「宿命の遺伝子」 (Shukumei no idenshi)
“Genes of Destiny”

“I’m your father, oh no he didn’t” – the cobweb of relationship dramas might have just hit an apex and this was, no doubt, the week of bombshells and revelations! The very question of genetic manipulation and the moral dilemma that surrounds it have never been too far away from the surface – Majestic Prince has made clear right from the get-go that Team Rabbit is the product of genetic engineering, and all the snare and entanglements that we witnessed this week are certainly within the realm of possibility. Courtesy of Commander Simon, it appears that Izuru and Toshikazu might share the same paternal gene – and by extension, a blood kinship! Their immediate reaction to the news, for certain, presents a rather fascinating dichotomy, and the stark contrast of their tenor and characterization is nothing short of conspicuous. On one hand, there’s Toshikazu who is genuinely perturbed by the sheer farce that befell him, and you could hardly blame the poor guy for being such a nervous wreck. Almost the complete opposite, Izuru remained his usual calm and pinhead self, and the pilot of Red 5 doesn’t seem at all rattled by the latest revealing. The severity of the situation is surely no laughing matter, but I have a feeling they’re going to sail through this one just fine. Izuru and his dorky charm are obviously a big part of the reason, and I’m not going to lie – I was literally laughing my head off when I heard him mutter the words, “Onii chan”! That was, without question, the Izuru that we all know and love, and I’m sure any unease that Toshikazu once had has just vanished into thin air. A good dose of nitwit and baka can solve almost anything, and Izuru has evidently proven just that – with the best of intentions and in a good way, of course!

Clearly, such a revelation has far-reaching implications and there’s so much more to it than meets the eyes – especially as regards the status quo of the current “love square”! The latest unraveling might have just handed Kei a winning hand and you can imagine the silly grin I have on my face when I learned about the truth – as it turns out, Teoria is also a gene donor and she represents the maternal side of Izuru’s procreators! Yes, if Simon can be somehow construed as Izuru’s “father”, the same could then be said for Teoria, who is the “mother” in this bizarre case of soap opera. All of that points to a welcome development for Kei’s standing in this romantic subplot and assuming the very notion of incest is out of the question, we could pretty much write off Teoria as a potential love interest for Izuru. Of course, the core of the long-standing “love triangle” is far from being resolved – I’m still rooting very hard for a romantic matchup that brings Kei and Izuru together, but it is also undeniable that Toshikazu has made a very strong case for himself and I certainly wouldn’t be averse to an outcome that favors the pilot of Blue 1. I’ll be very honest – I’ve come to care about every one of these characters a whole lot, perhaps just as much as the ongoing warfare and the mecha porn that prevails.  The relationship drama deserves a proper resolution and hopefully, it’s going to turn out to be the happily-ever-after ending that we’re all gunning for – hand-in-hand blissful and full of promise!

The general tone of this episode was definitely more upbeat than its previous effort – just as expected, the unfortunate demise of Randy and Patrick did hit the Zannen 5 pretty hard, but it was not a trip down utter despair and there was no sign of finger-pointing or an ensuing blame game. In fact, the aftermath was characterized by a sense of subtleness and introspection, a reflective take on what needs to be done and how they should all proceed from here on out! I was especially fond of the sentimental moment that Kei and Tamaki shared together – the pilot of Rose 3 is obviously somewhat taken aback by the news, and her newfound cognizance of Patrick’s feelings for her surely did not help. Cherish those you have in your life, you never know when they might leave you – as hackneyed as that sounds, it is something that I hold very close to my heart, and I can only hope Tamaki – and with luck, Izuru – will come to realize just how amazing of an individual Kei is! Kei is my number-one girl and my fascination for her probably needs no further elucidation. But the pilot of Purple 2 was not the only one who has made her mark in this series – Imperial Princess Teoria also had her moment in the spotlight, and the charisma and grace that she exemplifies have never been more apparent than this week. Teoria’s grand entrance into the big stage of Earth’s politics was quite a spectacle to say the least – and now that a consensus has been pulled together, Majestic Prince is all set to kick off its final leg! A human victory is most likely in the cards, but the destruction of the Wulgaru’s portal gate is not going to come easy – Team Rabbit, the vanguard of this mission, will be right at the forefront of the big set pieces and needless to say, this showdown is going to be an extravaganza that nobody in the right mind would want to miss!

