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Yes, excuse me, I’d like to board the Yui ship please.

Compared to last week, I feel the pacing this time around is a lot better, or perhaps the rush is working because this is already supposed to be a hectic conquest and we’re supposed to get a sense of being overwhelmed on Keima’s behalf. Capturing five girls at once can’t be easy, especially when they all remember him and suspect him of having been cheating on them with Kanon the whole time. Still, this is Keima we’re talking about, and though it seems he’s bit off a tad more than he can chew, he’s nevertheless progressing somewhat in his plan to save Kanon.

As always, it’s hugely entertaining to watch the normally cold and somewhat over-the-top Keima change himself into the character each girl needs, or in Yui’s case, to be completely overwhelmed and terrified by her Casanova-ish attitude. If it’s a bit of a ditz Tsukiyo needs, he’ll act the ditz. If it’s someone to play along with Shiori’s storybook romance (which is adorable and haha, she killed him off), he’ll play along with her, and if it’s a music enthusiast for Chihiro, he’ll act interested in instruments. Of course, you can’t expect five simultaneous captures to go smoothly, and even though Keima makes varying levels of progress, he has a lot to do before he can narrow the girls he needs down and successfully rekindle their love for him; without them finding out about each other of course.

Of the five, Ayumi probably poses the greatest challenge, seeing as she’s not yet been alone with Keima long enough (whereas the similarly angry Chihiro has at least spends some time in the music shop with him) to really change her mind about him. On the other hand, Yui is probably the one he has to worry about least, as she’s set out to conquer him instead, and he’s not at all sure how to turn the tables (that and he’s terrified of her, hehe). Tsukiyo, Shiori, and Chihiro are all somewhere in the middle, but is a week really enough to get them all to stop hating his guts? Then there’s the ever unpleasant Nora back from Tenri-hen to stir things up a bit with news that Hell is chasing after the Goddesses. It’s hard not to think that Vintage is involved, which only makes Keima’s job that much more difficult.




  1. My sides.

    FOLLOW! FOOLISH! FUKANZENNA KETSUMATSU (finish with an opening ending)!
    *flip* *flip* *flip* *flip*

    KASHIRAGI IS DEAD. Whaaa…whyyyy?

    Very entertaining episode. More Yui, Ayumi and Shiori (really loved her face when she spotted Keima reading her novel) goodness.

    Bonus: TWGOK manga chapter 6 narrated by Kana Hanazawa, the voice actress for Shiori: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WlUFTdgEK0

    1. I was grinning as I hear HanaKana’s voice reading the dialogue and sound effects. No matter was stress I get from work I’ll be happy for a whole week now. Thank you very much 🙂

  2. ewok40k
  3. Yui and Shiori had the 2 best moments in this episode.

    It was already entertaining enough when Shiori had a mini-story writing battle with Keima. But when Yui stepped in and hit on Keima so hard he had to get Haqua to save him…. I burst out laughing. Which isn’t exactly very good since I was watching this episode in the wee hours of the morning ^_^”

  4. A challenger has appeared! And her name’s Yui! She shall be wearing the pants in this relationship! In seriousness though as someone who hasn’t seen the source I’m suspicious that somehow she’s there to impede Keima

  5. Can’t get enough of my favorite girl, Haqua du lot Herminium. She understands him the most, hopeful they’ll show that part. Of course, for second place it is a tie between Ayumi and Yui. Hyper sports girl and super aggressive girl, what is there not to like about the two of them.


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