Episode 09

「ありますか 心のゆとりと 積み重ね」 (Arimasu ka? Kokoro no Yutori to Tsumikasane)
“Do You Have It? Mental Capacity and Accumulated Feelings”

Confessing once is hard enough, but poor Hasebe seems to have no choice but to keep slamming headfirst into the wall. Thankfully, it does look like some cracks are finally showing…

Your Relationship Is Only As Strong As Your Communication

There’s definitely a problem with your relationship when one side is always brimming with unvoiced anger and the other can’t figure out the source of that discontent. See, Ichimiya may be as thick as a brick wall and slightly insensitive to Chihaya’s needs, but Chihaya is also at fault here; you can’t assume that your partner will always pick up all the clues, no matter how obvious they might seem to you. There are always times when someone needs something to be spelled out for them, especially when they’re involved intimately with the source of the problem, and some people just really need to be told things straight out. But even so, you could be the most perceptive person in the world and be in an unhealthy relationship due to a very important lack of communication. Clearly we can tell that Chihaya is unhappy with the way she and Ichimiya are going at the moment, and clearly, we as outsiders can tell that this tends to happen because Ichimiya has next to no clue as to how to keep his girlfriend happy, but is that really all his fault? Some of it, definitely, but not all. If Chihaya were more vocal about what bothers her, I can guarantee that Ichimiya would make less mistakes, nor would he misinterpret that kiss and slap, or stay as mystified by the end of it as he was before it. Ichimiya is just a person after all, and we can’t all guess at what the people around us want and think all the time, no matter how dear they are to us. Long story short, it’s time to communicate, children, and it’s time to listen well.

Skirts? EGAD

Goddess, Lucy you are my soulfriend. You are I, for I know what it is like to stare down a skirt in horror and feel utterly embarrassed to think of wearing one. And I also know what it’s like to feel like you don’t belong somewhere because of your plainness, and avoid all stores like the plague unless they are the book (or game) kind. And yes, the thought of a date is terrifying. But Lucy has some communication problems of her own, ones which are starting to wear out but which very much concern Hasebe. As of the last few episodes, it’s become clearer than ever that Hasebe is pretty much head over heels for Lucy (Abbv.) Yamagami except to Lucy herself, and Hasebe is definitely not the one to blame here. He’s confessed, taken her out to dinner constantly without hiding his affection, declared his intentions numerous times, and still, she refuses to take his feelings seriously. I can relate to the self esteem issues hugely, but Lucy takes this to the extremes, making the moment when she finally gets how serious Hasebe is that much sweeter.


Leave it to an office comedy for the misunderstandings to go awry, but the fact that Hasebe reacts the way he does just goes to show how far he’s fallen in love and how much Lucy is driving him insane with her naivety. Perhaps it’s seeing him lose it that opens Lucy’s eyes a bit, or perhaps it’s just how sad and pathetic he suddenly seems when saying what he’s always said with a straight face, but if his getting rid of all those girls’ addresses doesn’t clue her in, I might be next in line to throw a sumaho at the floor.

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Episode 10

「あとで良い ついでで良いは 大きな後悔」 (Ato de Yoi Tsuide de Yoi wa Ōkina Kōkai)
“Things Will Work Out Later, But Good Things Can Also Cause Regrets”

I find Momoi to be a lot cuter than Touko, not too surprisingly.

Coming Out

I can’t help but feel bad for Chihaya and her somewhat wayward attempt to out her relationship with Ichimiya to Touko; it’s clear from most people’s perspective that she and her senpai are dating, but when it comes to people like Touko or Lucy, who are blind to most everything, telling the truth is more than a little risky. But though Chihaya comes out and says what she feels she has to, Touko isn’t quite ready to listen, even if she likes and trusts Chihaya quite a bit more than she’s probably willing to admit. I have a feeling that things might be alright in the long run, even if Touko has a bit of a fit at first.

Regretting Your Regrets About Regretting

Tanaka is definitely an interesting guy, and no where near subtle. I can’t decide if he genuinely likes Hasebe or if he is jealous or a bit of both, in that rival-love sort of way. His motto about doing things without regrets is something I personally try to live by, but really, living without regrets is impossible. No matter what choices you make you’ll always feel that tinge of curiosity and dissatisfaction at some point, that maybe, things could have gone differently. So should you regret not regretting? Sometimes it can’t be helped, though Saya’s distaste for Tanaka has unfortunately only dug her deeper into the mire of regret by sheer irony and unluckiness. Maybe she’ll find he’s not so bad, even if he is ridiculous. Love blooms in unlikely places sometimes.

