What a brocon.

「妹(あたし)が兄(あいつ)に恋なんてするわけない」 (Imouto (atashi) ga ani (aitsu) ni koi nante suru wake nai)
“Little Sisters Can’t Fall in Love With Their Older Brothers!”

So the final episode of this “season” (though not really) is all flashbacks. While I felt that the ending to the first season’s TV run was a bit unnecessary since it had to be immediately overwritten by the true route, this was the very definition of unsatisfying. They made no attempt whatsoever to give us anything like an ending. “You all know the special episodes are coming, so we’re not even going to try,” said A-1 Pictures. “Also, we kicked your puppy. It was an accident though. Sorry!” What a dick move.

But okay, I’ll actually talk about the episode we got. Long story short: Kirino has always loved her onii-chan. Please, try to contain your surprise. I know no one saw that coming. (That was a lie.)

OP13: 「Reunion」 by ClariS

What a good onii-chan.

My favorite part is how their mother just laughs. That’s totally what I would do.

Yup, she was always an otaku. It just took her a while to realize it.

Beware the jealous imouto, Mana-chan!

Sad loli in rain.

I’m sure some of you will say that young Kyousuke was being mean to Kirino, but please reconsider. (You can think of this as my life counseling to you. Just don’t wake me up with a slap.) Kyousuke was actually being very patient and kind to Kirino, who was being a bit of a clingy brat. Not that I fault her for that – she’s really young, and Kyousuke is growing up ahead of her, so she doesn’t understand that he needs some space any more than Kyousuke can adequately explain that to her.

Actually, let me put it this way: when I was younger, my aniki kicked my ass for far less than any of that. Sure, otoutos don’t get as much latitude as imoutos do, but the fact remains – Kyousuke was pretty nice. Most of the time. They are siblings, after all.

The hairclip appears. Symbolism ahoy.

“A peaceful life is best.” Who are you, Sakurai Tomoki? …Could you be? Please?

I would probably blame Manami too, she practically oozes “peaceful life”. Ohandalso, who else is surprised that this is why Kirino doesn’t like Manami? Yeah, me neither.

“Daaaaame.” Translation: Manami says STFU bitch!

It’s interesting to consider how much of the younger Kyousuke we saw actually existed, and how much of it is filtered through Kirino’s memories. Manami’s reply would seem to indicate that Kirino’s memories are more rose-colored than not. I actually like this. It gives a reason for Kirino’s frustration, while also excusing Kyousuke’s “change” – in that he didn’t really change at all. Not that getting a little lazier is uncommon as you get older. I used to play all sorts of sports as a little kid, and then did shit all during high school. People change. Also, effort is hard. Easier to just lay around watching anime, imo.

Bonus points: I cannot state how much I enjoyed Manami shutting Kirino down, even if it engendered her eternal hatred. Hilarious!

What is with Kirino and walking around crying outside? I guess this is what I missed out on by not having an imouto. I can live with that.

A beautiful friendship is formed. Just hide all the knives.

Never leave an imouto behind Kirino, even a 2D one. No, especially a 2D one!

Why did they run away? I would be trying to get her number immediately!

Otaku Kirino is best Kirino.

This is me, all the time. I remember when I used to sleep…

Once again, absolutely no one should be surprised that Kirino got into eroge because she longed for a world where her onii-chan loves her. Least surprising revelation since “Kirino loves her onii-chan” (there have been a lot of humdingers this episode, clearly). Really not much to be said here, save to repeat that otaku Kirino is the best Kirino. Taketatsu Ayana deserves a medal for her otaku mode…is what I would say, but from what I hear she actually plays dating sims. So maybe that’s just how she is? We can only hope.

The original life counseling onii-chan.

I guess Kyousuke is only cool when it comes to his imouto. That will aid him well in life (not).

This seems familiar.

So the episode ends where the series started. We haveall , quite literally, seen all of this before. Which brings me back to my original point – is it really okay for this to have been the last episode!? I guess it’s nice that they didn’t make something up that they’ll immediately have to overwrite, I just wish they could have left us at a better stopping point. Limits of the source material, I know, I know, I’ll drop it. In the final, final accounting this won’t even be considered the end, so I guess it’s okay. I’ll just be quietly annoyed for now, thank you very much.

