「魔王と勇者、真っ当に仕事に励む」 (Maō to Yūsha, Mattō ni Shigoto ni Hagemu)
“The Demon Lord and Hero Do Some Good, Hard Work”

It’s only been a few hours and I’m already missing this series in my life.

After last week’s epic conclusion, it is only fitting that the true closer for Hataraku comes in the form of a quieter reflection like this one. This isn’t the sort of series that requires the wrapping up of large plot questions or otherwise tries to create extra drama by creating a last minute dilemma; it’s the type of show that wants to prove it’s story is not quite done yet (which it looks like it might not be, we’ll see), but isn’t necessarily making the commitment for an immediate return. It’s a bit more reserved of an episode compared to the last arc, true, and I’ve already heard that the slow, easy pace of it all felt somewhat disappointing to some, but I personally found this ending quite satisfying, though perhaps not spectacular. It’s still Hataraku’s strengths playing through, and I don’t think the purpose of this episode was to close a door on the series at all; it feels more like it was meant to linger for some time, like waiting in the rain for someone to bring you an umbrella (AKA, the much-anticipated second season).

That doesn’t mean this episode wasn’t funny. I think this is one of the best collections of facial expressions since the earlier episodes for one thing, and while Emi’s are priceless as always, Maou gets quite the share of his own too. Urushihara’s screw-up is hugely amusing considering he’s supposed to be a NEET, but it’s also great seeing Maou and Ashiya treat him like the child they’re raising together (which they really are). Watching Maou and the rest dutifully do something about the evil Ashiya unwittingly goes to work for is equally fun, and I have to say that the solution was hilariously domestic, considering that scammer was dealing with the Demon Lord and two of his generals, not to mention the Hero in tow. Chi-chan too milks the comedy out of her love for Maou at every moment, while Suzuno seems to have taken over as the concerned neighbor who unwittingly makes the other girls jealous. Even Sariel seems to have found something to do now that Maou’s failed to send him home, much to the chagrin of the manager.

All in all, this is the sort of episode that gives us a window into the character’s lives; it’s a way for the series to say “life goes on”, the sort of thing you wistfully hold warm to your heart before a farewell. And though things seem far from over, at the moment this is a farewell, and I can’t help but be crushed to say good-bye to the Demon Lord and Hero, if only for a while.


ED5 Sequence

ED5: 「ツマビクヒトリ」 (Tsumabiku Hitori) by nano.RIPE

Final Impressions

Even after twelve weeks or so (whoa have I really been here three months now?), I’m still amazed at how lucky I am to have gotten the chance to blog Hataraku Maou-sama!. It’s one of the series this season that no one expected anything substantial of, and it surprised with the force of an oncoming truck for those of us interested enough to give it a go. The premise is nothing mind-blowing, nor is the series really anything new to the anime world as a whole, but it excels at one very important thing: execution. Everything that Maou-sama! does it does well, whether it be voice acting, storytelling, comedy, art, fanservice, or anything else that tickles your fancy. The characters especially are hugely likeable and perfectly wonderful to watch interact, be it Ashiya’s housewife role or Emi’s loveable tsundere-ing and facial expressions. This is a show that doesn’t half-ass anything; it sets out to do something and it does it, and that’s what makes it so endearing. There’s no single category the series really fits comfortably into, and even for a comedy it constantly has some way of making the tried better, making it one of the best balanced series I’ve had the pleasure of watching for a long time. I think we can solidly commend White Fox for this excellent adaptation, and I’ll be waiting with bated breath for that second season, whenever it comes around. See you all then, and thanks so much for seeing me through my first series at RandomC!



      1. Ari Ari, don’t tell me after being beaten by Link so many times that he decided to give up and become an evil scammer in Japan instead. And as a bonus he decided to scam a Fallen Angel as a nice bonus. While Onee-sama in academy city was tricked when she was reallly young to give her DNA map, and can still be tricked now to buy some childish toy, I can’t imagine she would make the same mistake as Lucifer.

        Shirai Kuroko
    1. Dat Face kinda reminds me of Black(Star)Star after he and Death the Kid left Excalibur inside the cave after they couldn’t keep up with Excalibur’s absurd requests…

      1. Speaking of Excalibur Face, Emi herself also did one a while back, right after her initial encounter with James, when the afro convenience store worker with funny teeth (who also happens to slur his lines in a hilarious way) says as per store rules regarding the police, she’s required to stay behind until the police arrive to question her as a witness.


