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This week marks the return of many people’s favorite doll – Suigintou (Tanaka Rie). I never realized how much I missed hearing Tanaka Rie’s voice until now… it’s been a while since I’ve seen her in a role and I have to admit, she really brings out the old Suigintou that I remember from the prior series. I’m sure there are many reasons that people like Suigintou’s character, whether it is her character design, her personality or even if they just pity her. I fall into that latter group and this can be best explained by watching the original Rozen Maiden: Ouvertüre OVA. If there’s any part of the second season that you watch, let it be this. There’s also a lot of character development for Suigintou throughout the first 2 seasons and I think it’s a shame that new viewers don’t get to experience that. For some background info, she turns from the main antagonist in the first season, to a doll that you really sympathize with in the second season and even cheer for. It’s because of her tragic past and her accidental meeting with Megu that really transforms her and for that, she’s probably one of the more complex characters in Rozen Maiden. I love her (although not as much as Shinku) and what’s more interesting is that she’s the one living with Jun now (not the other dolls).

There is also a good thorough flashback this week that explains Suigintou’s “wound” history and how she came across Kakizaki Megu (Kawaragi Shiho). More importantly, I think this episode did a solid job in explaining the tragedy behind Megu’s condition and her outlook on life. This is more evident in the second season of the original series, but Megu’s character is meant to be a good counterpart to Suigintou’s. Whereas Megu has quite a bleak and “emo” view of life, Suigintou is someone who wants to survive and prove her strength to become Alice. Megu also has a terrible attitude towards her father compared to Suigintou who loves her father and creator (Rozen). Despite these differences though, the two girls find some common ground and start to appreciate each other’s company. I felt it was a little rushed near the end, but it’s clear that Suigintou’s accepted Megu as her medium. This scene has got to be one of my favorites in Suigintou’s past, it’s just unfortunate that it’s cut short…

It’s not a complete episode without talking about Kirakishou! She always has the most creepy appearances and it’s not even because her voice is “creepy”, I think it’s the calm complexion she has when she’s killing another doll/human and those are the crazies that you have to watch out for (don’t say I didn’t warn you!). It’s clear why Suigintou was in the N-Field now and it was probably her in Jun’s washroom last week as well. I always thought that Kirakishou defeated Suigintou and Suiseiseki so I guess Suigintou was just in hiding and trying to find a way to rescue Megu. The bad news is… Shinku and company have no way of returning the way they came and the countdown continues (6 more days!).

I also wanted to point out that this episode actually made me laugh… I mentioned in a post before that I don’t laugh in anime very often, so for Rozen Maiden to crack a smile, I was surprised. Jun and Shinku weren’t a major focus this episode, but da*n, I just couldn’t help laughing at Shinku’s complaints of having to clean and Jun’s expression after seeing his room. It was cute and a good mood change between Suigintou’s appearances. Jun was also invited to Saitou’s show next week so perhaps we’ll get to see a date? It’d be even cuter if Shinku and Suigintou tagged along, but something tells me that they’re going to wander off on their own. And if the box isn’t for Suigintou, who exactly is Jun expected to create next?

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  1. Cherrie, the reason why Suigintou isn’t as violent as the prior two seasons is that the character is based on her manga version.

    There are key differences between first anime Suigintou and the current one are as follows:

    1.The current one doesn’t have an inferiority complex, she has a superiority complex.

    2.The current one’s flaw are her wings, she has cracks on her back. She has an intact torso.

    3.As a result of #2, the whole backstory of Ouverture isn’t applicable to this anime.

    4.Shinku and Suigintou’s relationship in the manga isn’t as hate-filled as the first anime seasons. They may bicker alot, but deep inside, they’re just both putting up a front. latter chapters suggest that these two are quite a pair.

    1. Thanks for the explanation! I haven’t read the manga so I don’t know the differences other than Suigintou never had a missing torso (was that it?). I didn’t expect Suigintou and Shinku to be full-out enemies so it was funnier to see them duel it out in Jun’s room lol

  2. Maybe Kirakishou is sending blueprints for her body for Jun to make?

    Speaking of Jun, I really feel bad for him. He spent a lot of time making Shinku while Shinku just wants to return to Wound Jun. Luckily, it seems that Unwound Jun will still have a happy ending when Shinku inevitably departs.

    Then again, I haven’t watched the other Rozen Maiden animes, so I am uncertain if tragedy is one of the themes…

    1. I actually thought it might’ve been Kirakishou as well… last episode it was obvious that she knows of “unwound-Jun’s” existence so she’s probably sending him packages to create an actual body for her.

      1. Her flaws in the manga are

        Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Watched this & earlier 3 episodes. Got puzzled at some parts, but the story & music (especially of OP & ED) got me interested in the series.

    Hence, watched the earlier 2 seasons & OVA.
    Thanks to those & true to Cherrie’s theories, I’m kind of rooting for Suigintou..
    At the same time though, I’m also inclined towards a certain “..desu”-uttering doll.
    Seems like that one gained meme status after having a youtube video compiling her over 500 “desu”s from the first 2 seasons.