Coddling Spoiled Children Isn’t Really Helpful in the Long Run

I think by now you either love Touko or you hate her (*cough*), but I don’t think you can deny she’s pretty spoiled in some ways and not selfish enough in others. For one thing, it’s obvious she wants to go to college, but she’s so immersed in her brother complex and trying not to be bothersome (even though she’s bothersome in other ways) to Ichimiya that she’s willing to put aside her real desires instead of following them through. I think she’ll find quickly enough that not following one’s dreams is never satisfying even if you are content later, and this is definitely one of those cases where she will regret not doing what she can to go to college. On the other hand, why should a whole section of civil servants try not to upset her with the fact that their boss is a stuffed animal? Is it really okay to coddle and spoil her like that, rather than just having her face reality (bizarre as it is?); she’s not a little child anymore after all, and embarrassing or weird as that is, I can’t help but feel Ichimiya and the others should stop letting her throw tantrums everywhere, especially not at people’s jobs. Though I do have to admit that her fears that she’d broken everyone psychologically are hugely amusing regardless.

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Episode 11

「アテンション あなたを狙う 甘い罠」 (Atenshon Anata wo Nerau Amai Wana)
“Beware The Sweet Trap That Tries To Lure You In”

SAYA IS A MAN DESTROYER. You can thank Zani for his approval on this week’s opening statement.

Careful With Your Delusions

I think the best part about the opening portion of this episode is how little anyone seems to take Momoi seriously. Clearly it’s hard enough to have him around at the workplace, but even the people who put up with him on an everyday basis don’t really seem to care very much when he seemingly gets kidnapped. Perhaps that’s why he was so ready to be taken by that little girl and start a new life, but I’m more inclined to think he just belongs in the baka faction of the characters in this series. Regardless, the result is a good laugh at Momoi’s expense (I would have taken the plaid one too, fufu), though it’s unlikely his bunny self-esteem will ever be the same again.

Ahoges, Ahoges Everywhere

Hasebe is quickly reaching a place reserved in my heart for the likes of Mashima Taichi, a hellish place where good people fall for people thick as walls, and where they seem destined for the kind of torture we can’t stop watching. Of course, Hasebe’s predicament is still hugely amusing, and Lucy does seem to be getting the message a bit better than usual, though she’s still in enough denial to send the poor guy reeling. Momoi isn’t the only idiot in the ward office, though I fear for Hasebe’s mental health at this rate of progress. Come on Lucy, you can get over that naivety! Oh wait, we don’t actually want that, it’d be boring! Unless it happens in a timely finale, of course.

Saya, Destroyer of Confidences

I can’t express how much this mini-arc made me laugh, and how much I find I have in common with Saya, though perhaps not at first glance. Saya doesn’t really get her time to shine when surrounded by all the weirdos and brighter personalities, but she’s not quite as quiet and normal as she seems to come off when old ladies aren’t cornering her down. She has herself a rather pessimistic outlook on life, Saya does, and it comes equipped with a sharp tongue to lash at those who are being a pain. Of course, pointing out others’ faults doesn’t much improve her own situation, or at least, it doesn’t until it makes Tanaka out as more human than she’s previously thought him to be. A bit of a pain in the ass he might be, but Tanaka’s not a bad guy (I don’t think anyone in this series is), and he definitely has his charms. Saya’s outlook and bluntness might be a tad detrimental to her state of mind on occasion, but maybe just this once it’ll help her find something to get over her previous regrets.

Note: A huge apology for this delay, I have been stressed to the limit at school and not at my best, and unfortunately things never went as planned. I’m really sorry for the unprofessionalism, I will do my best to organize and prioritize appropriately from now on. It’d be unfair to keep all you lovely readers waiting after all!

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    1. Maybe during his younger days he did something legally bad(ex. maybe accepting Lucy’s long name?)
      It’s not a spoiler just a theory and speculation of mine.
      I been speculation that Hasebe’s father or Lucy’s manager are the people who did something unacceptable to the citizen. Thus why they hide in puplic.

  1. Saya is a destroyer and she doesn’t even know it. Initially, at least. If there’s someone I wish she would destroy, it’s Touko. Let me talk about her for a while and hopefully never again.

    Seriously, fuck this spoiled, disrespectful, annoying bitch. The fact that she rags on civil servants while she wants to be one herself in the future is just hypocritical. I can kinda understand if she gets this high-and-mighty attitude of hers if she was the daughter of a high ranking government official or at least the office, but no, she’s just a spoiled sister of an ordinary civil servant. Her so-called knowledge of civil service stuff may be uncontested, but the fact that she disrespects every single adult she interacts with is just bullshit. She does not know her place as a high school girl. I know this is fiction, but if a random high school girl tells me IRL how to do my job, I’ll gladly escort her out of the office. And give her a slap or two.