Maybe they’ll be like this again someday.

Final Impressions (Stilts version)

Before he wandered off on his three week shark hunting expedition, Zanibas left me with some final impressions for this post. Well, as final as they can be without having seen this episode, and without this being anything like a stopping point anyway. He’ll be back in time to cover the specials though, so do not fear! That’s why I’m going to keep my own final impressions short, and then hand it over to him.

I’ve never been quite sure what the allure of this series is. It doesn’t seem to be anything particularly special when you think about it, save for perhaps the fact that Kirino is one of the most hilarious otaku ever. Is it just the siscon vibe + Kirino being all gaga for imoutos? Who knows. I will say this though: this is a show, more so than many others, where everything depends on how it ends. They’ve fairly well backed themselves into the corner of the Kirino End – though I’ll laugh my ass off if they go surprise! Manami End! – but if it’s not done properly it will flop. Of course, to some people nuking the Kuroneko and Ayase Ends already qualifies this as a flop. I won’t argue with that. Kuronekooo!!

To me, it all comes down to whether they have the balls to go for the Kirino End, and if they do, if they pull out the old “Oh, they’re not actually blood related after all” excuse. Mind you, blood related siblings actually being in love is more than a little squicky when you actually consider it, but that’s how its been built up all along, so if they do the use the cheap dodge to make it all “okay”, that will be very disappointing. Stick to your guns! Doing that would be like suddenly revealing that Romeo and Juliet aren’t from feuding families, and in fact it was all a dream all along. Ugh.

Okay, enough idle speculation from me. I’ll hand it over to Zanibas. Take it away, Zani!

Final Impressions (Zanibas version)

Ah, this show. Some claim it is a terrible misrepresentation of otaku culture–they say it is a wish fulfillment fantasy where otaku are cool and beautiful and go for the average guy with passion. Some claim it is a great slow that reflects on the dynamics of sibling-ship and the hardships that come along with rekindling bonds. Some just want to cheer for their favorite character and listen to the newest ClariS opening. This show has gathered quite a diverse and sometimes divisive crowd over the years, and now to think it’s all coming to an end…wow.

For the sake of wanting to form a more complete impression of the series, I will hold off my actual final impressions until the end of the actual series, but I do have some thoughts I’d like to put out there right now.

First off, this second season definitely shifted the focus of this show. Whereas the first season focused both on otaku culture and sibling relationships, the second season placed the former on the backburner for the latter to blossom, as well as to make room for a more romance-oriented approach. There still are jokes about otaku out there, but no episode came close to any of the light-hearted commentary of the first season–the anime production arc is the first to pop out in my mind. Now, this of course isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I can feel that it definitely put some people off. Oreimo sure is no Genshiken, but it definitely did touch on common issues that its audience could relate to. Perhaps those traits are what skyrocketed Oreimo’s popularity–a combination of otaku culture intertwined with cute characters. When the balance tipped towards focusing on the cute characters though, Oreimo may have lost it’s edge over most romantic comedies, becoming more of a struggling love harem than a statement on the industry.

Now, I myself being a romantic comedy fan, I didn’t mind the shift as much as others, but I did have my own gripes about the romance. The point where this was particularly obvious was the rushing of Kyousuke’s harem party and Ayase’s confession (admittedly the light novel does this much better), where it was clear that the production was being rushed out the door to keep within a one-cour format. What was thought to be friendship turned out to be outright flirting and romance, and what was two lovers turned out to be…too many.

Despite that though, Oreimo has still managed to be an enjoyable watch for me the entire season. Though I did have my irritations with Kirino earlier, despite the Kirino fan I am, watching her grow at long last and stay that way has been delightful. It’s been a pleasure to see Saori and Kuroneko develop their characters and backstory in interesting ways, as well as see Ayase show off her hilarious yandere antics. But alas, will all be alright in the last few episodes? Who will eventually win, if anyone? The second season has been leading up to the conclusion that everyone still watching is waiting for, though some light novel readers seem to have been informed ahead of time. Whatever the ending happens to be though, I hope that for the love of everything it’s not rushed, and that no matter who wins, it’ll be an emotional moment fitting to close this series off. It pains me to think that I can’t see episode twelve for three weeks, but I hope it provides a fitting cliffhanger that won’t make all of us rage too much. (Stilts sez: Only a little bit. Nothing like the Kuroneko or Ayase episodes, at least.)

