「おい、お前どこ中だよ?」 (Oi, Omae Doko Chuu Da yo?)
“Hey, What Middle School Do You Go To?”

After I remembered how the producers promised that this show would be full of laughs, battles, shocking revelations, and plot twists, I’m glad to say that they’ve managed to pull through and provide everything they promised and then some. For me, the return to a slice of life styled episode signaled the beginning of the humor I’ve missed for the past two weeks. While I thought the battles were flashy, I think this show shines when it doesn’t try too hard to be too serious. Things like Haruna trying to explain the string theory to Tonkotsu ramen being able vanquish Megalos — I always knew that good tasting ramen had some kind of special powers in it! Plus you can’t forget Ayumu’s constant attempts to avoid direct sunlight. Between hiding underneath trucks or wearing a Masou Shoujo outfit, I’d probably pick the former as well.

Like I said back in episode one, I think that it’s so cool how all the Megalos seem to have their own unique personalities. Besides looking hilarious in school uniforms, it’s always fun to watch how even though they’re pretty strong in their own right they still don’t take things too seriously. A overly excited horse with a big mouth is one thing, but a lecherous Jellyfish that mistakenly tries to feel up Ayumu’s manhood was just too much for me. I can’t even fathom how dirty that jellyfish Megalo felt — I mean accidentally touching “that” is one thing, but going in looking for “not that” and finding “that” was just hilarious.

Enter — Yoshida Yuki aka Tomonori, the final girl who will supposedly complete Ayumu’s harem. At first, I had this strange impression that she was some sort of exorcist. Those markings that ranked how tasty a shops ramen was reminded me of charms that exorcists carry. Combine that with her ability to throw straight up tonkotsu ramen at Megalos to vanquish them, and I hope you can see how I was a little disappointed to see that she was just another vampire ninja. On the other hand, I can’t argue with how cute she is. While she’s obligated to act as Ayumu’s wife after that accidental kiss, it was nice to see someone show their affection for him — Yuu aside since she could possibly end up blowing up the universe by saying the word 好き (suki).

Besides permanently warping my view of Santa Clause and making me question just what he has sitting inside his bag, I’m starting to question just what Dai-sensei is teaching her students. Besides her lack of responsibility (Kyoko), I want to know why a female sensei has semi operational x-ray glasses (I guess more like see through shirt glasses). Better yet, why is she entrusting them to Ayumu?

After a bunch of twists and turns, I’m starting to get a little anxious for the next big boss to appear. Ranging from the other zombie that Yuu obliterated to a battle between different vampire ninja factions, I honestly think either of them would be fun to watch — which makes me want next week to come that much faster!

P.S. I love Matsuoka Yuki. I mean, she’s up there next to Kawasumi Ayako. When I heard her doing Yuu’s voice this week.. ohhhh <3.




  1. I loved this episode Hisako Kanemoto (Tomonori) showing this isn’t how squids invade =D and poor Satomi Arai (Squid) being victim of a trap. I’m curious if Tomonori will get more OP screens now that shes been introduced.

  2. Sera is becoming a little more dere. A shame she did not say anything while in the stage girl outfit. Ayumu should still attempt to kiss her when she is not paying attention.

    Yuki is also a really cute addition to the harem. I wonder if she has met Yuu yet, and if she will move into his house also.

    What puzzles me right now is who this is. https://randomc.net/image/Kore%20wa%20Zombie%20Desu%20ka/Kore%20wa%20Zombie%20Desu%20ka%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2037.jpg

    She looks kind of like Sera, but she is even more foul-mouthed.

