「自己防止 見えない所に 人が居る」 (Jiko Boushi Mienai Tokoro ni Hito ga Iru)
“Self Prevention, There Are People Where You Can’t See”

Kairi’s internet has decided to commit seppuku, so I’m stepping in to cover this week’s Servant x Service. And as luck would have it, you’ll finally get to hear from someone who both has a soul-crushing job and has experience in office romances! (Maybe. I plead the 5th. I don’t want to talk about it.) Probably won’t amount to any extra insights though. Now let’s talk about office love, and love of another kind.

Megumi-san Is So Bold!

Lucy and Megumi are constantly tied in the exalted Stilts’ Favorite Character Poll, but after this episode I do believe Megumi-san has pulled ahead. As if teasing Taishi right under Touko’s nose wasn’t enough, she even went so far as to try to seduce him in the back room!? Her boldness combined with her calm, composed face in any situation just make her such an attractive character–no, person! I prefer my ladies strong-willed and able to handle anything, and that’s Megumi to a T. If Taishi won’t play with you Megumi, pick me!

Get A Clue, Touko-chan

I do not possess the words to describe how oblivious Touko is. I like it though. Compared to her usual tsundere antics, it’s nice for her to have another layer that adds to the comedy. What I most enjoyed about that was how obvious it was to Kanon that Megumi is Taishi’s girlfriend. It may have been fun to see her interefere for a while, but I guess Kanon-chan is too smart for that. Difficult indeed, Megumi-san.

Tanaka-san Is Very Responsible

Absolutely no one should be surprised that Tanaka Jouji (Kakihara Tetsuya), AKA the older Tanaka’s grandson, ended up being the Tanaka that Hasebe can’t deal with. The question has to be asked, though…BL? I don’t think so – there’s definitely more going on than Hasebe is letting on quite yet, and that would be way too easy of an answer – but be that as it may, don’t go teaching Miyoshi what BL is, Megumi!!

Words Hurt, Lucy. Words Hurt

Probably doesn’t deserve its own section, but since this is my first SxS post, I have to comment further on Lucy. Between the adorable sounds her ahoge makes and her other assets, there’s plenty to like about her. I think the thing I like the most is still how she so obliviously shuts down Hasebe, and his reactions to her. What can I say…I might be trying to steal Megumi from Taishi, but I’m totally on board with Lucy x Hasebe. They’re just so adorable together!

Looking Ahead

What is this, Free? Anyway, just a heads up: Kairin will be moving next week when Episode 08 comes out, so it will either be covered by somebody else or be double-posted the week after. Thanks for your understanding.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Megumi x Taishi, Lucy x Hasebe, Miyoshi x Tanaka mago…when do they have time to get any work done? Sounds like my job #sxs

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  1. OH MY LOOOOL XD I may be a HasebexLucy fan but I can’t help but also cheer for Tanaka as well! He’s such a funny, straightforward character XDDDD

    LOOOL and the image used in the preview!

    1. for some reason it will be a heavy blow for hasebe if tanaka manages to get lucy number before he ever does. For the first time ever tanaka won’t even try but unconsciously succeed. I will die if that happens lol seeing hasebe fail is so much fun but I do love him and lucy together.

  2. this anime’s turning out to be way better than expected. i’ve ended up developing all sorts of feelings for these characters. chihaya is definitely topping the girls in ranking on my list, especially after today’s episode. i have a lot of similar feelings of frustration when i see ichimiya taishi fumble around with her feelings. it makes it all the more frustrating when it’s obvious he has no idea half the time what he’s doing! despite that, i do want to see things end well, if only for her great relationship with touko-chan.

    ichimiya’s faults are totally highlighting lucy’s oblivious nature for me as well, and for the times that she’s supposed to seem cute, i find her annoying. i want to see lucy finally click with hasebe but their interactions are just really tugging at my heartstrings…

    despite my irks with the characters, they still manage to make me feel really hopeful for them. i want to see miyoshi mindbreak a guy on accident but after revealing jouji’s.. strong feelings for hasebe, i’m wondering if there’s even a possibility to see miyoshi develop in a romance sense.

    anyway, this is turning out to be an unexpected favorite of the season for me, sort of like maou-sama, but not exactly like yahari from the last season. it’s fun to watch and i’m looking forward to seeing how things develop in the next episode.

