「初めて恋をした記憶」 (Hajimete Koi wo Shita Kioku)
“The Memory of My First Love”

No, I’m definitely not crying. I don’t need a hug, nope, not at all.

Before I get to the really good stuff, let’s talk about the equally good conclusion to the Ayumi conquest. Ayumi is a special heroine, not in the way that girls like Yui or Tenri are, but in that she’s the first heroine Keima ever captured and thus holds a huge allure of nostalgia. She’s the first one, the one who catapulted Keima’s “career” as the Capturing God and who thus holds a special place in our hearts, and very likely Keima’s as well (she did take his first kiss, after all). It’s only apt then that she shares her spotlight in an episode titled after first loves, and her capture is definitely very charming and romantic. None of the other girls can claim to have married their bespectacled hero, charade or otherwise, and Ayumi has a chance to ask Keima what’s going on, unlike the other girls who are (mostly) carried along at his pace. That she doesn’t ask, however, shows that she trusts him, so when he says he doesn’t love her, it’s only normal that she’d get upset. I think their relationship is well summed up when she declares she can’t trust a thing he says but still chooses to go through the “wedding” ceremony; she trusts that there’s a reason to why he can’t talk yet.

However, as much as I like Ayumi and her Goddess Arc, culminated when Mercurius is released and Diana carries her sister off into battle, this is Chihiro’s story just as much as any other girl. In fact, I’ve often thought to myself how cruelly ironic it is that in some ways, this arc is hugely about Chihiro more so than it is about any singular goddess, and that feeling is only intensified by the second half of the episode. You can definitely blame this portion for rushing things; there are quite a few manga chapters to cover all the material that this episode covers in some ten odd minutes, and there are multiple storylines all vying for attention as well. You have the battle between the Jupiter Sisters, the Loose Souls Team, and Vintage, you have Haqua’s fight with Lune, and you have Keima and Chihiro’s conversation. While this portion was treated just as rushed and cut off in the manga, I like the way Manglobe managed to capture the essence of the scene. Interpersing the scenes of the battle with quieter, more contemplative and emotional moments during Chihiro and Keima’s talk comes off as almost artistic, and definitely hits quite a few notes in just the right way when in motion. It’s not a perfect scene by any means, and you can tell what the studio is trying to achieve, but it just works, and I definitely appreciate just how it made me feel about this whole affair.

It’s really heartbreaking to realize that Chihiro never stopped loving Keima and that even when upset, she did all she could to help him in his conquest with Ayumi. It’s not the poor girl’s fault that she fell in love, and it’s not Keima’s fault either; love is just something that happens and it can’t be helped, and more often than not, it’s a really painful and awful thing to deal with. That would be heartwrenching enough without the realization that Keima is finally voicing his pain and misgivings about what he did to her. You could even go as far as saying that he’s developed feelings for her, and though that’s just one interpretation, it wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. Personally, I think Chihiro is special to Keima in various ways and that she represents something to him that no other heroine ever quite has. Not only did Chihiro fall in love with him of her own volition, and not only did he crush her feelings for the sake of his job, but more importantly, she was opportunity. She was that “what if” in Keima’s complicated life, the girl who loved him for his manipulative and slightly twisted personality, the one he could have loved, if only he was allowed to. Yes, you can argue that Tenri loves him in this way too, but Tenri is so shy that she’s never openly declared her affections or really stepped up to be that “what if”. Chihiro is the girl who helped him, who visited him when he was sick without any prodding, who wrote songs for him, who he destroyed with his necessary cruelty. But the truth is that Keima can’t allow himself to love her back, even if he wants to. Even if she understands what’s going on, her presence at his side is too risky, too difficult, when his life depends on making other girls fall in love with him. In some ways, Keima can never have that “what if”. He’s not allowed to love until his contract is complete, but if anything, his experience with Chihiro, her memories of her first love, will perhaps allow him to face the future a little more confidently and purposefully than he ever has before. Sometimes, you can’t keep avoiding the Real, no matter how much you wish you could.