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tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #MajesticPrince 20: “I’m your father, I’m your mother and I’m your… onii chan” – the week of bombshells and revelations is upon us! #Anime
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ED5 Sequence

ED5: 「心はひとつじゃない」(Kokoro wa hitotsu ja nai) by 昆夏美 (Kon Natsumi)



      1. Let’s hope you’re right, lol. And a good couple comes out of this, but if it does turn out that they’re brother and sister…..
        Tables with fine china on top will be flipped.

      2. I hate having to remember not forget that Izuru’s health may prevent survive the end of the season.
        Normally we would expect that in the end he is cured after an epic battle. But MJP does not follow all the rules of the book.

        But first of all we should know Izuru’s feelings for Kei after he finds out that Teoria is his biological mother. From my own opinion, I would say that Teoria genes were completely altered for use with terrestrial genes, and now they do not have any blood relationship (except of course the genes used to pilot a AHSMB).

        I agree that I hope a happy ending for Kei, but first I want to see her survive the war. By now his relationship with Izuru does not go further than friends and teammates, and his potential killer for sugar overdose. She is so sweet that kills lol XD

      3. well I pulled this off anime news network and just thought I’d throw it up here (seishun you may delete this if you feel it don’t belong
        Show Spoiler ▼

  1. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I feel that Izuru and Kei are most probably brother and sister, with all the recent ship sinking I feel like this is likely incoming.

      1. Remember they need Wulgaru genes. So the only other potential donator left is Daneel.

        Then there could be a couple of scenarios.

        a) It could be the case that AHSMB are high end machines that can only be piloted by royal blood. That may not rule Daneel out as a donator. Which means they are all brothers and sisters, off-spring of Teoria.

        b) Daneel himself is of royal blood. Then Kei and Izuru would be very close cousins.

        c) Best case scenarios: AHSMBs can be piloted by anyone with some Wulgaru genes. So no blood link btw Kei and Izuru.

      2. I have a feeling Teoria stole genetic info from the nobility as a whole with the 5 major pilots of the Wulgaru army providing info for the team. I’d guess Kei’s donor is that tall blonde dude. In fact I’m going on a limb and saying Rin Suzukaze shares genetics with Kei, may it be mother+daughter or half sister.

  2. I can’t be the only one expecting Izuru to say Aniki, but of course, he blows my expectations away and says Oniichan lol. Tamaki’s side of the episode, I teared up a little.

  3. I don’t know, I have the feeling that because of the terminal disease and because Izuru seems to not even have an inkling of a non-platonic feeling towards Kei, also, as Izuru has wanted to be the hero since the beginning, I have a feeling that he’s going to come to an heroic end. I’m sorry, but I think Izuru’s going to die at the end of this.
    As for all the familial relationship matches, honestly I would be surprised if all of them are related in some way.

    1. I sure as hell hope you’re wrong 😡
      More often than not, the general tone of this series has been hopeful and positive – I don’t expect any of the Zannen 5 to kick the bucket and I doubt we’ll get such a disheartening ending

    1. I was asking myself earlier in the season why Teoria had a stronger interest in Izuru, when she said she cares about Earth as a whole. Guess the fact that Izuru is basically her ‘son’, answers that question. Someone on another forum also raised the question about whether or not Teoria might have helped raise Izuru when he was an infant and child, before his memories were erased and he entered the training academy.

  4. can’t help but cry my heart out for tamaki. poor kid. the way she tries to stay brave and cheerful, despite losing patrick (and after learning that he he indeed likes her) is just tearing my heart.

    so izuru might indeed die at the end of the series, *sniff*

    not really surprise at that reveal that teoria is izuru’s biological mother. some of the guys here were already thinking of that. but no Seishun, you don’t go saying that izuru and beloved kei are blood rela–oh wait, teoria’s mech does look a lot like purple 1. OH CRAP! NO!

  5. For all of us that predicted that Teoria would be Izuru’s mother, just like to say called it! And I don’t mind because it gives Kei a better chance. I am a biased shipper for Kei and yes proud of it. I will keep praying for a happy ending because I have heard rumours that a second season may be under planning.

    On another note did anyone notice how Kei and Teoria’s mecha look similar in design?

    1. i wouldn’t really say you called it yet. We don’t exactly knew the circumstances behind it. He could’ve been born normal to human parents and then had the Wulgaru dna added at a later point which I am guessing is what actually happened. It would certainly help figuring it out if we knew how old Teoria was or how many years ago it was that she came to Earth.

  6. “Do you have a crush on me?” – A story of “brotherly love” in the making… First High School DxD and now Majestic Prince, what’s up with all the fujoshi baits?

