It doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that Naruto and Bee are still going at it with the former’s training, though at least now we get the impression it took a considerable amount of time to master the chakra balance for the Jinchuuriki Imari whenever they do join the battlefield. It may have only been nine chapters, but with the weekly release schedule (barring breaks), that translates to just over two months since we’ve seen Naruto grace the pages of his manga.

So the fifth and final treasure makes its appearance after all, and happens to be named the Amber Purifying Pot (Kouhaku no Jouhei) 「琥珀の浄瓶」 rather than the Jade Flask. Regardless, we have a container of sorts and one that’s even more overpowered than the gourd with all its prerequisites. I would normally say it was anti-climactic how the pot made short work of Kinkaku with the current generation Ino-Shika-Chou as the key players in doing so; however, I’ve admittedly had my fill of the Kin-Gin brothers and was hoping that the fight against them wouldn’t drag out any longer. It’s odd because I figured there would’ve been more excitement from seeing Kinkaku transform into a mini Nine-Tails and start wrecking havoc, which even had me thinking that Naruto would’ve rushed in to help after sensing a demonic chakra conspicuously similar to his own. Still, kudos to Ino and co. for getting some limelight during the war while representing Konoha. I’m just surprised that her mind transfer technique worked on Kinkaku, whom I thought would’ve been surrounded by so much overwhelming chakra that could’ve easily repelled it.

Anyway, the arrival of Kitsuchi’s division and part of Gaara’s seems to suggest that the beach battle will shift into “clean up” mode. At the moment, I’m just wondering if there will be any focus on Asuma and Hizashi before the story shifts to Gaara and all the Kages he’s stalling. I’m a bit torn between seeing more of the sentimental Konoha-related battles and some crazy Kage-level ones, so hopefully the next chapter will kick off both in parallel before giving more focus on one or the other.


      1. This chapter is going the same way the Hecco Mondo/Aizen God Mode arc went in Bleach. On paper it seems like a dream team of fights we would want to see but when they are back to back to back to back to back etc… it loses the punch of excitement it should have had.

    1. Well, it’s presumably the final arc, or the arc before the final arc depending on how you want to look at it, so it’s only natural it will go on for a while. I’m hoping that all these side battles will be wrapped up by the end of the year, but I’m not even too sure about that

  1. So why didn’t they use this overpowered pot from the beginning of the war, if it was so easy / convenient to use? If I’m getting it right the target just needs to respond to the user for his soul to be captured.

    Anyway, this war is dragging on forever… I bet the anime will milk and extend this part to no end.

    I miss madara 🙁 i wonder what he’s doing, he was so confident even without kabuto, yet he hasn’t participated yet except for sending a bunch of zetsu’s.

  2. seeing naruto during the middle of a major battle is good thing now. Last time he came and totally owned the Six Paths of Pein. Now there’s a war going on and Naruto is the master of shadow clone jutsu, imagine if he has over a dozen Sage Clones this time instead of just two.

  3. I would think the pot plot twist was too convenient. First you have someone who can teleport objects, you have Shikamaru who transforms anybody into a target for Ino and then a pot that traps everybody who answers to it. Really too convenient… Well can’t complain, at least these two retarded overpowered villains are taken care of.

    1. hey remember that the enemy has like dozens of legendary ninjas along with thousands of zetus. its seems fairly even now. besides, that maneuver is only for a single target, which will leave them defenseless from other attackers.

  4. (sigh) they are still training to do that super rasengan. I was hoping by now Bee would teach Naruto how to use a sword, since Sasuke also uses a sword. Times like these makes me wish NAruto has the sharingan, then it wouldn’t take him so long to learn one technique.

    much to my surprise, Kinkaku didn’t wreck as much havok as I thought. I would never imagined that he would get sealed so fast.

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