「だから、彼らの祭りは終わらない」 (Dakara, Karera no Matsuri wa Owaranai)
“And Their Festival Doesn’t End”

For a bonus episode, I’m a little ashamed to say that this may have been my favorite episode out of the whole season. Amongst the stellar pacing, really good art at times, and reintroduction of some sorely missed characters there was still enough room for the Hachiman we all known and love to shine. It makes you wonder — why couldn’t have all the other single-story episodes have been this good?

Before we get started, don’t be fooled! Even though this episode occurs chronologically after last week’s episode, it doesn’t do anything about that giant hole last week’s ending left with us. That and what happened to the fact that everyone should have a shared hatred for Hachiman and the way he handled Sagami?

But brushing all that aside, this episode was just plain fun to watch. Not only has it been ages since we’ve seen Zaimokuza but when you pair him up with someone just as crazy as him like Ebina the two bring a whole new energy to the show. Chuunibyou or BL, the integration of their two passions turned the normally boring athletics festival into something totally awesome. From anime-inspired armor to dirty BL jokes, there wasn’t a dull moment in sight. But the kicker in this last episode was definitely watching Hachiman use Zaimokuza’s over-exaggerated personality to his own gain. I mean, a chubby guy who’s acting like he’s a power ranger getting beat up? Who wouldn’t be distracted by it?! But then to actually become the decoy while giving Zaimokuza the cover he needed to get passed enemy lines was probably even better. Sure Hachiman’s tactics may have been borderline cheating but you have to give it to him with how clever he was!

All in all though it was a great episode in my opinion. Even though there wasn’t anything too serious going on, I’m sure everyone got a laugh out of it somewhere. Be it Shirashi Minoru taking the role as an announcer once again, Saika getting guys left and right to fall for his looks, or Zaimokuza becoming one of the manliest guys in the series — the writers somehow managed stuffed everything you’d want into a single episode. Now where’s that OVA?


Final Impressions

Boy, where do I start on this? After a season of shows like Shingeki no Kyoujin and Railgun S2, who would have thought that one of my favorites would end up being Oregairu? While it may have had a rough start in the beginning — be it the derp pacing or the janky art during full body scenes — the series made a big comeback once it got passed all those basic stuff.

Enter, Hikigaya Hachiman, the hero we deserve but not necessarily the one we need right now. Corny batman quotes and gifs aside, he is probably one of the most complex characters I’ve watched in quite a while. While I wouldn’t go out of my way to say that he’s the most realistic character I’ve seen (because I don’t think even the most cold hearted of us can go to the lengths he does), I’ve probably sympathized with him more than anyone before. He’s been in all the awkward situations where he ends up the loser. He’s been the butt of jokes and the outcast that no one likes. He understands that the world is not a friendly place nor is it one that will reward you for simply getting results even though that’s all it asked for. All of which were things that I personally tried to foolishly hold onto when I was back in High School.

At the same time, he’s also shown that even after having a rough childhood and choosing to life a certain way, that he’s capable of still changing and adapting. Comparing his attitude toward everything from episode one to episode thirteen, it’s clear that he’s slowly opening up to those around him. Be it trying different things like acknowledging that nice deeds may not only be just out of responsibility or just plain asking someone to be his friend — it relieving to know that he’s grown somewhat throughout the season. Because even though some of the more cynical watchers out there may believe that him staying true to his original path would’ve been the best choice, I’m a firm believer in learning from your experiences. And if there ever was an example of someone continually learning from their past, Hachiman would be it.

But without a strong supporting cast, I’m sure that Hachiman wouldn’t have been as awesome of a character as he’s become. And while you could argue that almost everyone in the show has served a bigger purpose than just being someone to populate the background, I’m sure most of you would agree that Yukino and Yui are the two more important. While Yui may have been there just to make it feel like someone in the show still has some sort of emotion within them, she did play a huge role in helping Hachiman understand certain things that words alone would never explain. In Yukino’s case, you could say she’s the one who instigated everything. By being someone who could share his point of view yet still have a completely different outlook, she was like the guide who helped Hachiman escape the hole that his pessimistic thinking dug him into. And with the two of them serving as completely different ends of the spectrum, I whole heartily believe that together they have the ability to really enlighten Hachiman.

