「今、何をすべきか ―反撃前夜③―」 (Ima, Nani o Su Beki Ka? ―Hangeki Zenya (3)―)
“What Should Be Done ―Prelude to the Counterattack (3)―”

As the trainees grapple with the potential of the Titan killer being in their midst, it’s also time for the cast to decide on which force to join, and there just ain’t no time to rest. Combine that with the suffering they’ve had to go through, and it’s no wonder that one of the big topics this week is how some regret signing to be soldiers in the first place. Really, you can’t blame them considering how different the real thing is compared to the training simulations, but at this point there’s no way out and they’re just going to have to move forward regardless.

Still, the fact that they’re not doing any kind of operation/task at the moment just forces the soldiers (like Jean) to think about the aforementioned even more than they otherwise would, and it’s a nice highlight as to how in certain circumstances, you’d much rather go from one kind of work to another just to avoid those creeping thoughts. At the same time, there are also some notable benefits to these moments too―assuming you aren’t on the brink of insanity―and some may end up coming out better than ever before. It remains to be seen whether or not this does much for our cast’s long term survival, but at the very least it seems like most will benefit more than not from this exchange, as they seem to have all come out with some kind of realization about their kind of personality, their feelings about the situation, as well as what they think they should do.

As the dialogue between Annie, Connie, and Armin shows us though, it arguably just boils down to whether or not you’re prepared to die and the kind of death you’d like to have. Do you want to be someone that determines when you die? Do you not care as long as there’s a reason? Or would you be okay with someone ordering you to your death?

All of this ultimately leads up to the induction ceremony/recruitment free for all, and it’s here where Erwin does a masterpiece of a speech to try and get people to join. On one hand he tells them of hope (due to Jaeger and his basement), then he slaps them in the face with reality (60% dead in four years), and then he culminates it with the lure that those that survive will become superior soldiers with high survival rates. Just superb. I’d join him. Maybe. Probably.

As it turns out, only a handful remain, including a majority of the main cast. The latter fact ends up as expected for the most part, but the thing that really got me was just how superb this induction was done in general. The scenes where the other potential recruits just started walking away, the great use of the vocal song from a few episodes back, the dramatic twirl of the Survey Corps’ uniform, and the remembrance of Marco all of just sent some chills down my spine and signified just how this really is a prelude to the counterattack in more ways than one. Everyone is counting on Eren at this point, and he really has to carry the weight of humanity on his own two shoulders from now on.

Looking forward, the 57th expedition beyond the wall starts now, and I’m getting the feeling that this is probably the highest point we’ll get for a while. Undoubtedly, there’s going to be an endless amount of suffering and losses before things get any better again (assuming it happens in the first place), and it’s no wonder why people are so hyped up about this series. Sadly though, it doesn’t seem like we’ll see Annie for a little bit, but if there’s one thing yesterday’s WonFes showed, we can at least live knowing there’s a bunch of Shingeki figures coming out soon (even if it’s only Levi, Eren, and Mikasa for the time being).

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      1. Might as well go out handing it to the Titans ya know?

        I was half expecting Erwin to tear up/cry there at the end of the ceremony after seeing most of the top 10 still standing there. That’s probably the best ratio they’ve had in forever.

      2. Not like the cicunstances left them much of a choice, the Battle of Trots was the final warning to mankind: “You are not safe as long as titans exist in this world”. No matter what branch of the military they choose the chaces od death are equally high, it´s just a matter to decide if they want to die sooner doing something meaninful and useful in the Exploration Legion or dying later when it´s to late to even fight back.

      3. I think its not just the best ratio, its also probably the best quality of recruits they’ve ever gotten in like years. Judging from the screen there was like only 18 people joining the Survey Corps (What the hell that’s really little), and 7 of them are in the top 10. I don’t think u can get this ratio anywhere else.

        On a side note, now that 90% of all the top 10 are in the Survey Corps, who are they getting other than Annie to join the Police Corps? I think the Police Corps must be having the poorest quality of recruits this time round.

        1. “On a side note, now that 90% of all the top 10 are in the Survey Corps, who are they getting other than Annie to join the Police Corps?”

          Technically, none. Only the top 10s are allowed to apply.

    1. The emotion was so real, there was so much fear on their faces as they grappled with the decision to stay or to go, I absolutely loved this episode. I’m really surprised that Annie went to the military police, but I feel like this will not be the last time I see her.