ED5 Sequence

ED5: 「初めて恋をした記憶」 (Hajimete Koi wo Shita Kioku) by 2B PENCILS & 中川かのん




Final Impressions:

For all my misgivings as a manga reader, and my anxieties about the ability of this finale to live up to the quality of the Goddess Arc, I’m more or less smugly pleased with the end result. I don’t think it was possible for Manglobe to ever pull this arc off perfectly considering how little time they gave themselves to work with so much material, and it’s certainly true that the final episode is plagued by the same issues that the rest of the season gave us. Yet despite that, despite the rushing and very limited focus on certain aspects of the narrative, I can’t help but want to applaud the studio a little for how they worked things through. Sometimes when you’re given something that’s really difficult to work with, the result depends entirely on how well you worked around those limitations; this is one of those times that I can definitely award a “you did your best and it didn’t suck” sticker. In fact, when it comes to this episode specifically, I find the execution to be quite admirable and heavily emotional, flawed though it is.

In general though, I do wish we’d had more time for this arc, and I still heavily lament the fact that so much pre-Goddess material was skipped. Can you really enjoy Yui, Tsukiyo, Akari, and all the other skipped girls when you’ve never been exposed to their original arcs? As I mentioned at the beginning of the season, most anime only viewers were probably prompted into reading the manga at some point, which is always a good thing, but as its own medium, it is fairly disappointing to see an adaptation with so much potential meet with so many limitations. The pacing could be especially jarring in some episodes and strangely fine in others, and certain details were definitely skipped when it comes to the manga. But in the end, I do have to come back to my original conclusion: you have to be grateful for what you get, and what we got is hardly the worst adaptation I’ve ever seen. The fact that I ended this post in tears and feels goes to say how good the material still is, even when condensed into twelve short weeks. Blogging this series was a goal for me since far before I joined the RC staff, and I wrested it from Takaii’s stiff fingers with exhaustive triumph (okay, so I just requested it, shhhh), and I’m proud to say it was worth it no matter the disappointments. Thank you all for being wonderful readers, for respecting anime-only viewers, and for supporting me through another season at RandomC. It was a pleasure to write for you all, and I will miss the Capturing God in my life once more, perhaps even for the final time, if Manglobe never adapts more manga.

We have reached the ending, my friends, and it is time to return to the Real. Excuse me while I grab a tissue and huddle somewhere with a pillow.


  1. Really good , hearthbreaking and hopeful final episode.

    any comments in the net about a future seasons? gotta check the manga.. stopped reading (mostly cus of time issues) right after the scene in the boat.

    that last scene of Keima turning off his PCs and going outside… did Chihiro finally pushes him to the real world!? .. gotta read the manga.. ASAP!

    1. I dont really know about how the sales do with this arc, but from how they animated it, it seems very unlikely.

      They totally cut any foreshadowing (something Wakaki do a lot) to the next arc. Yes, I understand that they cut a lot of things from the manga due to time constraints but they only needed to drop a few words Show Spoiler ▼


      It can still make sense should they do a season 4 but that doesn’t bode well.

  2. OMG it breaks my heart, but it was such a good ending.
    That entire morning talk had absolutely no background music that works so well with the scene I was getting chills, cuz it makes you focus entirely on the subtle expressions on both their faces, which must have been difficult for smaller budget series. I always applaud these studios for being so creative even at a fraction of larger budgeted studios like Production IG.

    1. I know that this was already seen in the manga and that fact that I was expecting that it won’t be damanging but man, with the added animation, brightening effect and everything, and the flowing tears, this anime adaptation episode hit me like a brick.

  3. Uh… the bit where Keima and Chihiro’s conversation was interspersed by a short montage of stuff happening with the goddesses and Vintage was exactly the same as the manga. It was just as “rushed” in the manga, and people actually complained about it when it first came out (it was a separate chapter from the concert so the narrative purpose behind treating it like that wasn’t clear for another week). Heck, the anime actually added more detail to it to better suit the “artistic” interpretation you mentioned: the manga didn’t actually contain enough content in those scenes to intersperse with.

      1. Thanks for including the manga source too. It’s been months since I read the goddess arc. And wow if she was already in love for that long, it makes her rejection more sad. Show Spoiler ▼

      2. It certainly does! It really puts all her insulting of Keima into context. Plus the morning conversation seems to only serve to reinforce her insecurities about being “normal!”

        I mean I’m on the Ayumi ship cause of first girl and Kanon because of pink hair (yeah i know silly reason), but I gotta agree with the Best Girl Chihiro crowd.

        But man, the race just gets even more heated with another strong contender, considering recent manga events! I gotta say this series is the most well constructed harem series I’ve ever read/watched. So sad it’s been doing so poorly in BD/DVD sales.