Seeing how I’m reaching close to a 1,000 words, let me end on this — you should watch this show if you haven’t yet. It’s not a show that’s going to change the world nor is it one that’s going to take the anime of the year. But it is a show that will really get you emotionally involved because of just how close it resembles that inner you who tries to keep you as safe as possible. And when you really start to think about it, how would your life be if you tried living like Hachiman?

tl;dr – Give this show a shot and you’ll make yourself and Takaii happy. Hachiman is anime’s Dark Knight. Yukino and Yui are awesome. Don’t fall for traps even if they’re beautiful. Imouto in this show is awesome even though she gets no air time.

tl;dr because the first tl;dr was too long – I want a season two! Hachiman is batman.


  1. I am vengeance… I am the night… I. Am. HACHIMAN!

    In all seriousness, I will miss this show so much. It has been a long time since an anime had me sitting on a webpage hitting refresh over and over to see if the subs were up…

    Anyway, season 2 please? The Hachiman will needs to rise again.

  2. The show wasn’t too bad, but I disliked two of the main characters being of the “I’m so awesome I know what I do and I’m never wrong” type. The way they think so highly of themselves, the fact they never consider changing their behavior and yet for some reason everyone still gets friendly with them.

    I was expecting this anime to show how people like these either try to adapt to their society by lying, or simply try to make friends with people who share similar thoughts, but instead it got “I hate everyone and I think I’m the best, but that doesn’t matter because everyone will still come to me.”

    Other than that, it was fun to watch despite the many holes still remaining at the end.

    1. 8chiman is anything but thinking highly of himself. And for being the “I’m so awesome i know what i do and i’m never wrong” type, I can see why you said those but i have to disagree wholely

    2. Uhmm, how should I put it? .. I think “Never Wrong” is not exactly how these 2 MC view their opinion.. It’s just that they are confident about it.. Why? Well, they can always present some facts to support their argument..

      “The way they think so highly of themselves, the fact they never consider changing their behavior and yet for some reason everyone still gets friendly with them.”

      You realize that this show focuses on social issues and that the people around them (e.g. Hayato) are good at dealing with others, right?

      “I was expecting this anime to show how people like these either try to adapt to their society by lying, or simply try to make friends with people who share similar thoughts, but instead it got “I hate everyone and I think I’m the best, but that doesn’t matter because everyone will still come to me.” ”

      Can’t blame you for your expecations because that’s how other stories/shows deal with these issues. In other words,(correct me if I’m wrong) a cliche.. but I have to disagree with the quoted one.. It’s not like their social circle, other than Saika and Zaimokusa(who is already friends with Hachiman for a long time), have grown considerably that our MC’s can actually think that people will still come to them despite doing nothing in improving themselves.. As I’ve already said, the people around them are good at dealing with others.. It’s not like they’re friends..

      Dunno if your impression about this show is wrong or you just didn’t understand its worth..
      But I’m glad that you had fun.. 🙂

    3. So basically, saying “I liked this but I found that bad” on this site is enough for everyone to hate you. I didn’t even state facts, just an opinion.

      I guess I’ll keep posting only positive stuff on the shows I like, since you know, the simple idea of not liking something is wrong apparently.

      Thanks for the constructive replies, at least some people know how to argument.

    4. I just found your opinion wrong in some aspects but it’s not like I hate you.. In fact, I didn’t “disliked” your post..

      Just a suggestion.. Next time, before stating your opinion, try to get it right and not just some post about “I don’t like how this show bla bla bla end up being bla bla bla” without having a proper basis..

      and I have to quote the comment before mine
      “I can see why you said those but i have to disagree wholely”

      “Wholely”.. Yeah, that’s because there’s really something wrong with your post..

    5. @Chirisazame:
      Thumb down doesn’t always mean hate. You don’t have to take it to such extreme. They might be just simply disagree with you. If you don’t think your opinion is wrong, then no need to feel bothered by those numbers. I disagree with your pov on the anime, but doesn’t mean i hate you. These things are different from people to people after all.

