「最弱(かみじょうとうま)」 (Sai Jaku (Kamijou Touma))
“The Weakest” (Kamijou Touma)

This week’s epic episode of Railgun S starts off with a bit of “Run Forrest Run!” as Touma races toward Accelerator, and there’s just something pretty amusing (Accelerator finds it especially funny) about a knight in shining armor appearing in tattered clothing and barely able to stand. But that’s how Touma rolls, and what we get is just another indication of the person he is: a guy who just puts everything on his own shoulders, plans be damned. Heck, even your attempts to stop him get the “I don’t give a damn” and “who cares” treatment, and that’s when you know you just gotta accept that he’s going to get involved no matter what. He’s the kind of friend one’d love to have… and as a result, the one enemy Accelerator’d be better off not facing for many reasons (Falcon Punches galore for one).

Indeed, Accelerator ends up on the receiving end of what I’d like to call “the righteous fist of justice” multiple times, even though Touma ends up taking quite a beating to get that far. While the episode itself doesn’t bring the fight to its conclusion—choosing instead to leave us off at quite the climax—the fact remains that this episode (and the previous one) were arguably two of most emotional episodes of not only this season, but perhaps all year. And what makes this all the more amazing especially is how many of us are actually seeing this for the second time (or third, or fourth), yet still find ourselves on the edge of our seats.

With that said, it’s just a testament towards both how much effort they’ve put into Railgun S this time around and how well done the material was in the first place. Because despite the fact that most of these scenes are repeats of ones in Index, there have been some notable additions and redraws of particular scenes (such as how the plasma was depicted this week and the bridge moment in last episode), which combine with Misaka’s added perspective to give a truly complete experience. Arguably, this can be said to be a kind of HD + Director’s Cut w/ added scenes variant of the Sisters’ Arc in Index, and there are just few words to describe how if you’re going to do something like that, this is the way you go about it.

Praises, Touma’s falcon punch heroics, and the epic MISAKA sisters’ involvement aside though, this week brings with it the continuation of some of the more subtle aspects of Railgun S’ story telling too, which mixes itself in via both the cat and the actions of the MISAKA sisters.

In the case of the former, it’s been noted many times before that cats supposedly have an aversion to electromasters as a result of the fields generated, and thus do not typically approach them in any capacity. Yet, we see this same cat approach multiple times through the last few weeks, and it’s something that I feel is quite symbolic of the link between the sisters’ and Misaka herself (the cat bought them together after all) and of the fact that the person Misaka’s been looking for to help her has been theoretically next to her the entire time (just like that cat). Indeed, their acceptance of one another just corresponds quite nicely with Misaka’s (forced) acceptance of Touma’s help, and it’s something that subtly reinforces everything that we see this week.

Looking over at the MISAKA sisters’ actions this week in particular emphasizes this even more, as virtually everything they do this week reeks of a deeper meaning. Ranging from the initial response to Touma’s intervention (“Don’t go!”) to the great moment where she responds to Misaka and the bit with the turbines at the end… everything here really just culminates all the development from the previous weeks to demonstrate that they’re indeed alive, and they’re not puppets to be trodden on like insects. Generally, it’s something we’ve been gradually seeing from time to time many weeks ago already, but this is where we really start to see things roll along, and it’s gotten to the point where the MISAKA sisters are blatantly ignoring the experimental guidelines to help Misaka stop Accelerator right here and now. To say that this scene gave me chills is an understatement, and again, the added detail into Accelerator’s plasma this time around really just adds to the atmosphere (both literally and figuratively).

In the end though, what’s particularly interesting is how Touma’s intervention arguably puts Accelerator closer to Level 6 than he ever was before. It’s ironic to say the least, but something that notably also highlights the contrast between them. After all, they’re not only just different in the context that they’re “weakest vs. strongest,” Touma’s also a completely different person than the other people that have tried to fight Accelerator up until now, and this was a notion that notably led even the vaunted Accelerator to express his dislike of him.

