Episode 12

「―禁じられた遊び―」 (―Kinjirareta Asobi―)
“―The Forbidden Games―”

This episode ended up going in a different direction than I thought it would. Rather than focusing on the battle between Emily and Kiri, we see the controversy behind the actual existence of Grayland. Everyone believes he existed, but whether or not he actually murdered hundreds of people is debatable. I think Kiri’s dream pretty much confirmed that Grayland was indeed a psychotic murderer and a pretty brutal one at that. It doesn’t show him being a mass murderer; although, I can see how stories like these get over exaggerated and passed down year over year. Not only that, but I still think being related to a murderer is not something that Kiri should be pride of.

Kiri makes a statement that he rather be a somebody (good or bad) than a nobody. I have a rough time agreeing with this philosophy because I think this just says you rather be known than invisible. It’s what a lot of teenagers or young celebrities suffer from and it’s sad to imagine that they rather be known for something bad (and possibly criminal) as opposed to just being average. Nothing wrong with being average, but I guess everyone likes to feel a little noticed and recognized. I do too, but not to that extent (and I definitely didn’t do anything bad in high school!). I feel as though Kiri’s desire to feel connected to Grayland (especially after Yamane said that she can see her ancestors in her dreams) had to be quite strong too for his killer instincts to kick in.

There’s also the secondary cast that’s getting a bit more screen time this episode and I’m afraid of how this is all this is going to end and tie together. There’s a lot of new concepts (like “created” killers and Kiri’s ability to inflict pain) and characters being introduced that won’t have time to serve any real purpose. It’s more of a teaser of what’s to come if Crime Edge got a second season.

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Episode 13

「―グレイランド・イズインザハウス―」 (―Gureirando ・izu in da Hausu―)
“―Grayland is in the House―”

That finale was rather… anticlimactic for Crime Edge and I was a little disappointed that there was no epic confrontation or battle. I thought the impact of Kiri meeting Grayland would’ve led to some form of epiphany for Kiri or inner struggle, but it seems like he’s just going to embrace it instead. The scene between Kiri and Iwai (and the hair cutting) looks like it’s supposed to create a drift between the two in terms of trust. The ending proved otherwise though and it seems like everything is back to normal. Kiri still cuts Iwai’s long hair and why was it that her hair stopped growing in the first place? Is it because she finally found peace with herself and now it’s grown back because she feels threatened again? I never quite understood that piece. However the ending was very abrupt and looks like they tried to tie it up neatly in case a second season doesn’t arise.

The scene in the bathroom seemed a little unnecessary for Emily/Iwai development. I understand that it’s supposed to be their bonding moment and a clear indication that Emily is no longer a threat to Iwai and Kiri… but it still feels out of place and rather toned down for a finale. The only part that hit a sweet spot had to be when Emily got to read her father’s diaries. I always figured that their father loved them both equally and I knew that Emily couldn’t have been jealous of Iwai for long (Iwai is too cute!). It would’ve been more beneficial (and probably more of a cliffhanger) to reveal the other “made-to-order” authors in the game. My understanding is that although Killing Goods can be passed down in the family (and through genetics), “made-to-order” authors are just as dangerous because they’re trained and handpicked to be the best by Gossip. What a scary controlling group; it reminds me of wealthy, bored, old people who have nothing better to do but toy with humans because they don’t see humanity in them anymore.

Speaking of Gossip…
My jaw hit the ground when Violet forced her lips onto Kiri! Why?! What does this even mean?! Okay, I know what it means… but that just isn’t acceptable. This isn’t a harem game! And if the author is headed down that path, I am very disappointed in the romance that has developed so far. I can understand the third wheel; Kashiko being the childhood friend route, but what does Violet see in Kiri? It must be the whole bada** persona (which I also fall for so I shouldn’t be a hypocrite) and now she’s the forth wheel. Seems like Violet’s definitely more of a contender for Kiri’s attention though… if a second season ever came around. It’s okay, Iwai still has my heart.

