「都市学園防衛戦(後篇)」 (Toshi Gakuen Bōei Sen [Kou Hen])
“Defensive Battle at Cosmopolitan Academy (Conclusion)”

Majestic Prince is the very essence of a mecha porn! Yes, I fully realize this is starting to sound like a broken record, but the show just keeps on one-upping itself – and at this rate, it’s almost impossible for me to contain my sheer exhilaration. I don’t know how Majestic Prince does it – whether it’s the second long-range snipe from space or the three-way face-off between Izuru, Klein and Toshikazu, every single mecha action was meticulously choreographed and the grandeur featured here might just be its finest piece of work yet! Speaking of the massive snipe, it looks like the slip from last week was nothing more than a missed shot – it was a flub both on the part of Ataru and of course, my failed prediction. Klein survived the initial shot by a stroke of luck and the ensuing showdown was, needless to say, a feast for the eyes! Izuru has shown us, yet again, why he is the ace of aces – the pilot of Red 5 has no intention of letting Klein pass and by hook or by crook, Izuru was going to be defend Gurantseere Academy at all cost! Luckily for him, Izupyon doesn’t have to go it alone in this fight and his ever-so-dependable comrades were all ready to stand by his side, no matter how dire the situation gets! Teamwork is just as important as raw skills – it’s without a doubt to Majestic Prince’s credit that everyone received a fair share of the spotlight this week and the epic clash, one that pits the entire Zannen 5 against Klein, is surely a supreme exemplar of such an effort!

There’s no denying it – Izuru would not have made it out alive had it not been for his comrade’s timely reinforcements! Toshikazu was a clear standout in this respect – while he has seemingly found his niche in a supporting role, the valiant effort that he displayed in this confrontation was no less than an ace! The pilots of both Red 5 and Blue 1 have undeniably proven their worth at the front line, but that doesn’t mean the ones in the rear are nothing more than sitting ducks! Kei, my number-one girl, has just given me yet another reason to fall all over her – it’s certainly beyond doubt that she has a mind as sharp as a steel trap, and her quick wits played a role of utmost importance in this mission. Kei’s strategic advice was both audacious and spot-on, and such a striking feat is, no question, a testament to her growth as a character – the pilot of Purple 2 has come a long way since her moment of falter back at Episode 4! The Zannen 5 might have emerged victorious, but it sure as hell did come at a great cost – for starters, Rose 3 is completely in shambles, and the rest of the AHSMB units have also sustained some pretty severe damage! I’m hard pressed to call this a grand slam for the humans and as Captain Amane aptly pointed out, Earth’s forces have been diminished to close to none – and such an outcome doesn’t bode well for the humans, not one bit!

The defeat of Klein might have been a win for the humans – but interestingly enough, his demise hasn’t dealt any sort of death blows to the Wulgaru’s morale. The alien race has remained overtly hubristic, even after the death of a supposed high-ranking officer. It seems like esprit de corps is a notion that is completely foreign to the Wulgaru and the excessive egocentricity that prevails is hardly a pretty sight! Just like the humans, the Wulgaru has their fair share of treachery, malign and artifice, and it’s no surprise that Prince Jiart is right at the center of all this commotion. His true intention hasn’t been spelled out just yet, but it is also increasingly clear that Jiart has some sort of grand plan in the making. Whether it’s a blatant revolt or a complete annihilation of the human race, we’re certainly in for a bumpy ride as the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place. Teoria will most likely have a role to play in this conspiracy – what that may be is anyone’s guess, and while we weren’t privy to the nuts and bolts of the encrypted message, she does appear to be genuinely perturbed by the recent turn of events! Jiart is quite an imposing figure to say the least and unfortunately for Radha, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time – nobody crosses Jiart and the subsequent carnage that he unleashed should give us an idea of how intricately complex the political ballgame is! This might not be all that obvious at first glance, but both the Wulgaru and the humans are in point of fact more similar than they would care to admit – it remains to be seen if a win-win solution can emerge before all the dust settles and Team Rabbit will, no doubt, be front and center in this ensuing resolution!

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tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #MajesticPrince 18: I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve replayed the first ten minutes. Astounding, marvelous and splendid – the very essence of a mecha porn is right before your eyes! #Anime
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  1. Hey guys have you wonder what will happen when they go aginst Jiart for real!? They almost bite the dust while finishing Klien and I got the impression he was the weakest of all the the Commanders!.

  2. And people complained no one dies in this show. Once again Majestic Prince has shown off its beautiful mecha porn. Glad I never dropped this series.

    If I have any complaints about this series it is that it needs more Kei.

  3. While I think of it, I have seen some scans of the MP Manga that show the manga cast watching the demonstration from episode 6 and are apparently part of the crowd of students that salute Team Rabbits as they leave (though you don’t see Team Rabbits faces in the manga). Given the cameo of manga Izuru last weak I am positive the manga and anime are happening side by side. Now if only I could find an English translation of the manga.