Until the final episodes come out, this is goodbye for now, and thank you dear reader for following along so far! Hopefully we can survive to see the last few episodes when they come out later this year. ^_^

“See you next time”? You teases!

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  1. As usual, spoilers from the final volume of the light novels will not be tolerated. Please clearly label any potential spoilers and put them in spoiler tags. Anyone violating this will have their comment deleted, and I will dispatch yanderes to your house immediately. And not the good kind, like Ayase. The other kind. The Nice Boat kind.

    Really, if you have any doubts about whether something you are saying is a spoiler, just don’t mention it at all. I haven’t been dodging spoilers for weeks to read one now thankyouverymuch.

    1. I can’t wait for someone to completely ignore this and post about all the sudden last minute twists!

      Seriously though, we’re almost at the end. Could we please keep whatever spoilers are left to the people who want the experience to be fresh?

    2. If you find me guilty as charged, could you be so kind as to send Kotonoha? I like her better than Sekai. At least I’d have some eye candy to look at before I kick the bucket.

      1. It depends.

        Are we talking about the fairly quick and painless way, or the slow blood-curling screaming way as I bleed out from one side of my neck while they saw away at my spine?

        I’m gonna have to excuse myself while I go puke my guts out now.

  2. What? You mean we can’t spoil how the light novels end with the asteroid hitting Earth and killing everyone because there was no actual Meruru to save the planet? This is an outrage! A violation of my freedom of speech! I’ll sue! I have Kimura Kaere’s number and everything!

  3. No clear ending for this series? All we got was a flashback?!!

    STFU! WE GOT A LOLI KIRINO!! That is all I care about!!

    Joking aside, is this episode some kind of prelude to the next few episodes? It seemed like an attempt at a heavy buildup.

    1. That’s my guess. They probably didn’t have the time to pack everything into the episodes they’ve been allotted unless they ignored making this one any kind of “ending” and just used it as buildup for the big whammy to come.

    1. It’s meant more to be a lead in than an actual finale. Sure, it’s annoying because it pretty much acts as a less hype inducing version of Valvrave’s ending, but it does its job. Makes you wonder what’s going to come of this (not so surprising) revelation.

    2. It’s funny that the last part are separated into three episodes. They could have just made one, unless they’ll go for the omnibus end.

      Maybe it’s a reason to sell the BD in three CD’s and raise the OVA’s price? The studio is treating this series like their new cash cow.

    3. ALL 3 episodes at once? That would rule, especialy since to me and a friend this episode seemed like a *f**k you* for a season final (yes it’s building up, preparing for the 3 special episodes yada yada – still I was PISSED after watching episode 13..).

  4. Not a great ending episode, but this I think was one of the better episodes of Season 2. We learned how Kirino became the tsundere otaku she is without any of the harem party bull$%!^ from the last episode.

  5. I looked around the internet and a lot of people are saying that Manami’s truly evil and had she not interferred with this by telling Kirino off, Kirino would have grown out of this whole I love love my onii-chan thing and they will have a normal relationship. And I kind of agree with thatcause people mature and grow out of it. Most of the time.

    Anyway, episodes 14-16 still to come. Apparently they are going to premier it at Otakon a week before it premiers on the World Simulcast on August 17.


    Thanks Zani for blogging this and using this format! hope you consider using this format for any future shows! And Stilts too for filling in this week!

    1. I wouldn’t expect to see any more series done with this format. It takes a lot longer to do a post this way than with our standard format, and we all have other things to do occasionally, lol

  6. A whole flippin’ flashback episode just to say “I wuv you, onii-chan!”? …Seriously? >__>

    I’d have opted for indulging my inner otaku with some Kuroneko awesomeness, but hey, that’s just me. Onto the actual ending!