      3. Now that you mention it, she does like to pick on him a lot in the beginning. And good choices. I don’t think it’s silly at all to like a girl for pink hair. I’m not really shipping her but I’m a ponytail person so I like Elsie. But in terms of who I’d like Keima to end up with, right now it’s really Chihiro.

  4. That Bye Bye from Chihiro and Keima broke me 🙁
    though the concert did help a bit in recovering from that!

    After Keima broke her heart this season, I ended up marathoning her arc in S2 and maybe it’s just nostalgia, but it’s kind of becoming one of my more favorite arcs. For me at least, it’s definitely easy to relate to her, feeling like you’re nothing special, like you’re being outshone by everyone else no matter how hard you try. I just loved how everything went from being so dull and depressing the entire arc, Chihiro especially being down most of the time, to being so upbeat and colorful in that last episode of her arc. She definitely changed a lot and grew from her experience/conquest, even if she doesn’t remember it.

    Now that it’s all over, I just really wish Chihiro could have had a happier ending this time. Unfortunately, like you said, it just isn’t possible with what Keima has to do, it just wouldn’t be fair to any girl in that situation.

    I do wish that things could have been drawn out a bit more in this arc so that the pacing wouldn’t have been so rushed, but that’s mostly me just not wanting this show to end. I haven’t read the manga before, though I’m definitely going to go and read up on everything skipped between S2 and this arc, and catch up to where ever it is now.

    Thanks a lot for blogging this, hopefully you’ll be able to cover any future seasons!

  5. If the entire series was well handled, I’d be shedding manly tears after watching this.

    It kinda felt that this series was mishandled one way or another thus this episode left me with a heavy heart.

    I do feel for Chihiro. I don’t pity her neither do I sympathise her. I feel that she deserves the ending that she deserves and watching a girl cry makes me feel upset or at times devastated

  6. “So when he says he doesn’t love her, it’s only normal that she’d get upset”

    This may be a bit lost in translation but at that scene he did say to Ayumi “suki janai” but just a bit later “aishiteru” which is even more stronger and romantic.

    1. Thanks a lot for the clarification, but I do know, I speak Japanese a bit. ^^ I just meant in the first moment, I guess I didn’t make it too clear that I was just talking about the “suki janai” part. Gomen, I guess that was confusing. >.<

  7. Even Gods have broken hearts. Keima realizes the price he has to pay for being a God of Conquest – until all Loose Souls are captured, freeing him from his contract with Elsea, he will be condemned to a fate where he’s unable to truly reciprocate the love the many girls give him as a result of his mission, with poor Chihiro being the first victim.

    Unlike other harem masters, who always have a choice of picking “The One” and/or ending the harem altogether (some may pick “The One” and STILL maintain their happy harem all the same), Keima is bound by his contract.

    Of course one could argue this makes Elsea and Haqua ideal candidates for Keima’s “One”, but that’s another discussion altogether.

    Manglobe handled the ending of the Goddess Arc well. Now if only they’ll consider doing the conquest arcs for Akari, Yui and Tsukiyo. But I won’t hold my breath.

    (And let’s hope they don’t mistreat the beginning of the next impressive arc as well)

  8. Kairi, thanks for covering this every week! You have become one of my favorite writers on this site! Thanks for your contribution to the anime community, and I’ll be sure to keep reading your posts well into the future.

  9. Pardon me while I flit in here after not having watched a single episode of the anime this season (manga reader + I’m a busy guy, please accept my apologies).

    Ahem…Chihiro is best girl. I almost want to watch the relevant parts just to hear her voice again, but I know how much it’ll tear at me, so I haven’t worked up the guts. Also, a million things to do etc etc.

    In conclusion: Manglobe sucks, but KamiNomi rocks, and Chihiro rocks most of all. The end.

    Keep up the good work, Kairin!

    1. I agree with you Stilts-nii chan

      This series was mishandled by the studio

      The abruptness and disconnectedness of things nearly made me drop it right from the 2nd season

      Somehow or rather, it’s the girls that kept me going.

      Its the same for the goddess arc as well.

      From the entire season, I do not know what was going on but my main take away from here is that Chihiro is the one that ended off worst.

      She fell in love with Keima but it got trampled by him.

      He’s bound by contract and at the end of it all, there’s that tinge of regret in him.

    2. So I went back and watched a few scenes from this episode. The convo scene was done pretty well (as Kairin said), but the concert scene raped my memories of the manga. I read that manga chapter like three times in a row and sat stunned at the music and tears soaring through my mind, and then trampled all over it with shoddy animation, a strange long pause, and an OST that didn’t do justice to the power and majesty of Chihiro’s feelings.