    6. Second what m0ng & Takurannyan posted. At least for me, “up” vote = agree with post and “down” vote = disagree. It’s not surprising that critical/negative comments are more likely to get “down” votes than positive comments given that the vast majority of readers are fans of the show. Providing a well reasoned, substantiated rationale goes a long way into offsetting that. Broad reaching, unsubstantiated statements are going to be down voted a lot. People have commented on the Yahari’s sub-par visual quality and been “up” voted much more than “down” voted. In short, it’s OK to criticize, but you should have a valid reason for doing so and understand that even then, some hard core fans may “down” vote no matter what.

      FWIW, I also do not agree with your comments and here’s why:

      …I disliked two of the main characters being of the “I’m so awesome I know what I do and I’m never wrong” type. The way they think so highly of themselves, the fact they never consider changing their behavior and yet for some reason everyone still gets friendly with them.

      Both make self-praising statements at times (Yuikino IMO more than Hachiman), but to me your statements simply go too far. While Hachiman is confident in his opinion, I wouldn’t say he thinks he is “awesome” by any means. He’s painfully aware of his social standing (or lack thereof). Twice, he wonders whether he subconsciously thinks Hayato is his superior. Frankly, I’m impressed that he hasn’t been beaten down mentally to the point of having little more than a shred of self respect given his situation.

      IMO, Hachiman certainly understands that he isn’t always right. His recollections are filled with times he was wrong about interpreting another persons statement or actions (particularly girls). A good portion of the time, he loses to Yukino during their verbal sparring. If he claims “I’m he source on that”, well, he pretty much is given his experience. Most of all, rather than “everyone” getting friendly with him, it’s more like the opposite. He’s not completely friendless as he claims, but he’s still the most unpopular person in the school.

      Yukino is certainly confident, perhaps arguably at times to the point of arrogance, yet I don’t think it’s fair to say she always believes she is right. During the festival committee “arc”, towards the end she realized she couldn’t do it all on her own and accepted help. Furthermore, as noted above, rather “never consider changing their behavior” she’s expressly done so. Haruno states in EP 12, that it was the first time Yukino asked her for a favor. The way she interacts with Yui is also evidence of her willingness to change. Lastly, apart from Yui and Hachiman (though he and Yukino may be reluctant to acknowledge the fact), I don’t recall Yukino making any other friends. She may be well respected, but that’s not the same as everyone wanting to be her friend or even acting friendly towards her.

  3. I totally agree with you, this was one, if not my favorite episode of this series. It focused too much on the depreciation of the male protagonist, it’s refreshing but I think that there was too much of it. We need some comedy!

  4. I loved this show so much, Hachiman has bought his ticket into being in my list of male protagonists that I love and have had an influence on me as a viewer. Great show, great review, I enjoyed each episode, it was a fun ride. Now I could only hope to get more of the season, and to pick up where we stopped last, episode 12 still pains me to look at at. Thanks Takaii for your review on the series. I wouldn’t describe myself as a 100% Hachiman, but rather one of the shades of his charecter.

    There’s one line that struck me because I always used it, and it kind of what made episode 12 feel so relevant to myself, ‘even if I went, I will be only be standing alone in some corner of a room, I’d feel bad for ruining the mood by being like that” spot on lol, regardless of that, episode 12 feels so relative.

    Thanks again!

    Cheers, M.

  5. This is such a great show. Totally unexpected ending up being my favourite anime of the recent time.

    Hachiman, becoming the most hated man in the world for the greater good, because he can take it.

  6. Never thought before that Ebina & Zaimokuza could be great pairing.

    Anyway, for me, this one is one series in this season that I want to watch most. The dialogues are well-written, some scenes are cleverly subtle, and Hachiman’s thoughts and actions are very interesting to watch. If I could criticize, probably it has quite low production values.

    Can’t wait for the OVA, I hope it’s going to be as good as this episode, at least.

  7. What can I say?When I think about this show,the 1st thing that comes to mind(and stay’s there) is Hachiman.He totally has my vote for MC of the year(of course,that depends on the other 2 seasons).This is an anime that makes you wonder: “What if I didn’t try to keep a part of myself hidden just for appearance’s sake?” – in some cases it might worked,but in some(maybe most?) not,I know it wouldn’t have worked in my highschool years.