    1. If I were to venture a guess, she looks almost like she could be her sister, or at the very least part of her vampire ninja clan. Similar hair, eyes, albeit a little more hostile. This is simply speculation, especially considering the fact that she delivered the glasses from Dai-sensei and probably has connections through her. Hopefully we will find out next time 😛

  3. Haruna is beginning to show that she has developed some feeling´s towards Ayumu. That what I can see that she´s beginning to be nicer to Ayumu something that I think is cute. And this was a great episode. Really mad me laugh. I really can´t wait watching the next episode. I hope this week goes fast

  4. I especially loved the part where Ayumu tried to make a 100-yard dash across a bridge in direct sunlight but couldn’t make it (and had to jump into the river). lol

    Plus, i think Tomonori is quickly becoming my favorite of the bunch. o_o

  5. Maybe this story is headed for a Tenchi Muyo GXP style ‘marry them all’ ending. It would certainly convenient solve any harem problems. Zombie masou shoujo x Noodle loving vampire ninja is certainly a very original matchup I guess lol.

    However I don’t remember any other harem anime where the male lead got ‘married’ half way through. It happened all too easily and something just doesn’t feel right.

    Ninja Penguin
  6. Hey I suddenly realised after watching episode 1 again with my friend: after Ayumu gets blown out the window after killing the giant crayfish the first person it cuts to who’s watching him fall is Tomonori.

  7. Another great episode!
    I’m very curious to see how Ayumu resolves the “marriage” issue. While I like the new girl, I would ultimately love to see the Yuu X Ayumu Combi evolve into more than a Necromancer- Zombie servant relationship. *crosses fingers* T^T
    It was also cute to see Haruna get jealous when Ayumu is talking to the other girls 🙂

  8. This anime is gonna be on my top list for all time watching anime, there has not been 1 episode that has been boring and with every episode that air’s i see it more than 2 times to fully gallup every detail. The protagonist is way cool, the girls are so freakibg cute and adorable, the story has to many twist’s, and btw, i just loooooveee Yuuuuu, and haruna was way cute in this episode.

    note: the new girl is not another harem girl, is just another beauty waiting to be discovered.

  9. I didn’t realise until I looked this up, but Yuki is voiced by Hisako Kanemoto who most recently played Ika Musume as well as Kanata in Sora no Woto. I totally didn’t recognise her voice.

    Also for those who don’t know, Ika Musume is getting a 2nd season!

  10. Well there we go all the possible harem characters are present and it is a race to see who ll get Ayumu(Yuu obviously in first XP) I hate to admit it but this weeks episode was much weaker compared to the others. Yes the episode had its lol moments like: the string theory, Ayumu trying to get to Haruna, the jellyfish megalo, and IMO the best Santa parody I ve seen in along time(beating the gintama one) I could only wonder as what the role of this new girl Mael will be. But seeing as how one of the arcs ended I could say that the weak episode is justifiable. As far as rating goes this episode deserves a 4.5/5 XP still a pretty good episode despite being one of the or even the weakest episode this season.

      1. Same I thought it was VERY WEIRD, since as far as anime history goes each time there’s an unexpected development or announcement in a classmate even some side or background characters as classmates would have very huge reactions to it, especially the wife/husband declaration and bentou shering moment. I find it weird that they were reacting normally though when Ayumu shouted in the middle of the test, but not when he was talking loudly with Yuki declaring many times that she was his wife and him as her husband.

        Oh well it is a good change of pace, but I do find that it was such a waste in humour since Orito like reactions/exaggerations would be amusing to watch.

        On a side note, its such a waste that the screenshot did not include the full pan shot of Yuu with her pony tail looking up at Ayumu DAMN THAT WAS CUTE MOE OVERLORD OVER INFINITY!
        (Ahem! let me indulge in my fantasies!)

  11. I am so temp to jump from Yuu’s ship to Tomonori’s ship, scratch that, I demand a three some ending of Ayumu, Yuu and Tomonori! And where is that Badass Santa Claus when I was still a child? Damn it.

  12. I dunno if anyone notice but right after the kiss a girl scream. A girl with a hoarse voice, now Ayumu mouth was still on Tonomori lips when that happen and we know Haruna voice is high pitched. In fact I think Sera was acting kinda jealous when she was eating ramen and when Ayumu was doing his homework. Also why blush but put on a Samba for Ayumu benefit?

