OP10 Sequence

[flv:Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_OP10.mp4 512 288]

OP10: 「irony」 by ClariS

Is that Akagi’s sister with the glasses on? The one that’s hopelessly in love with homos?

Begging on his hands and knees is probably nothing to Kyousuke after the anime incident, so I saw this as the mysterious bicycle owner’s (Inoue Gou) moment to shine.

(Ore no Imouto no Jinsei Soudan ga Kore de Owaru Wake ga Nai)
“There’s No Way My Sister’s Life Counseling Ends Here”

The first of four Oreimo episodes that leads to the “true ending” of the series has been streamed, and it follows the same general flow as the episode twelve “good ending” we saw last season. What was interesting is how the first half was identical, before things starting veering off ever so slightly with Kyousuke missing the last train out of Akihabara and once again going above and beyond what’s expected of a typical older brother. That actually didn’t change things too much though, other than his change of clothes during the second half, but did go on to reiterate that a different route was taken as per the romance simulation games that Kirino is so fond of. The big divergence was undoubtedly Kyousuke’s decision not to look in Kirino’s album, as it dismissed her opportunity to tell him about going overseas and led to Kirino leaving without a word after he praised her about her medals.


This long title seemed absurd before, except now I know which series it came from.

Just for the record, I didn’t know what “toro” was either. In fact, I didn’t want to know.

It came after an added joke about one of the more unsightly games that Kirino’s bought, which may have thrown me off to a certain degree, but I was admittedly thinking that they would’ve abandoned the overseas part altogether. I mentioned during the good ending that it felt a bit tacked on and out of the blue, so the thought had crossed my mind that this true ending would build on the surprise party she threw for him in episode eleven. As such, you can probably imagine my surprise when Kirino did leave for America without telling Kyousuke at all, much to the surprise of their parents. I can’t quite shake the restlessness behind that silent departure, because it’s as if Kirino did the “better thing” by sparing Kyousuke from any potential sadness.


I wonder what Kyousuke would have decided if he knew that getting into a fight would cause Kirino to stay, whereas ending the night on good terms would cause her to leave.

Kirino gets the last smile. In hindsight, it sort of stings given how forced it comes off.

While we know it wouldn’t have been a teary-eyed sibling parting — unless we’re talking about the thrashing Kyousuke received for not reacting the way she had hoped (i.e. stopping her) — Kirino clearly kept her true feelings bottled up inside and decided to simply leave him with a memory of her smiling. It doesn’t seem like Kyousuke’s entirely convinced that Kirino would’ve stayed if he asked her not to go, since he still questions how she truly feels about him as her older brother, though it’s probably safe to say that he would’ve liked to part on a better note. It’s that feeling that someone did something for you that you didn’t ask for and the desire to not let things end like they did that’s bugging me, and likely Kyousuke as well. Oddly enough, I was still dwelling on it even after Kuroneko was seen attending the same high school as Kyousuke at the very end. I’ve said several times in the past that Kirino should be bumped for Kuroneko, and now that she has, I can’t feel happy about it. Damn Kirino.


Is this the start of a dazzling high school life for Kyousuke? Kuroneko… chan?

I gather I’ll forgot about it in the next time, even though I’m anticipating Kirino to make a return sometime during the remaining three episodes. I still like the “anata” idea I had when Kuroneko mentioned that she’d be calling Kyousuke something else before long, so the “senpai” thing was both a surprise and a disappointment. Question is, what will Kyousuke call her at school? I doubt “Kuroneko” is going to fly, so it’ll have to be either “Gokou-chan” or “Ruri-chan” which is just too weird.


ED10 Sequence

[flv:Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_ED10.mp4 512 288]

ED10: 「READY」 by (Taketatsu Ayana)


  1. Wow, I actually completely forgot that the “true ending” was airing soon.

    It was rather obvious that the alternative route would be with Kirino leaving for America, though this does make me wonder what is in store for the next few episodes.

    Some Kuroneko and Ayase goodness would never hurt, and considering what I’ve heard from friends about the light novels, they should be very entertaining to watch.

  2. A much better ending than the TV original, which finished far too abruptly.

    Kyousuke’s grovelling for the bike seemed a bit weird, not that he hasn’t done it in the show before, but the fact he went to a random stranger and did it. Couldn’t he just have gotten a cab back? Or do they not run that late in Japan?

