「皆が持ってる ヒヤリの体験 活かして今日も 健全職場」 (Mina ga Motteru Hiyari no Taiken Ikashite Kyō Mo Kenzen Shokuba)
“Everyone Has Close Calls, So Learn From Them and Keep the Workplace Healthy”

I did not see that coming until right before it did.

I feel like SxS has a track record for surprising me somehow every week, and for the most part, that’s been a pretty spectacular record too. There’s plenty going on character-wise, so much so that I get the real, tangible feeling that we’re watching real, if exaggerated, people at work in their everyday lives and dilemmas. It doesn’t feel hollow or forced in the least, and despite the bizarre elements of last week’s episode, it all feels weirdly ground in reality somehow. Perhaps then it’s no surprise that this week we get a hugely entertaining episode without the need for things like magical talking stuffed bunnies, and that it’s simultaneously turned out to be one of the most human episodes of the series so far.

Lucy and Hasebe: Ship of the Season

Can I just appreciate how much characterization went into Hasebe’s character this week? For one thing, Kaoru’s assessment that Hasebe is the least hyper of the family turns out to be rather spot-on, and for another, he’s also far more considerate than I first thought. Rather than taking Lucy to a hotel and finding someone to stay with her, as I first suspected, he bypassed the terrible idea quite quickly and instead responsibly took her to his sister’s house. Not only that, but he also shows visible signs of being hurt by Lucy’s rejection of him, and we also get to see a milder, more thoughtful side of him that we rarely see while he’s at work. As for Lucy, she’s still quite oblivious about everything, but I don’t think she’s completely uninterested. Her silly comment about Hasebe’s game (“Do you really think girls with such huge breasts exist?”) makes me think that she’s subconsciously hoping his interest in her is genuine, even if her naivety is still rather hugely in the way. It’s mostly subtle, but no less genuine because of it, and I’m still firmly on the helm of this ship, hopefully for the remainder of the season.

The Sister Who’s Funny and The Sister That Still Takes Some Getting Used To

Of the two sister characters in this series, Kaoru is definitely my favorite. True, she’s a bit of a troll, but that doesn’t necessarily make her a bad person, just as Hasebe’s somewhat careless attitude in the office doesn’t make him out to be a total ass. She’s also pretty considerate and kind in her own way, and her joking aside about incestuous threesomes and the like, she really is rather understanding and helpful to have let a total stranger sleep in her home at her brother’s request. On the other hand, there’s Touko, who I still can’t bring myself to like very much. It makes me rather sad to hear that she’s considering not to go to college for her brother’s sake, because as considerate and helpful as she’s trying to be, I’m sure that’s not what Ichimiya wants for her, and I’m also sure it’s something she’ll regret hugely later on. Perhaps her friendship with Saya will help out a bit in that regard, though I think there are certain other matters that might have an impact on her decisions sooner or later…

The Girlfriend

I feel like I’m writing tarot card names or something.

By far, my favorite moments this episode were courtesy of Chihaya, who dropped the bomb most of us probably weren’t expecting. I didn’t think Ichimiya’s comment about having a girlfriend would be so relevant, so when Chihaya declared herself to be the one in question (and denied it in amusingly hilarious fashion, for Lucy’s benefit), I literally felt my jaw drop. She’s definitely wearing the pants in this relationship, and it’s somewhat sadistically fun to see her wrap Ichimiya around her finger with her hilarious manipulations, though they’re definitely understandable when Touko and Chihaya’s own personality are factored into the equation. It can’t be fun to date someone who’s more devoted to their sibling, especially when the sibling in question would probably murder you both for being together in the first place, so Chihaya’s patience is rather saintlike, though even she has her limits and deals with it in weird ways. If it weren’t for Lucy and Hasebe, I’d be far more delighted about Chihaya and Ichimiya, though poor Ichimiya seems like he has quite a lot to handle in his daily life after all.

In Summary…

If you’re not watching this series yet, I’m judging you. That is all.

Note: I want to apologize for borrowing Stilts-senpai’s preferred method of blogging this week, as I’m feeling rather ill and not quite up to processing my thoughts quite as clearly as usual. It also helps when talking about the segmented portions of a series like this, so who knows, maybe I’ll come up with a similar method in later weeks. I also want to apologize for the late post; it’s partially due to some unscheduled family matters and partly due to my previously mentioned illness.

End Card


  1. Great and hilarious episode as usual. It definitely lives up to being the spiritual sequel to Working!! As for the end card, I could only find four of the differences. The hair, glasses, mouth, and tie. Dunno what the supposedly (I believe they said five) 5th difference is though.

