Episode 11:

「はじめての拒絶」 (Hajimete no Kyozetsu)
“The First Rejection”

One of the things I first noticed about this episode was how well animated it was. Even for P.A. Works, I liked the different angles that they used for shots and the amount of full-lengths was at an all-time high for this show. That final scene with Izumiko’s hair and the details that they put into the expressions and ghosts of each scene was a nice touch. I’m not one that usually appreciates these things but I know a standout episode when I see one, so I was really in awe by the efforts the studio put into this. It’s always nice to see scenes that are drawn from a different perspective (and I don’t mean up a girl’s skirt =P) rather than a flat pan.

This episode marked the start of the finale and the big move that Takayanagi made towards Izumiko to get her to join his side. And by big move, he kind of looks like he was trying to hit on her (reminds me of old creepy men hitting on younger ladies). For a final showdown though, I was a little disappointed by the outcome. It looked like Takayanagi did make an attempt to set up traps and plans – they just failed. On the other hand, the Souda twins didn’t do much at all except try and prevent Takayanagi from succeeding. Not much of a plan, except for the help from Masumi. I would’ve liked to see more plotting and scheming, but that’s not the type of show that Red Data Girl is. A little mystery (and a surprise ending) wouldn’t have hurt anyone, but Izumiko’s final scene was a little predictable. This did show a lot of her character development though and how she’s able to start defending herself.

The engagement between Mayura and Miyuki came out as a bit of a shock. It was little uncalled for and random. However, I’m able to forgive all those facts because despite the awkward timing because it pretty much confirmed the relationship between Miyuki and Izumiko and Mayura and her brothers. Whereas we always knew that Miyuki and Izumiko were developing a sweet relationship, I found it a more interesting fact that Mayura and Manatsu were so connected. I wouldn’t say that Mayura loves Manatsu in a “romantic” fashion, but definitely more than as a brother. The same goes with Masumi.

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Episode 12:

「世界遺産の少女」 (Seikaiisan no Shojo)
“Girl of World Heritage”

For a finale, I thought this episode tied together the final arc very well. I know some people may disagree and think that it’s a lackluster ending, but it’s not in my opinion. The audience gets to see (from beginning to end) where Izumiko took herself, how Miyuki came to save her (again) and the resolution between the Souda triplets. No major cliffhangers are left and I don’t see any low-hanging fruit that needs to be resolved or shown. I think the audience can imply a lot of what happens between the lines and I think that’s pretty much how it was for the entire series.

Although it wasn’t necessary, I appreciated the flashback to Mayura and Miyuki’s conversation about their “potentially fake” engagement. It showed Miyuki’s straight up rejection to Mayura’s idea because he wanted to make it work with Izumiko. He didn’t want to take another way out and I think that was a blow to Mayura because she never thought of doing it the hard way. As much as it adds to the final scene between Miyuki and Izumiko, I still feel like their relationship lacks something. It’s not the typical romantic relationship you’d see in anime, and the characters aren’t the obvious choice for a couple either, but I like that. It’s refreshing to see a normal teenage coming-of-age relationship because they’re both new at this and exploring as they grow up together. On the other hand, I liked seeing the triplets’ relationship as a contrast for Miyuki and Izumiko’s. It showed that they also “love” one another but to a different extent and they also handle it very differently. Also, one of them is dead and can’t really be in the realm of the living with his living siblings. It’s a bittersweet relationship and I almost feel more attached to their story than Izumiko’s.

An unexpected pleasant surprise was the super cute Takayanagi in dog form. I wasn’t expecting him to be turned into anything, but a dog seems like a fitting punishment. What an odd pair to see Takayanagi teaming up with Miyuki… following a raven around (Wamiya). Not to mention that they were only linked to Izumiko because she picked up her cell phone. Although I think the message was stronger than simply “calling” one another – it was because both of them wanted to find one another. As Wamiya stated, you have to believe. It wasn’t too obvious in the initial episodes, but I could always feel that Masumi had a bond with Izumiko. Whether or not it was a romantic love or a “I-want-to-eat-you” love, it’s a flattering thought… kind of creepy too. I never thought of them as a likely couple, although seeing it now makes it a logical choice if Izumiko wanted to escape. She was also declared as the official World Heritage candidate which seems to be as predicted. I didn’t expect anything less from her, because judging by how Takayanagi and Mayura were performing, I didn’t think they were worthy candidates anymore.



Final Impressions:

I’ve seen and read some of the debate going on between people who enjoyed RDG and others who thought it was just simply no good. Personally I thought it was alright – the pacing wasn’t something that I was a fan of and I think what irked me the most were the gaps and missing explanations in the story. Like I said, I feel as though there were a lot of assumptions made on my part to piece the story together in my mind. I don’t have the strongest Japanese background though (in history or culture), so perhaps that’s what deteriorated my experience. As an afterthought, it does seem as though this story is more suited as a novel (which was its source material) but as an animated story, it feels a bit lacking in areas. This is probably because the anime didn’t really express a lot of what was going on in the minds of Miyuki and Izumiko and the audience had to just go along with it. Their relationship is a good example of that because although it was never stated when or how (and you can’t pinpoint the exact moment), the audience just knows that they like one another.