  2. Saya x Tanaka shipping isnt bad at all, look at that princess carry, they really suited together…

    But my fave is still the Ichimiya x Chihaya, everytime they involved together it always became my fave part for the episode

  3. (Again my browser is screwing me with these vanishing posts)

    Chihaya looks better with her bangs down. <3

    Miyoshi once again displays her uncanny ability to deal critical verbal blows even when she didn't mean it. Yet she herself was KO'ed by alcohol.

    Am I sensing a Tanaka (grandson) x Miyoshi flag at last? woot

  4. Your RL takes precedence, Kairi. We understand.

    That said, please bear with me while I make a suggestion.

    There is this phenomenon known as the “Golden Window of Opportunity” for episode discussion.

    Much like how the earlier a heart attack victim is taken to a hospital, the better his chances for survival, similarly, the earlier a blog post of the latest episode aired is opened, the more chance people can be more engaged in the discussion as people’s memories of the episode are still fresh.

    This is something I’ve noticed that has plagued blogs everywhere.

    Discussion forums are usually spared this problem as discussion can be started by every member, while blogs are totally dependent upon the writer actually starting a blog post before discussion can be started, giving a lot of undue stress to said writers.

    Now with episode 9 three weeks late, most of us have more or less forgotten what episode 9 is about for us to properly discuss it here.

    We all understand writers have RL commitments, and no one is seriously expecting them to open a post just minutes after the episode aired.

    So how to balance between writer’s RL priorities and preventing this “Golden Window of Discussion” from frustratingly slipping away?

    I would suggest writers just start a “blank topic” first within 24-72 hours upon release of the first ever subs (not the first airing, as it’s understood that not all writers watch raws), committing themselves to return to finish that episode at a later time, while still allowing discussion to start right away.

    Just my two cents.

    1. Good suggestions and thanks for the concern. Kairi is terribly busy and I think she lacks a lot of sleep too o_o go sleep earlier girl!

      I don’t know if people notice, but most writers strive for the 24-72 hour post release. That depends heavily of course on raws/subs and availability of the writer, but that’s on our shoulders to pick the right shows (omg the release date for a show is like TOP priority for me when I pick shows now >_< show preference comes second haha). It's hard because things come up and yes, we (or just me maybe?) spend 2-4 hours blogging each show. I also think a lot of writers don't want to start an incomplete post without the full impression of what they thought. Maybe a lot of people don't even read that stuff? But I still wouldn't want to publish something that's just for the sake of posting screencaps. The majority of the writers have been fairly consistent with delivering timely posts though so I applaud them =) thanks guys (and Kairi).

    2. Thanks Anon, but as Cherrie said, this actually is top priority to us writers. I’m just a terrible kouhai and keep letting school and work get to me. ;_; We do have an ideal timeframe for posting and we try our best to get there, so I always feel awful when I fail. But I’m trying to improve so as not to disappoint all you lovely readers and my wonderful senpai. I’m trying to work out ways to improve and become a better blogger now that I realize I have a problem.

  5. Saya and alcohol don’t mix, but Tanaka can drink about 5 bottles of wine and be fine :p

    The shipping was pretty funny/cute I aprrove of all the ships the writer has set up; but I’m ready to watch that date I’ve been looking forward to it for awhile 😀

  6. I liked how in episode 11 when their boss went missing the first place Chihaya looked was in the trash. We always knew that she had a rather low opinion of him- but as to how low, well now we know…XP

    As for the issue of late postings, if life gets to you it gets to you, sh*t happens and people get swamped- nothing you can do, so don’t beat yourself up over it…;)

  7. I thought that Ichimiya and Chihaya seemed to understand one another quite well, but only in reflection after one of them has done something. Their problem is that neither are willing to risk things to triumph over the stagnation in their relationship so it looks like all they can do is sit in helplessness and discontent while trying to come up with wriggling solutions to solving their problems.

    And I hate to say that the root of their problems is that Touko is such a negatively emotional person who seems unable to restrain herself and not causing a scene (and further harassment of civil servants- like seriously, she’s studying to become one under the pretense of trying to be with her brother as much as possible, but she verbally abuses the people in their own offices.)

    But I’m glad that you’re still posting about this series because it’s such a chill and enjoyable one; do as much as you can to keep your house in order, because lots of life factors do get in the way of our passions.

    The Truth is in the Axe

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