    1. This episode was for the people who, throughout the show, spouted nothing but “Why is she such a bitch?”.

      Their answer. She copies everything Kyousuke did and does, whether it be positive or negative. Right down to the hitting to avoid a subject and hide embarrassment (She does take it overboard, but this is probably because as a kid even the smallest things hurt. All she remembers is that he hit her and it hurt). It is childish, but she’s a 14 (now 15 I think) year old girl in the story. Rarely are they paragons of virtue that can think with straight heads.

      A lot of it is also because of Manami calling her feelings gross. This is important for later though so I’ll stop there.

      1. Wait, wut?

        Am I to understand that an entire episode – at near the very end, mind you – needed to be devoted to telling some apparently short-sighed fans: “Hey, couldn’t figure out why a little sister is enamored with her big brother? (There’s more than one reason? o__O) Here’s why!”

        Seriously, we’ve been at this for almost two full cours now. Pulling this out at near the very last minute was sloppy no matter how you look at it.

  7. Oreimo: The Prequel

    You wanted this episode, you totally got it! This had everything I wanted to see in the anime, and it felt just like a lot of my favorite episodes from the first season again!
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Good lord, Kirino’s sprouting as an otaku has to be among the goddamn top ten funniest parts of the show! 😀 Someone make of gif of her spazes!

  8. ….. goes to actually read your post.

    … wait. Okay so I express how I love this ep, yet discover that you overall hate it?? Yes they make no attempt to make this feel like a finale… but that’s because it’s NOT! They’ll release the 3 new episodes, so just see those!

    1. I didn’t hate it. Some parts were interesting and funny, it was just so flagrantly NOT a final episode that it ended up being unsatisfying. Which of course it wasn’t, and probably most of the blame for that is owed to the source material (and the producers for not giving A-1 as many episodes as they probably need), but that didn’t stop it from being a bit bwuuuuh.

      It’ll come out better in the final accounting, I’m just a bit off-put right now.

      1. Probably the worst thing about this season was the pacing. It felt like a committee fighting over what episodes should cover which material within the one-cour format and it resulting in compromises about rushed parts of the novel, and this episode being left for the last place, where it should’ve probably been either at the very beginning or somewhere in the middle. I think some rearranging of the episodes would’ve even helped the storyline AND understand and ACCEPTING some of these insane character a bit more, because then you’d know their motivations better.

        This prequel, while exactly what I wanted to see, felt a bit redundant. The message is something we all guessed correctly ions ago. However, I still think, overall, it’s one of the better of the season.

      2. ^Well,about the pacing…I’m sure this episode would’ve looked better if it was right after the Kuroneko arc conclusion,putting the Ayase arc somewhere before that,like…right after episode 2.

    1. He did say that he had someone that he loves right? So he has decided on which girl to choose. The question is who and we already know that Ayase is out of the picture. Honestly, they should’ve ended last week’s episode with Ayase’s confession without Kyousuke’s reply. That’s how the author did it in the LN. Well, for me, it adds to the suspense of finding out who he will pick but now it’s minus one of the girls.

    1. Or for that matter, how about the Westermarck Effect? It basically states that if you knew someone within the first two years of your life, you cannot be biologically attracted to them.

      1. Considering the numerous sociological studies on it, it’s less hypothetical than you might think. Not saying it’s the end-all-be-all word on this sort of thing, but it does show how what they’re implying here with Kirino is far too improbable to be believable.

        Hoping for a Manami, but it seems we’re going the “shock value route”.

      2. Saw Koi Kaze … MC guy wouldn’t allow himself to be slapped, hit, kicked or otherwise abused. MC girl was much more feminine and realistic. You can’t even compare Koi Kaze to OreImouto (it debases the better story that Koi Kaze had.)

        Regarding the Westermarck effect, since when has physics or true psychological phenomenon swayed writers and animators do research and make their shows fall in line with current knowledge or logic? I agree with you that this show abandons logic and scientific study, but that’s why those that love it, love it.

        Thankfully people know the difference between fiction and real life. I will laugh, however, when I see news/police articles quoting some perp, “OreImouto said incest is ok!”. Fantasies are one thing, reality is another.