Storytelling aside, I thought the animation was top notch; the acting and music was also done well and I can’t complain about the story/plot because it seems to stick very closely to the novels. It’s not the type of story that personally interests me, but it does have an appeal of a historical/supernatural story that’s taking place in modern times. It’s an interesting concept and I think the author does well to target this towards a certain audience that can appreciate the coming-of-age story of Izumiko. I warn you that it’s not chockfull of action and surprises, but it has a ton of characters with development pieces of their own and references. RDG is not your typical supernatural/fantasy story, although it has supernatural elements in it. It gears more towards a story about adolescence in a supernatural setting and dealing with your own identity.


  1. I kept on replaying that scene where Izumiko used that self-protection spell and did that outburst against Takayanagi and his lackeys. That part was just so good.

    On a whole I enjoyed RDG quite a bit, and it’s nice seeing how both Sagara and Izumiko grew and developed, though I agree with you…the storyline kinds of throw me for a loop here and there. Really need to get my hands on the novels for a better understanding of the story…

  2. I felt that Miyuki’s relationship with Izumiko was one of the “I care for you so much I’m going to yell and be mad all the time” types which is getting sort of tiresome. The other problem was that there were too many plot lines: the Takayanagi/Mayura fight for dominance, would Izumiko be taken over by the goddess, how do you stop the goddess from destroying mankind, Masumi/Izumiko, but few of them fully resolved or only half heartedly resolved.

    1. To be honest, having such a development would feel out of place in my opinion. Their (obvious to the audience) feelings have not been conveyed in any proper way for something like this to feel natural. We know Miyuki is overprotective of Izumiko, and she understands that; however she is not sure if he looks after her so much because she is Himegami or because she is herself. As Cherrie correctly said it, I also feel that their relationship still lacks.. something. It hasn’t moved forward in any clear way to justify anything like a kiss. The final scene where they get slightly touchy felt just right for the amount of progress their relationship has had so far.

      On another note, thanks for covering this Cherrie! I thoroughly enjoyed your blogging of this series. I wasn’t completely blown away by RDG Girl but I can safely say I enjoyed it. I still feel that the whole show would benefit from its story way more if it was a two-cour one, though.

    2. I’m also rather unsatisfied about how it ended. Not because they did not kiss or anything, but more like it still has alot more to offer. The OP actually gives an indication that Izumiko and Miyuki would end up together, but what we are given here at the end is an indication of how it first started out. It would probably have been alot better if this was a 2 cour show rather than 1.

      The entire series itself actually moves at a pretty slow pace. I haven’t read the novels but its likely they were deliberately doing so to keep faith to it (someone who has read the novels can verify this for us). So yeah, hopefully they will give a 2nd season to continue on.

  3. I don’t know where to begin & I don’t know where to end but I’ll just tell you one thing: Shit happened.

    That sums up the show for me. I reviewed tax documents & college work while watching this show, in a futile attempt to keep my brain stimulated long enough to watch the entire thing w/o shutting off. I do get the story for what it’s worth but I’m just left with the feeling that this show was just trying too hard to be something it never had any chance in hell of being.

    This show just had way too many static cliche characters in it. Characters that you could replace with talking potato sacks & it wouldn’t have made a difference – accept it would have been funny as hell. I usually don’t mind the overused character types, but when a show is entirely character driven such as this, giving a few of the characters personalities higher than the protozoa level is a must.

  4. am I the only one that hates Mayura here…
    Its been so long since I found a great character as Miyuki, man that last scene makes my heart fluttering and beating non-stop. Come on P.A.Works give us an OVA already

  5. I really never cared for Miyuki. He was a prick at the beginning and in my eyes never really made up for his behavior. Past and present. I get that he’s trying to help her now, but it seems lackluster. I’ll help you if you really want it, not because I want to. That sort of thing…

    1. I actually gave that some thought. No, I haven’t really. I’ve never really liked the whole tsundere character. The only redeeming factor with them seemed to be, well, at least it was a cute girl who eventually turns nice. And thinking that way, maybe someone can forgive him even for his previous actions. I still can’t, but then I’m more interested in her and didn’t like him treating her badly. That’s my defense. Thanks, I didn’t pick up on that. 🙂

    1. I also think the anime would’ve benefited from being 2-cour… I guess we’ll have to see how well it sells (not very much right now >_> at least compared to the season’s top hits like Shingeki) for a second season.

  6. I agree with all that’s been said. I still really enjoyed this show, I mean supernatural stories that are character driven and is animated by P.A Works all good things for me , yes this show had its problems and we were confused all the time but at least the romance was more natural like and the characters may have been a little cliche but at least they were well done.