    1. Hipster Iskandar and Waver used to work in Ahnenerbe before Saber (which she said she would never wear a waitress outfit to Irisviel) became a waitress there with Ryougi Shiki and Arcueid.

      1. Hmm that’s interesting. Well I didn’t find that image so I can’t back it up with certainty, (hence the “looks like”), but I do know for a fact that the series is selling pretty well and that there’s a lot of material left to cover. I read some Japanese elsewhere that seemed to think it was possible (though it was 5AM and I am not that fluent in kanji so I could have just read wrong), but that’s weird that that image would be for Date A Live since I know for a fact that that series has already been confirmed for a second season rather than have it be “in development”. Not that it makes it Maou’s image either. Just curious. Well, here’s hoping those BDs will stimulate the interest and demand we need anyway!

  1. I completely agree with your final impressions Kairi. Thanks for blogging the show through the season. I really enjoyed watching and reading your posts. Crossing my fingers for a second season sometime down the road, though I don’t know how far this adaptation got through the novels and whether there’s enough material for another season.

    1. Not at all Chisel! I really enjoyed blogging it with you all! It was a lot of fun. ^^ There is definitely going to be a second season, it’s seems like it’s been announced. However, we don’t know when yet. I hope to see you again whenever that happens!

    2. There are 8 volumes of LN out now. This cour covered the first 2 & there were 1.8 fillerish episodes. If they keep this pacing (& they definitely should!), it would take about 50+ episodes to reach the end of volume 8. They could even spend most of a cour on volume 3 & 7 since they’re so long. Also the LN doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon. So yeah there’s plenty of material for several more seasons.

      1. The problem here is, the LN Material. Is it worth to use for the Anime? is it not a bit Boring for the Viewers? Or stretched to Long for this Show? Remember not all kind of LN Material is usable to bring into animation 🙂

      2. Volume 3 pretty much obliterates the first 2 volumes alone. These 2 volumes are more like a prologue or intro to the true story, while the meat of the story starts @ volume 3 & continues into 4 & 5 – which makes up the 2nd arc. If you compare 3-5 to 1-2 then 1-2 would be boring. Of course, the same can be said about 6-8, the third arc. This story only gets more interesting as it moves forward. But since it’s moving that way, I can only wonder if they can keep it up because 6-8 was truly incredible.

  2. I’ve been pondering why I liked Maou-sama so much. And aside from the obvious things (incredible facial expressions, great likable characters with interesting interaction, nicely animated action, good sense of humor) there is one thing I’d like to mention: The “small details”.

    Example: You may remember the scene when Emi spilled some milk while she was preparing her coffee. Suzuno saw it, also spilled some milk and did a fist-pump to celebrate her mimicking success.

    I remember that I missed this little detail on my first watch-through, but I was in stitches when I noticed it during my second. In fact, it is in order not to miss these little gems that I actually bother to rewatch it. I’m not rewatching 90% of the anime I follow.

    It shows how much love went into these small touches. Seeing Emi’s edges of her mouth just gradually point upwards, have her cheeks turn just a little bit redder than before and then seeing her twirl her umbrella has so much more HNNNNNGGGGGG power than having a KyoAni-Moeblob beam her football-sized eyes at me with a starry background.

    Whoever directed this show did a tremendous job.

    1. Absolutely, the little details are incredible. I especially loved how they came full circle and ended on two bits that started the series: the “khatsu dum,” and giving an umbrella.

      1. Couldnt agree more! I really really love it when the show pays so much attention to details and the ending went back to the whole premise of the show which shows the slice of life, working life of Maou and Emi! I loved it when Maou and Ashiya ordered the exact same food they first experienced in Japan, and I especially loved it when Emi was doing the usual, stalking Maou, till he got off his job but this time she offered him the umbrella instead.

        In the beginning they were strangers and didnt know each other’s true identity, going off to work and met at the other side of the intersection. Now after getting to know each other a lot more, it shows this time it was Emi offering an umbrella to him, heck even with a blush and umbrella twirling us a bonus for us all!

        We finally get to see the dere side to Emi’s usual tsundere and this blush wasnt due to embarrassment or anger, but that of joy.