On one hand, it makes a lot of sense that this dislike stems merely from the fact that Touma’s amazingly not aiming to take his title of strongest, but there’s definitely more to it. Looking back, there’s been a few subtle hints that Accelerator doesn’t particularly want to do what he’s doing—his comment this week of “but they told me they were just puppets” was another such example—and I can’t help but wonder whether or not part of his dislike stems more so from the fact that Touma’s intervention forces him to rethink what he’s been doing up until now more than anything. Because if there’s one thing the aforementioned has shown, it’s that Accelerator seems to be deluding himself to some degree by forcing himself to think that the clones are nothing more than puppets, and what Touma’s doing is pushing him away from this “comfort zone” that allows him to carry on with what he’s doing. The fact that he also struggles uncharacteristically and decides to go for hand-to-hand combat with Touma when he should theoretically know he shouldn’t seems to emphasize how he’s rattled in more ways than one, and I’d think it’s not something that only a “strange power” would be able to trigger.

Ultimately, it’s just another great week of Railgun S, and one filled with some of the best elements this series has to offer: sci-fi action, the beauty of friendship, subtle storytelling, and a soundtrack that really matches the atmosphere of the scenes it’s used in. Don’t forget though, the fight’s not yet over, and next week’ll really be something to watch. I’d say strap on those seat belts and prep those diapers… but alas, it’s probably too late to give that advice at this point. Heh.

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      1. JC Staff should get rid of the Index director and replace him with Tatsuyuki Nagai (Railgun director). Damnit I’ve never seen JC Staff doing such awesome animation and fights before. They better not let us down if Index III is animated, because Railgun S will definitely be the standard which all Raildex series after it will be compared.

      2. @Lysimac
        Well well, i am sure that Previous Director done a good Job. because of him the New One could build up on his Work, Without the Past, no one would known of Index. The New one would start from Scratch, little Budget, visiting all Producers, run here and there doing Promotion…
        With no mean to it..

        “Don’t Spite on the Past, without the Past your not here!”

        As i said, there is no mean Word to it, just “Try to Walk in their Shoes at that Day!” (Native American saying.. Little modified)


      3. I agree with Lysimac….

        All other series in the Raildex franchise that comes after Railgun S would have to meet or surpass the quality and experience of Railgun S.

        JC Staff really raised the bar phenomenally high

      4. Sigh… still going at it?
        Its been about 6 years since Index first season on 2007. And this story isn’t that new is a retell, obviously it has to get better than the first version everything progresses.

      5. Having watched all of Index seasons 1 & 2 just this past week, it’s really interesting to see and compare the level of quality between the Index and Railgun series. Index 1 had good animation quality (no great, but good, especially for 6 years ago), but a good amount of the dialogue was just….bad. Plus, the cinematics were close to non-existent.

        Railgun season 1 was a LOT better dialogue wise, and had some great animation and cinematics to boot. Index II had much improved dialogue to the first season, but still fell short of Railgun on a number of occasions. However, Index II was a definite improvement overall compared to the previous season.

        But compared to Railgun S…..aww who am I kidding? I can’t even use the word “compare” in a sentence between the two because, there is no comparison. Railgun S has hands down some of the best directing, animation, voice acting, and dialogue of the season. Let alone of the Toaru series as a whole. Just absolutely superb.

        ……Saten definitely helps make my opinion on this though. Just a disclaimer.

    1. Different points of view. In the novels illustration Accelerator’s plasma was like the one from Index anime in Railgun manga was like that too. Here looks like a void or some kind of worm hole.

    1. I still don’t get how he wasn’t dead (or at least incapacitated) after flying through the air and hitting a giant freaking pole before landing hard on the ground.

      I get that he’s a main character. I get that he’s special. I get that the only way we could have a really satisfying conclusion is with Touma decking the fuk out of Accelerator with one last punch.

      But still. He hit a freaking pole.

    1. Because until the point he met Last Order, everyone he met was trying to fuck with him. After he met Last Order, everyone he met also tried to fuck with him, but since he has a loli and yandere, he’s gotten better.

  1. wow they made this way more epic than the Index one…those falcon punched especially the on Misaka saw were awesome! Can’t wait for the final falcon punch to sink in.

  2. This will automatically prove that Touma is far from any ordinary human. Getting back up from a fall like that, when in reality you’d either be dead or all your bones are completely shattered.
    This also proves that just because your ranked the weakest of all levels doesn’t mean that you don’t stand one chance in hell against someone who’s ranked highest.
    In Touma’s case regardless of how injured and how weak he is he’ll always come back fighting until the job’s done or until the day he dies in order to help others in need. Same thing goes to helping others to see the error of their ways and changing their lives for the better.

