The identity of the perpetrator has been revealed – Minerva’s mysterious companion appears to possess a certain Retrogression Magic that could turn his opponents into kids! Erza was presumably his first prey and a shota Natsu has just come into being in this latest chapter, courtesy of the same culprit! The exact nature of his magic has not been made clear and it certainly begs the question of why didn’t he go the extra mile – a childlike Natsu can still put up a great fight, but a helpless infant would unquestionably grant Succubus Eye an instant victory! It’s highly likely the rest of Fairy Tail are next in line and there’s no way Mashima sensei would miss this golden opportunity to trot out his very own loli Lucy! Interestingly enough, the culprit in question was quick to show his face this time around and his current head-on approach seems to be in stark contrast to the sneak attack that he launched on Erza! Perhaps the two events might be independent of each other and the incident that befell Erza could have a miscreant of its own. Either way, Erza and Natsu have most definitely found themselves in quite a clutch and it remains to be seen how they’re going to dig themselves out of this hole. I have no doubt the both of them are still very capable combatants in their unfledged physical form and even in their weakened state, it’s not entirely impossible for them to fend off the incoming threats – Erza and Natsu have pretty much emerged victorious in almost every showdown and I certainly don’t expect it to any different here and now!

The new mysteries presented here are clearly front and center, and they are indubitably somewhat intriguing in their own rights. But make no mistake about it – the many comedic moments were the real highlights of this chapter and Happy’s nitwitted blunder definitely takes the cake as the best knee-slapper! This is hardly the first time Happy has screwed up – his many flub-ups have always been the subject of derision and they never fail to bring me a chuckle or two! Luckily for them, Happy’s most recent goof was not a life-and-death matter, and the smidgen of Moon Drip that he squandered, as expected, wasn’t able to make so much as a dent. The giants remained frozen – that much is clear, but Fairy Tail did seemingly make a slight headway in their current pursuit or at the very least, obtain the next glimmer of clue to move forward. I am sure the enigmatic voice that Natsu heard is going to play a crucial role in this mission – what that may be and where it originates from are questions that remained up the air, but Natsu did advert to the fact that this is not the first time he has heard of it and in all probability, the voice could very well belong to someone or something which we, the readers, have come in contact with before! The next few chapters will likely shed some light on the cryptic Succubus Eyes – as of now, we don’t have the faintest idea as regards their intention or the very nature of its role in this story. All of that should prove to be fairly interesting, but I’m not going to lie – the apical highlight that I’m most looking forward to is none other than the incoming confrontation between Erza and Minvera, a second face-off that will most certainly prove to be a feast for the eyes!

Random tidbits:

  • Erza’s many delusions were quite bizarre to say the least. What’s up with Doranbolt’s pedo-face? – Jellal would never abandon her, that I’m certain. In sickness and health, in joy as well as in sorrow, those two are meant to be together!
  • Whatcha looking at, Erza” – I hope there isn’t something extra down there! Is that why she slipped?
  • Sylph Labyrinth has their eyes set on Lucy’s Celestial Spirit Gate Keys – My gut still says they’ll be joining forces with Fairy Tail in the near future!
  • Derp…Shatter!” – That’s not going to score Happy any Seishun Points with Charle!
  • “Ice Make, Thieving Hand! We’re helping the giants” – Still, that doesn’t make stealing justifiable!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #FairyTail 345: It’s not a Good Day to be a Loli! The identity of the perpetrator has been revealed. #Manga


  1. Was that the first time Happy told Natsu to “Spank my Bottom” or did I miss an in-joke, that only super Fairy Tail fans would know. Otherwise that was just weird. . . . Funny, but weird.

  2. Now that you mention it, that “something” could be the Flame Dragon, whose name it’s elluding me right now, that Natsu called uncle… Maybe it’s too soon for him to show up but it makes sense with the current setting.

    1. His name is Atlas Flame. Anything is possible, I guess – it could even be Igneel. We know he’s still alive, maybe this is where he’s been hiding all this while :3

  3. Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg!!!
    Chibi Erza is too darn cute. Those imaginings of hers had me in tears, especially Jellal’s (with Dranbelt making a pedo face in the background lol). The 7 year age gap that currently exists isn’t that big an issue, but much more… yeah.

    Don’t worry Happy, it happens to a lot of people. His expressions in those panels remind me of when I try to play games which require me to catch things…

    So, chibi Natsu now? Is it bad that I’m hoping the whole cast gets chibified?

    1. I find it amusing how Ezra is so damn cute but she didn’t bring at least a Magical Girl Costume, she would look good with that.

      On the side note, was Doranbolt a lolicon? What chapter did we find that out from? Or did Ezra just assumed that since he was pared with Wendy.

  4. It was Charle’s miss that pass, not Happy’s, but that was really funny.

    Erza was probably looking for hair down there. So the double exclamation meant it was lost XD

  5. Wendy is already the loli of the group, so I wonder if she would be turned younger too? Or would they all be kids except Wendy, so she can act like the older sister to all of them. That would be really cute.

    Also, this is starting to remind me of the Justice League episode Kid Stuff.

  6. i just love the cute Erza & Natsu!^^ Now we know it the enemy but I think they might have made a mistake, base from what Natsu heard (his the only one who heard) there a possibility that he can recall who ever is calling him in that chibi state!? I hope Erza will be oky I sure Minerva is out to get I hope she get beat down hard this time!


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