrection isn’t a good option. Of course, has it been verified that he’s actually dead? Wonder how Emily would react if he turns up?

  2. Most people wouldn´t want to know anything about a family member whose only job was slice and dice human beings for fun, funny how life has turn up for Kiri but at least he has a cute girlfriend.

    1. Some people can’t handle needles (me being one of them). Its one thing to have limbs being chopped off but its another to see a needle getting stuck inside a person (at least on that one spot behind their elbow) because if she just stabbed him in the back they wouldn’t needed to have censored it but the whole injection thing does make people queasy (like it did with me…even with it still censored). Kind of sad with everything that happened in this show, the only unsettling thing I found was the blood transfusion.

      1. I meant to say injections make SOME people queasy. So at least they had that in mind for the viewers. That along with Kiri ending up in a bathtub with his blood mixed inside of it made me feel….IDK, uncomfertable in a sense.

      2. Indeed.There’s just something very unsettling about a needle slowly piercing your skin(and it’s even worse on softer spots) & staying there for some time while you watch as a liquid is being injected into your veins or your blood is slowly being drained from them…I made that seem more unsettling than it actually is didn’t I?

      3. I think watching an injection or seeing someone else use a needle isn’t that scary… I just don’t like getting needles in myself =X
        It’s nice that Crime Edge still has the audience in mind =P at least they haven’t started mutilating bodies yet… then I’m out >_<

      4. Well personally I’m not afraid of getting shots or whatever as long as I don’t look at the damn things while it happens. But I know people back in my highschool that would literally faint whenever they see people get their blood drawn (blood drives in the school). Its a phobia that actually a good portion of people have, so its not like someone can say “I seriously can’t believe they censored an injection” andtotally think all because they’re okay with it doesn’t mean other people aren’t, come on people have brains (referring to blah blah)…weird I can totally handle the last episode of Blood C uncensored but not that one needlescene when it it uncensored….gofigures.

  3. Yep, this is pretty much where I left off in the manga, no other chapters for me to read T-T.

    All the fans of this anime can do is hope there’s a second season later like Magi ;/

  4. I meant like…out of all the needle-injecting scenes, they have to censor this one. If the production group didn’t censor the other scenes, why did they censor this one?


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