  2. Well, that was an episode full of (hilarious) surprises…
    But the only thing that I can’t forgive is that Lucy got so wasted the night before and yet she woke up without even the slightest hangover!! (so jealous! >:|)

  3. I really thought Chihaya was just joking…until she gave Ichimiya that scary glare. While I won’t question Chihaya’s taste as to what she see saw in Ichimiya, I’m hoping we’d get to see how their relationship started and developed. Kaoru was definitely another highlight this episode. Loved how she had that mischievous smile almost the whole time. Really the only one who can troll Hasebe is another Hasebe, and it was surprising seeing Yutaka at the receiving end of his pranks. Oh and that hiccups joke was also well executed.

  4. I thought that Lucy was looking for some sort of body positivity when asking about seeing large-breasted women on Hasebe’s games. Like she needed some sort of affirmation about seeing fictional people who look like her…which is some twist considering the usual comments of this kind of matter.

    The Truth is in the Axe
    1. That’s the same thing I took from it. Like, she saw the character with seemingly larger breasts than hers, and wondered if there were people in reality with larger breasts than hers too, due to self-consciousness about her own size.

  5. The Hasebe family thing made me just cry all over the place laughing. xDD I honestly couldn’t stop I was so scared, hitting everything. That’s the type of laugh I love yet hate for what it does to my body XD.

  6. I admit, I did think for a moment that Kaoru was Yutaka, and I had to rewind that scene just to be sure. I’m now really intrigued by the Hasebe family dynamics especially now that we learned Hasebe is the most ‘normal’ member.

    And, Ichimiya/Chihaya! That I did not expect!

    Also, Touko hasn’t burrowed her way into your heart? Le gasp! I am judging you, Kairi! o_-!

    1. Don’t know but I’m definitely even more excited now.I really like Chihaya’s character and while I can’t say the same about Ichimiya so far,I’m gonna be hopefull and expect something good out of their relationship(and maybe him as well).

  7. I know Chihaya is top-tier in this show, but this episode solidified that. Her dropping the bomb with that revelation had my brain scattered on the floor. It’s just too bad that she is paired with a bottom-tier character that is Ichimiya. I mean, the guy just does not have balls. Seriously.

    And oh, I can’t wait to see the rest of the Hasebe family, if ever they’ll show up. Heck, Kaoru trolling the hell out of the office troll that is Yutaka was just comedy gold.

  8. Best episode yet. The humor in this show is so well executed that it gives Hataraku-Maousan a run for its money. And here I thought GJ-bu would go unrivaled this year, and now it’s slipped into an honorable mentions category. This is a pretty good year so far for comedy/slice of life indeed.

  9. I knew Kaoru sounded familiar but couldn’t place her. Then she mentioned the threesome and I instantly recognized Yokosima-sensei from Seitokai Yakuindomo. haha The devilishly raspy laugh of Kobayashi Yuu.

  10. Hasebe really reminds me of shikamaru.

    Smart, but at the same time lazy. But he can still be considerate and reads situations very well. Now if only Shikamaru could turn on the charm like Hasebe and they would be perfect buddies! 🙂

    1. Aww thanks so much Kurama. It’s not so horrible that I can’t write, I’m just a bit fatigued and nauseous lately. I had a terrible migraine last night as well so it took some time to get this through. Thank you for your concern though, I’ll be sure to rest better in the future, it just couldn’t be helped this time.

  11. I dunno if anyone thought of this before but, I wonder if Hasebe’s dad was the one who approved of Lucy’s name. This episode sorta made me think this because of Hasebe’s family being all happy go lucky and trolly and stuff.

  12. Damn you Ichimiya, and I was thinking of taking Chihaya as my waifu! It’s not often you get a cool, laid back cosplaying otaku girl. Stop being a wuss and start treating her like a girlfriend already, or we’ll be in for the kill come Christmas Day. 🙂

    OTOH, clever for Chihaya to get on Touko’s good side, slowly biding her time while she wins Touko over. XD

  13. Starting to really like Hasebe x Lucy pairing. Especially when he said she stopped looking and playing with other women because of Lucy.

    Chihaya x Ichimiya was too unexpected and sudden for me. I may start getting used to the idea of them dating once I see a flashback but for now Hasebe x Lucy all the way :3

  14. I really want to feel sorry for Ichimiya but it’s all his fault that he suffers because he doesn’t have any backbone. Though it seems that his tastes lean towards the dominatrix end of the spectrum.

    mahja ramen
  15. Absolutely loving this show. Lucy x Hasebe is fantastic; couldn’t have put it better than you did. ^five.

    “In Summary…
    If you’re not watching this series yet, I’m judging you. That is all.”

    There needs to be more low-key humanistic anime starring ACTUAL ADULTS like this.

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