        Here’s really hoping that they announce second season to this amazing series that never let me down in any episode. It started off great and ended great! Not many series can do that!

  3. This was a great show and I am pretty sure everyone is so glad it got blogged 😀
    You did an amazing job Kairi and we look forward to seeing you write Season 2 (It Must Happen!) and all other shows while at Randomc!
    Keep developing your great talents 🙂

    1. I agree~ The way she smiled and they showed her twirling her umbrella pretty much indicates she was really happy. It was pretty sweet moment~

      I’m all for Yusa x Maou!!! 😀

  4. Ah. Hataraku Maou Sama will be one of this season’s anime I will remember for a long time

    Hmm..the first purple-iris person we saw, Lucifer turned out to be an angel..
    The second one, Sarue later was another one.
    & in this episode, the smoking manager has purple eyes too. I wonder if that’s a hint? =p

    Anyway, I like the other subtle hints in this episode, especially the umbrella scene.
    Like Maou’s speck of hair rising up once under the umbrella, or Emi twirling her umbrella (happily?) at the end.
    Although it was originally supposed to be at the end of Ep.5 according to source LN,
    White Fox’s decision to push it to this episode was a nice story progression.

    The umbrella scene & Emi’s smile has me wondering though,
    Show Spoiler ▼

    On another note, where did this come from?
    I don’t remember seeing it in the episode..

      1. Not that I’m doubting you, Kairi, but what references did you use as research??
        I just don’t want to get my hopes on seeing a second season too high. =)

        On another note, I recall seeing that announcement screencap somewhere.
        That was inserted as the last segment of the last episode of Date-A-Live, right after some teaser scenes for the 2nd season of Date-A-Live in the finale episode itself.
        Its the exact same kanji (or kana?) 100%.

      2. Hmm, I tried reading some japanese threads on the subject, but that’s why I’m not endorsing it entirely; it was far too late to guarantee I read them right, so it could have been something like “I wish a second season was confirmed” and I might have read it like “A second season is confirmed”. I do know, from blu-ray counts, that it’s selling nicely, so that was a good detail to note. In any case, I still find it weird that was in DAL because I did see that was getting a season 2 for sure… But eh, oh well. I just borrowed the image because excitement. I can edit it out.

    1. Is this some random fan art or is it supposed to be a spoiler from the manga? Because if it’s the latter, I think I would have appreciated the spoiler warning..! 😛

  5. What can i say… This show is awesome and I hope to see more in the future! 🙂

    I don’t know why but i laughed at these disguises :


    This Chiho ending shot :

    The umbrella scene and the khatsudoom scene brings us back to the beginning and reminds us why this show is awesome!

  6. My favorite part in this episode was the after credits umbrella scene. Great proof that she’s getting closer to moau slowly. If you noticed, when he thanked her she blushed. And, she was shown twirling her umbrella. Hinting us that either she was happy or embarrassed. That was excellently done. Really, great directing.

    Waiting for the second season fingers crossed.

    And, Thank you very much Kairi, for Blogging Hataraku. It was a great ride.

    1. That’s like a throwback to the very beginning of when they first met in Hatagaya.
      The first time, Emi was brandishing a knife at him.
      This time, she’s silently blushing. =)
      & the double katsu-doom orders. That’s nostalgic.

      On the topic of great directing though, I just realised that a lot of us might have missed on a subtle hint. Maou always claims that he does not have enough magic power to return to Ente Isla. He then proceeds to create a portal to Ente Isla and threw Sariel in it, without entering it himself. What does that tell you?

      1. That portal was created with the left over magic from the fear Maou collected during the battle last week. He used the last remains of it to fix the buildings and get rid of Sariel, which is why when Sariel shows up again he can’t do anything about it.

  7. A show that makes my stomach hurt from laughter at 2 am in the morning screams win in my book! I remember episode 1 being the most pleasant surprise of 2013 spring season. After that, the show managed to keep me highly entertained throughout its whole run.

    Kairi, thanks for the great job blogging Hataraku; great work. Patience until a second season comes. Till then, see you in Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami Hen!