    Still,if there’ll ever be a 2nd season(please,PLEASE,PLEASE let there be one)I think this show can do more than what it did here,and probably should too.It could take a more dramatic approach as it get’s ever so closer to drawing a conclusion.They have a lot of potential here and have set themselves up nicely for a 2nd season so it’s really a shame if we won’t get one.At any rate,assuming we get a S2 I think it should follow Haganai’s example that managed to keep all the goodness of S1 while also taking a bit more serious approach to move things along.

    Also,thanks Takaii for blogging this!See you in Monogatari!

  8. too bad because i heard they ran out of material for a ss2 (iirc the LN currently is on 7th volume, while the anime already covered up to vol.6) :((. I think there won’t be a ss2 anytime soon

  9. i lived a hachiman’s life style and even joined a loner’s club, and years later, still a dark loner. so i know how his path would have gone. therefore i would argue that shizuka-sensei makes and also forces hachiman to be different from us common loners and is the catalyst for a great show like this haha. if only we all had a sensei like that when i was younger. lmao

  10. Looking at my list of high school romcom anime and their respective MC’s, it’s safe to assume that (at least for me), There’s Hachiman–and then there Is everyone else. A rare, noteworthy protagonist that can pretty much carry the show by himself and then adding Oregairu’s take on the HSromcom, this anime is just so refreshing to watch. Season 2, where?

  11. Quality went to sh*t for the last episode (At least I thought so. Art went pretty wonky at times and the only really animated part was Zaimokuza doing the Homer Simpson). Honestly, if this doesn’t get a season 2, I firmly place the blame on Brain’s Base. The content absolutely carried the show but the art was decent to just plain bad most of the time and there was tons of rushing. I guess the rushing part is more Geneon Universal’s fault though since they’re the guys who mostly funded the show and cheaped out for 13 episodes instead of 24-25. If the art and pacing were better, I honestly wouldn’t have any doubts that this would’ve sold around the same range as Oreimo s2 (which sold roughly 19,000 units blu-ray/dvd combined)

    tl;dr Watari Wataru is friggin’ awesome. Brain’s Base (at least for this show) not so much.

    Yukinon was pretty darn cute now that she’s pretty much opened up to Hachiman and Yui. Getting subtly jealous of Shiromeguri-senpai by telling her she doesn’t need to associate with Hachiman when she was getting to close, and of course, let’s not forget that blush.


    Thanks Takaii for the coverage of, in my opinion, the best show of the season (art notwithstanding). I look forward to seeing your impressions of the almighty Akiyuki Shinbou’s work on the Monogatari second season.

    1. Welp… my expectation of a second season have been almost shattered.

      First volume sold about 9,000, which would usually be a good sign. However, it also only had 1 episode which tends to sell a lot more than the two episode ones. It’s also half the price so less money made.

      For reference, Anohana sold 30,000+ on its first volume and sharply dropped to about 15,000 (this is first week only, I can’t recall final numbers) for the rest of the volumes. So yes… f*ck.

      Oh and there was also a 150 page LN bundled with vol. 1, so even more incentive to get that first volume.

  12. I didn’t think much of the show when I looked at the first episode, but thank g*d I followed the three episode rule. This is the best slice of life/rom-com(maybe) of the year and maybe even the best show.

    One point I want to make about Hachiman. He was starting high school with the intent of recreating himself. He didn’t want to continue to be a loner and was taking a positive attitude towards being able to fix his social situation. The accident destroyed his hopes and his chance at that which has led him to the Haichiman we see. Disillusioned, pessimistic and cynical on the surface. Underneath is something else. If he was the kind of person he thinks he is, he would never do the things he does (to the point of harming his chances fix his social standing) to help people.

  13. Art-wise, average to painful. But even if it lacked in this department, I thoroughly enjoyed the series, and the replay value is great. The story carried this anime and I actually saw myself in Hatchiman during my younger years… Although I have to admit I’m still have the tendency of going lone wolf.

    Rom com wise, he’s one of the best MCs I’ve seen in a long time.

  14. One of those completely unexpected great series D:
    art was good (what u talkin about guy above), didn’t have too many problems with pacing imo, amazing lead male…
    I just wanna know how much better is the novel?

    1. If you’re asking for the main plot, then generally the anime is on par with the novel. But, the anime did cut out a lot of the side ‘arcs’, like Hachiman’s date with sensei, and Hachiman’s expanded ‘date’ with Yukino. Some of the stories foreshadows what Hachiman will do later on in the novels. But generally speaking the anime hasn’t let the LN down.