        Go Manami.

  9. That’s weird, it felt like a good finale for me. The season has been about Kirino’s gaining maturity and coming to terms about her affection for her brother, and this episode showed how her immaturity separated them and showed her actual feelings for her brother all along. Sorry for being dense, I had a hard time believing that Kirino ever liked Kyousuke before ep 1 season 1 >_>

    I found this episode satisfying, without leaving me with a cliffhanger that makes the season unfinished. I’m also glad it wasn’t another useless ‘good end’ like the first season. I don’t know what the final episodes are about (well, besides the fact that it’s something like a Kirino Route), although I do expect them to fill in some of the gaps in this season (like Ayase’s stalker and Kyousuke’s bookmarks of their fan blogs).

    1. Thank you for reminding us about Ayase’s stalker. Now I’m quite sure they will show that in the last three web episodes. The last three episodes will cover the final volume of the LN and I know Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I actually don’t think we’re done with vol. 11 yet. If they don’t show exactly why Kyousuke became a lowly normal, they really dropped the ball. Though I suppose it might be to preserve Manami’s likability for non-novel readers.

  10. Quite interesting that there were a few events that were unexplored in the novel this week. Ayase and Kirino’s first meeting and why Kirino became a model, Kirino’s first exposure to eroge and of course the reason Ayase hated Otaku (well, Kirino giving that guy a death glare was probably the initial reason, while reading stereotypes and news reports added fuel).

    Also, holy sh*t. I remember seeing a picture someone drew of Kirino standing outside the door while Kyousuke told off his dad back in episode 3 of the first season. It’s now canon! Who says stuff made by fans can’t inspire the author. I know Yabuki Kentaro (God bless this man’s soul) draws inspiration from doujins and now this.

    Overall, I’d have to say season 2 was inferior to season 1. Season 1 wasn’t really romance focused and so it managed to shine with it’s plot of rebuilding a pair of sibling’s broken bond. Season 2 suffered from a weak romantic subplot where two of the major players feelings consisted of “I fell in love with him because he tries hard for me/others” and random contenders like Kanako and Saori. The characters are all good and fun to watch, but the romance aspect just doesn’t manage to keep up with the quality of the characters.

    At this point I would thank Zanibas for his work. Since he’s possibly not capable of reading this at the moment, I’ll save it for the true finale.

    I’ll just settle for thanking Stilts this week (D-don’t get the wrong idea, I just don’t have anyone else to thank. It’s not like I wanted you to cover for Zanibas. Baka, baka *tsun*), so thanks and a job well done. And welcome back to weekly blogging since Prisma Ilya starts this week. I like seeing the Type-Moon characters in lighthearted situations (I like them being overwhelmed by despair inducing events more though Heaven’s Feel anime nao!!!!!) so hopefully it’ll be a blast.

  11. I will just say that the episode should have been second or third of the first season. We would see Kirino’s actions in a MUCH different light. BTW her “starting otaku life” shopping spree was simply awesome!
    Also for all the girls throwing “pervert” on Kousaka, it is her that is biggest pervert in the series, hiding in plain sight (maybe not so much to close friends… save Ayase of course!)
    I hope in “closing chapter” they spill some light on how and why her “amazing aniki” turned out average and uninspiring… I bet there is some story behind that, and possibly Manami is involved.
    As much as I don’t like incest ending to happen, I can’t but see the writing on the wall – as Stilts says, the producers have painted themselves into a corner pretty tightly.
    Incest ending had it’s place in much more erotic-ladden Yosuga no Sora, but in the lighthearted comedy about “my little otaku sister”?
    And springing upon us “not really blood-related” card would be incredibly, totally and annoyingly cheap.

    Somebody, get me the series in the “omnibus format” so we can see all the girls ending!

    Thanks to Zanibas (nad now Stilts for helping out) for relating the series for us!

    1. While I’d love to see me some Kuroneko End, it would feel kind of weird for this to get an omnibus treatment. (Not that it’s going to happen, I’m just talking out loud.) That works for VNs where they’re designed to accommodate what are really multiple stories that all share characters and even some plot points, but this was designed to tell one story, so it would feel like fan pandering if they suddenly gave us some Ayase and Kuroneko OVAs.