      Manglobe, you’re dead to me. What you’ve been doing to Hayate was bad enough, but this? Get out. You’re totally dead to me.

      Fortunately not even Manglobe can destroy the grandeur that is Chihiro. Viva la Chihiro!

      1. Well at least you didn’t watch how they mangled (manglobed? lol) the revelation that there wasn’t a goddess in Chihiro. Granted I feel like they pulled it together the last couple of episodes and made the conversation with Keima and Chihiro as emotional as it should be. Overall, I’m disappointed with certain aspects of this season due to pacing mostly, but I can’t complain. I still enjoyed.

  10. I can’t applaud the studio. I mean, it’s already season 3, clearly the anime has already established and it’s towards fans of the series, so why the hell did they mess that up?they don’t want money from fans?they want us to hate them?whyyyy?
    I can understand short-budget and stuff…but they did a horrible job in comparison to the manga. I didn’t forget that condensation of around 60 chapters in only 3 minutes at the beginning! I felt pretty sorry for those anime-only watcers.
    they cut a lot of funny moments and chapters. in the last episode at the festival they show the faces of all characters he was suppose to capture. how dare they to play us, the fans, like that. and I didn’t even start talking about removing a full character(Fiore) from the cast. all those things, and more, cause the season to be in bad pace.
    Despite all that, I admit that they manage remain faithful to the main course of events, but the “price” for us, the fans, was pretty high.
    Yet, I also admit that it was lovely to see Keima and all characters and goddesses again. the second half of the season was pretty good thanks to chihiro and ayumi.
    there were really funny and even exciting episodes with them…and the ending (“I can see the ending!”) T.T
    well, thank god (Kami ( I mean Keima)) that the season is over. I’m pretty disappointed but it had it’s moments. right now obiously there won’t be a fourth season cause the next arc hasn’t ended yet. I hope that the studio will be smart and kind toward its fans, they can atone that sin with a few ova’s to fill the missing gap.

    1. Sadly, with only 2000-3000 “established fans” who bought the anime, we can’t blame anyone but the situation itself.

      I personally think we should applaud Manglobe for their job. Studio is the one who is responsible for execution, not deciding number of episodes and budgets. Yes, they cut out some good things, but they still succeed at making the fundamental core of Goddess Arc shines. Seriously, any other studio with same episode cap could mess this adaptation really really bad.

      So, I’m in line with Kairi’s end paragraph… Thank you based Manglobe.

      1. when you go out to execute an anime(based on manga/LN/game and etc) you need to take a few things into consideration. As a fan, I don’t really care how much money they invest, and you know what..not even the number of episodes. I simply want a good adaptation. especially when we are talking about a well-establish series in its third season.
        as we both said – I agree that the core of the arc did preserve, but I still think the price was a bit high due to all of the above. I think it was a bit naive or arrogant to put the goddesses arc in 13-episodes season, and I believe the studio knew that very well from the beginning because when you plan to excute a series, the script is one of the first things you do.
        despite that, of course I did enjoy the anime, but I can’t erase the feeling of disappointment that I had throughout the anime because of weird-pace, cutting scenes and even characters.
        how do i say this..it’s just..some sort of bitter taste despite the fun…U know what I mean..right?

      2. I do understand, I’m also a big fan of Kaminomi. Heck, probably Kaminomi is at the top 3 of my all time manga list. However, I understand that by looking at that number of sales, even getting season 3 is already considered a small miracle. Third season of well established series didn’t guarantee that some producer will pour money to it, and there’s no guarantee that the studio won’t butcher it (Hello, Hayate!). I think even fan should be realistic at this kind of expectation.

        We can’t get everything, sometimes we have to be grateful that we still get a good or decent adaptation. Well, personally I don’t even see Fiore as a character (I just see her as a mob villain), and I can perfectly live without some scenes (anyway, from what I read at some forum what people are noticing the most are removal of some Haqua fanservices lol). Skipping a lot of conquers sure hurts a lot, but manga reader could always read the manga again. So personally I have no big problem with script.

        What I loved to see most at Goddess Arc are Chihiro scenes, and they deliver. Thus, I can’t complain anymore :p (not to add that some other good things such as Shiori and Ayumi capture IMHO were pretty brilliant)

  11. I never thought I will see Keima cry… I knew he was shaken by discovery of Chihiro’s true , not gamed, love… but I think probably for the first time he wished he wasnt the king of conquest. What a mess!
    Anyway, can I add some more praise to the badass that is Haqua?
    And LOL, just LOL for Nora being promoted over entire affair. Opportunist to the core!