And what is this… a season two teaser?! I was pleasantly surprised that they would even suggest a second season since my impressions were that this anime didn’t garner a large following and ratings were pretty low. We’ll have to see how sales go. As for the very brief teaser images, there’s a lot of suggestive scenes with Kiri and Violet, as well as Houko and Kanae (not that no one saw that coming). I’m sure the old man will get some more screen time as well, although I’d like to guess that he’s related to Violet (grandfather perhaps and mastermind behind Gossip?). For a show about murderers and killing, I wish more authors were actually shown and defeated. There’s a lot of idle candidates that have yet to be revealed so it’d be interesting to see them and how they interact.

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Final Impressions

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge in a nutshell is an entertaining show that doesn’t take itself seriously. It follows the same tried and true formula and doesn’t have a lot of standout plot twists or story arcs, but it’s the characters that really bring the story to life. Each individual character has their own quirks and style that make it more memorable. Keep in mind though – this is a story about murderers killing each other so you can’t expect any of them to be very sane. The story can be funny, romantic, action-packed and awkward in one episode so don’t be surprised when certain scenes make you wonder how that came about. It’s hard to generalize Crime Edge into a certain genre since it touches a bit of everything. I loved seeing the romance develop between all the authors and their insteads; it’s different because of the circumstances that bring them together. I can’t say that it’s an epic story that’s dying for a second season, but there is a backstory that’s just surfacing and I think that’s where it becomes less formulaic and arc based.

Crime Edge wasn’t an anime that I had high expectations for, but it turned out to be worth the ride and the general consensus that I’m hearing is that everyone’s surprised by how it turned out. Keeping in mind that this isn’t going to be mind-blowing or life-changing, but it’s simply entertaining. The plot is easy to follow, and there’s not a lot of “thinking” involved because the answer’s usually handed to you within the same episode or the next. The animation also has quite a bit of censorship given that there is a lot of fighting and could be way more gruesome. Luckily there aren’t a lot of cheap scares and I would hardly label it as horror (thank god!). In the end, all I’m trying to say is – Kiri and Iwai are a cute couple that were brought together by a strange fetish, but don’t let that deter you from watching because things get way more complicated and interesting (and yes, possibly in a kinky way).


  1. Wonder how much censorship (both gore and skin) the BDs will remove. This series was at least interesting. If sales go well, we might get a second season, given the unresolved story and teaser images during the credits.

  2. This is how a character driven show is suppose to be, no bricks here. I tend to think it’s better to have show like this rather than confusing over-complex plots which are destroyed by bad writing & budget cuts. It also makes a bit of difference if the story is interesting in the first place.

    I really wouldn’t call this a diamond in the rough though, mainly because this season’s rough has been a black hole.

  3. First the finale is anticlimactic, then your jaw hit the ground. Make your mind up, Cherrie!

    And as for following the same tried and true formula, since when has “fetish of the week” been a tried and true formula? It makes Nana to Kaoru seem positively tame in comparison.

    1. Haha! Sorry, the only shocking part of that episode was the kiss =P everything else felt relatively flat.

      I find all the “kinky” and “fetish” stuff to be just fluff and decoration to a vanilla cupcake. If you strip away Kiri’s obsession with Iwai’s hair (which goes away after awhile), he’s really just a guy protecting a girl whom everyone wants to kill. And in the midst of it all, he falls in love with her. Everyone else just has a complex with their childhood or family or some unfulfilled desire – which to me, is predictable and that’s what I find formulaic.

  4. I’m assuming Violet is intent on using sex to gain control over Kiri. She is also a witch so I’m sure there is something of that involved.

    It was stated that the made authors come from people who have been made to murderer. Not exactly genetics. More like Lysenkoism.

  5. O M G, there better be a season 2 after all the teasing the animation studio showed in that Epilogue. Please for the love of anime, pull a Date A Live and confirm a Season 2 in production!

    The final episode obviously didn’t go for an anime original ending (YESSSSSSSSS!), but a cliffhanger. Leaving the possibility open for a season 2. Like I said above, make it happen please!

    Violet is trying to Netorare Iwai! I know it’s going to be hard to resist Kiri. Knowing myself, I would’ve gave up all resistance with just that kiss, I’m too weak >.< lol.