    Ken James
    1. To be frank, I am more surprised how none of the scientist, with the exception of possibly Aliester, have any desire to do any tests on Touma. A level zero being able to defeat the number 1#, people should be hunting Touma and experiment him by now.

    2. Well people have survived being sucked hundreds of feet into the air by tornadoes before and survived the landing without internal injury or breaking bones. It’s all about your body being limp when you fall and falling in a way that disperses your momentum.

  3. I wouldn’t say that Accelerator got closer to Level 6 with that. It’s an unknown level after all that scientists want to see. And they’re only halfway through the experiment to show any results all. Show Spoiler ▼

    What this did however is made Accelerator realize that there’s more to his power than just stand there and reflect everything. He started to become much more creative in using his powers which is a very overpowered thing in the first place. Wind manipulation becomes one of the things he likes to use later on. And the episode also debunked the saying that he can survive a nuke because he would run out of oxygen in the blast site so you can actually kill him with a nuke.

    And I actually liked it that they placed those monologues of Accelerator’s. It shows that he had some qualms himself in participating here and is not the psycho he is believed to be. As I always say, everyone is a victim in Academy City. This fight is a big event in his life and will definitely change his character, as shown in Index II.

    Lastly, that statement about Touma and his fist of justice isn’t exactly true. Contrary to what people think, Touma doesn’t really have a sense of justice or a set ideals. He only wants to save people around him that needs help. He strives to help people because he believes that that’s what his past self would do. The reason why he fights is not to be on the side of justice and force his ideals but because someone he knows is getting hurt and gets involved in the enemies’ actions.
    It’s just that his actions are just labeled as justice because of that. He even admits that he can’t call himself one who is in the side of justice when all he does to resolve a conflict is to fight with his fist. But he continues as that gets him to save people.
    This is why I like this guy and feel that the hate he’s getting is quite unfair.
    But what can you do, just as DEEN messed up Shirou’s characterization in F/SN, JC Staff also messed up Touma’s. Oh well.

    Great fight and episode. Intense on all levels. Will rewatch again.

    1. it’s not just “jc staff” that ruined toma’s characterization; the light novels dont necessarily do a good job executing the character development or character arc toma needs either. Toma has yet to receive the development needed to escape that label of just being a bland, gary stu main character. That’s not to say that what he does doesnt exude awesomeness, as toma pushes himself to the limit regardless of not having powers to do what needs to be done and who wouldnt want someone like that to be by their side or who wouldnt respect that?but his character build up, at least in my opinion, is poor regardless of anime or light novel.

    2. i wouldn’t say touma only gets hate IMO, the guy gets allot of love as well. i seen far too many fans of kamijou to even agree with that statement. i well admit some of the hate he gets is unfair but even so have you ever try to look at his fanbase once in awhile? i seen many fans cheering the moment kamijou came back in railgun with some hate as well and were completely happy he was getting a role in railgun. you can say he is based on a matter of opinion.

    3. Just a bit of clarification eh, I meant it could be seen as (hence the “what I’d like to call” part) a fist of justice in this context rather than himself being representative of justice or of fighting for justice per se.

      As for the bit about him reaching Level 6, in the context of just what’s been shown in the anime so far, one can argue that finding out new found utilization of one’s abilities is key to improving upon them, which is why I mentioned it.

      1. I agree with your notion that accelerator’s fight with toma arguably pushed him closer to his level 6 dream. When leveling up an espers ability, the key part of that is the reality they create for themselves, which in a way, is sort of like an epiphany. The pressure toma put on accelerator inevitably drove him over the edge to where he pretty much was like “screw all this, I dont need any one, I want the power to silence anything and everyone in my path.” It was probably the first time in a long time that he had truly wanted that which is why he unlocked a new power

    4. “belatkuro” i disagree with what your stating about kamijou adaption, i mean railgun S has been doing it so faithfully to the railgun manga and it seems like this kamijou is similar to the orignal in both light novels/manga. when i watch railgun S i don’t see any difference in kamijou adaption from railgun S and from the one in the LN as well, they both seem very similar in general if you ask me(or atleast very close). i think the director of railgun knows what hes doing because this touma seems several times better then the one adapted from the previous index series. i swear i don’t understand why kamijou light novel fans are still complaining about touma adaption expecting it to be 100% accurate even though this one is as close as it can get IMO. i believe it has been well adapted and i can only hope they can at least adapt him somewhat close to this touma in the upcoming index III(if it comes out).

