Flare Corona is back – and she sure as hell didn’t make us wait too long! Similar to her last appearance, Flare’s grand arrival was nothing short of spontaneous, and her presence was marked with the usual sense of reverie and eeriness! Flare’s trolling antics are unquestionably alive and well, but I’m still somewhat befuddled by the seeming about-face to her allegiance – where her current loyalty lies remains a mystery and all we know thus far is that she is no longer part of Raven Tail! Make no mistake about it though – Flare is a stray no more and her new insignia, the one that mischievously sits on her boobs, certainly indicates as much. The identity of her guild has not been made apparent, but it looks like she will be playing on the same team this time around. Flare may be a former villain, but we must give credit where credit is due. Her swift intervention couldn’t have come at a better time – Lucy and Wendy have unfortunately found themselves in a tight spot, and Fairy Tail is going to need all the help it can get to dodge the incoming bullets!

Sylph Labyrinth is turning out to be quite a tough cookie – that much is clear, but the treasure hunters are hardly the most pressing issue at hand. Succubus Eyes has its sight set on Erza and Natsu, and their weakened childlike state is not going to make the incoming showdowns any easier. Erza’s situation is perhaps the direst and unlike Natsu, she’s won’t be able to soft-soap her way out of this one! Minerva is clearly out for revenge and the former ace of Sabertooth is not going to back away until she has gotten what she came for! Interestingly enough, this is not the first time Erza has come in contact with Succubus Eyes, and she was able to recognize the crest of the Dark Guild almost immediately! There’s not a whole lot we can say about Succubus Eyes at this stage, and while their mission and objective continue to remain elusive, it does seem like the Dark Guild enjoys quite a repute! Minerva is, no question, a very powerful mage and she is obviously not going to be play second fiddle to anyone. In fact, she makes no effort to hide the fact that she has grander ambitions and Succubus Eyes is nothing more than a stepping stone to her quest! But for all her big talk and seeming brass, Minerva is no fool. Titania’s sheer might is nothing less than evident and Minerva knows that better than anyone – she’s not going to take on her nemesis without first having a plan in place and that’s presumably where the “Law of Retrogression” comes into the picture! Minerva has found an ally in a truly fearsome adversary – the “non-human” Dark Mage is an intimidating figure to say the least, and his Retrogression Magic has insofar proven to be quite a nerve-rack! As things stand, Erza and Natsu could use  a helping hand of their own – it doesn’t matter whether it’s Gray, Jellal, a Fairy Tailian or even an ally of Flare’s, the ensuing clashes are going to be such a blast and I can’t wait to see what Mashima sensei has in store for us next week!

Random tidbits:

  • Loli Titania is is such a doll – Erza’s especially adorable when she’s being so engrossed!
  • “Fire Dragon Poofffff” – He might be a shota with a six-pack, but poor Natsu is not going to rampage his way out of this one. Catch a breath and try again!
  • What the hell is that?” – I can’t believe Gildarts fell for such a petty trick! He might be a bigger baka than I thought.
  • Minerva’s a bitch, but she sure as hell is pretty easy on the eyes – I’m a huge sucker for cheongsam and the way she wears her hair is pretty sweet too.
  • Nobody cares what happened to JiemmaMinerva’s back, that’s all that matters!
  • “I’m a white Kitty, Nyaa!” – You can’t even fool a loli with that one!
  • A red head, a blue hair and a blondie – What’s your favorite hair color? I like black, brown and red!
  • My deepest apologies for the slight delay in putting up this post – I was on the road for work in the past three weeks. Thanks for bearing with me, love you guys!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #FairyTail 346: Flare’s back! What’s that on Your Breast? Minerva vs. Erza Round 2 coming up! #Manga


      1. I love every part of a cute and beautiful girl. XD

        I’d like to Flare was part of Fairy Tail, but I see that Mashima only used as a character for some occasions. I hope she appears in an arc important.

  1. I get this strange feeling that they are going to have flare later on take lucy or kidnap haha =p .. because it seems she has some type of major kind of affection for her now.

  2. I think the star of this arc will be Wendy since she’s a kid already that dark guild wizard guy’s magic probably will have no effect on her. Speaking of that guy, it’s about time we saw more of demons among the civil population, ever since the Lyoin arc he had not heard about them at all until now.

  3. First she fought Erza with an injured leg, now picking to fight her as a child. Makes me start to wonder if it’s really her power that made her to be Sabertooth’s strongest or some other methods. While in the Sabertooth guild, besides Minerva I’d say Rogue would be the strongest mage.

    Ken James

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