    It has to be the influence of KyoAni and Free! this season. Other studios are starting to realize that sex sells both ways- and hey, anything that’ll bring more viewers to an underrated show like MJP is more than welcome to me…

  7. At this point, I wouldn’t blame Izuru and co. one lick if they just decided to go AWOL and ditch everything. Actually, I wish that they would. Seriously.

    Really, what’s the motivation for them to keep fighting now? They’re genetically engineered weapons whose sole purpose is to keep fighting ’til they’ve either burned themselves out our died. Hell, Izuru’s already on track to being the first one to bite the bullet.

    And I’m not liking Teoria much right now either. She’s as much an accomplice in this as much as anyone, if not more so.

    I hate to say it, but this series is starting to remind me way too much of Fafner, and not in any kind of a good way.

  8. Given how few Wulgarus they have access to, I’d say that the six have Teoria’s or Daneel’s genes in them. Won’t be surprised if all of them can be considered “siblings”. As far as shipping goes, I doubt them being genetically “related” should play all that big a role. Life expectancy and politics on the other hand will probably get in the way of a “happy end”. It sure doesn’t look like things will end well no matter what happens. There are so many seemingly insurmountable conflicts and problems.

    1. Rin said that Teoria came to Earth with Wulguru DNA. Seeing as how the Wulguru are all about collecting genetic samples, it’s not beyond the possibility that she stole a bunch of Wulguru genetic material before defecting.

  9. Teoria: Izuru , you do not yet realize your importance. You have only begun to discover your power. Join me, and I will complete your training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy.
    Izuru : I’ll never join you!
    Teoria: If you only knew the power of the Moe Side. Simon never told you what happened to your mother.
    Izuru : He told me enough! He told me *you* killed her!
    Teoria: No. *I* am your mother.
    Izuru : No. No. That’s not true. That’s impossible!
    Teoria: Search your feelings, you *know* it to be true!
    Izuru : [anguished] No! No!


  10. the whole reveal made me realize something. remember how in the early eps they tell that every student in grantseer is mindwiped before entering the academy. but if you look at it, even the dobermans have a recollection of their families and are practically living normal lives outside the battlefield. so it might be that the zannen 5 were the only ones to have been mindwiped to hide their origins.

    1. considering that izuru is already 16, and considering that she probably came a few years before he was born, i am guessing that she is probably more than 20 earth years old. and it is probable that the wulgaru have longer lifespans than humans.

    2. Perhaps Her Race dont grown Old like we Humans. Perhaps like some “Space Elf”‘s. They Age slower… But how nows. is it that Important? She looks “Hot” and Young, if you compare her with Humans

  11. I don’t know about you guys, but I have the strangest feeling a deathflag was raised for Asagi this episode. I’m probably wrong, but the revelation that he’s the elder brother of Izuru, coupled to the fact that said younger brother might kill himself if he keeps being a pilot, sounds like a setup for a scene where the aniki steps up to save his sibling, possibly dying heroically in the process. I hope I’m wrong though. Asagi’s my favorite character after all.

    Bro becomes a real bro
  12. Gotta admit Teo…(sounds it out in her head)…Teoria…dress looks gorgeous! Almost enough for me to root for her to live and have the love triangle to continue @.@ but that first half of the ep T_T the feels when Tamaki saw her present Dx THE FEELS!!!

    Don’t worry Sei about your tardiness on blogging. If it becomes a problem you’ll be sure to get an hour long spamming on skype 😀

  13. I was very confused by this episode. It seems weird to just torpedo the main love interest in your story so completely and non-dramatically. Plus, they never actaully said she was the mom (at least in the subs I watched, plus the Japanese I could here). They just said her DNA was used. Which I know logically means mom, but the sheer fact that they then just ignored that and started talking about commander Simon was weird.

    To me, the fact that the girl Izuru has been pining over is his mom should have been mentioned, and really been the bigger deal. The fact that it wasn’t even mentioned makes me wonder if, via anime craziness, they’re implying they used her DNA in some way that doesn’t actually make her his mom.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m grasping at straws (I’m not really a shipper on this show), but I just felt that was handled weird, with way too much focus on Simon, which didn’t seem that important to me.

  14. Well, perhaps this “Earth” dont know much about gene Manipulating until She came. Because if there was this Wisdom, they surly cloned many Fighters. So this Mass Production of the Mechas, has a weak point or Bottleneck. The Pilots output

  15. Yes!! Looks like my theory from a few episodes back that Theoria gave some of her DNA for Izuru, effectively making her his mother, was proven true. Now I can whole heartedly ship KeixIzuru. Although with all the foreboding hints that Izuru may not survive beyond the final battle, that happy ship may still not be able to set out.

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