      1. I’m not even sure why they compare it in the first place. Kazuma Kamachi (The author of Index LN and Railgun manga) is the person who wrote both stories. Touma is the same guy who helps anyone in need.

  4. The shit that had me dying this episode was when Accelerator was laid out asking “What the hell am I doing looking at the moon?”

    Lmfaoo true definition of “You jus got knock the fug out!!”


      1. I know that, but that doesn’t make it any less funny. Honestly, ever since Railgun S started, I’ve been waiting for that. And it even sounds better than the Index version. XDDD

    1. You beat me to it. I can imagine Accelerator all confident and ready for the kill and the next thing he knew was he lying down dazed and looking at the moon and thinking “Just what the hell happened?”

  5. I like how this ep made it clear that accelerator created the plasma not to take out toma, but had just lost it to the point where he was generating enough power to eliminate everything within a couple mile radius due to his frustration. The first season of index did not make that clear and so it seemed accelerator was just stupidly wasting time creating plasma when he could have easily thrown something at toma to kill him.

  6. Toma has yet to receive the development needed to escape that label of just being a bland, gary stu main character.

    The entirety of NT is the character arc of Kamijou Touma.

    Gaze of Providence
      1. Character development is a development from a character’s current self not of his past. Though the past does indeed shape a character, it does not define them.

        Besides, Touma has plenty of memories, the past four months in Index he remembers is enough for any other person in a lifetime, and enough of a time to shape any one who is not yoked by the past.

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Gaze of Providence
      2. But, don’t you think it’s about time he got a power up? No matter character the development it’s still basically the same getting beaten up by the bad guy getting beaten, up beaten up….then, standing up, Punch line, Touma punch, defeats the bad guy formula all over again.
        We know that something huge is in his right hand. We get a little peek into a little portion of it’s true potential. But, it was only a temporary power up. I really wonder how long the author is going to keep holding back? It’s been almost ten years now. Now, I’m it feels like the novels are dragging on for no reason. IIRC there wasn’t much significance in the latest novel. It just felt like a repeat of the sports festival incident.

    1. But, don’t you think it’s about time he got a power up? No matter character the development it’s still basically the same getting beaten up by the bad guy getting beaten, up beaten up….then, standing up, Punch line, Touma punch, defeats the bad guy formula all over again.
      We know that something huge is in his right hand. We get a little peek into a little portion of it’s true potential. But, it was only a temporary power up. I really wonder how long the author is going to keep holding back? It’s been almost ten years now. Now, I’m it feels like the novels are dragging on for no reason. IIRC there wasn’t much significance in the latest novel. It just felt like a repeat of the sports festival incident.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      Gaze of Providence
      1. Sometimes I wonder if the author intentionally gave Misaki and Misaka almost similar names . It’s easy to mix them up if u aren’t paying attention . And then there’s Mikasa from SnK . What’s next , Misika? Heh

  7. Argh, the Tension, the Tension kills me. If not soon the Fight ends, i will explode. I wonder how they play the “Accelerator lost” scene now

    p.s. this was a Nice Hint of me, that they build up so many Tension, that it take a little tip to Explode 🙂

    1. Pro:
      You got me!!!. Double Thumbs Up! All Well Played.
      *Bow in Respect*

      Well, if you keep going to stretch this “Final”, i dont think so that this is a good idea. Curiosity has its limits,too
      *Just a Reminder not to overdoing it*

      1. Well to be fair, either you see a stretched out version of the fight or a stretched out version of the conclusion of the arc [which shouldn’t be missed but can’t be shoved into the fight episode]. So I think stretching out the fight to keep the tension until the epilogue makes more sense, since I’m not sure how they can stretch out the epilogue into an entire ep…

      2. This is the first Index i see animated. I never saw the previous ones Animated or read their Manga. Thats because i can only see, what comes out of the Kitchen, right now. I don not know about Epilogues or that kind. I only imagine that Toma combined with Misakas distraction Attacks, can beat the crap out of Accelerator. And this time, the Higher Ups can not hide the truth. Imagine how could you cover up so a tense Explosion, that everyone noticed in the City, and even the “Tsunami Wind”?

        So, i am a Index Virgin

    2. A much as I missed Accelerator confusion over the limp slap Touma gave him the first time in Index derailing his flow of power, that scene would have broken the tension this episode had built up. O__O Just way to epic this time around.