      …screw it, pander! PANDER DAMMIT!! I want mah Kuroneko End ;_;

      1. There’s a chance it MIGHT get the omnibus treatment due to having 3 episodes air on the same day.

        Because if they’ll just let one win, why do they have to chop it into three?

      2. stilts 1st post goes to declare send killer hot babes to any spoiler dudes… 5 posts away, decides to take all the hot crazy bitches all to himself… hahaha! i hope kuroneko becomes a yandere at the end so stilts can have her too… good for you bro!

  12. Also, I have a slightly different view on Kirino’s love for eroge. I think it’s more about the fact that even though society (Manami) thinks her feelings are wrong and disgusting, there’s something out there that actually paints her feelings in a positive light and doesn’t condemn her for it.

    It’s not so much about being able to be in love with Kyousuke, but more being allowed to be in love with Kyousuke (at least in my opinion). And then she went completely overboard because her inner otaku went nuclear.

  13. Please…PLEASE….PLLLEEEAASSSEEEE…!!! Give me a MULTI-ROUTE ENDING to this series! We’ve got 3 heroines, one of which I would prefer not to have as one but whatever, and they need THREE separate endings to this series.

    I WANT MY YANDERE-TSUNDERE ENDING or else I’m gonna go all Ayase on someone’s ass.

  14. So what does Kirino listening to Kyousuke and Dad mean? That means that the defrosting of Kirino into dere levels didn’t start at the middle of the first season, but actually right from the start! It also means that all the violent shit she pulled on Kyousuke isn’t being a bitch like haters claim but is actual tsundere acts.

    This is just sweet. She is now poster girl for the classic tsundere. Time to replace Naru on her throne!

      1. Abuse? Using the same old buzzword against tsunderes, are we?

        “But whether or not they love someone doesn’t justify shitty behavior.”

        But it does!~ The main appeal of a tsundere anyway is how she defrosts. Not how violent she is.

        Things done out of love is better than things done out of hate. A bitch will do violent things out of hate, and a tsundere will do it out of love.

      2. I agree that Kirino acts pretty selfish “at times”(and not “everytime”),but that doesn’t mean she isn’t worth to be loved or to love.She’s a Tsundere and not a Bitch…the term “Bitch” is too strong and evil,and Kirino isn’t like that.

      3. But it doesn’t. It comes down to personal appeal, but not everyone finds appeal in people who are incapable of expressing their affection without punching and poor behavior (hence why characters like Louise, Shana and Taiga piss me off). Obviously not all tsunderes are like that, but most of Kirino’s behavior is about herself, which is why she’s not really viewed that well even amongst other tsunderes. Though I’ve heard that other adaptations have her behavior more balanced than here.

      4. “Though I’ve heard that other adaptations have her behavior more balanced than here.”

        What other adaptation, manga or LN?

        Manga is just as chopped up as the anime is while LN is, yeah, pretty balanced.

        “but not everyone finds appeal in people who are incapable of expressing their affection without punching and poor behavior”

        Opinions. It still out of my understanding, however, as to why people, like you, who doesn’t even like tsunderes even watch shows about them.

      5. Either one.

        And yeah, they’re opinions. Doesn’t make my points any less valid since I was explaining why it didn’t appeal to me personally.

        I watched the show because I like the other characters and how Kirino was bonding with her brother last season. This season just seems to go back into the harem formula it seemed to be trying to break/avoid last season.

    1. If you bitch slap someone in a serious tone and not for comedic effect, it’s not called being a Tsundere, it’s called being a bitch just because things aren’t going the way you want them to.

      I hate Naru because even if the tone wasn’t serious she would ALWAYS hit Keitarou. Every chapter that dude was getting punched. Not only was it repetitive, it was flat out annoying. That is why I love when Naru gets her ass handed to her by Kanako and that is why I love Kirino got what was coming to her by Manami.

  15. Having not read the books, I actually enjoyed being able to see the backstories for how various things came to be. They were never really explained- only alluded to.

