Trafalgar Law just can’t catch a break – it seems like the hunter has now become the hunted, and the reality of his adverse situation does look pretty grim. I’m pleased to learn that Doflamingo still has a trick or two up his sleeve and just when you thought he has been boxed in, the Heavenly Yaksha flips the situation around to his favor. There was always a sense that the Marines have a bigger role to play in this conflict and their presence has certainly been felt early and throughout – whether it was Admiral Fujitora, CP-0 or the grunt’s ship that crashed onto Green Bit. The Surgeon of Death himself did intentionally lead the Marines to their location – as a precautionary measure – but it appears that Doflamingo had the exact same idea in mind and he has now teamed up with Issho in an effort to thwart his opponent’s plan. Fleet Admiral Akainu has made clear that he will not let the Straw Hat-Heart alliance run riot and cooperating with Doflamingo would, no doubt, give the Marines the perfect chance to rein in both Luffy and Law. If Doflamingo is indeed an ally of the Marines, it would also imply that his Shichibukai status remained very well intact and the news of his resignation was nothing more than a pretense to corner their real target. It’s hard to overstate just how complex the dialogue behind the scenes is and I suspect the most recent chess move by Doflamingo is merely a taste of what the flamboyant pirate is capable of.

To my great surprise, the identity of Law’s informant is none other than Sanji – who was last seen in the company of Violet. Presumably, it was the dancer who clued Sanji in on Doflamingo’s conniving scheme and I have a sneaking suspicion the person that she wants Sanji to kill is, in fact, the captain of the Donquixote Pirates. The King of Dressrosa has made his fair share of enemies – that much is clear, and we can probably add the entire civilization of dwarves into that long list. Wicca, the dwarf/fairy that Zoro bumped into, revealed a certain animosity that exists between her people and the Donquixote Family, and with that revelation, it was also made apparent that Doflamingo is planning an ambush for the Thousand Sunny. No question, the dwarf of Tontatta Kingdom is an interesting bunch – it’s not just their goofy character disposition that fascinates me to no end, the powerful physical capability that they posses was also exemplified in this chapter. With multiple subplots running at the same time, I don’t think we’ll be getting a breather any time soon and as Franky and Zoro head towards the same destination, it would also be interesting to see what kind of drama and commotion await them at the flower field – and perhaps that’s where the SMILE factory is!

Random tidbits:

  • “Nothing to report from Sector B” – Are you absolutely sure? Robin’s chest is filled with treasures!
  • “Overly trusting is an understatement” – Robin’s “WTF” expression was just priceless!
  • “If you refuse, we’ll have to strip you” – Such a shame that they didn’t proceed with the plan.
  • “We’ve returned your Den Den Mushi to the wild” – That was a moment worthy of a facepalm!
  • I wonder what tall tale did Usopp make up this time – He’s a hero all right!
  • “I told you to climb the stairs, you dimwit” – The sight of Zoro getting diss by a dwarf had me laughing out loud!
  • A love story between the Toy Soldier and Rebecca – Does that mean she’s no longer in the running for the Straw Hat’s new nakama?
  • The warrior dwarf Leo is probably a Devil Fruit user and his Nui Nui no Mi can perform quite a remarkable feat – Maybe he’s a potential candidate for the Straw Hat crew.

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #OnePiece 711: The hunter has now become the hunted – Law vs Doflamingo vs Admiral Issho! #Manga

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  1. I think one of the little ones will become a new crew member.Luffy would be all over that lol.

    Robin’s reactions was hilarious, Robin could not compute.

    I wish I was small enough to explore Robin’s mountains ;/

  2. I wonder how this will play out since Doflamingo didnt actually leave the shichubukai and law technically is still apartof the shichubukai as well so will fujitora attack and try to capture him with doflamingo’s help? anyways this was a pretty good chapter

  3. Shit just effing real! I knew I just knew someone like Donflamingo won’t take things lying down and by God he could basically annihilate the alliance right here before they could even attempt to take down a Yonko.

  4. From SJ: “Oda is not fully recovered yet, and the editorial decided to put him on a schedule that’s not too strenuous to his health, until he’s up and running ok.”

    Oda should take a month off or something.

  5. THis was a good chapter, it was basically building up for the eventual confrontation involving all strawhats~
    But most of all, I really wanna see this arc on anime as im sure it wil be better portrayed in the anime due to the chaotic nature of this arc hehe
    Im glad Robin got some attention this week, it was funny to see her reaction to how trusting those little gnomes were haha

  6. darn robin. right from the start of the chapter, im releasing fumes from my head and breathing heavily. :3

    interesting little folks as expected of Oda, nothing comes out normal from him.
    i just had this feeling before that doflamingo is no way going down easily like that, another surprise from oda. grrr!

    get well soon oda, you still have 10 years to complete your masterpiece so take care of your health.

  7. I can’t be the only one to say that Robin was almost if not completely sexually assaulted, at the very least I’m the only one using the explicit term. By the way most of the gnomes look a lot like chopper.

    K C M
  8. It looks like One Piece takes another break next week, that means that EO(the author)’s health condition is still critical but I believe that everything is going to be fine, hang in there EO we’re with you and my Prayers are with you too.

    K C M
  9. Well, Oda said he slept only 3 hours per night and spent the rest of his time on One Piece, so this is what happens. No offense Oda, but even you should rest now and then as well.

  10. I have to say, I really loved this chapter. After see so many new characters come into the picture (as usual) it was nice to have a chapter that focused pretty much on the crew we all know and love. Can’t wait to see what happens between Law and Donflamingo, should be good. Also, anxious to see what happens to the Sunny. Nami, Chopper and Brook are much stronger after the time skip but will be interesting to see how they fare with the enemies coming their way. Whatever happens, can’t wait for next week!

  11. That´s just a guess,but i think the toy soldier was a human before,and he was Rebbecca´s love,when someone(Doflamingo?) cast the “toy curse” on him.And that hat he uses looks like the one who Luffy-Ace chilhood friend used, back then, on the flashback.Who knows,maybe Oda is preparing a big reveal to the final of this arc?

  12. Robin’s picture there should be a full-size one!
    I wonder if maybe that soldier was human before but he’s under a curse or something. (If you take Rebecaa’s words from context…)
    You pointed all my LOL moments in the “Random tidbits” except…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    random viewer

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