    1. In most real-world relationships like theirs that I have seen, where the man wears his heart on his sleeve and woman is a manipulative sly vixen the main reason why she’s into him is because he’s so easy to push around. As you might imagine the modern ones don’t tend to last very long and those from older generations that stick together regardless for moral or religious reasons tend to live lives of abject misery. But with these two it’s different; it does seem like Megumi actually genuinely cares about him. She isn’t above pushing him around in annoyance when his overly earnest nature causes him to do silly or downright stupid things but she does seem to genuinely care, being willing to make all those compromises for Touko, putting in real effort to build a strong relationship with her boyfriend’s sister. Really, never thought I’d see the day when this sort of relationship dynamic actually turned out to be viable…oh, wait Servant is fictional so maybe I’ll still never see it…XP

    1. I also wonder about Kanon herself. Since she’s shown with tools and does maintenance on her dad’s rabbit alter ego, she must be a genius in the robotics field. Won’t be surprising if she was the one who built that rabbit.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Servant%20x%20Service/Servant%20x%20Service%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2003.jpg

    That’s one down. Now Chihaya just needs to do that stunt on her other cosplay targets, so she can get the full Magical Flowers cosplay group

    Also Stilts…

    What I most enjoyed about that was how obvious it was to Kanon that Megumi is Taishi’s boyfriend.

    Perhaps you mean girlfriend.

    And on Tanaka’s relationship with Hasebe, I’d think it’s more of the persistent-rival-who-can’t-win-against-his-foe kind(Sorry I have no idea what you call this kind of trope). I’m not surprised he’s so obsessed with winning against Hasebe when he(Tanaka) hates to lose and puts a lot of effort, only to get beaten every time by a slacker genius. Also you can’t forget that rather epic desk jump by Tanaka.

  4. Poor Hasebe, I can not imagine how it is being harassed by a man with skills of predator yaoi lol XD. But it goes a chill up the spine at the thought :c

    Hasebe will be not very relaxed. XD

    Megumi is a love. What the hell are thinking Taishi?, stop doubting and talk to your sister about your girlfriend. You will regret it all your life if you lose a woman like Megumi.

    Thank you very much for your post aniki-Stilts, tell Kairi do not worry, here we wait patiently.

    1. I kind of wonder if their bodies really look like that….and after looking at it for so long, I finally notice the bunny! 50/50 chance tanaka actually has feelings for Hasebe or is just a super clingy friend.

  5. Toyosaki Aki is cute doing her loli roles (like Aki in KamiNai) and young girl roles (most notably Yui of K-ON and Uiharu of Railgun”), but I find her more mature onee-san roles like Megumi to be more attractive to listen to.

    Ichimiya needs to man up and stop frustrating her when she’s given him all the signs to advance forward on their relationship. :3

    For those wondering about the answer to this week’s Servant Quiz:
    “Due to various personal information involved, we are unable to disclose the answer for this week’s Servant Quiz question.” (i.e. Stop being such a creepy BL stalker Tanaka!)

  6. I understand what the title of this show means now. ServantxService means IchimiyaxChihaya, it makes so much sense now. I don’t support LucyxHasebe because I don’t like Hasebe. I think he’s a player and he’s a troll just like Souma from Working!!!. Lucy deserves better than Souma 2.0, she’s not Yamada. If Lucy does end up with him, well there will definitely be some good Netorare doujins out later :).

    I support TanakaxHasebe, boys need love too.

  7. I just noticed Hasebe was blushing a little bit in the storage room when he got excited that Lucy on some level was showing an interest in getting to know him. lol aww poor puppy it almost hurts to get his hopes up.


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