One of the many things I have always loved about Fairy Tail is how well it blends witticism and fanservice into its storyline, no matter how acute and intense the moment in question is. The supposed Catfight of the Year, one that pits Erza against Minerva, didn’t exactly turn out the way I have expected – there was no grand display of badassery and no sign of catty verbal jabs. There was, however, the return of a certain feature, a highlight that is bound to inspire a paroxysm of shrills and “Kyaaaa” among the fanboys!  Yes, the cute little loli’s have made a comeback and this time, every single one of them – Erza, Lucy, Flare, Wendy, Charle and even Minerva ojou sama – has been reverted back to their puerile stature! Mashima sensei sure knows how to please his fans, our desires, every little minutia of it, have almost always been granted without fail – we now have a complete collection of each and every loli, and all the fans who were disgruntled by the lack of just that can finally get off to sleep! As always, the comedic moments were just spot-on – and I especially enjoyed the shameless little exchange between Lucy and Flare, a silly tète-à-tète that brought a chuckle to my face. “Blondie, you’re really cute” – what an unapologetic attempt to compliment each other and yes, they do look pretty darn adorable! I’m also increasingly convinced Flare is head over heels in love with Lucy – and if she does, indeed, become a new addition to Fairy Tail, I have no doubt she’ll make an excellent yuri stalker, giving Juvia a good run for her money!

Erza might not have had her moment of badassery this week – but Gray Fullbuster sure as hell did! Gray is clearly not as powerful of a combatant as Erza or Natsu – the latter two have emerged victorious in practically every bout, “overpowered”, invincible and pretty much undefeated! Gray, on the other hand, has succumbed to more than his fair share of whoopass – he’s not nearly as almighty, but that also makes him infinitely more relatable, a human character who we can all sympathize with. His strive and courage are surely beyond doubt – and to see him snatch his victory from the jaws of defeat was, without question, an immensely rewarding experience. Indeed, Doriate has gone down in defeat – but as it turns out, there’s a caveat to Gray’s triumph and it might not be a clear-cut bull’s eye that we all thought it was. The gate to Hell has been opened – what that means is anyone’s guess, but the latest revelation can in no way be construed as a welcome relief! Needless to say, there’s bound to be waves of commotion and drama before all the dust is finally settled – the ice magic that Gray channeled through him, one that looks just like an electric shock, was probably the key trigger for the most recent hooplas. Its connection to Deliora, and by extension Zeref, has been hinted at more than once and who knows – the Killing Mage, might even graced us with his appearance, an advent that will most definitely get me all hyped-up!

Random tidbits:

  • Shota with dynamite abs and loli with cleavages – Mashima sensei has a way with his fanservice and he sure is very kind!
  • “Blondie, you’re really cute ufufu~” – So shameless, yet so adorable! Those two would make such a cute couple.
  • If Flare and Lucy keep this up, I might even consider jumping ship – Sorry about that, Natsu. It’s yuri for the win!
  • Minerva can barely fit into her jacket! – Can you even hate someone who has such an adorable face?
  • Kyaaaaaa!” – Who needs a twin-tail loli when you have a chibi-loli? That oughta send all the lolicon over the edge!
  • Om nom nom” – Gotta love their what-the-hell expressions!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #FairyTail 350: Blondie, you’re really cute! I see loli & shota everywhere… #Manga


  1. It’s a Loli-Shota Bonanza!! Quick, call Nambla and Nawgla at once! As in North American Woman-Girl Love Association, as for male one do not confuse it with the National Association of Marlon Brando Lookalikes. (Just kidding, a pure and innocent pun joke so don’t bash me) Still, mashima likes tormenting his creations in an unexpected way. Zeref leftover knowledge keeps making a lot of mess but not enough to bring down Fairy tail’s wizards

  2. The only regret I have about this chapter is the fact that Gray defeated Doriate so fast cause now everyone goes back to normal so we won’t be having any loli cat fight between Erza and Minerva. What could be more adorable than watching two lolis trying to be intimidating and/or badass while all of their powers are sapped and they’re reduced to chibi size.

    Erza maintained that Minerva still has a chance to come back to the light before, could it be? Adding the fact that Mashima has stated that he’s a firm believer of second chances…could it possibly mean Minerva of all people might end up in Fairy Tail? Nay! I don’t wish to accept such a possibility!

      1. I consider Minerva’s evil at an even worse level than Hades, though I guess Hades didn’t play dirty cause he was uber powerful…until Zeref showed him who’s boss. But yeah you’re right, remember how Gajeel was? How he brutally beat down both Lucy and Levy and yet after all that he’s not actually being shipped with the very girl he beat to a bloody pulp, branded with another guild’s symbol and crucified on a tree with iron bolts.

      2. We don’t really know anything about Minerva’s past. She could have a perfectly good reason to turn out the way she did – growing up with Jiemma, that must have been pretty damn fun :3

  3. I can’t stress enough how cute everyone was, loli and shota alike! Wish we’d see more of Natsu and Lucy as kids though, but maybe the anime might expand on that when the new Fairy Tail series comes out.

    1. Oh, Mashima has reformed at least 20 characters in this series. Of course he can reform Minerva if this is what he’s going to do. But what sets Minerva apart from most of them is that she had no real reason to turn over a new leaf since the end of the story arc where she was introduced, and still doesn’t as of today. The only characters who’ve remained bad for more than one story arc that come to mind are Jellal and Ultear, and we knew their reasons to renounce their evil ways long before they actually did (brainwashing and mommy issues, respectively). In Minerva’s case, it just seems that the only reason for her to turn good is because Erza thinks she can and should. Otherwise, the only excuse I’d buy for the time being is that her new guild’s plans will tie into something she didn’t sign on for, something bad even by her standards. Like, “When I said I’d get involved with the underworld, I didn’t mean that underworld!”

  4. BREAKING NEWS EVERYONE(maybe not so much)
    But in case you haven’t heard MAGI returns for a second season and will begin again on the 6th of October this year. Good news for Magi fans isn’t it.

    K C M

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