  8. Definitely need a 2nd season for this~

    It was one of the best, if not, the best show for this season in my opinion. It was one of the funniest comedies I’ve seen. And it had its fair share of awesome moments as well. The characters are all great individually and the chemistry is good too~

    I’m just hoping for more Emi x Maou in the future if they do go for a 2nd season. Their relationship is one of the most amusing yet sweet things around 😀

  9. My 16-year old self is imagining she was in Chiho’s place during her “nightmare” sequence 😛 and oh, who says everyone has had enough of near-naked, ripped Maou? Hence the pic in the ED sequence.

    Again, this anime will hold its place as the first that got me commenting in a blog that I used to just lurk in. Something that’s not too lightweight that I’d consider a waste of time, but not so heavy that watching every episode feels like an endurance test for the soul. Every character’s the very definition of “adorable” outside a KyoAni moeblob. Kudos to the author and anime writers alike for making(in my book at least) the best example of a tsundere in Emi; one that I’ll be willing to defend in all online fora. Though I do anticipate with trepidation the potential fan vitriol that a Season 2 might bring(because of oh-so-spoilery reasons) but anyways, bring it on!!

  10. With the ending of the 3 most awesome anime this season, namely hataraku, valvrave and oregairu. I have never felt this so much anime void on a single day (dear lord, my poor soul can’t handle this).

    The thing that I really like about this show, Is just on how well executed the comedy and character interactions are, just like how they did it in Steins; gate which is the thing I really love about that show, so kudos to White Fox on that. Hoping they succeed again with this one, and hoping to see another season of this bonkers anime.

    Awesome coverage Kairi-san, hoping to read more from you in the upcoming seasons.

  11. I enjoyed the series, but I felt that it went the Tamako Market path.
    Many interesting things were introduced in the story line, but never really followed up.

    The only thing I can think of is that the story may be/is about acceptance and forgiveness,
    that is, Emi forgiving Maou for his past (which would be a huge thing to overcome for
    anyone having their family killed), and Maou accepting his current circumstances and
    making the best of them.

    We learned a lot about Maou’s current personality, but with that info, I couldn’t connect
    the dots as to why he was so evil prior to arriving in Japan. If anything, Emi’s character
    was more consistent and credible throughout the series given her history. IMHO, the series
    tried to make it as though Maou would not have been evil if he was trated “better” on Ente Isle.
    This is in contrast to how his character (respectful of elders, caring, thoughtful) behaved
    in Japan. “Dark Lord” personalities don’t change in such a drastic way, but maybe it’s just me.

    Really like the ED music from the series 「月花」, nano.RIPE did a great job!

    Kairi – thanks for covering!

    1. Same here, i couldn’t really understand how a demon lord(SATAN at that, king of the underworld apparition) can change in a blink of an eye, it just doesn’t makes sense. Except if he just acting it out in order to prepare for a much sinister plan, i dunno. It really pisses me off that a demon is much more kind that an angel, why? AHHHH!

      I like the anime though, i just wish that season 2 would bring out more of the DEEP story. Well, this is a comedy anime, so what can i expect.

      Guyz, if anyone of you can tell me if Maou will be evil again or something like that, he’s SATAN afterall. PLEASE

  12. This spring was so rich on good shows and while I’m having a hard time(nearly impossible) deciding which is my 2nd favorite,Hataraku Maou-Sama! definitely get’s 1st place for me.This series was never even on my radar for some stupid reason(~Kukuku~I’ve learned to expand my narrow views this season though) and I started watching it after when 2 episodes were out. From that moment onwards,I’ve enjoyed nearly every second of it.I love character driven shows so much more than plot-driven ones and with such an excellent cast,it’s no wonder that I personally like this much more than other good & EXTREMELY POPULAR shows,such as Shingeki.Speaking of characters,I definitely think Maou Sadao has earned his place as one of the best characters of spring.For me he’s in 2nd place,right after Hachiman and with L-Elf closely behind him in 3rd place 😛

    As for the last episode itself,I wasn’t bothered that there wasn’t any major battle or development.As Enzo mentioned in LiA a few times,I also prefer it when Harataku learn’s more toward’s it’s comedic side than it’s action and/or romance one – but I find it even better when it mixes them.

    Lastly,congrats Kairi on your 1st completed series on RC and looking forward to you blogging the eventual 2nd season as well!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the series this much! (Also great taste on favorite characters, those are all in my top ranks this season. :3)

      I liked the reflectiveness of this episode as well. You need a breather episode at the end!

