Things wrapped up pretty quickly in the last few chapters, almost comically so. While some of that contributed to the sense of a world spinning out control, there were undeniably signs that the series was over-reaching as well – the coincidences, shortcuts and cop-outs were not exactly Fairy Tail’s best moments! But to Mashima sensei’s credit, I’m very glad the narrative pace has now been slackened considerably and he was able to tie up a surprising number of loose ends in a mere three chapters – that’s quite a feat, considering how many of those were left hanging in midair! As I’ve said in my first Fairy Tail post, the series is, first and foremost, a shounen story that is synonymous to pure happiness and the reconstruction of Fairy Tail Building is certainly a great way to close out the Grand Magic Game Arc. But that doesn’t mean everything is peaches-an-cream and as the curtain rings down for this story arc, Mashima sensei has also brought to pass a foundation for the incoming showdowns – starting with the re-emergence of Zeref and his declaration to bring chaos! The Black Wizard is unquestionably a fascinating package of contrast – modest and reasonable on one hand, but bitter and sadistic on the other! Zeref’s true intentions remained shrouded in enigma and his plan to end the cycle of hate through the proliferation of carnage and massacre is the very basics of a contradiction. I have a sneaking suspicion he’s as much of a victim as a villain himself and Mavis, who is apparently an old acquaintance of Zeref’s, probably knows more than she’s letting on. The past which those two shared – perhaps that of an old flame or an ex-colleague – lends itself to further exploration and I’m certain there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye – one that would, no doubt, pit Fairy Tail against Zeref in the ultimate confrontation!

To my great surprise, the collateral damage remained even after the destruction of the Eclipse Gate – in fact, everyone’s memories was kept intact and aside from the dragons’ departure, there were hardly any visible changes to anything at all! This revelation has critical consequences – after all, Gray’s death would have been permanent if Ultear hasn’t stepped in and such an outcome vindicates the valiant sacrifice that she made four chapters ago! It was certainly a relief to learn that Ultear is still alive and kicking,  but the side effects of her forbidden spell, Arc of Time Last Aegis, has regrettably caught up to her – in the form of an accelerated senescence that turned her into an old woman! I’m not going to lie, I am sorely disappointed that we won’t get to see Ultear’s attractive self again – she was very easy on the eyes to say the least and the exquisite curve that she proudly flaunts is truly one of a kind! Who knows? Perhaps her proficiency in Transformation Magic could bring her younger appearance back, but all that is secondary for now – the important point is that Ultear is, indeed, alive and I suspect this will not be the last time we see her in action. What comes next is hard to tell – but there’s definitely a sense of convergence in the latest chapters, one that points to a closing stage for the big picture that is not too far away! Pointed out by none other than Cobra, Tataros – the last vertex of the Balam Alliance, has started to move and it’s certainly conceivable that their roles will be key to the next story arc – presumably as an independent antagonist or even an ally for Zeref!

Random tidbits:

  • He stole that damn crown, you got that right! – Natsu’s such a boss, he’ll make a fine king one day.
  • Lisanna’s jealous! Yukino has short silver hair and they’re both the imouto type – Does that mean Yukino’s not going to join Fairy Tail? Make up your mind already, Mashima sensei!
  • “I’ve been upgraded to Juvia version 2.0” – I love Juvia in all her funky hairdo, but for my money, version 1.3 is still the best!
  • Gray’s still a tsundere, stop being so mean to Juvia! – And here I was thinking he’d be nicer to her after that near-death experience!
  • “Can you be my onee sama?” – A dressed-up Kagura is pretty adorable, but a dere dere Kaugura is even cuter. Erza’s embrace looks so comfortable, Kagura’s a lucky imouto, that’s for sure!
  • What is Erza hiding in her cleavage? – It’s a Happy!
  • Droooool!!!” – Mavis wants some of that jello, too bad she’s a ghost!
  • Did he just hoodwink the entire government? – Doranbolt would make a pretty good outlaw if and when he decides to quit the Magic Council!
  • I wonder if Cobra will meet Kinana again – She seems pretty happy at Fairy Tail!
  • Where did Minerva go? – Maybe she has teamed up with Tataros!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #FairyTail 338 to 340: Zeref & Mavis, old acquaintance? Ultear’s fate has been revealed! #Manga


  1. First comment for Fairy Tail!

    So much went on in this arc, and I for one am both happy, yet sad it’s finally over. I hope we’ll see more of the other Guilds soon, and I’m really hoping Yukino decides to join Fairy Tail later on, but if she goes back to Sabertooth then that’s fine too.