      1. Same. To see how they struggled to take their decision. Brilliantly done by the production team. This scene was once again proof why this is my favorite series of this year so far.

      2. One of the most apealing parts of Shingeki no Kyoijin is how all the characters in the story show a very real emotion in response to the ultimate despair their world has fall into. You can see them fighting their fears as much as they fight the titans, it´s a story of humans not heroes, just humans making their best for their survival.

        1. I agree and that is what I love about it. When Sasha squealed how scared she was I started tearing up along with her and Christa(I think that is her name, the short blonde). And it’s even more depressing knowing not all of them will make it to the end seeing as Marco is already gone, I see they aren’t afraid to kill more people off. This is such a good anime to be able to make you feel the terror of the characters.

    2. SHALLOT WILL KILL EVERY FUCKING TITAN!!!! *Ahem* anyway, AoT knows how to make something so over dramatic, yet so epic. Well, with what’s at stake, I don’t think this can be called “over dramatic” at this point.

      Jean is becoming a favorite for me quickly.

        1. After explaining how the Survey Team gets weak people weeded out fairly quickly common sense says next week some of those new members are going to end up in a Titan’s belly.

        2. @boingman I’m not joking. Trust me, knowing AoT by now, it isn’t afraid to kill off characters. I’m just being prepared to see some characters die, because I wasn’t prepared on episode 5 and about 3 of the characters I liked died. One of em by the good ole’ Moe Titan.

    3. Another great episode 🙂 I honestly felt their frustrations running through me, I loved the moment Mikasa went all furious again on Levi, was just funny for me. Thanks for your review! Cheers, M.

    4. A requirement to become an officer is to make a horse chew your hair.

      Joke aside, the impact in this episode was when they choose where group will they belong, I really thought Connie will piss his pants off LOL.

    5. My body is ready for the upcoming episodes…

      This episode was beautiful, in a strange way. The characters emotions are so real, fear, anger, frustration, cowardice… was a great episode as always.

    6. Comment EDIT: I’ve taken your comment into account and removed the part in question, as it seems like a fair amount of people seem to have disliked its inclusion. I’ve removed the remainder of this comment chain just in case as well, as it was also possible that people could work backwards from what we were talking about and get spoiled from that.

    7. Mikasa: Eren, are you ok?!?! did they inspect every inch of you
      LOLOL c’mon now mikasa, let’s be honest. We all know you’d do the same if u were given the chance

      Jean: I heard eren tried to kill mikasa in titan form
      Mikasa: No! He… He was just trying to hit a fly
      LOLOL speechless, ROFL so hard

    8. 8 of the top ten joined recon? irwin did alright…he didn’t manage to grab that many but he did get the best and the finest…

      and irwin’s speech could basically be condensed to ‘no pussies allowed’…very nice

      bertholdt looked a bit forlorn there as annie was leaving…

      1. Uhh, there is no spoiler and never is in my posts, especially re: Shingeki (of which I haven’t read the manga). The thing you’re talking about is pure speculation.

        But just because peeps mentioned it being potentially spoilerish or leading to people to spoil stuff, I have removed the bit in question just in case though.

    9. Sometimes this show rises from being a good action drama to an epic one. This episode certainly had those moments: the recruiting scene and the end as they rode out especially. Just shivers down my spine.

    10. Average SnK episode:

      10 minutes of characters describing the situation they are currently in.

      5 minutes of wondering what they should do next.

      2 minutes of agreeing about what they should do next.

      2 minutes of stuff actually happening.

      1. Np, and don’t worry about mentioning it.

        I typically write my posts with some occasional speculation, so it didn’t really occur to me the extra potential for problems in doing it here versus other series. I contemplated leaving it in for a bit, but yeah I did notice someone did try to capitalize on it by writing the first spoiler we’ve seen in a while, so I removed it shortly afterwards.

        All good.

    11. I don’t remember this scene with Levi and his horse in the manga… If there is not such a scene in the manga, it’s a problem for me, because this scene is a scene where Levi’s personality is characterized in a way that is different from the original work… He’s a clean freak and he let his horse drooling over his hand??

      1. He’s a clean freak up to a point. Remember that he grabbed onto the bloodied hand of the dying scout without a care, implying that he doesn’t mind in regards of helping others or creating a bond, especially in the case of the horse and developing a familiarity with it so it will come back to you in case of separation.