  16. End card courtesy of HIMA, of Accel World fame.

    Had I not been informed of the fact the series will continue in future worldwide simulcasts, I would have been very confused with the sudden shift into flashback mode in a supposed “last episode”, coming right after the dramatic sinking of poor Ayase’s ship.

    That said, it was still an enjoyable episode to watch. Kyousuke used to be such a cool bro before his descent into bumminess. lol (Or was it because we the viewers were also seeing this all from Kirino’s rose-tinted glasses as Manami would suggest?)

    But no matter how “pathetic” Kyousuke has become, deep inside, he’s still the bro that would go all out for his sis.

    As for Kirino, it was rather funny seeing her jealously for Manami grow, though still maintaining a sympathy for her predicament.

    (Loli Mana-chan is just as cute though, in an alternate world, they would have been great friends. *Cough* K-ON seiyuu *Cough* )

    If you thought Kyousuke degeneration from “badass bro” to “pathetic bro” was funny, Kirino’s slow descent into sis-con otakudom just as hilarious. Dressing up as a complete masked weirdo while breathing heavily at the Animart siscon magazines freaked the hell out not even the store workers, but fellow otakus as well.

    (Speaking of which, is it me or does that imouto-character in the magazine resemble SAO’s Asuna a lot?)

  17. “A peaceful life is best.” Who are you, Sakurai Tomoki? …Could you be? Please?

    More like Oreki Houtarou, also voiced by Nakamura Shuuichi. (Coincidentally, Manami and Chitanda share the same seiyuu in Satou Satomi. )

    Not that getting a little lazier is uncommon as you get older. I used to play all sorts of sports as a little kid, and then did shit all during high school. People change. Also, effort is hard. Easier to just lay around watching anime, imo.

    “Badass older siblings” losing their aura of invincibility over their bratty younger siblings over time is an inevitability which older siblings around the world like me have to suffer through. Now my younger brothers treat me like just another family member. In the past it used to be “Wow, you’re amazing!” Now it’s just “Oh it’s you, hurry up and get lost.”

    Friggin brats. LOL

    1. “‘Badass older siblings’ losing their aura of invincibility over their bratty younger siblings over time is an inevitability which older siblings around the world like me have to suffer through.”

      Not for everyone though. An overachieving older brother will still remain amazing to their siblings’ eyes. That might not end well, however, as the sibling who can’t match their elder bro/sis would come to “live in the shadows of his/her older bro/sis”.

      To keep your sibs happy is just a matter of being sensitive to them and act like their role model.

      If you’re wondering, yes. I’m the eldest of three.

  18. I find it funny how most romantic anime comedies, or anime comedies in general tend to lose their spark around the second season. One of the only anime in recent memory that i know of that didnt lose its spark around the second season is Haganai

      1. This is very true, and yes i am hoping that chu2koi surpasses its first season…it might be hard for them to do that if they begin pandering to its audience though. All im hoping for is some good comedy and well done romance

  19. Well,I know since long time(since the first season)that Kirino was a real BROCON(But seeing her Great Yandere side was the Best show I was waiting for!)…but what surprised me the most is…Nanami!She was kinda…crual,somehow…well,I don’t want to think badly of her anyway…she’s normaly gentle…I think that the developers mistake on how they made Nanami saying those mean things to Kirino,they would have thought of a nicer and smoother way.

    1. Nanami? You mean Manami right?

      And cruel? Yes. Personally I like the surprise that such a gentle character can be surprisingly cruel and manipulative, she was too plain and boring before. I think she’s set more as a victim of love: She likes Kyosuke, very evident since S1, thus she did what she did. So I can actually forgive her, even though she was the cause of the whole fight between the siblings.

      Besides, if it weren’t for her, the two won’t have a fight and we don’t have this show to watch.

      1. Oh,yeah,Manami…I mistook on the name.
        Well,yeah…she may be the cause of their fight,but I think that the main cause is Kyosuke himself and Kirino’s dellusion about “WHO” really is her brother.
        But this Ep was different from the LN though,cauz in the LN the reason why Kyosuke became this LAZY is that he got rejected by a girl he love and then got a Lovesick,and finally end as he is now,a Normal and Plain guy.In this Ep,it was said that he was “ALWAYS” like that.Or am I mistaken?