      Thanks a ton! I’ll gladly come back to cover season two, no questions asked! ;o

  13. Last week our heroes managed to defeat a corrupt archangel and banish him to the depths of hell (A McDonald’s freezer might as well be. All that evil fattening food…). This week they face the real final boss… Internet scammers! (In true Maou-sama fashion)

    There is no justice in this world if this doesn’t get a second season. This is easily the best show that I’ve had zero expectations for going into a season. I can honestly say that White Fox is starting to become one of my favorite studios with their work on Steins;Gate (super hyped for the movie), Katanagatari and now Maou-sama. Plus I’ve heard good things about Jormungand, though I haven’t gotten around to watching it.

    All that aside, congrats Kairi on your first completed series (with hopefully many more to come). You and Seishun have been really good additions to the RC blogging staff. I’m really looking forward to following your coverage on TWGOK.

    1. White Fox really has been proving themselves quite good at this; I’ll continue to keep an eye out for them from now on.

      Thanks Kuntzy, I’m really happy that you enjoyed the coverage! -^^- Glad to hear you’re looking forward to TWGOK, hopefully that’ll be just as much fun to cover!

  14. I enjoy the episodes, and I enjoy your writing about it too 🙂 After I watch an episode I find myself coming here to read this, and smiling as I recall the episode. Hataraku Maou-sama is officially one of my favorite anime ever, I hope there’s a season 2! Thanks for writing about it, too!

  15. This has got to be the comedy series of the season. It could have even been series of the season if it weren’t for Attack on Titan. Even then, it’s made all the more amazing considering there was little fanfare prior to its airing, or that Studio White Fox couldn’t finish drawing the OP and ED in time for episode 1 (final OP and ED only came out on episode 5 and 6).

  16. After getting his ass whooped by Maou and thrown thru a pseudo-gate, James ends up as an uber-masochist.

    Chi-chan is too cute in glasses. Maybe that’s why White Fox is trying to compensate for Emi by giving her more eyecandy service scenes.

    Maou (in ominous tone): How much did you pay em?
    Urushihara: Erm, 128 thousa-UMPH.

    Ashiya: OMG, I’ve been sent to do evil in a shady corporation!
    Emi: And why is a Demon General complaining about committing evil again? <— LMAO

    "That's for trying to one-up the evil Dark Lord in evilness!"

    It's cute to see Emi going dere by going out of her way to buy Maou a new umbrella, mirroring the scene in episode 1. I sure wouldn't begrudge the standard Maou x Emi end, though Maou x Chi-chan also has a great shout.

  17. what an awesome series, I am eagerly awaiting a 2nd season.

    Thanks Hataraku for making me laugh lot, thanks Emi for all the hilarious faces (no seriously if there was a category for that Emi would win this year undisputed)

    anf thanks Kairi for blogging it 🙂

  18. Thanks Kairi for completing this wonderful series. Probably in the 2013 Best Animes, this will probably win Exceeded Expectations and possibly Comedy if the summer/fall animes wont have better ones…

  19. Correct me if I’m wrong, when Emi said that Maou could use ‘cooling off’ to deal with the bastard, does that mean that since Urushihara is 18 years old, he technically has no income, so whatever he actually buy exceeds his earnings . Maou can just return the goods that he bought? Doesn’t that mean that Maou can actually return the spy equipment that Urushihara bought without having to pay anything?

  20. Aww, I’ll miss this show. Most seasons tend to have shows that I’m not expecting anything of going in, but end up among my favourites, and this show was this season’s pick.

    Because, yes, execution is what made this show. It knew it didn’t have the most original plot in existence, so it just went with making a tremendously enjoyable show with great comedy, fun characters that really grow on you and a good sense of timing. I also appreciate that they were able to strike a balance between the comedic and the more serious elements; if there’s anything I dislike, it’s overblown drama in a comedy. All its elements fit neatly into place however, which really caused this show to be one of those that I look forward to every week, and one that firmly landed itself a place in my top three of the season.

    And yes, gief season 2! This show deserves one.