    Then I read the manga. Seems like the earlier 2 seasons were better at the comedy part, while the current one is better through faithful adaptation.
    13 episodes has me wondering if there will be cuts, rushing, or perhaps a 2nd-cour..

    1. I definitely think that this deserves a second season if sales go well… I always thought that Rozen Maiden would have a larger following but I guess not? (they did kind of ruin the first episode and a lot of people probably dropped it…)

      The original anime I felt was more lighthearted because of some fillers and all the dolls living together. This one features a more mature/grown-up Jun so it’s only natural that it’s more toned that in that department.

  4. I always thought that Kirakishou defeated Suigintou and Suiseiseki

    I had the same impression, especially with how this scene was explained. But I guess that simply meant she ventured into Kirakishou’s territory. Otherwise, Shinku would not have to resort to creating a second body to escape. But if only Shinku was really caught by Kirakishou, then that raises another question. Why was Suiseiseki not actively helping “wind” Jun to save the others? Suigintou may not be a team player, but having Suiseiseki help would be much better than Kanaria alone.

    I’m sure there are many reasons that people like Suigintou’s character, whether it is her character design, her personality or even if they just pity her.

    I’m in the first and last category. Her personality leaves something to be desired, but I understand that she went quite a lot of suffering too. Suigintou and Shinku are tied in terms of favorite for me. But I always had a soft spot for another doll that tends to get ignored.


    I really admire her sense of duty and devotion, especially shown later in the manga. Her slightly awkward moments are pretty endearing too.

    1. Suigintou goal is to find Megus’s spirit not save her sisters. And because the N-Field is a strange place time doesn’t really flow correctly either so Suigintou may not be aware that her other sisters are in trouble.

      1. I understand that about Suigintou, but what about Suiseiseki? Her goal is to save Souseiseki, which “wind” Jun is also trying to do. If she is not captured by Kirakishou, why did she not lend him a hand?

    2. I think (after watching this episode) that Suigintou and Suiseiseki aren’t actually “dead” in that sense, but they’re probably trapped or wandering around the N-Field. Suigintou got lucky and found a way out and Suiseiseki is probably going to make an appearance later on. Unfortunately I don’t think Souseiseki will come back (because Suigintou has her Rosa Mystica and she’s going to stay dead). Same goes for Hinaichigo =(

      As for Shinku… I think she is also “trapped” in the N-Field, but her Rosa Mystica was probably taken by Holly and transferred to the “new” Shinku.

  5. Though I understand the part where they showed Suigintou and Megu was meant to be a backstory, the way they led up to it was kinda random. There wasn’t a really good flow to it. So unless they’ve already watched the first season or read the manga, it can be abit confusing.

    That said, I did enjoy the bickering between Shinku and Suigintou. The part where Jun comes back and sees the 2 of them simply sitting down facing away from each other in a cold war stalemate was cute XD

  6. WELL! that was by far the ‘friendliest’ conversation Shinku and Suigintou had with each other in the entire history of Rozen Maiden.

    Suigintou trying to be all evil at first when she appeared to Megu and then feeling bad after seeing how miserable Megu was just so adorable. I mean guilt ridden Suigintou is just darn adorable. Deredere Suigintou you’ll always be in my heart! Forever and ever!

    In the old series they made a replica of Kirakishou and called her Barasuishou, emotionless, strong, merciless and eager to please her creator…but man Kirakishou is straight an evil ass…as adorable as she looks she’s just plain evil…

  7. Suigintou!! Finally my favourite character – love her character model, he mannerism and her deep background and character. So much win, lets hope she stays round for the rest of the series =)

  8. I cant believed they changed how the “contract” is formed. It just took the romance out. And how exactly would it fit the mediums fingers readily? Was Suigintou(and Shinku) carrying rose rings of different sizes? :/

    And also, for me, it was out of character for (my) Suigintou to push her ring to someone and readily accept her as a medium. I mean, that Suigintou with “I CAN FIGHT SHINKU EVEN WITHOUT A MEDIUM”.. and.. “I can take any (two or three) dolls on”.. motto? She has that much SUPERIORITY COMPLEX before.. that made her contract and interation with Megu so heart felt and romantic.

    Suigintou… <3

    1. That’s because Suigintou in the manga doesn’t act like that. Notice that in episode one, once Shinku employed Jun as her medium, Suigintou immediately retreats, that’s because she doesn’t really act the way she acted in the first two anime.

      Also, let me clarify that Suigintou in the first two anime doesn’t have a Superiority complex, it’s quite the opposite, Ouverture suggests that it’s her willpower, and obsession that made her like that, and it stems from her inferiority complex.

      Now, the current one we’re watching has quite a case of that superiority complex. She clearly thinks that she’s entitled because she’s the first doll (complete one at that). That’s why she and Shinku are at odds.


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