    Did anyone else seem to notice that Raven Tail’s Orba’s little pet was with Zeref? Does that mean they will return as well? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. Mavis and Zeref, like a contrasting angel and demon…maybe their relationship was more intimate than just old colleagues? One died despite staying as a lingering spirit while the other expected Natsu to kill him. Zeref however dates back at least 400 years and with that said I believe that makes Mavis a lot older than Fairy Tail guild’s history. Perhaps after Zeref became the dark mage Mavis went on and found Fairy Tail for the sole purpose of defeating him, by creating a guild that stands in complete contrast to his negative view of humanity.

  3. Natsu was so hilarious this episode, I wasted 2 minutes of my life worrying that something was actually wrong with him.. never again hahaha. On a more serious note, I am so sad that no one but Grey, Jellal, and Meredy know of Ultear’s sacrifice!!! I find this very sad, that no one realizes they owe her everything *sigh*, maybe it will come out in time.

    And the Yukino situation was really cute, but I really hope she goes back to Sabertooth. I think that is more fitting than her joining fairy tail in my opinion, of course, I won’t be mad if she does join lucy and co.

    1. To be frank, after seeing how Natsu “cosplayed” as Ezra during her trial, I wasn’t too shocked in how he was planning something outrageous. After seeing three chapters in one week, it is obvious that Fairy Tail is going to have a long break so we won’t see his antics for a while.

  4. “I am sorely disappointed that we won’t get to see Ultear’s attractive self again”
    I agree with you, her rather appealing look, both in and out, after the 7 year time skip made me felt happy she became one of the good guys; I almost wanted to have her in at least one “fanservice” moments rather than having poor Lucy being given the brunt of Fairy Tail’s fanservice actions.

    On the side note is how “nobody dies in Fairy Tail,” I can imagine this is only limited to KIA, most of the time, as we would exclude “old age” as a cause of death, Lucy’s father died, so I feel this is the last time we will see Ultear. On the interesting side is how Rave Master had a similar situation to Ultear’s problem.

    It is indeed interesting how Natsu stole the crown, this should solve his earlier financial problems regarding how his safe got stolen in his 7 year “vacation.”

    I am curious what Zeref was planning, and if he is really wanting to destroy humanity. It would be swell if he could heal Ultear’s problem, a magic god should be able to do so.

    Finally Arcadios, well I am a bit relieved in how his earlier “evil moments” was the same as how Lelouch (code geass) just laugh in an evil fashion. Though I will wonder if he heard what happened to the crown.

  5. The way I understand Zeref’s motives is as followed.

    Zeref regrets the evil that he has done in the past, and he is seeking death to repent for his crimes. That is why he is hoping that Natsu will someday be powerful enough to put him out of his misery. He also hopes that with him gone, then world will move towards a better direction.

    However, over the past seven years, he has continued to observe humanity making the same mistakes, still squabbling and hurting each other. As such, he will once again take up his powers and return as the Dark Mage Zeref, and wage war on the world. There are only two solutions to this. Either the world will be destroyed or the people will unite against him and defeat him. In other words, the world will be forced to change, regardless of the result. If the people does rise up together against him, then it will be ideal and Zeref will get the death he seeks.

    This is also what Mavis promised him at the end. Fairy Tail will stop him, they will unite the others and bring an end to Zeref, for his sake as well.

  6. If you take the anime for canon, and I’m pretty sure Hiro Mashima does, Cobra and Kinana have already met at least once. But now they’ve opened up the curtain for another possible reunion.

  7. Well, the “Time Magic” Mage survived. But her Life Force was burned up. Until she stayed a Old Hag. Thats explain her Appearance now. So She not recovered full from this Spell. But Survived with most of her Age lost

  8. Zeref is just doing the opposite of what he wants so that Natsu can finally kill him. If he comes across “Please kill me, Natsu, pretty please”, it’ll never work.


  9. All three chapters were wonderful with both tragic and comic moments and I really hope for the following things to happen.

    (1). I hope to see Ultear regain Her youth and return again someday. It really is heartbreaking to see Her turn into an old woman and end up all alone.