    The new ED is in my opinion one of the better ones on show so far.

    1. Regarding the taxi cab possibility, taxis in Tokyo are very expensive to take, which is why almost everyone takes public transportation. This being Akihabara, there are only 3 lines that stop there, the Yamanote, Chuo, and Keihin Tohoku. The second and third, being smaller lines, close a little after midnight. The Yamanote, the largest line, still closes between 12:45 AM and 1:00 AM. Now, as I said, taxis are pretty expensive, but the kicker is that around 11 PM, in preparation for the closing of the train lines, the taxi fares are doubled. This makes them absurdly expensive for a lone rider. Even when I shared a cab at 3 AM with 2 other people just to go a relatively short distance to Yoyogi Park, I had to pay a lot. So I completely understand why Kyousuke doesn’t even consider it an option.

      1. Coupled with the fact that Kyousuke lives all the way in Chiba (as seen in the name of his school), a suburb located quite some distance east from Akihabara, which is quite close to central Tokyo.

        Chiba is quite near Narita Airport, for those who’ve visited Tokyo via Narita, you should well know just how bloody long it takes just for a train to get between the two places.

        Kinny Riddle
      2. You’d be surprised how many people take taxis in japan at night. I see them all the time, but its mostly people that are just tired and want to hurry home or drunk from staying out. I had no idea that taxi fares doubled at night. That’s nice to know since I’ve only caught taxis in during the day.

    1. It IS based on a Light Novel. In the Light Novel, Kirino leaves for America, just like in the “True End” of the anime. It’s the end of volume 4.
      The “Good End” where Kirino doesn’t leave is an anime original end. They probably decided to create it, to make the series look like a visual novel. The main decision that triggered the “True End” was Kyousuke choosing to not look into the album.

      Anyway, I really wonder what the other 3 episodes are all about. Maybe they cover up volume 5.

      1. Oh! there are 3 more?!
        Let me guess, the otaku glasses girl ending (we never got to see her face)
        The ending with Kirino’s friend who is also a model.
        And the ending with his childhood friend.

        I will be looking forward them if they are so.

  3. So its finally out eh? This is something I hope “not” to become the trend of newer series. A half-bake ending then release a “True” ending to boost BD/DVD sales. I mean if its controversial enough that a TV release is not possible I understand, but even if that is the case, I bet it is nowhere near what Yosuga no Sora has already release on TV. But “again” if the real reason is “profit” I can’t blame the studio for that, if something can be gained financially of it, then why not? In the end, good business is good business. But for a viewer like me, still…I hope this will not become a trend.

    1. I dunno, it’s either this or the Legend of the Legendary Heroes ending which stops at a sheer cliffhanger. I guess they couldn’t get a longer season to work with, so they’re doing a PR stunt: half-bake the Good End, stick to the novels with True Route DVD/BR releases, and then hopefully that increases popularity so they get another season to keep the True Route going.

      1. I hope that is really the case — no PR stunt that add nothing of any value to the original series. Also, I hope of a socially acceptable ending, nothing like the Yosuga no Sora finale arc or anything. The series is quite good because despite of the somewhat controversial nature of the theme, it is still something that I can show to my younger siblings and enjoy watching it till the end. If it will go somewhere near the likes of YNS (minus the ecchi parts) I guess I am the only one who can watch this 🙂

    1. I guess researching the definition Scat or Sukatoro YESTERDAY came in hand afterall.

      NO I DO NOT WATCH/ENJOY SCAT!-But i did watch the FIRST 4-5 minutes of 2 girls 1 cup after it went viral. I rather not watch something trauatic

    2. I once saw a brief clip of an H-anime (which I shall not name to darken the mood of such a light-hearted discussion, I’ll only reveal that it involves nurses) where one of the girls was “shooting stuff” all over. Was traumatized and turned off at once upon seeing that.

      It was a “shitty” anime and eroge (which it was based on), in every sense of the word. lol

      I can understand the erotic value of “golden showers” to some extent, but stuff like these is just too much, even for my tolerance of perverted stuff.

      Kinny Riddle
  4. I’ve got mixed feelings after seeing this. Just like Divine i thought i was gonna be happy after Kirino leaves, and was waiting for some romance between Nii-san and Kuroneko…Darn it! but that just proves how good this show is:)

  5. ahhh, the sound of this op is like music to my ears, well i know it is music but its like really good 😀
    looking forward to watching this when subbed comes out since i cant fully understand Japanese.

