OP2.01 Sequence

OP2.01: 「PROMPT」 by 昆夏美 (Kon Natsumi)

「ヴェスタ防衛」 (Vesuta Bōei)
“Defending Vesta”

I’m not going to lie – the last few seconds of this episode left me completely flabbergasted. Majestic Prince continues to be full of surprises and latest mindblowers come in twofold – first, Kei’s feelings for Izuru have seemingly been brought out into the open and second, it looks like Teoria could be a victim of an assassination next week! Haphazard, befuddled and perplexed are probably the best ways to describe my current feelings – I’m overjoyed with Kei’s rather tacit confession, but I’m also somewhat dejected to learn about Teoria’s incoming demise. The bloodshed has yet to be carved in stone, but the preview has made clear that a headshot will be fired next week and the snipe appears to be right on target! The most recent revelations certainly give cause for Teoria’s imminent bump-off – after all, she did betray her own people, and her alliance with the humans is nothing less than a blatant act of treason! Teoria’s defection has been kept well in the dark thus far, but the concealment of her treachery is probably not going to hold any longer. Rumes (Suwabe Junichi) has just gotten his hands on some crucial intelligence – his findings has put the defected Wulgaru in a highly detrimental state, and there’s not a snowball chance in hell that Teoria will be let off the hook  unscathed!

The art of warfare is hardly just a clash of fists – that much is clear, and it looks like the pitched battle of intel has just entered its critical phase! Teoria was instrumental in giving the humans an advance head start, but the advantage that they once had appears to be quickly dissipating. The Wulgaru has obtained certain intelligence that could drastically affect the tide of war – not only did they learn about Teoria’s deliberate betrayal, the secrets concerning the human’s MJP project has also become a known. Rumes is, no doubt, an expert in espionage and the success of his reconnaissance has most certainly brought the alien race one step closer towards victory. The next step for the Wulgaru is crystal clear – strike the humans right at their heart and the Gurantseere Cosmopolitan Academy is easily the most obvious target. I don’t think anyone would question the utmost importance of the MJP project – the genetically-enhanced teen soldiers are pretty much the sole combatants capable of going up against the Wulgaru! If the extirpation of the MJP project was to come to fruition, the humans would lose its only means of defense, thereby leaving them as nothing more than sitting ducks – an end results that is highly undesirable!

Speaking of the Zannen 5, there are, indeed, consequences to Izuru’s trance-like power-up and the side effects are slowly by surely baring its teeth. The hundred and eighty degree change to Izuru’s personality was nothing short of conspicuous – he was no longer his usual dorky self, and his newfound charisma was both unsettling and hilarious at the same time. Kei’s not-so-secret affection for Izuru was, no doubt, the butt of the joke – the innuendos and allusions were felt early and throughout, and I’m not ashamed to admit I have a shit-eating grin on my face the entire time. Nothing would make me happier than to see her feelings requited, and Izuru’s rather candid acquiescence has reduced me to nothing more than a gushing-smitten fanboy! Kuroki Ange was another character that stood out in this episode – the pilot of Black 6 presumably knows more about the personality flip-flop than she’s letting on and her true intention continues to be somewhat of an enigma! The Gurantseere Academy is most likely the ultimate battleground for this running war and the forthcoming showdown is going to be the grandest and most monumental yet. It’s going to take more than Izuru’s solo performance to put an end to this carnage and Ange’s brazen refusal to work as a team is definitely a cause for concern – let’s hope she has a change of heart before the dust settles and the ticking clock is probably not going to give her all day!

Random tidbits:

  • Blue 1 riding on Rose 3, and a magnificent hurl that sends it flying – the battle choreography continues to impress! Radha (Suzuki Chihiro) was quick to retreat when a crystal-like object was damaged. I wonder what’s all that about!
  • “Does that mean you have the hots for me?” – Kei’s the first person Izuru saw when he woke up, those two would make such an adorable couple! An embarrassed Kei is pretty endearing too – all thanks to Izuru’s nip slip!
  • “If you made them for me, anything is awesome!” – I wholehearted concur! Yes, even if I know damn well it might kill me.
  • “It’s the suspension bridge effect” – Tamaki has studied everything about love, yet she knows nothing about sex. Mind you, it’s way more fun than wrestling!
  • “You’ve got my back” – Izuru’s newfound charm works on both genders. That’s quite a derp face that Toshikazu has over there!
  • “You woke up a Lieutenant Commander and you’re a Captain by evening” – Talk about being short-handed!
  • “Why the long face? Drink up!” – Looks like Rula (Toudou Mai) might want to join the fun. Threesome is the best and I one hundred percent approve!
  • The OP theme has been updated – the souped-up versions of the mecha are now featured! Minor changes to the ED sequence can be observed every week – we have Iguchi Yuka as the sole singer this week. Hikasa Yoko’s solo performance can be found in the previous episode!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #MajesticPrince 15: The last few seconds of this episode left me completely dumbfounded – an imminent first blood and a seeming confession to keep me on the edge of my seat! #Anime
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  1. That SWAG!Izuru has just defied all common sense and charmed everyone. One thing I’ve learned in anime: SWAG does not discriminate when it comes to gender. Just look at iDOLMA@STER’s Makato or Persona 4’s Brotagonist.