  15. After episode one, I posted: Right now, this is at the top of my list for this season…I didn’t once think of Haganai when watching this, and that isn’t a bad thing at all. Yahari Ore no Seishun has its own unique charm – one which so far I like just as much as Haganai. It’s only one episode, but I can’t help but reset my expectations for the show to “high”

    Twelve episodes later, nothing has changed – except I probably should have said “very high” in terms of expectations. Yahari delivered on all fronts: a strong cast of main of main characters; complex and fluid relationships; and a plot involving RL issues which doesn’t shy away from the darker truths without ever becoming too dark. In fact, rather than too dark, I thought the show was consistently funny with at least one LOL moment per episode.

    The main characters are the show’s greatest strength IMO. Not only interesting, but they go beyond their generic stereotypes. All have the appropriate depth I think is critical for this type of show to succeed. The end result was a show that was not only entertaining, but provided for some meaningful afterthought. For example, EP 12 sparked significan discussion regarding Hayato and his view towards Hachiman and his methodology. Even now, I’m still trying to figure out what to think of Haruno.

    Hachiman alone is a huge breath of fresh air in what seems to be an increasingly stale male lead role. He’s is one of the more intriguing characters I’ve watched in quite some time. Despite being perceptive about human nature, he still ends up hugely unpopular – oddly to his own satisfaction. He’s unable to make friends with his classmates, yet has a relatively “normal” relationship with his sister (and from what I can tell, the rest of his family as well). He’s also highly entertaining. His “mental commentaries” were hilarious – especially concerning Shizuka sensei. For me, Hachiman is what makes Yahari as good as it is. I can’t remember the last time I thought that about a male rom-com lead. In fact, he’s one of my favorite anime male leads period.

    That being said, I agree completely with Takaii in that Yukino and Yui play a large part in making Hachiman the star of the show. They are great foils for him on both an intellectual and emotional level. Hayato deserves mention well for his for his role as the “anti-Hachiman”. It’s easy to dismiss a character like Hayato, but as noted above, he’s not simply another generic highly popular nice guy. I was impressed by his open mindedness and willingness to play the “bad guy” role during the second camp episodes. Also, within limits, he’s still friendly towards Hachiman despite their opposing outlook on life.

    My only real complaint is that I found the pacing a bit uneven, and overall, too fast (except for EP 07-08). There were a few times the story presentation seemed compressed. IMO Yahari should of had a predetermined 2-cour run like Sakarasou. A relatively minor complaint is the overall visual quality. I’d call it “adequate” rather than good or better. Even so, for me such faults are not nearly enough to overcome all of the show’s positive qualities. Yahari ends up at the top of my list for this season.

    IMO, Yahari not only deserves a second season, but needs a second season. In that aspect, I think it does share one similarity to Haganai. At the end of Haganai season one, rather than thinking “there’s more to the story”, my impression was “the real story had just begun.” It’s the same with Yahari. Season two can’t come fast enough for me.

    Takaii, thanks for blogging another great show.

  16. (or RuriNeko or TheNewHorde or whatever name I go by now. *cough* the opening theme was too inspirational, had to use that name)

    I don’t personally think Hachiman strayed from his path. He certainly changed, but I believe he kept true to his ideals since episode 1. He may have open up more and spoken to more people, but it’s not like he was going to push people away if they come to speak to him directly. The entire premise is set that he was put into a situation that people have to come and speak to him (the counseling club), so even if it was under a different preset where he never entered the club, he would’ve still helped people if others were given reasons to approach him.

    Overall, this is definitely in my opinion, best show of the year. I liked this through and through and thought Hachiman represented the best of loners and what we non-social butterflies ought to all strive for in life. Most of what needs to be said were all already written in the review, so I will simply end it with “Yui-chan and Yukinon~ MOE!!!”

    *insert random drawing I drew of Yui and Yukinon*

  17. Dang, too bad the last episode has a lot of derpy art.

    I think calling this episode the best episode of Oregairu is stretching the praise too far, since without the Hachiman distorted problem solving(tm) Oregairu will lose it’s uniqueness and awesomeness (This episode also had it, but isn’t used for something grand :p). I find the previous episode was good (especially due to a lot of brilliantly used implicit contents), though probably I understand if it’s considered as a hole due to different expectation.