    (2). I hope Yukino joins Fairy Tail, I’m not saying She’s not better off with Sabertooth or Mermaid Heel(I can’t really see Her in Lamia Scale or Quatro Cerberus) but I think She’s going to be happier in Fairy Tail and I get to see her more and more if She becomes a Fairy.

    (3). I hope to see a rematch between a rematch between our Dragon Slayers and Dragons, I agree with Mavis, Gajeel and Cobra. It is kind of disappointing that our favourite Dragon Slayers weren’t able to defeat a single Dragon, maybe they are not yet ready or maybe they still have hidden powers that needs to be awakened.

    (4). I hope Milliana gets Her own Exceed, I know that only Dragon Slayers are the only ones with Exceeds but if someone like Ichiya can have an exceed I don’t see why Milliana who is a cat lover shouldn’t get one in fact I hope She gets two Exceeds and be the only character that gets two Exceeds.

    (5). I hope Gray can do something for Ultear, I hope He helps her regain Her youth back.

    (6). I hope Sabertooth gets a new master that can transform the guild into a comrade loving guild and a guild that cherishes it’s Nakama. As we have learned that Gemma Sabertooth’s former master and Minerva went AWOL I won’t be surprised if they went and joined dark guilds or formed another guild that is even more ruthless and cruel with cruel wicked members.

    (7). I hope Fairy Tail continues for a long time. I don’t know were people are getting the ridiculous idea that Fairy Tail has a few more arcs before it ends but there are still a lot of unresolved plots in the story EG, Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel have not found their Dragon Parents, Lucy is yet to hone Her Magic skills to grow on the same level like her mother’s according to Capricon’s notifications(Chapter 261), Mavis and Zeref may have some history that we don’t know about and we need to know more about Zeref and His real plans, we have not seen the last of dark guilds and I think there’s going to be a war between Legitimate Guilds( Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel, Sabretooth, Quatro Cerberus etc) and Dark Guilds(Tartaros, Grimoire Hearts and the rest of the Balam alliance etc) I could go on with a lot of unresolved plots but I believe I’ve maid my point. As I was saying unless these unresolved plots remain unresolved I don’t see Fairy Tail coming to an end any time soon.

    K C M
  10. Fairy Tail plot roller coaster:
    1. Exposition (usually ok)
    2. Inexplicable fanservice chapter (great)
    3. Every bad guy of the arc appears out of thin air and battles begin immediately (one of the reasons the overall plot is so bad)
    4. Bad guys are built up as way stronger but then Fairy Tail dominates and wins with one strike because friendship (Mashima does this all wrong and power levels make no sense because of this)
    5. Former villains all become good guys or are revealed to be Jellal (why?)
    6. Former villains go into ridiculous and unnecessary slapstick comedy routine that poisons their character design (why?)
    7. Party/fanservice chapter (usually ok)
    8. Next wave of villains appears out of thin fucking air with no transition at all

  11. I love how it all wrap up there happy moment Ultear didnt died but turn old Im happy Gray knew it was her & she get to say good bye to her friends then another twist as Zeref returns knowing Mavis & the connection between him & Natsu! Wow I like it still I hope we get find out soon what Zeref real aim is & what did Cobra mean? Im surprise that little guy that was with Raven tail was actually a pet of Zeref & I so love Natsu making a big entrance as a king!^^

    Another 3 chap at least we dont to wait too long to see things progress!^^

  12. I am just as sad we wont see Ultear’s sexy bod again.

    Natsu cracked me up.

    We still dont know who Yukino ended up joining. I was laughing pretty hard at that battle royale from the other guilds wanting Yukino for no reason other than for the sake of competition, lol.

  13. Wow! Everything was so happy and then suddenly we get the Dark Wizard himself return from out of the blue. Didn’t see that coming, though I thought his absence in the previous arc was bizarre considering it contained practically every character to date.

    I imagine that whatever Zeref is planning will eventually lead to the death of Frosch that Rogue spoke of in a year’s time. Here’s hoping Fairy Tail has what it takes to face their most powerful foe yet! On another note, I want to know what link Zeref has to Natsu, it’s bugged me since they crossed paths and I’m dying to know.

    My prediction: Zeref himself is eternal, but lives and then is reincarnated once the he dies, and that after he came back this time, he met Natsu. Maybe that would explain the mystery behind Natsu’s parents, whose absence remains unexplained.

    I could be way off, but who cares? Zeref’s back and the next arc looks like it’s going to be a good one!


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