  8. So, like everyone else, I loved this re-telling of the Accelerator fight. The plasma this time around truly felt like something epic instead of just a large ball of light like the first time around. That being said, I have the minor nitpick that I wish JC staff had animated the background of the clouds when Accelerator is gathering all the wind. It looked to me like they just used a static image for the shaking screen. If the clouds were slowly swirling, I think it would’ve been a nice touch.

    Speaking of swirling, when I saw Touma’s body being tossed about by the small tornado, I had a Wizard of Oz flashback. “Auntie Em! Auntie Em! A twister! A twister!”

    Touma’s falcon punch reminded me of something more Hajime Ippo, actually. I am almost certain that there’s a boxer in there, who does an uppercut from that low.

    One thing I’ve always wondered is if Touma grabs an esper or magician, does that seal their abilities entirely, or just at the point of contact?

    1. Perhaps his Powers interrupt the “Ki” Power of the User. Or Annihilate it
      But if he can interrupt them as long he have connect with them. good question.
      And i just wonder, why only his Right Arm has this Ability
      Most other Anime in the Past i remember, where there was a Person where Magic would not work on him, only needed a Body contact to take effect

      1. @Germanguy

        Touma cannot cancel the secondary effects of supernatural abilities, at least that’s what I grasped from how it is explained in the LNs.


        Probably an inconsistency in the Railgun/Index tellings. No case there

        To Aru New Testament 3, second series of the Index LNs. Should contain the events after the eventual adaptation of Index III.

      1. Mm….that doesn’t really answer the question. And the logic always seemed a little fuzzy. For instance, Imagine Breaker can work on esper powers, but it won’t work on the steel beam the esper powers threw at him. Fine. But then it shouldn’t save him from a Railgun either, because the coin is a perfectly natural thing being forced to travel at highspeeds. Even with the electricity gone, the momentum alone should punch clear through the hand.

        Also, what if they’re a walking supernatural phenomena, like a Saint? Would it temporarily lower them to humans, or would it only apply to the area being touched?

      2. Well, Touma was able to block the punch of Sherry Cromwell’s golem in the last arc of season 1 of Index. Accelerator’s power has already taken effect when he touched the steel bar so those bars are considered secondary effects already that are moving under the influence of gravity so he couldn’t block that. Misaka’s Railgun however is accelerated by her electricity. We can assume it is still being affected by her electricity as it goes. If we’re to take the same example with the golem, any force and momentum that is directly caused by supernatural phenomenon can probably be blocked. He doesn’t feel any recoil once he block fast moving fireballs. He did fracture his fist in that fight with Sherry though so there must be a certain extent of force that he can block.

        This issue with the Railgun has always been a big debate because we haven’t seen Touma block her Railgun yet. He claimed back in volume 1 that he can block it but we haven’t actually seen it.

        Anything using that kind of supernatural power, even if it were part of god’s system, would be negated without question by that supernatural power of his.

        As it was supernatural in origin, even that girl’s Railgun ability was no exception

        But knowing how a real railgun operates and how Imagine Breaker works kind of debunks that.
        It’s either Kamachi’s railgun is different from the actual one or he just doesn’t understand what a railgun is and how it will apply to IB. Confusing really but I learned to accept it. Minor details like this are inconsistent all throughout, just like the 2.3 million students which is the 80% of the total population of AC vs 2.3 million population of AC with 80% of that being students.

        Saints are based on the Idol Theory that they have similar bodies to the Son of God. Their natural bodies mimic the body of the Son of God but they need to activate it to get that power. It’s been said that Kanzaki activates a Stigma to get that power and that she temporarily gets power once she does. So what IB will do is that they won’t be able to activate the power of the Son of God or it will dispel for a time once he touches them and it needs to be reactivated.
        That is if he can touch them. Saints are monsters who can move faster than sound. He has no chance whatsoever to defeat a Saint without any help.

      3. IB can only cancel supernatural phenomenon created by magicians/espers, not them themselves, as it is the natural state of things.

        As explained in NT3

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Touma can only cancel the vectors around the beams and other projectiles, as seen with his cancelling of Accelerator’s Reflection. As the beams have already been pushed by vectors, he can’t cancel them as the force has been already applied.

        In the case of Misaka’s railgun, if the coin is still intact after her firing it and only the electricity remains, then Touma can cancel it. If not, then he’s pwned. Only the electricity is considered as supernatural, not the projectile.

