It’s that time of the year again—time for shounen power ups. With Obito having now become the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki and now “possessing” (loosely said, as he doesn’t seem to be quite all there) power equivalent to the Sage of Six Paths, it’s just a whole new landscape in terms of power levels, and it’s quite the definition of insanity indeed. After all, there’s nothing like a battlefield where only the immortally revived dead can survive for any extended period of time, and it’s something that seems exceptionally fitting considering how we’re closer to the end than ever before.

With that said though, I found it interesting that Madara decided to jump in and bar the First Hokage’s path rather than letting him join the fight against the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki in earnest. Granted, it might just be all part of some kind of ultimate plan to handle it in his own way, so I suppose the verdict may still be out on his exact motives at this time. Regardless, the general fact remains that the key to the ninja army’s victory in this fight might just be the fact that Obito’s currently not quite in control—and what we have is theoretically a mindless husk for the most part—but I’m admittedly still wondering how exactly things are going to work out without there being some kind of similar power up on the side of Sasuke and Naruto’s side (perhaps some kind of epic technique combination with the rest of the ninja army could potentially even up the odds a bit?)

That is of course, assuming that the Fourth Hokage actually manages to free the two from the Jinchuriki’s grasp. To that end, it’s interesting to note how it feels like this might actually be one of those times where we might see some more actual deaths happen to the main cast, and like last week, it seems like there’s a huge assortment of ways things can go from here. And depending on how Kishimoto plays his cards, the end might just bring with it something that’ll be more than a pleasant surprise (or not).


  1. I like the battles so far but it seems to me that its kinda draggy for the past few weeks. Sure its interesting to see bunch of different techniques but what we really want to see is the resolution of the ninja war. To see who is right Naruto or Madara or maybe even a third choice to the problem.

  2. Alright so far how will you rank the Hokages in the Battlefield? 1st Hokage is still the top man, 3rd Hokage hasn’t done anything yet so far,Not still impressed with 2nd Hokage while has 4th Hokage has been working his ass off even though its kinda had for me to differentiate btw he and Naruto sometimes. What exactly will the Present Kages be coming to do?

  3. There is one thing that I agree with Sasuke. Naruto should stop worrying about the Hokages in the middle of the battlefield and focus on defeating Obito. Honestly Naruto is too soft right now if he is worrying about the Hokages since they are already dead. Just what is he afraid of when he starts to worry about everyone in the battlefield?

  4. These battles are nothing short of being a spectacle and entertaining to say the least, but at the same time I’m hoping to see a bit more than just attack after attack. Sure Kishimoto is taking this time to showcase both Obito and the Kages and in some ways, the Edo Tensei is both a blessing and curse for that as it does offer a bit in the way of trial by error for the Kage to pinpoint Obito’s current strengths and faults and from that, devise a strategy but simultaneously, I can’t find myself too invested in the current state of war when the casualties are constantly regenerating. There just isn’t a sense of dread knowing how powerful Obito has become without the damage he’s doing having a feel of finality to it. At least in my opinion.

    That being said though, I’m looking forward to how Minato will respond to the situation from here. And maybe from that, something will spark and things will pick up a bit.

  5. Fourth Hokage -> Rasen Senkou Chourinbukousanshiki

    Obito does some crazy stuff, naruto and sasuke gets into a big pinch, fourth hokage does his stuff, prob that new tech he mentioned and saves the day

    Can’t wait, I haven’t really seen much of fourth’s tech yet, apart from his thunder god and rasengan. I hope the new tech is not fourth ramming rasengan and god speed with his thunder god technique lolol. But if it is, I’m still happy.

  6. I kinda feel bad for the Shinobi army because they’re just helplessly watching this and have no influence to what will happen next. It’ll be nice if the other Kages finally show up to change the tide a bit. Something interesting needs to happen because this (long) day of fighting is just exhausting to read/watch.

  7. Sasuke is more of an anti hero at this point. He wants to eradicate the current ninja system or at least change it to the degree that the Shinobi world would not be divided by the existence of the tailed beasts. While Naruto on the other hand wants to resolve it by getting the ninja world to understand that the tailed beasts aren’t just weapons or tools, and aren’t malevolent as they are portrayed to be. I think this us where Naruto and Sasuke will disagree somewhere down the line to their eventual showdown deciding the future of Konoha.

