「スクランブルフォーメーション」 (Sukuranburu Fōmēshon)
“Scramble Formation”

If you’re gonna try to make multiple people fall in love with you at once, you’re gonna have a bad time.

It really seems as if Megami-hen is dead set on cramming the entire goddess arc into (presumably) one cour. Compared to the usual, slower pace of the KamiNomi anime, things are happening much faster than usual, and though that’s different than what we’re used to expecting, it’s not necessarily a terrible decision. It does, however, feel rather rushed this time compared to last, which dedicated a lot of time to flashbacks and general exposition (necessary under the circumstances of course), but it also removes a little of the mystery of the Goddess arc by immediately slimming down the candidates. Nevertheless, that choice actually works here because of the adaptation decisions Manglobe has made. In cutting out those eight girls from the manga, they ruined some of the original allure of the arc, but by cutting to the cheese and narrowing the odds as soon as possible, they managed to salvage it by making it a one-in-five guess and still retain a good amount of theorizing for anime-only viewers.

That being said, it’s right down to business as Keima attempts his riskiest capture yet in a daring all-in-one scheme. Pressed for time before Kanon dies from the cursed blade Vintage, a conservative faction of Hell, used to stab her, he sets out to capture all four remaining Jupiter Sisters in one swoop. Of course, this effectively means he’s seven-timing (if we count Kanon and Tenri, which is optional) and thus facing the ire of a set of girls who feel they’ve been betrayed. Not counting the lovely Yui and the shy Shiori, everyone else is not happy with Keima in the least, and he has a lot to go before winning them over, never mind all at once.

At the heart of all this is the Vintage conspiracy, something Keima notes is far from coincidental. His logic as to finding all the goddesses seems flawed at first (how can he be so sure only the girls he’s already captured are the ones hosting goddesses?), but when you think statistically, it really does seem rather odd that a whole 1/3 of the goddesses were indeed girls who were close to Keima. In any case, now that he’s narrowed his candidates, we’re back in full Capturing God mode and all the usual perks that come along with that. It just isn’t Keima if he’s not doing his job as thoroughly as usual (so thoroughly he doesn’t even think about walking in on Haqua naked), and it isn’t KamiNomi without all the perks of each character. Whether it’s Elsie adorably impersonating Kanon, Ayumi kicking Keima to the wall, or Yui manhandling the manhandler, one thing’s for certain: it’s business time.

Please use spoiler tags in the comments; remember that not everyone has read the manga and not everyone wants to, so please be considerate of others and tag your manga-related discusions.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「キズナノユクエ」 (Kizuna no Yukue) by ユピテルの姉妹 (The Jupiter Sisters)



  1. I don’t know, I was really upset with them skipping over all the rest of the conquests, but I’m actually liking the season so far. They’re doing good with what they’re given, and at the rate they’re going it’s possible they could actually fit the whole thing in one-cour (although undoubtedly it will feel at least a little rushed). I’m still curious as to how they’re going to fit Lune into the story though, as they basically replaced Fiore with her.

  2. “by cutting to the cheese” lololol. Immaturity aside, I’m not totally sure if I like things being rushed in Megami-hen. I think things would have been a bit better had OVAs on the Yui, Tsukiyo, and Akari arcs came before hand. Oh well, the first two eps were still pretty solid though.

    1. Not a stranger. She is Yuri Nikaidō, and she’s been around since episode one. She had the most screen time during Jun Nagase’s (aka the Teacher) arc. She is however mysterious.

      Jack Spicer
    1. Having read up on the chapters that they overlooked prior to this arc. I must say it would have been great to see Yui’s arc animated. It was one of the funniest storylines in the the TWGOK universe given the role reversals Yui and Keima had XD.

      Especially when…
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. It really is a shame not see that arc animated. Imagine all those funny scenes, and the ending? It really is a shame. Oh we should stop thinking and regretting about things that we do not have and instead lets focus on what we have: an anime adaptation of one of the best sagas of twgok, that seems to be looking great.