        As for the Saints belatkuro’s explanation would suffice. Touma can only disable the access of Saints through the Idol Theory temporarily but not cancel their bodily characteristics. Most Saints are born with the ability.

    2. Touma’s falcon punch reminded me of something more Hajime Ippo, actually. I am almost certain that there’s a boxer in there, who does an uppercut from that low.

      That low uppercut is really identical to Sendou’s Smash as you can see in this video from 0:41-0:50. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0g2KbCKJgk

      Another fun thing is that Touma’s first punch looked like the Jolt Blow as well. Stepping in forward with the left foot, fist in an overhead position to a blow with your entire body weight into the punch. Jolt Counter version at around 0:10 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuIMyOECmzU

    3. You’re thinking of Sendo Takeshi with his signature Sunday punch “Smash”, a low 3/4 uppercut. Fucking love Hajime no Ippo, and I love this series too.

      Dat cliffhanger…. WHYZ?!?

  9. Accelerator “PREPARE TO DIE……”
    Next scene:
    A: “Huh? Why am I looking at the moon? O___O!!! OMG! I’m hurt?! WTFFF???!!!” LOL

    Oh man, I cracked up so hard at seeing Accelerator’s incredulous reaction at being punched for what was the first time in his life. Of course, this is followed by more of the same goodness from Touma, what with his epic Falcon Punch.

    Speaking of our hero Touma, he may not brag about it, or even realize it himself, but he sure is practically indestructible, taking on so many seemingly deadly physical attacks, like multiple broken railings and huge containers being thrown simultaneously at him and blown off and smacked onto a pole (and then of course there’s him getting shocked many times by Mikoto last week).

    Perhaps all that luck which he constantly moans about not having, supposedly thanks to his haxx0r right arm cancelling all of “God’s blessings”, has actually been saved up specifically for situations like these.

      1. Remind me of Sim 3 .. i found out the hard way that if you had a “unlucky” sim it became practically immortal.. cus it just wouldnt die from anything but old age.. dead would just laugth at your misfortune and send you back so you could amuse it again and again with your bad luck x.x

        Sim3 grim reaper: “Cage, your constant misfortune amuses me and those around you. It would be a shame to take that priceless entertainment from them. I’ll take you some other day”

  10. I watched twice and cried twice. It was super touching. I will super watch back 14 and 15 again. Touma will going to destroy that illusion of Accelerator using Touma punch.

    Setsuna Henry
  11. Usually I get irritated with an ending like this weeks, but not with this episode. I felt completely fulfilled and filled with energy. Maybe it’s because it’s a retelling and I already know the ending. Or maybe it’s because this was just one hell of an episode. The music under-toning of the emotions involved really helped to seal the deal this week. Onward to next week!

  12. One thing I’d like to point out:

    Mikoto talks a lot about protecting “His Dream”, but she’s not just talking about Touma there.

    Mikoto herself has always been intensely idealistic and driven by a desire for a righteous outcome. This arc has left that *hope* within her, that righteousness and heroic pride, in complete and utter shambles. Mikoto lost her confidence in herself, her idealism, and her innocence.

    When Mikoto talks about saving Touma’s dream, it’s not just because he’s important to her as a person. It’s because that dream, where everyone goes home happy, is a part of herself that she feels she has lost. And reclaiming that would be like saving and redeeming herself.

  13. It also speaks to the Sisters’ characters that her plea resonated with them. They are her sisters, and they SHARE that same desire for a righteous and happy outcome. Even though they can’t understand very well what that would mean or how they should try to attain it. They are, indeed, Mikoto’s sisters.

  14. this episode went almost exactly as I hoped/expected it to, makes me look forward to the fights that should be in the third season of Index (whenever it is decided to make it)

  15. This was just damn epic. Sure, it was an event I already knew about, but they still managed to make it amazing to watch.

    Touma getting those shots in on Accelerator was amazing to see. Finally someone was able to stand up to this guy and get some payback for all the Sisters who had to be slaughtered. Of course it wasn’t remotely easy since Accelerator has just that much power and Touma only has the option of getting in close and throwing punches. Still, kind of surprised Accelerator took that many shots and was still able to stand up.

