I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Erza’s charm is simply beyond measure! She is sharp, sensuous, badass, not to mention incredibly hot! I can’t sing enough praises for Erza and the positive adjuncts that I can use to describe her are all-encompassing – now how about adding “dainty”, “petite” and “puerile” to that long list! Yes, Erza’s is going to send all the lolicon over the edge – the venerable Titania has apparently been turned into a kid and she is now a bona fide loli in her physical form. For those of you who have been following my work, you should have figured out by now that I’m a huge sucker for the onee sama type – a dewy-eyed loli is not exactly my cup of tea! That said, I’m happy to make an exception for Titania and it’s certainly a testament to her unrivaled allure that Erza has successfully endeared her childlike appearance to someone like me! Loli Erza is as cute as a button – that’s something we can all agree upon, but there’s undeniably an enormous question mark hanging over the entire incident. I don’t think any of us have the faintest clue as to what happened and your hunch is probably as good as anyone’s at this stage. The “Eternal Flame” that Erza is in search of is most likely the culprit, and I suspect the monumental mountain that she hiked may very well be the object at issue – a towering frozen flame that sits right behind Taiyo Village! Titania has, no question, found herself in an awkward predicament – not only is she separated from the rest of her team, Erza’s shrunk body and weakened state might also make her an easy target! Minerva’s quest for revenge has just been made simpler and there’s not a snowball chance in hell that she’s going to let this golden opportunity slip by – a second showdown between those two might be happening sooner than I thought and its sheer grandiosity is bound to be a feast for the eyes!

Clearly, Erza is not the only one who’s feeling the pinch – it appears that Natsu’s thieving pursuits might not be as straightforward as he has thought. The treasure hunters from Sylph Labyrinth are more than capable of holding their own and the face-off with Fairy Tail is turning out to be quite a battle royal. All three of them are markedly defined by their unique idiosyncrasies, and it’s evident that their respective field of expertise serves as complements for each other – Drake is a sniper, Hiroshi is a swordsman and Rara employs a bizarrely shaped hammer that looks like a hand! It’s not entirely apparent what the true extent of their abilities is – as a matter of fact, I’m not even sure if their roles are supposed to be antagonistic. After all, it was Natsu and his diabolical idea that gave rise to the entire ruckus, and the treasure hunters’ counterattack is merely an effort to fend off the provoker! The mysterious Dark Guild, Succubus Eyes, is probably the ultimate adversary of this story arc and I have a sneaking suspicion Sylph Labyrinth could emerge as an ally for Fairy Tail down the road! The latest happenings are simply a taste of what’s going to come next and it should go without saying that I can’t wait to see what Mashima sensei has in store for Erza & Co. – action, theatrics and an avalanche of brouhaha that lie ahead!

Random tidbits:

  • The mountain looks very much like a torch of fire, don’t you think so? – Color me surprised if I’m wrong about this!
  • What happened to Erza this week might just be the panacea for Ultear’s expedited senescence – Gray, I’m counting on you to pick up on this one!
  • Sting Eucliffe is now the leader of Sabertooth – Like hell I care, just tell me which guild did Yukino pick already!
  • “Look out” – That’s a pretty spectacular glomp! Erza’s a loli, Wendy’s already a loli, something tells me Lucy’s next.

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #FairyTail 344: It’s a Good Day to be a Lolicon! Sylph Labyrinth is putting up a pretty good fight #Manga


  1. When you think about it, tiny Erza could still probably handle Minerva. Sure, most of her armors won’t fit, but she spends most of her time wearing that Japanese martial arts outfit anyway, so her emphasis is usually on offense. As long as she can still swing a sword, she’ll e alright.

    1. But you have to take into account how her perception might be affected by being smaller. The sword will seem longer and I doubt her swings will have as much force in them. But hey, if you’re right, I’m no complaining.

    2. There’s no way Erza would lose to Minerva – that I’m certain. But whether she can win in her loli form, that’s another question altogether – there must be some handicap when you become a kid right?

  2. I’m shocked, for the powered up fairy gang to have some trouble with some seemingly minor antagonists, Thoee weapons, perhaps there are some stories behind them like maybe a certain dark mage made them.

  3. “What happened to Erza this week might just be the panacea for Ultear’s expedited senescence – Gray, I’m counting on you to pick up on this one!”
    Come to think of it: Reversed time, and frozen landscape. Ice magic and Time magic, it probably has a connection one way or another.

  4. Since this site doesn’t allow PV links:
    I’ll just announce it:

    Released on August 16, 2013

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  5. Another fun week of Fairy Tail, but damn, I’m sick of Minerva only being put up against people with handicaps attached. Oh well, this time we have Natsu in the picture to do some damage. Anyway, I have to say that Erza is cute, but I find it strange that she didn’t revert back to the child-Erza we’ve seen in the past, maybe this means she’ll keep getting younger? Also, I laughed when Fairy Tail realized that their enemies were actually good. Can’t wait for more Fairy Tail fun next week.

    Also, without a doubt the funniest thing this week was Happy imagining Erza hitting the ice giants with her sword 🙂

    1. It would certainly cheapen her sacrifice somewhat…. so I doubt it would happen.

      But then again, I don’t really mind her being back to her young form. She is pretty hot XD

  6. “The mountain looks very much like a torch of fire” You’re right! She may have been on the eternal flame all the time.

    From now on, if she changes her name to Conan and starts to solve murder and mystery cases, this will be a blast 😀


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