        There are differences but I think the anime is just adding more character development like the case of Jean.

        On another note, I think Commander Irwin revealing the basement to the new recruits has more to do than just motivating them to join the Scouting Legion. Armin was quick to note that it is a very important secret and Irwin must be scheming of something bigger. The scene where Mike and Irwin are talking hints at such.

        1. He didn’t grab the bloodied hand without a care. In the manga at least, there was a small panel showing him looking at the hand before grabbing it suddenly. Rather, he has the self-control and discipline to do what has to be done – including lying convincingly to the soldier.

      2. He’s not a clean freak in the sense that he is afraid of dirt and blood. It’s a question of discipline. Good soldiers are clean freaks because that’s how you stay alive, by making sure your equipment (and your troops) are in the best possible condition. By keeping things up that you would normally think aren’t important you’re making it a habit and ensuring that you don’t slack off and have it come back to haunt you when you have to have your equipment function.

    12. Could someone explain to me why did Jean and the rest joined the survey corps in the end then? I’m still rather confused after watching this episode , especially after Jean’s speech to the rest before the recruitment

      1. It’s especially revealing of Jean to join because he went from a very self-centered person looking for an easy life with the military police to someone aware of the realities of the world and wanting to do something about it. Marco probably had an impact on him, telling him he would be a good leader and Jean joining might have been a way to honor Marco after his death. Jean being the most against joining the Scouts before was very aware of this decision affecting others and told them bluntly to make the decision for themselves.

        Armin and Mikasa obviously joined because of their bond with Eren. Sarah was probably scared senseless and Connie just became ambivilant even though he was scared too. Can’t tell what Reiner or Bertholdt were thinking though the latter was definitely disappointed that Annie left.

        There’s probably more to read into Jean’s joining in his conversation with Eren and wanting some assurance that they have a chance at saving humanity.

      2. its like, if someone points a gun at you with a strong intent to kill, would you run and show your back to let him freely shoot you or would you at least put up a fight and give yourself a small chance of survival.

        1. Ah I see, thanks for the clarification. It was Jean’s speech that really confused me. The whole time he was going ‘I’m not so eager to die like someone’ , and the part where the rest of the cadets were leaving ‘Don’t make me hate myself even more’ . I was wondering at that point why doesn’t Jean just walk away if he hates joining the Survey corps so much, like Sasha and Connie.
          And why did Irwin asked those who stayed ‘So will you die if you are ordered too?’

        2. @Asmalti:

          Jean does not want to lie to himself. He still values his life greatly and doesn’t want to die, but he realizes now that the best action to take is to take on the titans head on. People walking past him in the ceremony discouraged him from staying. You can also imagine the fear of facing the titans again, but at the same time, he ultimately wants to do what he feels is right and join the survey corps.

          Irwin wanted to see their conviction, whether or not they were truly willing to hand over their lives and face the titans head on for the sake of humanity. Only those willing to do this should join the survey corps.

    13. I would totally join the Survey corps simply for the cool as hell traveling coat with the ‘Wings of Freedom”! Then again the really crappy survival rate puts me off. Still, so damn cool!

      1. Because “Survey Corp” is the official translation given by Kodansha USA and Crunchyroll. The other official translation is “Scouting Regiment” which is used by Funimation. “Recon Corp” is gg’s fanmade translation. Would you rather support the fanmade subs over official ones?

        1. In most cases fan made translations are better than official ones. Most of CR’s trans used to work as fansubbers too.

          Had a bad experience with official anime DVD’s. The subs were atrocious D:. Ofc you won’t see standards like those in high profile anime like Kyojin (when they release the volumes) though the more obscure ones do take a hit.

          1. That’s right, actually, I don’t trust either Crunchyroll and Funimation subs, really. The one you guys should follow is the official translation of the manga by Kodansha. At least they’re working close with the manga staff in Japan with this. Then again, not to be rude and all, a lot of you guys aren’t going to probably read the manga until a little bit later, right? So I guess, this wouldn’t matter that much.

        1. http://blog.livedoor.jp/isayamahazime/archives/3690708.html

          Oh, by the way, the above link is a post from Isayama’s OFFICIAL BLOG. The AUTHOR’S OFFICIAL BLOG. I’m posting it down here the author’s words, in case you don’t know where to find it:


          Let’s see here…“Rivaille” was named after the boy, who wants to be a fine clergy, from the movie, Jesus Camp(ジーザス・キャンプ->The title in Japanese just so you know). He thought the boy’s name was a good one.

