「ガール ミーツ ガール」 (Gauru Miitsu Gauru)
“Girl Meets Girl”

A mysterious transfer student appears. That’s a very common pattern in magical girl shows, but Miyu isn’t your average girl.

Miyu Edelfelt – An Amazing Girl

Prepare for gap moe! But first we need to establish where the gap will be, and here it is: Miyu is amazing at pretty much everything. I’ll admit that as someone who has read the manga, this build up episode didn’t have quite the punch that the first two had. I enjoyed Illya feeling inferior to Miyu, but it was actually the other characters that really made me laugh, like budding fujoushi Suzuka or how Miyu totally broke Taiga. In fact, Taiga running around being bonkers was what made me laugh the most this episode! Especially when she went into Shirou-feed-me mode on Miyu. Is she the replacement Shirou in this ‘verse!?

I went a little off topic there, but here’s the bottom line: Miyu is an amazing girl. As if you needed me to tell you that.

Stepped on a Landmine

There were some serious conflicting signals coming from Miyu at the end there. Skipping ahead, there’s the mansion that popped up in a single day – loved Illya’s reactions as usual! – and which Miyu apparently lives in…sort of. But backing up, she didn’t act like someone who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth when she was talking to Illya about why she fights. I think the thing that Illya isn’t considering is that Sapphire isn’t like Ruby. Ruby will trick you into doing what she wants you to do with a smile on her face (if she had a face), but Sapphire? Naw. If Miyu agreed to hunt down the cards, there has to be another reason.

Looking Ahead – Enter Caster

There are four cards left, and next up is Caster! But what excites me most is the talk of flying, and seeing little miss perfect Miyu have trouble for once. Can’t wait to see this on the screen!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Miyu is perfect, you’ll never be as good as her, give up Illya-chan. But that’s okay, b/c Illya is cute when she’s in despair #prismaillya

Random thoughts:

  • Sapphire and Miyu make a really good team. Though then again, Ruby & Illya are a good fit too, comedy-wise.
  • I actually like how they delayed the card exposition because Ruby was like “Lawl I forgot.” Since it’s her, it works.
  • Tatsuko is such a Katou Emiri role. Three words out of her and I really can’t imagine anyone else voicing her. So many good casting decisions in this show.
  • Blushing Miyu, so kawaii~

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End Card


  1. Loved how they broke the 4th wall when Illya remarked that the ‘Transfer girl’ route is so damn common in magical girl shows.
    On a side note, some scenes in the show made me got my hopes up for a possible second season, like how there was an empty seat next to Miyu Show Spoiler ▼

    , and a certain noble phantasm shown when Sapphire was talking Show Spoiler ▼

    Hopefully I’m not over thinking, but please give us second season!

    1. I wouldn’t look into it too much. I’m sure the producers want a second season as well, so they’re not going to introduce any continuity snarls that will screw that up, but that doesn’t mean that a second season necessarily is in the works. Hopefully though! I want to see…well, you know ; )

      1. For me I just want to see them animating 2wei! and 3rei! fights, especially 2wei!. Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Using integrals to calculate the volume of a cone, and it is a proper calculation at that! Usually anime studios would throw in random mathematics equation that doesn’t make any sense, but this time round. Wow.

    1. The reaction to it, though, shows what is commonly cited as a major problem with the Japanese educational system:

      When presented with a student who is clearly highly advanced, the reaction is not ‘let’s get you into a class at your level so you can be challenged and excel’, it is ‘No, you are doing it wrong even though you are 100% correct, because you are being non-conformist. Do only what you are supposed to for your age and the academic level presented by the instructor, no matter how far below your skill and understanding it is’. The ‘joke’ isn’t that she is doing way more than the teacher meant, it’s about watching the non-conformist get yelled at, after which she will for the rest of the series conform to the level of the rest of the class.

    1. Too bad for u that isn’t happening. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. One word: Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Well…they aren’t all Show Spoiler ▼

        But that kinda makes sense, cause he was REALLY freakin’ OP man in HF. At least he’s when they fight him, he’ll be somewhat beatable.