  20. To me, it all comes down to whether they have the balls to go for the Kirino End, and if they do, if they pull out the old “Oh, they’re not actually blood related after all” excuse. Mind you, blood related siblings actually being in love is more than a little squicky when you actually consider it, but that’s how its been built up all along, so if they do the use the cheap dodge to make it all “okay”, that will be very disappointing. Stick to your guns! Doing that would be like suddenly revealing that Romeo and Juliet aren’t from feuding families, and in fact it was all a dream all along. Ugh.

    I said something similar on the forums. Basically I said that an ending like that just reads like a fan-fic ending. Even the Kirino fans would have to agree that such an ending would degrade the series as a whole.

    1. I’m assuming you mean the cheap cop out non-blood related part. In which case yes, I find those absolutely irritating.

      I’ve found that my enjoyment of certain series that have pulled this off has lessened considerably, but only if it’s something they leave for the end in order for it to be some happy fairy tale ending.

    1. I dunno if evil is a good description of her: it might be selfish and manipulating and definitely the act of a true bitch but she did it out of love for Kyosuke. She wanted him, and went to get his man.

  21. …….People was hyping this moment up acting like Manami was the final boss and shit….

    This episode only made Manami seem badass instead of the plain no screentime Manami that she usually is. She instantly became badass soon as she told Kirino to gtfo.

    From now on anytime you just want to shut someone down, Manami is the way to go!

    Kirino was a selfish bitch even as a little kid. It makes a lot of sense now why Kyou got “lazy”. The stress of trying to be the best at everything alongside a selfish imouto. It just don’t mix well so Kyou went for the “peaceful life”, a.k.a. he stopped trying to hard and I like him more for that.

    People could blame Manami all they want for why Kirino and Kyou grew apart, but it’s just as much as Kirino’s fault as it is Manami’s. It’s just like the stereotype of a woman trying to change a guy into being who she wants him to be.

  22. I thought this final bonus-y ep was pretty darn good.
    Plot wise, shows how far back the hatred goes b/w kirino and manami.
    Was good to see what Kyousuke really was when he was little. Didn’t know he was a do-it-all, know-it-all, even as to teach manami all the time.
    Also, the whole thing of “Makaserou!” phrase.

  23. My main problem with this is they they didn’t show the reason why Kyousuke became so “normal”. There’s a reason why he went from extremely out going to plain and laid back. Again, everything’s been rushed and they skipped out an important part of the story. Now, people who didn’t read the LN simply sees Kyousuke’s change as “growing up”. GOD DAMN IT!

  24. I had never heard of this show when the first season started, watched it and loved it to the point that i am collecting the manga.
    So i was excited for the start of the second season but this was not it.
    The second season was just a below average harem show, which i do not watch. I hate harem which is mostly just a sop to loser guys. The intelligence and biting humor of the first season never showed up.
    A huge disappointment.

  25. Any sort of ending except an incest one is totally fine by me, but heck its Oreimo, I’ve no choice but to accept it =.=

    I mean seriously any of those girls except your own sister would’ve totally worked! Incest is just creepy for me.

  26. I stumbled across this while going through amazon.co.jp, looking for grammar books (those damn 他動詞 and 自動詞 got me cornfused sometimes)– and OreImo book used for teaching middle school 1st year students important English sentences like “I am Kyousuke,” and “She is my sister.”


    Cash cow? You betcha. 😀

    I’m still kind of surprised they only did 16 eps of the second season. If they had done 24, I don’t think I would be so irritated about the way the LN plot was chopped up and “rearranged” (okay, mangled). I suppose that’s one of the downsides of being a LN reader, or reading the book for anything that gets made into a movie or TV show. (Still kinda miffed about the live action Futatsu no Spica. Ugh.)

  27. The17thNoah
  28. is it the end? Is there the episode? Is it true there is 3 episodes that gonna be released? Is there the next season? How about manami and the darkness angel? Please answer me!! ;(

    arliansyah putra

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