          Google the movie and you get this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesus_Camp. Read the names of the children in the summary. You’d see the name spelled “LEVI.” Oh, well why you look that. The author did really intended it to be spelled as “LEVI.” It’s not bullshit.

          Also the ones in charge of publishing the series in Japan, Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, had tweeted the three main characters names in English and LEVI’S name:https://twitter.com/ShingekiKyojin/status/342680156093169664

          Oh, by the way, the official spellings of the main three+Levi matches with Kodansha USA’s spellings. It just means the Kodansha is indeed working close with the staff making the manga. I don’t see any reason doubting their translation. Do fan scanlators/fan subbers work close with the manga staff?

          Convincing enough?

        2. You just gave me the proof


          I went to that blog link you posted, the author says Rivaille. The original Japanese name is the official name, it doesn’t matter what the name is translated to in english or what you think was “intended”. Sailor Moon is a perfect example to explain what I mean. Her official name is Usagi, not Serena. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sailor_Moon_(character) Sailor Moon was also published by Kodansha in the USA.

          It’s funny how you don’t trust Crunchyroll or Funimation subs, but you trust Kodansha who changed the official name of Usagi and translated it to Serena. Who is talking bullshit now?

        3. No, I’m using “Rivaille” cause that’s how you use it dumbass. Japanese use this spelling:リヴァイ. That’s why I put “Rivaille” in quotation marks cause it’s fucking wrong. What other movies with the title Jesus Camp has fucking “Rivaille” in it? It’s Levi. I guess this is how dumbass of a person you are since you can’t even understand an ounce of Japanese. I could. Could you?

          Also, that official twitter account by Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, aka the Japanese publisher of the manga, doesn’t seem convincing enough for you?

          And by the way, Usagi’s name is not written in Kanji. Are you going to say her name should have been “Bunny” in English? I’m sorry, but since it’s not written in Kanji, there is no correct way to translate her name properly unless you have asked the author herself. Of course, Kodansha could have stuck with the name “Usagi” but would most of the readers(and I must assume these are kids) in English understand what the heck Usagi means like Japanese do? NO. So they had to localize it. They also must have an approval of the author just so you know.

          The reason why I don’t trust Crunchyroll and Funimation? Simple. Crunchyroll does quick subbing to match with their schedules. They don’t have time to ask the author and manga staff to correct their work in it. Funimation, on the other hand, does not work well with the English publishers of the manga that much.

        4. If you use google translate you would get

          By the way, the name of the revival soldier length was introduced to first in the program of this origin of the, ” Jesus – camp ” than , fine aim the pastor of Christian evangelical took from Revival boy, that’s a good name .. .


          It’s Rivaille, official japanese name, no matter how you try to spin it with your english translation mumbo jumbo.

          As for Usagi, they could’ve left her name as Usagi, it doesn’t have to be english translated to Bunny. It’s not like using Bunny would’ve been bad either, considering there is Tiger Woods and Robin Williams. Both have english names of animals. It doesn’t matter what the name means either, nobody who grew up watching Dragonball or any other anime cared what the protagonists names meant, even in Western cartoons no one cares what the protagonists names mean, like Bruce Wayne. It’s irrelevant so they DON’T have to change it if they don’t want to, unless they’re forced to by their superiors.

        5. Oh shit! Who the fuck uses GOOGLE TRANSLATE to translate Japanese to English? HELLO? Are you stuck in the middle ages? Didn’t anybody tell you that GOOGLE TRANSLATE IS INACCURATE AS HELL?? CAN YOU READ JAPANESE? CAUSE I CAN. IS GOOGLE TRANSLATE OFFICIAL TRANSLATOR FOR THE MANGA??? NO IT’S NOT.

          By the way, Japanese isn’t English. It doesn’t work like English or any other Western languages. Come on, go ask a person who knows how to speak and read Japanese out there, not fucking GOOGLE TRANSLATE. Or better yet, go ask a real Japanese person. They will tell you that English and Japanese is way too different.

          And by the way, have you ever considered that translators’ superiors ACTUALLY FORCED THEM to change her name and has the approval of the AUTHOR? Besides that, Dragonball is a stupid example. Dragonball is targeted towards older than 12. Sailor Moon is supposedly targeted towards all ages.