    2. YOU SANE???!!! Every Ilya fan would hate that to happen to their most adorable little Homunculus.

      On the side note is how I would want to see only slapstick comedy with Ilya and Taiga, it seems Taiga isn’t Shirou’s “older sister” in this universe but aside from being a teacher I don’t think there is any other relationship so Taiga can’t just give Ilya an “upsy daisy”

    3. Until the route with tht event is animated?

      I dunno, I am not exactly the biggest fan of F/SN Ilya, yet I wouldn’t wish for that to happen. Or tht just me calming down after not reading the manga for quite a while.

  3. I was expecting Caster to be the final boss considering how conniving she is, but that opening tells me it’s Dark Saber and boy are those girls in for a world of hurt against her if that’s true…

  4. >looks at Miyu
    >seems some semblance of boobs in there
    Anything but DFC is unacceptable!!

    Kidding aside, pretty much another solid episode. It might have been a slow one but it was necessary to establish Miyu’s character. A perfect character at everything, yet hiding something and believes that being a mahou shoujo is serious business. A contrast to Illya and will definitely bring some great interactions for later.
    That explanation of Ruby and Sapphire’s was just oozing with Fate terminologies and concepts. Loved it.
    Though those 4 classmates seem to be getting a bit more screentime than necessary. They don’t get that prominent until 2wei at least. Oh well.

    Finally, Caster is up next time. Will they get her seiyuu, Tanaka Atsuko, to play her? I’m still chuckling about last time with getting Asakawa Yuu to play Rider just to make her grunt and shout.
    And expecting to see some good fight scenes.

    1. Yeah I agree, the next fight will definitely be awesome. Judging by the previews, Silver Link would probably be animating the ‘check mate’ scene. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that part! I hope they will animate Illya’s ‘application’ of magical girl shows too!

  5. Boy, what a fun series. I’m simply loving it. Its just a treat with the right amount of sweetness. I really hope it does well enough so that we get a 2wei anime, because its so goodingly sweet.

  6. As much as I liked this episode and the time spent on Miyu (who makes the cutest confused sound) and the other characters, I’m starting to get a little concerned about pacing.

    So far, each episodes corresponded to exactly one chapter of the manga. There are 13 chapters total, and this would not be a probably normally except there are only 10 episodes for the anime. And later on is when the plot starts to get more heavy and the fights more intense, so I really do not want them to cut corners with those.

    1. Yeah, I’m still concerned about that too. I really don’t understand what possessed the producers to only give them ten episodes on one of the only source materials I’ve ever seen that had the perfect number of manga chapters for 1-cour. This could very well be one of those times where the suits screw the studio over by pointlessly not giving them enough time. We’ll see.

  7. Honestly i can’t stand characters who are perfect at everything. It just seems like a cheap and lazy character trope to me. Their background stories are usually not that interesting and has something to do with them trying to outdo someone or parental issues. Then some issue comes along and makes them realize they have their flaws and they mellow out. (yawn)

    i hope there is more to Miyu that this though because i’ve seen quite a few characters who are pretty much the same as her and it’s a growing on my nerves.

    1. There’s a reason for her ‘perfectness’. But it will not be shown in this season. Most likely season 2 , assuming that they combine 2wei and 3rei. If u really want to know why Show Spoiler ▼

      So far in the manga your worst fears have not yet come true. Unless u count Show Spoiler ▼

      as ‘parental issues’

  8. But what excites me most is the talk of flying, and seeing little miss perfect Miyu have trouble for once. Can’t wait to see this on the screen!

    Don’t be ridiculous, Stilts. Everyone knows people cannot fly. 😛

    Kind of hits harder in the third series of the manga, when Show Spoiler ▼

  9. Have anyone else noticed that the sticks, Ruby and Sapphire and voiced by Kohaku and Hisui respectively?

    I find this connection to be rather funny since the sticks really are like those two sisters.

  10. After replaying FSN VN UBW…. i cant help but be extremely happy that Illya is alive and well. There was just that one scene in UBW that was simply…… heartbreaking


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