After a small break, the fight vs. Obito continues and the Tsukuyomi’s activation heralds the countdown to the end.

With that said, it’s only fitting that we’ve arrived back right before the anniversary of Minato and Kushina’s deaths, as there are few things more appropriate as the backdrop for this finale. After all, Minato, Madara, and Obito (all key participants on that fated day) have all returned in some shape or form, and it’s no stretch to say that it’s just fitting that they’re all here, along with everyone whose lives were influenced by that original event. Furthermore, it’s just intriguing to note how this could very well be the day Naruto perishes too, and the entire war effort with him—bringing both a kind of cyclical repeat of another death in his family being the trigger of some major event and the end of the Naruto family line in general.

Still, if there’s one thing they really hammered in this chapter, it’s the fact that every end also heralds a new beginning, and that new beginning was the birth of Naruto—the event that got the ball rolling on this story in the first place. And although we can probably safely assume that Obito will be defeated in some way at the hands of the Naruto (and Co.) combination, it doesn’t change the fact that this chapter really brings a lot of plot-lines full circle, and I really have to say that Kishimoto added quite a nice touch here with the inclusion of that tidbit (not to mention he finally gave us the epic Minato x Naruto double Bijuu Mode combo we’ve been looking for too). Of course, this also means that a few other sub-threads still haven’t gotten answers as a result, but at the very least this chapter served as a fairly nice setup for what seems to be the final parts of “this portion of the fight,” which I assume will also involve some of the returning Kage too… and it’s something I can’t quite contain my excitement for to say the least.

Either way, I’d like to note one last thing of interest, and it’s the fact that Madara notably did not allow the First Hokage to intervene at all. While it’s entirely possible that what he says is true and Obito’s technique won’t effect them at all… I get this nagging feeling that he didn’t quite get the memo that Edo Tensei doesn’t quite mean anything anymore in the face of Obito and his Six Paths power. At this point I don’t know if reunion with the First Hokage’s finally thrown him off the deep end (not that he was exactly sane before then), but one wonders if this just might be the miscalculation that leads him to his doom as well. Lot to look forward to!


  1. Am I the only one still bothered by the fact that Obito only had the Juubi sealed in him which has nothing to do with the sage of the six paths? He should not know nor be able to perform The Sage of the Six path’s technique nor even look like him like he does now. That guy invented techniques even before fighting the Juubi.

    Kurama’s face was priceless though; he was like: “Sup me? Wanna help me?” While his other side got creeped out.

    And this chapter Madara was like a spoiled brat when Hashirama said: “Would you let me go already?” And he was like: “Na-uh! Play with me play with me!” But despite his behavior I guess he knows if Hashirama gets into the mix Juubito will be done fast since Hashirama also knows sage techs and is a lot stronger than Naruto.

    1. The reason he looks like the Sage of the Six Paths is because at the moment he is a full merger of Uzumaki and Uchiha, the 2 direct decendents of the sage. One can assume that he unlocked how to fully merge them while being torn apart by the 10 tails. Cause before he was just a Uchiha being kept alive by Zetsu (a creation by the DNA of Uzumaki)

      Geass Rendering
    1. I get the feeling that, assuming he does get the other half of Kurama’s chakra, we just might see Naruto go FULL Sage Mode/Kurama hybrid. At first, I was thinking to myself on what the point of getting Kurama’s full power would be since it was demonstrated already that it would do little good and now they know Sage Mode is the way to go. But then that got my thinking further back.

      Remember when Naruto faced Nagato in person and Nagato tried to sneak attack him with the black rod? Naruto ended up showing a mixture of Sage Mode AND Kurama briefly…

      …so it makes me wonder if Sage Mode itself could end up boosted by Kurama’s chakra and some kind of new hybrid would come out of it.

  2. I just forgot, so the reason why Obito can’t do the Moon Eye Jutsu is because people are attacking and therefore distracting him? Or is it because he wants to just kill everyone first, as a way to cut off his ties.

    1. Although that’d be nice, I’m partial to the idea of them tag teaming a jutsu they individually excel in.

      Like Naruto’s Senjutsu Rasengan w/ Tobirama’s tele.

      I’m hoping for Minato’s tele(?) plus some variation of Naruto’s mass kagebunshin.

    1. LOL if the missing arm isn’t a dead giveaway and the eyes are too narrow, the cloak itself tells.

      Naruto’s chakra cloak is predominantly black w/ white highlights (White Kyuubi), Minato’s is white with black highlights (Black Kyuubi)

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