          Oh yeah, look at the second comment from this website:http://www.wewantserena.com/1/post/2012/11/sailor-moon-fan-material-proves-a-demand-for-serena.html

          This person also tells you that Japanese ain’t and will never work like English. Of course, considering that you don’t have an ounce of Japanese knowledge other than Romaji words, I guess you would never understand it.

        6. You’re just proving me right, there’s no way to translate Rivaille into Levi, an english name. If Google Translate is so inaccurate, it’s funny how every link in that search points to Rivaille being the correct name.

          You say Dragonball and Sailor Moon are stupid examples when it comes to nobody that grew up watching what the protagonists names mean? Are you serious? What does the targeted age group have to do with anything? I could use Pokemon’s name changes for its protagonists as an example too.

          No matter what you say, the official name is always the original name from the source material, not some english translated crap, which by your own logic can’t even be translated to english in the first place.

          Rivaille is the real name, get over it.

        7. Hello? Did I say there’s totally no way?? What a dumbfuck you are again. I told you to go ask a Japanese person or someone who knows Japanese, not Google Translate. The only right way to translate a name is to go fucking ask the author and the ones involve working on it. And you didn’t think that the official translators wouldn’t ask the author and the manga staff in Japan? It’s funny how you think Google Translate is right when it comes to translating Katakana words. Oh wait. You don’t even know how and what Katakana is. That’s right. Only dumbfucks like you use Google Translate to translate Katakana-spelled names just so you know.

          Hello again?? Target demographics are everything. They’re the ones who’s providing the money. Do you think the average non-Japanese children could pronounce Japanese names easily? Hello?? Is your brain working? This is the reason why they have to change the names. Apparently, businesses like this has already decided that an average child reader/viewer isn’t that smart like you are. Also, there are certain cases when the author requests to change the name when translated into English you dumbfuck.

          Levi is the official name. You’re the one who should get over with. After all, a person who just uses Google Translate as his source shouldn’t talk like he knows Japanese at all, no matter how many times fucking Google Translate points at it. Then again, you’re blowing all airs ’cause you’re the one using Google Translate and all those computer machine translators. There’s a fucking reason why you don’t bring a machine as your translator when you go to a foreign country. At this point already, all your arguments are void since you refuse to bring a source like the one with the twitter account. Google Translate is the fucking wrong source dumbfuck. The only right source out here is someone who knows Japanese and the official websites. I could give you a hundred words in my language, put it in Google Translate and you’ll see how wrong it is. The only way you could get it right is by asking me and others who knows how to speak the language the correct way to translate it. Oh, but since you blindly follow Google Translate, you’d never even know it’s wrong to begin with.

        8. It’s oh so hard to say Usagi or Satoshi for children in USA or any other english speaking nation, lmfao get out of here, you’re just digging a further hole for yourself, it’s embarassing. That link about Sailor Moon fans wanting Serena to continue being used for the Dubs only, that you provided, really only helps my arguement. Fans wanted to use a name that they like, Levi is a stupid name period, and doesn’t fit a badass like Rivaille in the first place. It would be the same as calling Goku something like Kongo or just call him Monkey.

          It’s official, Rivaille is his name and don’t you forget it. Also, it’s the Scouting Legion, not some retarded crap like Survey or Recon corps.

        9. And period, you’re the only one who’s contradicting yourself cause you’ve never asked the author and manga staff and you don’t even know how to read Japanese in the first place. Can’t even present official websites other than baseless conjecture and making up things like you even know what Japanese is. And fuck, it’s Survey Corp. Not Scouting Legion dumbfuck.

          What hole am I digging? Sure, thousands of children out there can’t pronounce Japanese names properly. You’re the one who is embarrassing yourself. 貴様 日本語わかるか? And don’t fucking use Google translate with it. You’re just going to embarrass yourself further for what that first two characters even mean.

          Levi is the right name. What? Going to present the inaccurate translations by those fan scanlations out there? I could point out to you plenty of mistakes they did in their translations. Do you want me to point it out for you?

        10. Eh, I think it’s best to calm down, no need for insults. He can call him whatever he wants, I just find it funny that he asked me for proof (in rude way too!) for my claims and when he is provided with 3 difference sources, he just ignores them, without providing a proof on his own. That’s just absurd.