    This is the only anime where I would say the zombie protagonist should end up with EVERy girl

  13. It amaze me how Ayumu is not accepting the deredere wholeheartedly now that he finally gets some.

    I mean seriously, after being on the end of tsuntsun for so long, I was half expecting him to be a masochist at this point when I saw he didn’t go crazy about a girl going deredere.

    Haruna doesn’t count, her deredere is just too… obscure to detect for the Ayumu radar.

  14. oiii oiii… many ayumu classmate look at ayumu when tomonori shouted him but why none of them showed little reaction on tomonori who said this spousal stuff
    are them too normal to say as classmates…=_= ?
    at least they shocked and shouted “WIFEEEEE”!!!!
    except Orito all of his friends must be so careless

    Class Clown
  15. Ok i know that with each generation. The image of Santa clause differs,but seriously WTF? This rendition looked like something that belonged in Hell Sing. I was kind expecting a gravely sinister voice to cut in and say, “You’ve been very naughty.”

    Kidding aside, it was nice to see things get back on track. For the most part anyway. Also, why doesn’t the MC just get a sun umbrella? I know it’s suppose to be for comic effect, but “hiding in the shadows” tends to lose it’s humor. When it’s done almost every episode.

    -It looks like they tones down the x-ray glasses powers a bit in the anime.

  16. I don’t get it, what’s the deal with Ayumu? How can he object to having such a cute wife? Besides, he is a pervert, you can’t really deny it, so if i’m not wrong, having a wife means being able to do this and that with her right? He should not have any problems with it i think;P

  17. Love Yuki’s introduction this episode and Im really really hoping that she will play a more major role later in the series just like regular appearances with Ayumu and the rest of the girls. Im also hoping the same for the new girl to appear a lot as well.

    Anyways, I dont understand what Yuki’s real name is? I mean first Sera introduced her as Maelstrom or Mael, then Orito said her full name is Yoshida Tomonori, which she objects saying her name is Yuki? Which is it? Since so far at least the names of the girls are clear for ex. Sera is simply short for Seraphim and Yuu is also a short for Eucliwood. So Im confused about Yuki’s real name. Also why is she pissed off at Orito calling her Tomonori if that is actually her last name? Shouldnt that be natural? Or is there something like a hidden meaning behind that name?

    I was guessing that Yuki hates it because it sounds like a boys name?

    1. Her real name is Mael Strom. 吉田友紀/Yoshida Yuki is the formal name she used as human ID. However the 友紀/Yuki part of her name can be misread into Tomonori, a boys name which Orito uses because her tomboyish part. And ironically she’s more popular as Tomonori.

    1. Well, that’s the correct answer. I believe Yuu also showed the answer before Haruna doodled over the notes.

      sqrt ( 5 – 2*sqrt(6) )
      sqrt ( 5 – 2*sqrt(3)*sqrt(2) )
      sqrt ( 3+2 – 2*sqrt(3)*sqrt(2) )
      sqrt ( (sqrt(3) – sqrt(2))^ 2 )
      sqrt(3) – sqrt(2)

      Yay MATH!!! Funny that this episode has a Math problem when they introduced Yuki (Ika Musume’s VA). One of the episodes from Ika also had Math problems with correct answers.

  18. twisted santa .. COOL!
    never thought that xxx girl/Yuki/Tomonori/Maelstrom etc
    could leave such strong impression on her first full appearance.
    Ayumu’s got a perfect harem now (wife included).. lucky bastard!

  19. Ayumu you are a lucky SOB! I know he really likes Yuu but there’s like 2 girls that like him; Haruna and Tomonori. Stop being dense Ayumu and just go for either the 2 or both! At this rate he’ll never get laid.

  20. Hilarious episode. I liked when Ayumu was kicking ass in his regular form and then his body decomposes as the sun ray shines on him 😛 Also Sera’s dare to try and kiss her.

    Also, every girl had their cute moments today, and sera seemed a lot cuter this episode, more dere and a little less tsun 😀


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