  3. “how can he be so sure only the girls he’s already captured are the ones hosting goddesses?”
    Show Spoiler ▼

    The show feels really rushed. And its really a shame to skip so many beautiful content. But hey, it seems like its going be a good adaptation anyways.
    Question to the Anime-only viewers:
    What things do you not understand? What things confuse you?

    1. Surprisingly, it makes sense, but like everyone else is saying, rushed. The adaptation has explained all the necessarily material, I think.
      Although, as an anime-only viewer, it would be nice if there was more depth to characters such as Yui and Tsukiyo.

      One question though: did Vintage have any important role in the skipped-over material? Or is this the first time of its being shown in the manga, too?

      1. I think they started appearing around the end of yui’s arc. Vintage’s appearances in the manga before this saga/arc are minimal and only served to introduce them as antagonists. I think it is fine if those appearances were skipped.
        If you understood the anime without even reading the manga, then I think it will be okay and you will understand the episodes to come.

      2. Vintage plays a part in Kusunoki’s sister’s arc, Show Spoiler ▼

  4. I’m a little curious as to how the anime-only viewers see the pacing of this episode. Of course to those of us who have read this arc already, we know what has been rushed/cut out just by watching and therefore view the story as rushing, but I wonder if it doesn’t seem like that for the people that don’t know what’s missing.

    Another question to anime-only viewers would be how you view the introduction of Vintage as antagonists. Do you feel as if it came out of left-field and needed more lead-in?

    Also, dat library scene with Yui.

  5. Not having read the Goddess arc and having skipped all way to the future past thing, I actually like them rushing it because I’m dying to know if Apollo and Kanon can be saved D:

  6. Hmm,as one who read the manga (though it was a long time ago for the related chapters),
    this episode is rather decent for all the fast pace thats being done.
    I think I read on animesuki forums that the first episode comprised 3 chapters,
    while this one comprised a big NINE chapters.

    Two episodes in, and I can already see some parts that I like from the manga-anime conversion.
    I’ll categorize them for reader convenience for this episode,
    & spoiler tags where relevant. =D

    Rather Faithful adaptation:
    Pretty much almost the whole episode; the act of Kanon being stabbed, the Goddesses explanation scene, Elsie & Haqua disguise scenes, the almost yaoi-like scene between Keima & Yui that Shiori & Haqua thought they saw, & the Haqua+Keima bath scene (the bath scene being better than its manga counterpart, if not for a tiny unanimated part)

    Unanimated scenes: (maybe these will be in the BD versions?)
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Major changes:
    Show Spoiler ▼

      1. The history between Tenri & Keima isn’t that clear actually.
        This episode covered till about Manga Chapter 125.
        In the latest Chapter 235, Show Spoiler ▼

  7. Really would’ve liked a season that wrapped up the rest of the captures before this…

    Plus, there is NOOOOOOOOOO way they are going to be able to cover all of the arc in 12 episodes.

    Seriously, who planned this?

  8. It’s at this point that we start seeing a subtle change in Keima and the Chilling realization of how all this mess is taking it’s toll on him.

    That “It’s not a game anymore” part of the op take a whole new meaning with those developments. With another life on the line he is throwing away caution and care for consequences as long as he reach his determined ending. THIS is one of the things to look for in this season.

    Minus Magnus
  9. I can’t believe KamiNomi can be this intense! I’m a bit late catching up to the new shows this season, this is only the 5th series I’m watching and a lot more to try out, that being said, amongst the 5 series (Kamisama no Inai, Rozen Maiden, Monogatari 2nd, Kimi no Iru, and KamiNomi) KamiNomi surely gave the best impact!

    1. you have not reached the climax of this arc yet. I’m telling you. be prepared for more intense conquering, comedy, and plot twists.
      Show Spoiler ▼

  10. Altought I’m not a manga reader, I’m reading the manga part that the anime skipped, and I’m enjoying it a lot. It helps me meet the characters they skipped, and therefor give more feels to the anime. I really recommand reading up the part they skiped!


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