        11. @Misk
          I’m sorry with the insults though. But it’s quite irritating how he says Rivaille is the official name when it isn’t even the right one. His supposed proofs given are way too ridiculous. I still can’t believe someone would use Google Translate as a proof on how to write Katakana written names in English.

        12. It’s Rivaille and the Scouting Legion, I trust the fan scans way more than a company like Kondansha USA that translates Usagi into Serena. Go ahead and point out the “inaccuracies” of the fanscans out there for SnK, that’ll show millions of people who read those fanscans out there LMFAO

          Here’s a link about last year’s Comic Con, something I found interesting

          “The panel finished up with a lengthy Q&A session dominated by questions about the company’s translation of Sailor Moon and license suggestions that Middaugh couldn’t talk about or answer”

          I used a different translator this time for 貴様 日本語わかるかhttp://webtranslation.paralink.com/Japanese-English-Translation/

          Microsoft Translator gave me “You know Japan Japanese”

          while the Babylon translator gave me “Do you know Japanese wretch”


          I apologize if I offended you, it’s nothing personal, but I’m still going to call him by the official name Rivaille.

        13. The basic thing overall is that you can choose to use either name depending on your own preference.

          It’s been well noted that official translations do not necessarily always preserve the natural connotations that were in the original Japanese (Zetsuen no Tempest: The Civilization Blaster –> Blast of Tempest is one such example). But at the same time, it must be noted that official translations are official per their definition, and thus there should be no problem with people accepting their interpretation of particular names/places (whether it is correct or egregiously wrong).

          Ultimately, the fan-groups translating often end up with their own interpretations of the same thing due to the nature of the translation process (I’ve seen this personally during my dabbling in fansubbing, as the literal vs. localized interpretations is always a big issue), so it has to be noted that their names/places are not necessarily 100% correct either.

          With that said, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to stick with Rivaille or the Scouting Legion either, but note that it’s a personal preference and one should respect that others may have differing or similar views whose reasons are equally valid.

          I’ve noted that you’ve apologized for possibly offending people already, so I won’t go much further into this, but please note that part of the reason this debate went into such lengths was because you started things off by calling the people who preferred the official name as stupid and their evidence as bullshit.

          Either way, I’d just like to request that things be voiced in a less hostile manner (or at least, more consideration given to why people believe a certain thing) from this point forward from all parties involved, as things such as this shouldn’t lead to people getting as angry as they did above. Thanks.

        14. @Magoiichi

          Let me tell you straight, you don’t use computer/machine translators to translate foreign words especially when it’s Katakana written names. Don’t compare Attack on Titan with Sailor Moon in the first place. And what’s the point on presenting that link anyway? Did you even know what the questions were? Is it even related to Attack on Titan? Is Sailor Moon=Attack on Titan? Are most of the main characters’ names in Sailor Moon even written in Katakana? Attack on Titan is.

          Trust the fan scanlations? I’ll tell you some of the things they got wrong:
          WARNING! Don’t click the spoilers if any of you guys reading this comment have not read the manga up to the latest chapter. It doesn’t really contain heavy spoilers. Most of it are just dialogues that doesn’t make sense unless one reads up to the latest chapters. But just in case. Anyway this is intended for @Magoiichi anyway. Also the spoiler tag doesn’t contain any links to any websites to support my claims since I’m pretty sure we’re not allowed to post links containing illegal scans. But you could always look it up, @Magoiichi.
          Show Spoiler ▼

          And the list goes on. Anyhow, judging by your logic that Google Translate and Machine Translators are correct, try translating this one: アニ. See what you’ll get. It would be a miracle that they’d give you “Annie” as the translation for it. Oh and I already checked most of the Machine Translators out there, and you know what they gave to me? “Ani.” So if your logic is right, then shouldn’t we be using “Ani” instead of “Annie”? I mean that’s what Google Translate and Microsoft gave me. Babylon gave me “The Nico.” Wow. Great name. How come the fan scanlations isn’t using them? Simple. ‘CAUSE MACHINE TRANSLATORS WILL NEVER TRANSLATE KATAKANA WRITTEN NAMES CORRECT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Oh so you’re going to say the fan scanlations are better than the official translators? Check the above list of mistakes again. There are bound to be more.