  8. My favorite highlight was Sasuke trying to do his evil glare before suddenly being facepalmed by Obito. But in all seriousness Obito has lost his cool factor officially, kinda like Butterfly Aizen, he was all hax and stuff but didn’t look cool anymore, added the fact that he stretched and skewed like Luffy to attack everyone and that’s just a bad guy that’s gone wrong.

      1. I have doubts a Genjutsu, even from the Sharingan, would have any real effect primarily because of the sheer difference in power coupled with the Rinnegan still being there too.

      2. I agree with HalfDemonInuyasha, a genjutsu on Obito will be ineffective a sharingan can see through genjutsu and no doubt the rinnegan can see through it too and why it worked on Danzo is that he was using his own left eye to see and not any of the sharingans in his body, not even the one in his right eye.

        K C M
  9. The fighting has finally gotten interesting again, even if I still don’t get how Obito could possibly be the Jinchuriki of the Jubi, incomplete or otherwise, given the whole idea of the Jubi’s chakra essentially making Kurama’s look like nothing in terms of darkness, malice, etc, so you’d think without VERY powerful and specialized seals, anyone attempting to become its Jinchuriki would otherwise die instantly. Kishi also seemed to completely ignore that established fact with Kinkaku and Ginkaku and them somehow absorbing some of Kurama’s chakra when inside him and somehow able to eat some of his insides, and even able to control it.

    Still, this is also only making me worry that, with each new show of more and more power, skill, and abilities that “Obito” and the undead Kage show off, it’s going to REQUIRE some MORE hax asspull power-ups for Naruto and/or Sasuke to be able to compete at all. Even if they are able to work down how “Obito” fights, the sheer difference in power is overwhelmingly evident, so even ONE tiny mistake will result in their deaths.

  10. The plot is becoming increasingly unappealing, as everything seems just too chaotic. The recent chapters have become a display of overpowered jutsus, which is certainly exciting to read and comment, but plot-wise it is lame as we see no progress at all.

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  12. still crazy how the juubi has reached full form with only a piece of the eight tails and two humans with portion of the nine-tails. something tells me madara is gonna genjutsu Obito/Juubi to activate the moon’s eye plan. He will be the final boss in dream world of ninjas where he is a god like being of some kind.

    1. I’m thinking He wants to give Naruto the Yin chakra of Kurama the Nine tails after all it belongs to the Fox Spirit. So Naruto will receive the Yin Chakra of Kurama and achieve the perfect fussion of the Nine Tails and become a Super Bad Ass Kicking Ninja

      K C M
      1. It would at least be as perfect as it could get given the portions from the 2 completely stupidly-made characters that, along with Obito, just seemed to break some “set” info that we had before, are inside Obito now along with a portion of Gyuki’s chakra (for those who can’t guess; Ginkaku and Kinkaku).

        All I could really see happening is Naruto being able to make some opening for something at the most since, as said, it would merely be 9 (or 8 1/2 or something) tails of chakra against 29-30 tails of chakra in Obito along with the Sharingan and Rinnegan (and who knows if Obito might just end up with the Jubi’s eye in one or both of his and making him even more hax than even the Rinnegan was with Madara, lol. (I still wonder if the Rikudo Sennin ALWAYS has the Rinnegan or if it was something he gained AFTER becoming the Jinchuriki of the Jubi and his body adapting to its massive chakra, given it being half the pattern with the rings and the Jubi’s eye looks like a Sharingan and Rinnegan combination if not just a giant Mangekyo Sharingan or something.)

        And we still jave to worry about what Madara might try to pull behind their backs while fighting Hashirama as well as what friction might possibly come between Naruto and Sasuke concerning the Biju (and probably Sakura) as I’m sure that their differences on what should be done (Sasuke wanting to destroy Obito and the Biju with him, but Naruto wanting to help them) will end up creeping up during the battle and allow Obito to gain (more) ground against them while they’re distracted by such things, perhaps even Naruto using his attacks to deflect Sasuke’s to keep him from killing Obito and such (and taking the Biju with him possibly)… which would no doubt piss Sasuke off… x_x


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