  6. uh… actually, not sure how far the anime is going to reach since i never read the light novel, but judging from what I read here and there…

    Kuroneko will be Show Spoiler ▼

    Kyousuke which is actually perfectly fine for me since I’ve liked Kuroneko so much more anyway.

      1. Because nobody hooks up at this point in the story. Read the novels. Kyousuke and Kuroneko only start dating at volume 7. These specials will cover up the plot up to the end of volume 5 at most.

  7. Well, this comes as no surprise, seeing how the recently released game actually starts AFTER Kirino returns from America. I’m still not sure how Kuronoko’s relationship with Kyousuke will progress from here, since the game left that open…

    1. It’s safe to watch, I assure you. It’s not Yosuga no Sora all over again, there’s no actual incest involved or anything going on in the romantic department between the siblings.

      It’s their relationship of love-hate (hate-hate) relationship that gives off the vibe really strongly. Well, there might be some hidden affection, but you’ll be pushing hard to look for any form of incestuous development.

    2. This is actually one of my favourite shows for NOT having a completely perverted cast (well, except for our lovely sister that is). Kyousuke is rather down-to-earth about most of the stuff, while still being willing to help.

      Great show in my opinion.

      1. There’s absolutely no reason to repeat the whole episode again just to set what will happen. They could have started this episode with that final scene from the original episode 12 (withe Kirino showing her secret “treasure”), and then continue from there with original content. That would be great. That would perfectly set everthing and we would have a whole episode with original content. They’re just trying to make more money with less effort.

  8. The only onii-chan that will go all out for his imouto that i know of is AyuMayu’s Kousuke. As for Kyousuke, he’s half of him.
    I love OP10 alot, far more than the old ones and it’s fun :p

  9. I have a question about these ends. From what I understand, there are several types. Best end, good end, normal end, and bad end. How does true end fit into that list?

    Best end: Everything collected and completed.
    Good end: For the heroine that the player picked.
    Normal end: For simply finishing the story.
    Bad end: For screwing up.

    Is true end like a normal end? Or is it above good end?

    1. I think a True Ending in a visual novel is how the plot writer wanted to end that arc. So it may vary from best to almost a bad ending. Then if the True ending is too depressing so may there be better endings to make the readers happier. Anime often follow the True ending (if there is one) when based on a Visual Novel as that ending is often the most dramatic and memorable.

    1. I’ve heard that it will be 1 episode for each month format like Katanagatari. Episode 13 will be available in late March, 14 in April and 15 in May. Exact dates should be announced later.

      U Doh
    1. Judging from the title of ep13, it looks like they are going to cover all the materials after Kirino left. That said, we will be seeing a lot of interaction between kuroneko and kyosuke in the last three episodes.

  10. True,Kirino leaving without saying anything left everything in an sad note, but now that Kuroneko is atending the same highschool as Kyousuke the door opens for a posible romance betwen them. Even when I don´t really dislike Kirino, but I can´t wait to see the expression in her face when she discovers Kuroneko is Kyousuke´s kohai.

  11. This is how i expected the show to end the first time even knowing that was the “good end”. In any case i thought it was the most sensible thing for her to do given she’s following a path of sucess with her other track ventures and her modeling. I would have thought the modelling would have brought her overseas moreso. We didn’t get to see as much of her sporty side only in glimpses.

  12. I think this review is good enough for me, so I’ll skip watching it. I WILL watch the next one though, as OreImo w/o Kirino should make me facepalm FAR less than when Kirino is around(if at all) (>.>).

  13. i actually would like to have a 2nd season. where we know more about the rich otaku with glasses. and more development of kuroneko x kyousuke or kyosuke x manami cus it grosses me out on brother x sister relationship as woman and man.

  14. Sup torrigan here to bring the fun down on Kirino haters.

    As some may have read my random comments before I in general reallllllllllyyyy get PISSED when people say characters are crap without any good reasoning behind it.

    Foremost people need to understand that Kirino is 14……she acts reallly realistically shes like a normal middle school girl and alot of them have personalities like she does when shes at home.

    To add onto this is heavily hinted during the series that Kyousuke didnt have much of a relationship with his sister when she was younger this is shown through various moments of others being surprised at what hes doing. also due to the fact that she doesnt know much about her life.