    Though maybe the best moment was Mikoto’s plea for the Sisters to help her. Just a desperate plea to protect Touma and his dream. Finally losing that mindset that she had to solve everything by herself and instead reaching out to others and relying on others to do what she can’t do alone.

    Cliffhanger doesn’t even bother me that much. Just something to look forward to for next week.

    1. The only problem I have with fight scenes like this is that the good guy throws a punch and then just stands there. He should have been on top of Accelerator pounding his face into mush once he had him down. I know he was hurt and exhausted, but you can’t let someone that dangerous get any breather. Touma kept paying for his lack of aggression. Interesting question. Accelerator can’t stop Touma’s fist with his power, but what about if Touma went to hit him with a rock in his Imagine Breaker hand?

      1. If he would Punch the Crap out of him, right from the Start. Then there would not be enough Stuff to fill in Episode 16 🙂

        Yeah, The Tension is killing me too. But right played to the right Point, iz ca be a Masterpiece. And right now this time, they are on the Right path. I hope just that they not Overshoot it

      2. @Hghlight

        Your right. Sitting on top of him is a stupid idea, but that’s not what I wrote. All he had to do was stand above his head and rain blows on it. Don’t get anywhere near his body. Letting Accelerator get up is the stupid idea. Got it?

  16. I think Touma needs to file a complaint to Nokia. His phone isn’t as indestructible as claimed by Nokia.
    Jokes aside, goddamn its good to see Touma’s preaching combo, a.k.a preach while giving u a falcon punch repeatedly.
    Best quote of the week – ‘Kekekekekekekekekekkekekee’ – By Accelerator

    1. Aww well, after receiving that much Electro Shocks, the battery is still working. And some Parts, too. Just the CPU freeze. Perhaps if he can Reset it, it could work again

  17. I think people are forgetting the fact that Touma must not let Accelerator come into contact with any part of his body that is not his right hand, so hit-and-dodge tactics work best in this situation.

    Grabbing / wrestling / “sitting on top” would just make it easier for Accelerator to rip off a leg or two, or simply reversing the blood flows.

    1. You’re right but I think that no matter how powerful Accelerator is, it wouldnt matter the moment Touma touches Accelerators body like lets say when Accelerator is down and Touma went and strangled him using his right hand then all of Accelerators power is negated so it wouldnt matter even if he goes and touch Touma anywhere else even if its not his right hand.

      I think this was explained during Misaka’s fight with him that when she tried shocking him directly while she held his right hand that her electricity didnt work at all.

      So if Touma just grabs Accelerator using his right hand and use his left hand to pummel the guy, there’s no way he couldve kept using his powers.

      Still I love the fact that Touma does this street style fighting, goes to show that Accelerator (and the rest of the Lvl. 5s) who completely relies on their abilities and get overconfident can get beaten by Level 0s like Touma.

      1. Imagine breaker works only on the area it touches. It doesn’t affect the person being touched.
        Accelerator can still uses his vector on Touma, as long as he didn’t use it on Touma’s right hand. That’s it.

  18. “Why am I looking up at the moon?”
    There is few more satisfying moments in anime history when such overpowered jerkass gets totally pwned – and by a someone he considered completely weak.
    But what is more important is what Accelerator will feel when he acknowledges Sisters as human beings…

  19. Man, JC Staff came a loong way with their animation! in Index, touma came at Accelerator with quick jabs, but THIS one, dude is just BOMBING him with hooks, lol! Falcon punch for life.

  20. Yeah… life is full of irony.

    You people, are you enjoying this? Yes.

    But the sales pre-sales aren’t as good as first season filled with moeblob and fanservice.

    History Channel Guy: JAPAN

    1. that is a damn shame, but i expected that to happen. When the raildex (railgun S) series actually decides to become good (better writing, direction, storytelling, and animation), that’s when its pre-sales end up being lower than its previous seasons…wow..I am not surprised.

  21. As I watched this ep, I just kept yelling “KICK HIS ASS, KNOCK ‘IM FLAT, KICK. HIS. AAAAAYYYUUUSSSSSSSS”

    And then he did. And then he did it again. And again. And I just couldn’t contain myself.

    1. I mean, FOK. This was so much better than it was in Index, it just isn’t even funny. So so so so good.

      Though I’m still glad I went and marathon’d Index 1&2 before watching this to get more emotionally invested in the characters (I only half-finished season 1 when it first aired, but I watched all of Railgun 1 and absolutely loved it)


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