    1. Well shit, now that explains why…
      Show Spoiler ▼

      Ahem, overlooking all those flaws that Manglobe committed with the skips and whatnot, this episode was a very, very satisfying ending if not great! Even if I was watching on mobile yesterday, I still feel that depressing atmosphere when Chihiro and Keima part ways. At first I was confused, but then later on, I realized that I was sympathizing with Chihiro’s broken heart. It only aggravated when Keima cried. Oh shit, what an ending it is!

  12. Man did it have to end on a heavy note? Two people got crushed over the course of Goddesses’ arc, one was Chihiro and the other was Keima himself and you can tell the guy is depressed when even playing his games doesn’t lift his spirits and he casually turns them off and walks away. I hope for a next season, maybe to completely wrap the story up, maybe waiting until the manga ends and finish the story. And not to mention the bad guy got away with it (Lune). My heart weeps though it also wonders; when it’s all said and done, when vintage finally falls, all loose souls captured and new hell saved…will Keima go back to being the mega otaku or will he grow and come to accept real girls, real relationships in the real world?
    Thank you for covering this, and a job well done!

    1. U MAD?

      Lune-sama is FAR TOO AWESOME to be captured by the likes of everyone there~

      She’s Genre-savy,Cute,Beautifull,Pretty,Kick@ss,Awesome,Geniusly-smart to lose THAT easily~

      Thats why She’ll spare Haqua since She was entertained by a good fight.

      Ja neee~~~~

      Kaleido Hax
    2. Unfortunately for Keima’s laziness, he has demons, goddess hosts, and at least one goddess al in love with him. Even after all the loose souls are caught and the collar is gone, and maybe even after Vintage is fully destroyed, I’d bet on his life never being “normal” again. This is a series that can literally go as far as the imagination now and no longer needs the loose souls story device to drive it. Keima has been roped into goddesses and their problems, and they can be so demanding 😛

    1. very far.
      the following arc is still on-going, so I guess they won’t make it at least until will be done. Also, there still need to make money from blu-ray and dvd sales. that’s itself gonna take sometime.
      you can read the manga from chapter 189 (THO I’d recommend u reading where second season stopped (around chapter 43)they cut a lot of stuff..such as very cool captures and many other funny stuff).

  13. “You did your best and it didn’t suck.”

    Yeah, that’s how I’d describe this season as well, and my opinions generally align with yours. Though I still lament the skipping of multiple arcs (as it makes bonding with the new girls harder) and it’s obvious to even a non-manga reader like me that it was rushed (especially compared to previous seasons), but this season still had plenty of good stuff. Not only the switching up of the usual routine (multiple girls at the same time, Haqua as his buddy) but also Keima’s character development – this arc was harsh for him (and Chihiro of course).

    Doubt we’ll get a fourth season, to be honest, but it was fun while it lasted.

  14. Between the ridiculously slow paced seasons 1&2 and the fast paced season 3 I’ll get the later any day. Episodes flied away, they were funny and always happened something interesting.
    Seeing the series getting 36 episodes is just a a miracle. And I’m so glad I managed to watch the end of the arc animated in such a glorious way.

    Manglobe did such a great job. I’d also like to thank the music team. Everything from the BGM to the latest single CD from this franchise it’s just great

  15. “SHOBOSHA!!!”
    That what I remember the most from Kaminomi.

    Enjoyed season 3.
    I like the straightforward fast pace of the 12 episodes.

    If anyone wants a peek at what comes next theres always the wikia to go to 😛

    Anyway I wonder who will win, Keima vs Kirino?

  16. The feels man…all the feels I had in this episode kinda disappeared RIGHT at the end. God damn Keima man why did you lie to Chihiro?! As soon as I saw him cry in his room I started going


    I think Keima took the sad ending route right there. I also still want some closure with Kanon though since the entire season focused about saving her to a point. I’m a big fan of the whole Keima x Kanon train but…man Chihiro UGH that was deep.

    Lol sorry guys I don’t know what to think of this ending I mean it’s good but it’s meh for me because I feel liked it needed more closure. Who know’s though maybe we’ll get an OVA on it or just wait for the next season which I highly believe will happen. He still has that collar on! Also can’t get enough of Kanon lol

    Jason Isenberg

    Error though 😮

    Though they made Lune-sama seem more bad@ss with how She can use Trace o-,i mean,create a Vintage-Dagger out of nowhere,it downplayed Her abit because She one-side-stomps Haqua while using a MERE BOX-CUTTER.