  21. chiho had a dream maou was leaving for esta isla but give maou can’t due magic limit cause fix the building & take out trash dump fallen sfc guy to a portal which ta-da end-up in mcronald’s freezer then trying get maou’s female boss til call the cops!!!

    emi had similar dream with maou rule it all to avoid greenland then go check to see til maou’s loyal sidekick need private meet then notice of maou’s need different scked & etc cue emi & chiho to spy in give maou doing construction work cause all need extra pay for neet-lucifer tracking device.

    then uh-oh lots of boxes cause neet-lucifer over buy of 128,000 of junk give go the place find maou’s sidekick is there too fill all in yea they got scam & almost uh-oh til emi found loop-hole give they put neet-lucifer as 18yrs & being their guardian make cooling off clause with no need pay 128,000 yen.

    all good everything fine life goes on as usual end-up maou get umbrella from emi due to from before all fine on it.

  22. This…… did not feel like a finale. I suppose they simply adapted whatever followed the last arc by this point in the manga. Following the protagonists try and sort out a purchasing scam isn’t exactly what I call a grand send-off. This is one reason I hope they make another season, because this show is SO, very, very good!

    1. The original material are the Light Novels, not the manga. LN is wayyyyyyyyyy ahead of manga in terms of story development, both the raw or translated versions of the manga.

  23. Sad to see this series go. As a casual anime fan, this is one series that really me looking forward every week. Despite the other shows out there, I always looked forward to Maou-sama and what his crew of people would bring to the table with their weekly antics.

    Having taken a peek at illustrations from novels, the future (future arcs) looks bright!

    Thanks Kairi for covering this series!

    1. She’s a Kyuudo Club member (Japanese Archery, Westerner pulls arrow below while Japanese ones pulls arrow above)

      Judging by her shots, she’s quite accurate. Though, her shots on Sadao’s heart often misses…

  24. This was the dark horse of the season for me, just watched due to boredom one day and was hooked easily up there with Shingeki No Kyojin as the best shows this year so far.

  25. The premise is nothing mind-blowing, nor is the series really anything new to the anime world as a whole, but it excels at one very important thing: execution. Everything that Maou-sama! does it does well, whether it be voice acting, storytelling, comedy, art, fanservice, or anything else that tickles your fancy.

    Well said.

    And may I add, the superb genre-savviness of this series, it’s as though the author and VAs know exactly when to get serious and when to break the fourth wall and laugh at themselves.

    Another high point is the great timing of ad-libs by the VAs, according to sources, Hikasa Youko and Shimono Hiro were the main culprits.

    Most of the screaming and sobbing Emi did while attempting to enter Maou’s flat in episode 2 was actually unscripted, making the scene all the more funnier and cuter.

    And of course, there’s Hikasa Youko’s well-known flat-chest complex. You can almost hear it in Emi’s despair everytime she looks at Chi-chan’s well-endowed bust.

    1. Please tell me that Lucifer’s “fried chicken” remarks were ad-lib. I can’t stop thinking of Hiro Shimono’s fried chicken advertisement everytime Lucifer talks about fried chickens

  26. This show has been my personal favorite of the season. And I loved how the ending, though not extravagant by any means, stayed true to the integrity of Hataraku Maou-sama! while also coming full-circle with that post-credits scene to emphasize the character development in our two leads. Its been a pleasure following the blog posts and other comments for this series.

  27. dark horse of the season…pure fun for the whole family…perfect blend of comedy, romance, and action…10/10 would follow for season 2…hopefully there will be one…

  28. When I first heard about this series I wasn’t sure what to think about it. It sounded rather odd, but I’ll admit that I kinda liked the idea of it. So I had to at least check it out. Then I came across the manga adaption and I actually liked it. I was one of the few that was really excited for the anime series.

    I wasn’t sure if other people would like it though. To be fair the manga is good but not great. So I was pleasantly surprised to find such positive feedback toward the anime. It’s a solid fun series and it deserves to be well received. It also deserves a second season.

    It was one of my absolute favorites this season and I’m sad to see it go.

  29. Gaahhh!!! And once again, we’re at that time where we’re seeing 3-4+ series we’ve been watching/enjoying having their titles put up on sites with [END] or [FINAL] next to the episode number! =(

    Now we have to wait 1-2 years before Season 2s (if any) come along. T_T

  30. Thanks Kairi for your review of the series. I love Hataraku Maou sama! and I honestly am gonna miss it, I hope there’s a second season. This season of anime ended with many great animes.