    Just like Cherrie, I was kinda confused at how Iwai pretty much got over how Kiri ravaged her hair so easily. That bathroom scene was fine though.

    What's not fine is the motherfucking censors! WHYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, all the way to the end you censor the anime -_-. Next time, go the Hyakka Ryouran route and have two versions, a censored and a non censored version!

    What happened to lolicon is justice?!

    Kiri’s resistance is failing!

    1. What’s not fine is the motherfucking censors! WHYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, all the way to the end you censor the anime -_-. Next time, go the Hyakka Ryouran route and have two versions, a censored and a non censored version!

      The BDs are completely uncensored, no colored filters, no black bar/white light/steam.

    2. Yes, I forgot to rejoice for the non-anime original ending. I usually hate it when they go off on their own, so I’m glad that this one didn’t and kept true to the manga. Judging by the sales though, I don’t think we’ll be seeing a second season (soon?) T_T

  6. This one definitely takes the cake when it comes to the most unique shows of the season,and in a good way – well,for some of us.I can definitely see some people being turned off by the different author/instead relationships but those who aren’t are in for a thrilling & exciting ride.I don’t think I was bored once throughout the entire show.I also really liked the BGM,it matched every scene perfectly!As for the animation,pretty damn good as well,especially during the dusks.And,and…okay I’m fanboy’ing too much so I’ll shut up now.

    At any rate,Crime Edge share’s my 2nd favorite spring anime spot with OreGaIru & Valvrare(I can’t decide which entertain’s me more ._.),right after Hataraku! and a 2nd season would be a blessing,but I’m not holding my breath on that…

    Thx for covering Cherrie!

  7. The episode title…. Grayland in the House!!

    The ending song is used fully this time! That voice….. 🙂

    A second season would need to be some time further along cause we just finished volume 5 chapter 1 and the story has 7 volumes in total. I don’t think it’s enough volumes for a season.

    This anime is unique. It’s bordering on explicit sexual stuff but doesn’t fully go there. I think it’s not too bad but depends on everyone’s taste. Would recommend to anyone to try first and see if they like it. 🙂

  8. This show was far from flawless and if I had to nitpick I could find plenty of things wrong with it. In a general sense, this show feels kind of amateuristic in certain ways.

    Still, I have a strange affection for it. It tried, at least. It has kind of grown on me, to be honest, so I’ll miss the adventures (?) of Kiri and Iwai. Not counting on a second season, to be honest (loads of shows have teasers at the end, but most of the time they don’t follow up on them) especially with the terrible sales. Kind of sad, but hey.

  9. I’m beginning to think that all the censoring was just an attempt to increase disc sales. This is especially true for episode 13. Honestly i didn’t find anything at all in this series worth censoring (besides the bath scene obviously). I mean it’s a marketing tactic that works VERY well. (just look at To love ru which i have a BIG beef with for doing this crap all the time) So hopefully it works again here so we get a second season cause i want to see more of what this show has to offer. I also want to hear more of Takanashi’s music for this sort of show :).

  10. A couple of things:
    1. The people Grayland cut up looked like they were already dead and covered with sheets. Grave robber, medical student?

    2. You see Witchie working on that kiss she’s giving him. A drug in the lipstick?

    Just wondering. Certainly open ended. I enjoyed this in a ‘shake my head, WTF?’ Kind of way.

  11. I think the show got better towards the end, where things got a little more frantic than the rest of the series, and that feeling extended a few episodes instead of the usual single episode or cliffhanger. That helped the tension grow a little. Emily really helped me get more interested in it (I’m not a lolicon… I don’t think :3). When the anime was reaching it’s final stages, everything got better. The animation I saw a much bigger jump in. Especially the fight between Kiri and Emily and when Kiri went berserk and attacked Emily. I really, really want a second season, besides, the anime is past the current chapter in the translated manga or at least whats available on the web. I’m not going to be satisfied without knowing the complete ending of the story, and I’d rather have the anime than the manga right now. SEASON TW0!!!! SEASON TWO!!!! SEASON TWO!!!!!

    Jackwagon Panda

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