    If THAT isnt AWESOME IDK WHAT IS,Her signature weapon removed,so sad,but still AWESOME-SAUCE nevertheless~

    Kaleido Hax
  18. I gotta say, this third season really ended up exceeding my expectations to say the least. Came in slightly eh at the whole skipped arc thing and the need to read up some bits on the manga to get into it, but once I did, the episodes went by in a blur, each of the girls got some pretty nice development (Chihiro especially), and it was pretty good considering.

    Would’ve been better to have the other skipped arcs actually animated… but ah, that’s a whole other can of worms. Either way, the way it ended makes me really want to catch up on the rest of the manga… ahhh, if only my schedule wasn’t as busy as it was already. -_-

  19. And so the best arc (so far) of the god of conquests comes to a close. I’m glad this got animated and enjoyed every episode of it, but like the rest of you I really wish they did a more complete version of it. Still, they did a good job with the resources they had, and the results were true to the spirit of the manga.

    TWGOT Ultimate anyone?

  20. It seems that Manglobe is making amends after that Hayate no Gotoku CTMEOY disaster. Really like Season 3 and that ending, DEM FEELZ </3. Why couldn't they have adapted CTMEOY as good as TWGOK Goddesses arc?

  21. This is what means been an “OTAKU” for the japanese people…not having a real life outside interacting with other people or any physical contact whatsoever, even a hand shake T_T.
    And that image they have from that main character means a true HERO for them P_P…~_~
    But what is really poor in those harem animes are the results they could bring in real life….for example in that chapter he dumped her with cruelty…she could had killed herself in suicide…in real life and THAT from those mangakas (that doesn´t know how to write but only draw)is really disturbing and dungerous for crazy otakus. T_T
    As i scored this season as all those that pasted us…this was a real crap story that really wasted my time.With Shingeki no kyojin as the gold medal >_>

    As for the details yes i am still alive Omni and always check on your page ~_^
    You can say i am like the anime timeline Oracle the one that saw and watch everything from many years ago till now.Since old cassete tapes to the new blueray era ^^
    I could write a book about animes, cliches,fanservices,cosplay,games,etc even better and more detailed than any japanese ^^ As I do have the time always.

    Tensai Otaku
  22. Finally got the chance to watch the anime ending of this amazing series, and what can I say but what an end! Beautifully done! I say that even with the knowledge of manga content they had to cut off and deal with, but still very well executed!

    I must say most of the episodes are well executed especially the Goddess Mix and Chihiro and Ayumi re-conquest arc, where they really showed the highlight of the goddess arc. I loved the concert scene too!

    Wow Chihiro’s song was amazing and quite sadly and heartrendingly appropriate for the emotions she’s experienced. I still cant believe even now when I found out from the manga and in anime that Chihiro did love Keima before he even conquered her, which goes to show that her love for him wasnt any less than the goddess hosts and was definitely a lot more deeper than the other non-goddess girls that Keima conquered, as Chihiro fell in love with him again despite getting her memories erased.

    It’s sad but I really like “tragic” girls like Chihiro, despite their personality problems and attitude/actions towards the MC, I cant help but feel that their is something attractive about them. I recalled Shirley from Code Geass (a more tragic heroine), where despite getting her memories erased twice, still managed to love Lelouch again even though she’s clueless to his problems and even though she doesnt know his true feelings for her let alone ever get the chance of getting her love realized. This is quite similar in Chihiro, whom despite getting her memories erased still loved him again, even though she’s a completely normal girl who has no goddess and doesnt know what’s going on with Keima, still she decided to love him even with that cruel rejection he did, and nonchalantly putting it off wanting to even asked her help to get another girl, and not knowing entirely what’s really going on.

    But I digress, Chihiro is an awesome heroine, despite her lackluster first arc, her re-conquest arc in the goddess arc showed us that even a normal character like her can become quite a heroine with the power of love. Damn that sounds corny, yet I will still say it!

  23. … the art style needs improvement, it felt that the characters are too sharp and rigid, there was no soft texture and this totally destoryed the chara ters that were meant to be gorgeous. But, I liked the story nonetheless; however the art is a major concern.

    Ayumi takahara Fan

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