  31. But, wait…I won’t be able to see dear Ashiya???? But, he just got better too after being sick for so long?!?! AWWWWWWWWW NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maou-Sama was a great and wonderful surprise. From the little details to the mundane moments, from the fun and adorable main cast to the staff making this series happen, this was one of those series I wish would go on and on. A bow to White Fox for another great few months of fun. I’ll be cheering for another season SOON (Please???)
    Thank you Kairi for blogging this gem!

  32. Please make the Season 2 teasing epilogues stop T-T! It’s like every show I like has to tease with a cliffhanger and show how awesome a Season 2 would be through the Epilogue. Only 2 shows actually confirmed their Season 2, Valvrave, which everyone already knew about that, and Date A Live, which I didn’t expect it to have a Season 2.

    Now we got the unconfirmeds like Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, Oregairu, Karneval (omfg please Season 2!), and this!

    Well enough about how this season of anime is full of 2nd season teasing >.>

    Ganon came to show how being a real Demon Lord is done, by scamming people for a living! I must ask this though, is 18 really considered being a minor in Japan lol?

    Miki T just completely disappeared forever apparently, but that might not be a bad thing since she is in possession of weapons of mass destruction.

    I’ll miss seeing all the hilarious facial expressions Chiho makes ;p. It’s a shame we never really got to see her archery in action except for in the OP and Epilogue ;/.

    I enjoyed this anime even though 13 episodes is waaaay too short. Whatever happened to just continuing to 24 episodes instead of waiting for the other 12 episodes to come out who knows when?.


  33. Kinda funny how both Hataraku Maou-sama and Oregairu ended with an extra ep. And both female leads that rarely shows their dere side, did it in these extra eps also. Both shows happens to be my favorites this season. Ah, so much coincidences, not that i mind.

    1. At least Hataraku Maou Sama has a strong possibility of a season 2 soon (hopefully). Oregairu only has 1 volume (so far) that hasn’t been adapted . Gaaah I want season 2 for both!

  34. First off… Congrats on your first anime series blog on RandomC!

    I just recently finished all 13 episodes and I was glad to have watched this. I got interested in the series when I start reading your blog and even today I wonder why I didnt started watching this when you first started blogging it? I guess with all the shows this seasons (Gargantia, Valvrave, MJP, AoT, etc.) it is kinda easy to miss this series and being busy its hard to balance it out.

    Personally this is my anime of the season and possibly my anime of this year and I am glad you blogged this series!

    Here’s hoping for a second season and also was anyone in the mood for ‘katsudum’ after the series is over?

  35. EMI X MAOU !!! It’s been 10 episodes since the last time I shipped Maou x Emi so hard until Chiho came up… But now, this show’s Ending is ‘SAIKOU’~! xD

    Red HeartGold
  36. they must have a season 2!! they must! and that ending pic of Maou… oooohhh… thanks for the fanservice! =D

    thanks, Kairi for blogging. i enjoyed all your posts on this anime. it makes me feel happy that there r ppl out there who r watching the same things as i am, and it’s nice to read your posts and subsequent comments… we’re all sharing that “waku waku” feeling after each great episode!

  37. You nailed it on the head Kairi when you talked about execution being this show’s strongest point (Emi crying after getting locked out is still one of the most well executed scenes for me. Suzuno circling a flat screen TV is cutely executed too). Also, I like how White Fox managed to insert bits of comedy in some serious situations, like Suzuno blushing during her fight with Maou, and Ashiya advising Maou on monthly sales even after getting wounded to name a few. Here’s hoping for a second season as well, hopefully some Rika x Ashiya moments, and maybe a bit more of Emerada(love her voice). She developed a major habit of buying sweets from Japan, which I think was only addressed here now when Emerada said she was getting fat(that was a pretty good insert of comedy too in a rather serious conversation with Emi).

  38. Putting the umbrella scene at the end of S1 (yes, I am expecting an S2, and more) was a great move on the director’s part. Not that he needed to prove how awesome he is.

  39. my very first time commenting on a blog where i only read it, never ever in my history i commented. but this is to show my appreciation to this show (i would even buy it’s DVD when i have enough money) that has given an incredible experience for 3 months, really really waiting here for season 2 and hope it will be even better that the 1st season


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