    9/10 series and the best MC of the season. Would wait for the second season even though the wait will be around 2 years++.

  18. There was 3 references I spotted, the obvious being Saber, there was a G Gundam reference, but I forgot what the 3rd one was lol.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Saika is doing this on purpose! He’s using his trap power for his Nakama. In this scene we see Saika warming up and preparing his trap card! Flawless Victory >:3

    If Oreimo can get a second season, the vastly superior Oregairu with the definitive version of imoutos can get one too!

  19. LOL Hachiman “Somebody’s watching me”
    Saika going full moe was too much for Hachiman… Yui and Yukinon, you both might be too late…
    I truly second the idea of Zaimokuza X Ebina ship. As I support their mutual support of Saber armor!

  20. “And thus, Yahari comes to an end, setting the stage for Bakemonogatari 2”

    I thoroughly enjoyed this series all the way. Fell un love with it on the first episode. Ong all of the male leads I’ve seen thus far, Hachiman sits at the top.

  21. What if Hachiman does end up swinging that way?

    I don’t recall him responding to girls all that much, but he blushes and smiles a lot around Totsuka.

    That would be a hilarious conclusion to a messed up romantic comedy

  22. Loved how Zaimokuza cosplayed as Hiei from YuYu Hakusho (who as Tomokazu Sugita said was the model of chuunibyou sufferers everywhere even before the syndrome was named) since Hiyama Nobuyuki voiced both characters.

  23. I haven’t watched this episode yet, but I just want to thank you for introducing me to this series, Takaii. This ended up being the only show I follow this season.

    Gotta agree on the supporting characters though. They really did help Hachiman shine. They showed contrasting points of views that really makes it fun to watch. And for some reason none of them are truly hate-able. Even ended up pitying Sagami after episode 12 ended.

  24. Great review of the series. But i think you forgot to mention one of the most important characters in the series: Shizuka Hiratsuka. She set every event into motion in the series by getting hachiman in the volunteer club. As a result she asked him to do all kinds of stuff where he’s forced into all kinds of social happenings. And thus is largely responsible for Hachiman’s ‘growth’

  25. Wow… I watched this because I ran out of Oreimo material but man it’s so easy to get hooked.

    I have the highest respect for the creators of such a great series. It’s so unique. To think that someone would effectively use an anti-hero as a MC… HAHA I completely thought of Batman throughout the whole series. Only, he’s more of a think tank sort of character than your MC with super strength. Still, I thought this made him much more relatable.

    In fact, he’s very relatable to a certain degree (at least the awkward experiences), but the creators did well to push him further down the dark end of the character spectrum. I love how the work itself is an antithesis to the romcom genre that we all so expected to see. I couldn’t help but root the Hachiman through his toughest battles. And it’s real easy to grow gloomy after seeing his world through his eyes (or maybe it’s just that I watched 9 episodes straight). You can’t help but wait for that light at the end of the abyss, yaknow?

    As for the way conflicts are solved, I loved it. The creators strayed away from that cop-out solution and instead opt for a realistic – no I wouldn’t say that… I would say it’s certainly unique and refreshing such as how he solves the problems such as the summer camp incident. God of the New World, eh? Not trying to drive Keima out of his job, are you Hachi?

    Although I did wish he was more of assertive (like that part with the slogan) but then again, I think that’s part of the character development considering how he resolved the case with Sagami (Which BTW I was so glad he did it the way he did regardless of how… uncouthly it ended).

    As for the heroines, the only romantic development that was clearly shown was of Yui. Still, I wondered if it was because Show Spoiler ▼

    or because of the cookie problem. Show Spoiler ▼

    Yukino’s romantic development with him wasn’t all that obvious. Only that he showed her that he’s in fact reliable. I still don’t understand why they had such a hard time after the summer camp incident. Show Spoiler ▼

    I really wish the romantic aspects could be more clear cut. More hints like maybe a more noticeable blush on Yukino would be very appreciative. Show Spoiler ▼

    All in all, a masterpiece in my eyes. It felt so unfinished I could cry. I REALLY am hoping for a S2.


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