          Also, when I said don’t use Google Translate, I mean don’t use Machine Translators. Microsoft and Babylon didn’t even get it right. Do you want me to translate what I had just written in Japanese? Okay, I’ll give it to you: “You, do you even understand Japanese?” There wasn’t even the word “wretch” written in there. And I didn’t even wrote “Japan” in 日本語 two times.

          Rivaille isn’t and will never be the official spelling. The author and the head of the magazine, where Attack on Titan is serialized in Japan, had already provided the correct way of spelling it anyway. Of course, as Zephyr had noted, you’re always welcome to use any spelling of it since it boils down to personal preference. I’m not even forcing you to use Levi. I’m just saying Rivaille isn’t the official spelling of the character’s name.

        15. Katakana iirc is pretty much what they use when spelling something that’s supposedly foreign. I never really studied in depth and only got a few basic down but the name is spelled: リヴァイ

          Pronounced: リ- Ri ヴァ – Ba イ – Ii … Ri-ba-ii… or Levi (Lee-vai)

          Dunno how that turned to Rivaille since that’d be missing a character or two for for the “double L” … it’d be Rivaille would be Ribairru … c aompletely different set of katakana characters.

          Also that last post vaguely smells “troll-ish” but that’s just me :p

        16. I would like to add the fact that Berthold, Reiner, Levi, Hannes, Gunter, etc. are all East European/Germanic names spelled accordingly.
          So yes, Levi IS the correct spelling.

        17. I see Magoiichi can still be an unreasonable prick ever since his hilarious “incest loving brigade” outburst in that SAO thread ages ago.

          You are officially an idiot, get over it.

          Magoiichi is a Prick
    14. I already felt goosebumps reading about the ceremony in the manga, but seeing the raw emotion being played out on screen with amazing background music still made this scene such a treat to watch. You can really tell how difficult it is to stay and join the survey corps, and the anime did a wonderful job portraying the emotions of the main cast about their decision.

      It’s about to get crazy, we’re in for one hell of a ride 🙂

    15. I get the feeling that the girl with Christa, don’t remember her name if we ever heard it through the series will get an nice role as she and Mikasa were the only ones looking cool when they made their choices of joining the survey corps.

    16. A little disappointed in how much the preview of next weeks episode actually reveals. Having read the manga, i didn’t get spoiled. But i know some that felt spoiled by watching it.

    17. I wonder how much in the minority am I if my favorite moment this episode was when Jean told Misaka off by saying that not everyone is like her,willing to die(he should added blindly or fanatically) for Eren.Maybe that’s also because Misaka has personally annoyed me more & more with each passing episode.We’re at episode 16 and she’s still as incredibly one-dimensional as she was right from the start.Hopefully the upvotes or downvotes will answer my question 😛

      1. I really liked that moment as well, and it made Jean shine as a character, since Mikasa is always so cool and untouchable in a way. I also agree Mikasa is like the easiest character to read, as long as it’s with Eren, she’ll follow. It’s understandable given her backstory but it is a bit bland I guess. And while she has a backstory to back her up, her overprotection of Eren is really annoying at times. Like this one. Geez let the boy speak. Levi kinda sealed the “let Eren live” deal and she hates him. -_-

      2. YES! I’m glad I’m not the only one that finds Mikasa to be one-dimensional. The only times she has had any character development are during the kidnapping flashback and when Eren was eaten by the Titan. That was episode 6 and episode 7. It’s been 9 episodes since then, and she’s exactly the same and getting more annoying and bland as time goes on.

        Does Mikasa grasp any situation rationally when it comes to Eren? Maybe this is just me being an asshole, but that scene in episode 7 when she found out Eren was eaten she became ridiculously reckless even though she is considered a backup of the elite squad. Maybe I just don’t have any feelings…
        And in this episode, she’s still pissed off about Levi beating up Eren in the court. Do you see Armin hating Levi for this? Get over it, he seems fine, please gain some emotions besides worry and hate.

        I definitely took this a lot farther than you did. No need to agree with me. Lol.

    18. Well **** me.

      Reading a forum entirely unrelated to this show and some ass drops four major spoilers out of nowhere.

      Guess I can go and read the manga now since there’s nothing to lose.

      1. If it’s any consolation, how the studio treats the source material still gives you a lot to look forward to.

        I read the manga, and this episode still blew me away despite knowing what was mostly gonna be in it. If anything, they actually did it much much better than the manga, along with some other things here and there.