    To tell the truth kirino is being sceptic to her brother. he basically deserted her when she was younger and all of a sudden hes trying to be nice and helpful wouldnt you be a little cautious? Many coment on her apparantly bitchy personality its basically that she cant express her feelings well

    that is all for now

    1. Now you have explained why she is bitchy, but that doesn’t change that she is. Several of the other girls are not bitchy and that without having any less reason to be so then she does.

      1. I think what Torrigan might be trying to say is that there is reason for why she acts that way (at least some of the time, most of her tsun is heavily exaggerated) and that there is no need to hate her character. I can’t dispute the fact that Kirino can be a bitch, but I’ve never really disliked her. Honestly its beyond my understanding when I see people saying that Kirino should die or she’s the worst character they’ve ever seen in like EVER!

        Also “Several of the other girls are not bitchy and that without having any less reason to be so then she does”. It probably be highly unrealistic if everyone was bitchy haha. Disregarding that the other girls’ personalities differ greatly from Kirino’s, her relationship as a sibling to Kyousuke is kind of already a reason as to why she’s more open in hitting/insulting/lolabusing him. Don’t know if you get me but its kind of like there’s less fear in there being real fight or a some kind of falling out since they are family? You wouldn’t do the same things with a stranger or someone you haven’t known for too long.

      2. I think fear is very much part of the reason why she acts like she does and not the lack of it. She is afraid to show her true feelings and acts abusive instead. Do you really think it requires less familiarity to show affection compared to being abusive?

  15. please let this be a kuroneko route..please let this be a kuroneko route…please let this be a kuroneko route…


    i’m so worried how the LN would end..but atleast i got to see oh-so cute ruri again.XD tch1 to hell with kirino >=/


      1. If the True Route is following the course of the light novels (which I’m fairly certain most of us will agree that it is) then we should have some Ruri X Kyousuke to look forward to. 🙂
        Either way, this show has yet to disappoint me

      2. ahuh, and true route is a wincest end? i dun think so. =/ i saw the LN, nothing’s yet final. it’s either kyo’s going to stay with ruri or the despicable might happen; he starts to realize how kirino truly means to him. uggh..

        so,yeah, let’s see who’s gonna win this. *smirk*


      3. I’ve only started reading the light novels, still need some practice with Kanji 😛
        Ah man, I’m definitely hoping Kuroneko comes out on top. Kirino is cool and all, but I don’t like the idea of wincest ending (-_-‘)

      4. @keiOnDaisuki: Did I say it’s going to be an incest end? It won’t. True end will only feature Kyousuke Show Spoiler ▼

        There will be no romantic relationships established at this season.

      5. @PONCH you can read sergio’s summaries at seanver’s. they’re detailed. xDD

        @Maugomale i didn’t say you said it.you just strike me as somebody who favored kirino,so i assumed you’re subtly telling me that kirino x kyou is better.well,i might be wrong.XD

        btw,if what you say is true,i’m fine with it although i admit that i’m quite disappointed. DX

  16. Kuroneko spending schooltime together with Kyousuke = WIN

    Though we’ll have to wait for next episode before we get plenty of Kuroneko goodness in Kirino’s absence.

    That said, Divine, that image of Kuroneko in school uniform you put on the outside is quite a spoiler for those who’ve not read the novel or seen the episode.

    Kinny Riddle
  17. This long title seemed absurd before, except now I know which series it came from.

    Really? I always thought it was the other way round, upon hearing of that anime title. lol

    Kyousuke once again shows he’s quite a masochist of a brother to want to go this far for his sister. Surely Tokyo has night buses even when their taxis are exorbitantly expensive?

    Kinny Riddle
  18. In Japanese school system, high school is not given. I mean, you pick a few schools you like and take entrance exams. You pass the exam and then you can enter. So apparently Kuroneko wanted to go to the same school as Kyousuke. She wanted to be around him more obviously, even though she wouldn’t admit it. You know, it’s some tsundere stuff.

    U Doh
  19. “I still like the “anata” idea I had when Kuroneko mentioned that she’d be calling Kyousuke something else before long, so the “senpai” thing was both a surprise and a disappointment.”

    It follows the Light Novel closely. But, yeah, “anata” was what I was expecting too….

  20. Without Kirino around to fend off unwanted admirers, Kuroneko had the opportunity to advance and eventually stole the Kyousuke from Manami. The whole story is really well thought out.


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