「対決の刻」 (Taiketsu no koku)
“The Showdown”

Intense and spellbinding are probably a good start in describing just how amazing this episode is. The inevitable showdown is finally upon us and it didn’t disappoint me the slightest – in fact, I enjoyed it more than I can ever hoped for. This was twenty minutes that felt like five and it was the moment that we have all been waiting for since their fateful encounter back at Episode One. For a moment, I was quite worried we might not see the epic clash between badass-Juubei and Miyamoto Musashi, but all that anxiety turned out to be for naught and the grand confrontation was non-stop frantic action from wire to wire! I’m not going to lie – I a huge fan of badass-Juubei and nothing would make me happier than to see her caught up in an overzealous battle royal, brimming with bloodlust! Her dogfight with Musashi was reminiscent of what we saw during the finale of Season One and the sight of the two samurais clashing swords in the middle of the sky has, no doubt, reduced me nothing more than a gushing smitten fanboy!

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, the ever so dandy Maeda Keiji finally made her grand return and it’s a testament to her charisma that the scene light up almost immediately the moment she stepped in. Keiji looks strikingly gorgeous – as she always does, and while we weren’t privy to her trolling antics this week, she did bring some words of wisdom with her and it was such an advice that made it possible for Muneakira to break free of the Dark Samurai’s curse. Then there’s Yagyuu Gisen whose role in this conflict has remained somewhat of an enigma until now, and no question, whichever stead that she embraced would be getting one hell of a breakthrough – especially now that her Evil Eye is back in full force! That she decided to side with Muneakira in this confrontation didn’t come as a huge surprise – after all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend and she wouldn’t want to see Japan in tatters before the supposed revival of Amakusa Shirou. Of course, there’s always the possibility that she is, in fact, in love with Muneakira – or Keiji, for that matter – and while it doesn’t seem like she’s going to be joining his Master Samurai harem any time soon, the fact that she has taken his side is definitely a leapt in the right direction – one that, I suspect, would bring Juubei great joy!

Gisen’s seeming allegiance was hardly a shocker – on the other hand, I was somewhat taken aback by Kojirou’s decision to champion the Evil Spirit’s clear malevolence. It’s not entirely obvious what her true intentions are and I have a hard time figuring out just why did she choose Mataemon’s side instead of backing up Musashi – perhaps this is what you call a lover’s spite! Whatever her real objectives are, it looks like they’ve all been hoaxed and the Dark Samurai have been led astray to become a vessel for the Evil Spirit’s materialization. Clearly, it’s going to take more than the combined effort of the Master Samurai to defeat such a powerful foe and if the preview for next week is any indication, it seems like there’s a good chance Juubei will finally become a Samurai Bride and it goes without saying that this is something that I’m most looking forward to!

Random tidbits:

  • The finale of the first season (non-Blu-Ray version) was somewhat controversial, to say the least – I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a happily-ever-after ending this time around!
  • If this is how heated it can get when they’re crossing swords, imagine what would happen in the bedroom – Juubei likes to have it rough, it seems!
  • A nip slip in the middle of the fight – It shows just how intense the battle was!
  • Side boob spotted! – Upon closer inspection, it appears there’s more to Matabei’s Master Samurai get-up than meets the eyes.
  • It seems like Nia and Gisen would make quite a great team – Maybe Nia can be the new addition to Keiji’s harem, great things come in threesomes!
  • Poor Inko-chan, please don’t cry! – Juubei onee-tan is going to give you a big hug when this is all over!
  • Not a chance, Kanetsugu!” – Even in an episode that is supposedly dead serious, Kanetsugu still manages to insert a few laughs!
  • “We can protect you and Dai Nippon” – Sen Hime’s “Gambare ne” posture is so adorable! It doesn’t matter if she hasn’t been getting a lot of screen time, I know where my heart belongs.

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #HyakkaRyouran Samurai Bride 11: The final showdown begins with Maeda Keiji and Badass-Juubei making their grand return. A fine blend of ecchi and action that keeps my adrenaline pumping! #Anime

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  1. I haven’t have a chance to watch this show yet but have been following the posts every week, and I have to say…judging from the lack of a casual bath scene this week I assume some series stuff is going down.

      1. I’ve been wondering about that – about who’s gonna be blogging Highschool DxD between you & Stilts 🙂 Either of you will probably bring out the best in it and make it an even more fun experience than it actually is,you ecchi masters you!

  2. Aoi Yuki narrating the preview felt like she was going to become goddess Madoka instead of Samurai Bride. Haha.

    “Whatever the end will be, I will have no regrets” – cue Kyuubey appearing and offering her a contract to be a Mahou Shoujo. XD

  3. I just can’t get over how gorgeous & awesome Hanzou look’s in her Master Samurai outfit.Those long black kneesocks with red roses & her twin-tails are just full of win.

    If I’d have to pick a favorite MS outfit it would be a tie between her & Nia – who’s blades fit her outfit the most.

    1. +100 Seishun Points!
      Hanzou’s Master Samurai get-up is awesome and that’s a Class-S zettai ryouiki that she’s sporting 😉
      They’re all great, but if I had to pick my favorite outfits, it would be Hanzou’s, Kanetsugu’s and Keiji’s :3

  4. Oh well, the Dark Samurai whatever their intentions and motivations, ended up being consumed by the collective Dark Spirit manifestation…
    At this point I am wondering if there is any chance of them surviving (I really want more Inko x Jyubei!)
    Apart from our usual harem, we do get some interesting happenings: Gisen getting back her evil eye, Keiji showing up to offer some sage advice to our General, and Nia showing some of her badass side (yup, she was not up to the Dark Samurai – but, pretty much no one was until Keiji trained our harem… Makes me wonder if Keiji offered some private lessons to Nia too… Stop giggling, Seishun!)

    1. Can’t stop giggling… Yuri threesome is the best <3
      I have a feeling all the Dark Samurai will survive, Samurai Bride Juubei will save all of them, give Inko-chan a big hug – and maybe hit the bedroom with Musashi :3

  5. I felt like an idiot for forgetting that the reason why Akira can’t do much this season was because he was cursed. It was nice and subtly tossed aside. 🙁 Not like the bad tossed aside, but the “yeah, you totally are going to forget but we didn’t” type.

    1. I didn’t forget about that :3
      We were consistently reminded of his condition throughout the first ten episodes – but clearly, he’s not the focus of the show, so I’m not at all surprise that some of you guys have forgotten all about it 😉

      1. Probably why they weren’t afraid to just allow him to break the curse SO easily (simply pumping his ki enough to overpower it, which you’d think they could’ve done several episodes ago with Keiji’s first appearance or something) after the seal to undo it was destroyed.


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