        1. I have to agree with you. I have been caught up with the manga since episode 5 but I still look forward to every episode because of the way the anime goes about with executing each scene. Yes, I felt the despair of the characters when reading the manga but watching the anime with astounding visuals and beautiful music is a whole new experience. I feel just as shocked when watching as I did when reading which is why I can still write comments that aren’t really brief to not spoil.

      2. I feel ya, had the same happen to me. I guess it’s best to live under a rock while watching a good anime. Though I agree with Vagrant, as a manga reader I must say that I pretty much enjoy the anime as well.

      1. @ Kenbu I suspect its because of the distance necessary for them to get to the walls. You’d need a horse to reach the outer wall ‘safely’. And its probably extremely difficult to get the horses to the top of the wall and back down. And then there’s the issue of supplies necessary to cover up the wall. The width of the wall is probably not wide enough to accommodate the supplies. But that’s my speculation.

      2. The Outer ring where Eren’s house is located is not connected to the Middle Ring where they’re currently at. Also the two walls are separated by acres of land, now titan infested after the breach through Eren’s village/town.

        I don’t think the river the boats travel on is not nearly wide or deep enough to stop a normal Titan (let alone jumping deviants). Travelling by boat makes your entire army and supply convoy a sitting duck as there’s no way to use 3D maneuver on boat and carry supplies at the same time.

        They were able to use it for evacuation because the land it had to go through at the time wasn’t titan infested as it is now; and there’s just no way to provide horses for that many fleeing civilians hence the boats. That’s why the soldiers were working hard to delay the titans in the village allowing the people/boats get a good enough distance from the titans.

    19. I made myself abstain from watching the episode to wait for gg. That was definitely one of the most painful things to endure when I have nothing to do and no school to go to. Lol. They released right when I decided to go to bed, and then when I woke up at 6am I couldn’t sleep because I was too excited to watch. Oh man. This can’t be good.

      Anyway, onto the episode.

      It was well worth the wait. This was such a gripping episode. So many chills down my spine. Loved the character development from Jean, and all those Marco overtones sprinkled across the episode were killing me. It’s funny how I felt pretty neutral about Marco before but after his death he seems to hold so much more substance now, especially to Jean who thought of him as a good (?) friend.

      Zephyr, about what you stated about Connie and Annie’s conversation. When Annie asked Connie if he was willing to die if told to, and he disagreed. Rather than it merely being a conversation of a higher and faster rate of dying and being ordered to die, I took it more as Annie just saying that there is no point in asking her this question of whether he should join the Military Police or not because Connie wouldn’t have his feelings or resolve swayed by the response of others, so she just told him to make his own decision since he does what he wants versus what other people would want him to do. This is reflected again when Connie thought of how his mother and village would honor him if he joined the Military Police, yet he ends up with the Recon Corps anyway.

      All the talk about joining the Recon Corps… After reading your post, Zephyr, I noticed that Isayama might’ve made Erwin’s presentation like a persuasive essay. I mean… look at how it’s laid out and the order it’s presented. Maybe it’s just how I’ve been personally taught at my school, but…

      You have the…
      Introduction- let the listeners know what’s going down, telling them he’s just straight up trying to persuade people to join the Recon Corps
      1st body- starting with the 2nd strongest point, there is hope to finding out the secret of the Titans thanks to Eren
      2nd body- talk about the weakest point after bringing the listeners’ spirits up from the 1st body, the amount of casualties expected
      3rd body- strongest point to top it all off and outweigh the 2nd body/weakest point, becoming superior soldiers with higher survival rates if they make it out
      Conclusion- reiterate the introduction, and end with a strong statement, being that they would be putting their lives on the line for the sake of mankind’s advance towards this fear of the Titans

      Strong and beautiful.

      Would it make me join? Who knows. All I know is he did a good job scaring the hell out of me.

      After reading some comments, it seems that 8/10 of the top ten of the 104th trainees went into the Recon Corps. That means Annie is the only one who went to the Military Police (Marco would’ve joined too). Also, after what Annie said back in episode 4 about how only the top 10 can join the Military Police, and how ironic it is for only the best of the trainees have the choice to join the legion that is farthest away from facing any sort of Titans was even more ironic to me that she decided to join. I took it that she saw that as a negative point… wonder why she’s deciding to join regardless.


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