    Another note , I gotta get off my butt to learn Japanese so I can read these novels

  7. I was surprised that it ended so abruptly…

    Having said that, I did enjoy watching it, albeit I feel like the story has just scratched the surface… WHICH is a good thing!

    :3 Looking forward to the next season… assuming there will be one… hopefully…

    Endangered Species Banzai!

  8. Dunno, I actually liked the pairing and the relationship that was built between miyuki and izumiko here.
    To begin with, I liked watching the slow transition from a completely unable/shy girl to one that can speak out loud her thoughts. Of course, many anime’s tend to have so many out-going, strong, bold, (and tbh, unrealistic) female leads (and if not, a cliched shy character) this might seem off, but for me, it was a really nice fresh breather.
    Ending was nothing flashy and grand- but it was quiet and sweet.

    But yeah, the gaps were still kinda meh…
    At the same time, P.A-backgrounds and music really made up for this series xD

  9. I wouldn’t say that Mayura loves Manatsu in a “romantic” fashion, but definitely more than as a brother
    Well, she is willing to literally give her heart to Manatsu and “be together with him and Masumi”, so their bond is obviously very strong.
    On another note, sad puppy Takayanagi was hilarious to watch.

    Though I felt kind of clueless for a large portion of the show, I still got plenty of enjoyment out of it. So thanks for blogging the show Cherrie 🙂

    Got a question though. I hear the novels are kinda short (and also finished, I think?) as well so has the anime covered the whole thing or did we get only part of the story?

  10. Shit happened. And that shit made no sense.

    – Miyuki was hired and fired nonstop by his father, who at the end failed to ‘rescue’ her cause he was in the chopper chilling with the mother, cause I strongly believe they are having an affair. To me, Miyuki was never off duty. What the Hell was the point of that whole mess? Who cared if he got fired or not? IT NEVER STUCK.
    – Izumiko’s fashion statement determines the World ending. Put your hair back up!
    – Masumi was a spoiled brat of a character across the series. Very selfish too. I don’t really care for him. He just comes and goes and thinks he is so cute with a very childish demeanor.
    – Manastu on a similar vein of selfishness, I have never seen a character that obsess with horses. Fuck the World, save horses.
    – I’m not very certain why Mayura has a fanclub, it wasn’t focal point to see why, besides her appearance of being pretty.
    – Izumiko pulled a Yuna while performing a dance in the water. FFX will have some say about this!
    – Seriously, what reception do you guys have!? It works during another plane, and it spouts out crows! TALKING CROWS! I want that service!

    UM, still don’t know what I just watched, but I’m semi glad that it’s over..

  11. ARRRRRRRRRRRGH! It’s too short >.<! I wanted to see moooore!

    I like how Miyuki's dad gets no repercussions for being a psychotic bastard. There's no karma being tossed his way, unless there's a season 2. Please let there be a season 2 T-T.

  12. As much as i WANTED to enjoy this anime the fact i had no idea what was happening most of the time made me almost HATE watching it every week. I shouldn’t have to go back and read the light novels to make sense of the story. I was mostly basing what happened throughout the series on my own assumptions the entire time. It honestly pissed me off because i found the setting and concept for this anime to be a breath of fresh air to me.

    Maybe about 5 episodes more and this could have been a great series. But the lack of explanation on somewhat key factors ruined it for me.

    1. I feel you bro, believe me. I actually started dreading eack week cause of that same reason. I wouldn’t actually say ‘hated it’. I mention in the first early episodes how I’m not feeling ‘excited’ to see any of them release. Which is what I normally feel when I look forward to any other episode from my favorite shows. (Ex It’s FRIDAY! HOLY FUCK CHIHAYAFURU IS OUT NYIGVUBFBVGDYAY!!!) But this series was at first mix feelings to quickly becoming “Well fuck… I invested 7 episodes, I’m still puzzle, now I gotta finish it while dreading it. Actually, its becoming a chore now of an annoyance.”

      Granted I didn’t had to keep watching it, I could had easily dropped it, but the curiosity of the final outcome left me lingering on. That or the denial that PA Works could produce a dud. I feel like RDG focuses on a certain target, those that have intensive knowledge of the BG or read the LN, that could truly enjoy it.

  13. The Goddess’s identity is revealed in the final novel #6 of RDG, unadapted for this series:

    The Goddess is the divine spirit of Future Izumiko. All events such as the founding of Hojo High and even Miyuki’s existence were planned by Yukariko, Yukimasa and his Yamabushi network to prevent the end of the world for the 3rd time.

    More explanations can be found here at post #115 by user minuetto:

  14. I enjoyed this series, yet as you mentioned there are gaps in the story that I find irritating. But you make a good point of this fitting a novel than an anime adaptation. I will have to find it because I actually enjoyed it a lot and I want to see the conclusion since people have mentioned that they didn’t include vol 6 of the novel. I would like to know more about the relationship between the twins.

    Overall I give this 8/10. Still this is not for everyone, so I am sad that people that just plain didn’t like it have dragged it’s rating on MAL below a 7.

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