    I’m impressed that they still kept some really good action sequences after the awesome battle last episode. I’m also worried, if they keep this level of great battles like this, they’ll run out of budget before the finale comes.

    And threesome Seishun really? What about a foursome? Did you forget the fact that Amane is with them and also boozing it up? Did you even mention her? Because she totally deserves that double promotion, since competence is a rare commodity in the GDF. Not to mention she gets to command the Dobermans, who has waded (again) into a minefield of Death Flags so dense that they’ve become self-aware of it. Here’s hoping the elite Senpais will make it through once again.

    1. Can’t say I’m a big fan of foursome to be honest – way too many distractions, takes away some of the fun. Threesome’s still the best… wait, what were we talking about again? 😛

  2. I wonder; if prolonged exposure to high harmonic levels warps your personality… What about Ange?

    Ange is becoming more and more a liability. Hopefully someone will intervene.

  3. I’m really pondering whether Ange’s split personality comes from the ASHMB or whether s/he had it before.. I mean, Black6 was just made recently right?
    Also, Izuru’s personality flip-flop only started after his harmonic levels were so high, Red5 changed its frame.
    His previous record was during his first sortie, but that didn’t affect him at all.
    When Ange first got into rage-mode, it was noted that his/her harmonic levels rose a lot, but apparently not over Izuru’s record, because during another misson, think Reika noted that Ange’s harmonic level s/he achieved then was the highest they had ever seen…
    Ah I’m confused. But I’m sooooooooooo looking forward to the next episodes~~~
    I love this anime x)

    1. I think the Suits have some of the Owner Subconscious. As if the Suit is his Twin Brother/Sister. And Work in Sync with the Pilot, like “Souko no Strain”. Where the Pilot in Embryo status, cloned the Brain to fit into the BattleSuit. So, some kind of Twin Clone

  4. oh boy! the death flags! the death flags! i dunno, they might pull a fast one on on us where they kill off one of the dobermans in a truly depressing manner.

    and now i am really scared for izuru. if he gets to use that berserker mode a lot more frequently, he might end up being mindwiped by the end of the series. just imagine what will happen if tamaki also becomes capable of using that berserker mode.

    1. Well, the Enemys seems to become stronger. So i bet, that everybody will gain this “Berserker” Mode, to compensate for it. To Fit as their “Lamda”… In the OP there is a little Hint about that…Izuru and his Mirror/shadow.. We only see the other Miror/Shadows. Feel free to fit in the others of Izurus Group… Purple 2 is surly the other Female Captain…Black 6, we know his counterpart. Blue 2? Will be surly the “Leader” Bigger type

  5. Teoria is more likely an abduction target than an assassination target, methinks (yes, I saw the preview but the shot looks weird to me. For one thing, Teoria seems awfully too close for someone to use what might be a grenade launcher on her). Both capturing and killing her would produce one common outcome: deprive the enemy of any further chance to milk her for info (and when desperate, use her as a hostage, though considering her status this might be a vain attempt).

    However, brought back alive, she would make a nice gift for Girad, while killing her might just piss him off (the fellow has already demonstrated that his personal pleasures come before strategic necessities). So I believe when the Wulgaru attack Earth directly (if they do, that is), they would rather take Teoria as alive as they could.

    Looks like Asagi might be the next person to go into Hero Mode. How will his Awakened AHSMB look like, fuhuhu~

    Random Comment
  6. What the hell is that Mass Relay (from Mass Effect) doing in this anime?
    Is the Wulgaru supposed to be the Reapers? Now that I think about it there are similarities, like the dna-harvesting thing…
    I am Shepard and this is my favourite anime in the citadel…


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