  4. I really couldn’t help but wonder whether Klein and his mecha easily dodged that initial shot from orbit, or if it simply withstood the full brunt of that shot.

    By Char, Klein’s mecha seems to be the ideal combination of speed/agility and strength–and a testament to how technologically advanced the Wulgaru are!

    1. i like this Show, because until now the Main Actors are not “God Power/Skill” users. Red has his Power Up. But he can not use it like Breathing Air. Blue grown more as a dependable Fighting Nakama, Purple is the Master Tactician, but weak in Combat, and Yellow is the Sniper Expert. Black is just a Brute Melee, Short Range Fighter with a Hot Temper (complicated for Team Work)

      Not 1 Man Own Show, so far. Perhaps i more an Team JRpg Fan, dunno

  5. To see all those mechs trashed is truly a sad sight 🙁
    But still, goods jobs all around to Team rabbits! Nice teamwork all across the board, quick thinking and everybody getting their chance to shine. This show knows how to balance its cast’s screentime. Its just that Klein still had his hax mech. Hmpf! This show keeps getting interesting and keeps pumping out the mecha porn. I don’t know if I can take it all. I’m running out of drool to gush for this show.

  6. Once again, MJP laughs at Sunrise and Urobutcher, showing them that a well excecuted combat sequence don’t need excesive amounts of cash or having an introspective that kills the mood. While Izuru has shown that he’s the Rabbit’s ace, Toshikazu is a close second, and that his combat style is way better polished (naginata/katana combo and swordskills that made Duncan McLeod look like a rookie? ME LIKES!) And while it took all the squad to kill Klein, this was not done by power hax it or using plot armor. The teamwork here avoid that, and that’s another strength that MJP has showned all around: IT’S NOT NEEDED HERE!
    Let’s see how Prince Raep plays his cards now.

  7. that feature of purple 2 kinda reminds me of the hyper deuterion beam prom gundam seed destiny (which was used only once in the entire series(. oh and yeah, definitely needs more kei.

    now i am quite iontrigued at what jiart ios redally planning. not only does it seem that he is aware of teoria’s plans, he minght even be of the same mindset as her. so i wouldn’t be surprised if he actually turns out to be the series’ big good, starting a revolution among the wulgaru, de3throning his brother, and working out peaceful coexistance with the humans.

    go patrick! you can do it.

    sigh, sometimes i feel that this series should be longer than 26 episodes.

  8. So far only Tamaki’s and Izuru’s units have been wrecked, if I recall correctly. What’s up with that?

    If Jiart can just throw a blade beam at one of the Wulgaru made mechs why can’t Klein die by getting stabbed multiple times in his mech? That’s some bullshit lol

  9. Klein’s mech may have been built to be a tank as opposed to Jiart’s which looks like it is all out speed/offense. That’s my guess of it all, given the fact Klein didn’t really have much mobility in his fights.

  10. Another great episode of action and spectacular animation. Klein’s robot was really hard to kill, we can imagine how hard it will to defeat Jiart. But I guess the solution is to fight him at full capacity until it runs out of energy, Izuru almost made it last time.

    Teamwork is the greatest strength we have as a species. Our intelligence gives us not only the ability to understand and overcome the problems individually, also allows us to organize and overcome crises working together, so we are able to calculate all possibilities and have points of view from various angles. The problem of the Earth is their distrust and selfishness.

    Other random tidbits to comment: Reika is larger than Tamaki, but we need to see Reika in swimsuits to compare sizes and proportions for more precision lol XD.

    I wonder if Reika not donate her genes to the birth of Tamaki. So far they are the only ones in the whole Earth with these divine curves that defy gravity. Blessed space era lol XD

    I also love “Trust You” by Yuna Ito. That was my favorite ending of Gundam 00, the animation and the scenes were very emotional. “Daybreak’s Bell” by L’Ark-en-Ciel and “Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi ” by UVERwolrd were my favorite openings.

    PS: I want to kiss and hug the puppies Reika (insert your favorite voice perverted male character. Increase the volume level “shouted with all my lung”). lol XD. How I wish to meet a woman like Reika in real life. But even when I met her, I do not deserve. Still I have to work very hard to be a better man.

    The post was fun, I read you into your next publication Seishun. Sorry for writing so much lol XD

  11. Well, even “Captains” “Generals” or higher are Humans, they can make Errors, But their Errors on Battlefield costs many Lives, So let them get off some “Steam” with their Friends in their Private time. Because the War on Earth is coming closer, and there will be no such Luxurious as “Private” Time anymore

    1. btw, is it just me, or does the Colors got an “Power” Upgrade lately? Or the Screen Shot capture, adjusted his Gamma 🙂

      Earth is now a Blue white Jewel in the Space, worth to Protect. Dont underestimate Colors reaction to our Soul

    1. Me, too

      But, please dont drift into this “All Hail Motherland!, All Hail Britania!!!”(You get my Gist?) Patriotism. Please i could not watch “Starship Yamamoto”, because of this thick Patriotism, please dont turn like that MJP

      But, nice played the Sacrifice. It touched me


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