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OP: 「ビューティフル・ドリーマー」 (Beautiful Dreamer) by 鳴海杏子 (Narumi Kyoko)

「アイドルレスラー誕生!」 (Aidoru Resuraa Tanjou!)
“The Birth of the Idol Wrestler!”

Alright everyone, let’s keep it short, the pictures speak for themselves. After all, we all know why most of you are here–no need to be ashamed!

Welcome to ero-paradise, where the marriage between idols and a very physical “sport” intersect for maximum sexiness. Over in corner one we have Hagiwara Sakura (Taketatsu Ayana), whose perfection knows no bounds! A team player, an avenger, and a girl who doesn’t know when to give up, she’ll be your carry for most of this season’s sexy physical contact. Over in corner two we have Kazama Rio (Tomatsu Haruka), whose crazy views of superiority over idols make her a perfect match as the antagonist that everyone boos at, but in reality cheers that she gets another wrestler into a risque position. Finally, in the audience, we have the girl with a serious inferiority complex, Miyazawa Erena (Asumi Kana)–her jealousy may have started this whole mess, but hopefully she’ll appear in a tag-team battle one day with her secret rival, as this flip in the beginning foreshadows.

Armed with a seemingly endless supply of top-level seiyuu willing to moan and make lewd noises for the sake of wrestling entertainment, ARMS has something magical that’ll definitely grab the target audience. After how Oreimo must’ve ended, I’m sure that some people take pleasure in hearing Ayana voice someone in a submissive position this time, by another voice actress who gives life to Morgiana from Magi no less. If you’re looking for some of your favorite female VAs and want to hear them voice their screams of pain, this is definitely the show for you to check out this season.

The animation however, has its hiccups. When it comes to the actual wrestling scenes, all of the animation production is poured into making those the best they can be, but every other single scene that’s not sexy is at best C-quality. Even in the wrestling scenes too can we see some cut corners, as the same lewd “open legs” scene repeated its animation some three times before moving on to the next position. However, when those scenes do come up it’s well-defined in expressing what a hypothetical cross between idols, pro wrestling, and hot well-endowed girls/idols would look like. If you really care for nothing else than the fanservice, then you’ll have no qualms with where the balance of animation went with this season.

As for the plo–I mean story, there really isn’t much to say. Sakura is really shallow as a character, as well as Erena, Kazama, and every other character on this show so far. Their ambitions seem fairly simple, and the means of which the show will progress is fairly straightforward. Sakura will defeat or be defeated by one wrestler at a time, fighting forward until she eventually reaches the top and re-challenges Rio for a more balanced match. Oh, and no one actually tries to stop them from doing this because showbusiness is fueled by drama, no matter whether you’re in wrestling (the WWE has elaborate rules on creating drama and maintaining image, I recommend reading the wiki to be amazed) or in the idol business (AKB0048 is self-explanatory).

All in all, what was expected has been delivered, and ecchi fans can rejoice that the industry continues to find creative ways of bringing about the sexiest that animation can offer. All in all, I’d say that anyone who was thinking of checking out this show before will not be disappointed, assuming you came in with proper expectations. It’s no story, but it’s definitely full of melodramatic plot that isn’t necessarily bad–in fact for this, I’d say it’s a plus, a plus that accentuates the pop-up effect that Naritai! is striving for.

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ED: 「Fan Fanfare!!!」 by Sweet Diva


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  1. Lies, I came here for the voice clips. True story.

    All I want to say is – this is the closest thing you’ll get in terms of hearing AAA seiyuu moan/groan without it being actual 18+ content.

    PS: I suggest turning off the speakers while watching this just in case anyone overhears and misunderstands 🙂

    1. PS: I suggest turning off the speakers while watching this just in case anyone overhears and misunderstands 🙂

      That’s EXACTLY what I thought. LOL In fact, I quickly turned down the volume shortly after the show started.

  2. Characters: all the idols look completely the same, only differ by hair style and color. Fail!
    Main heroine: uninteresting. fail.
    Animation direction: showing the same poses for far too long. fail.
    Plot so far: simplistic to say the least. fail.
    Overexcessive censoring. fail.

    1. As right as you might be (haven’t quite watched it yet), you are taking this show FAR too seriously. We all know why anyone’s watching this.

      Taketatsu Ayana and Tomatsu Haruka moaning….


      Um… *cough* a-anyways, like I was saying, we all know why anyone’s watching this. It’s clearly for the wrestling. We’re watching this for the high flying exciting action and the technical mastery of… the wrestlers… *scrolls up* and the ample bosoms being defined… so well by those holds… *censored noises*

      Stop! Bad me! Bad Kuntzy!

      I see a Bow & Arrow submission on picture 34. I wonder how long until we get a surfboard… *drools*

  3. Whoever is voicing this anime deserves to get double the pay from what normal voice actresses are getting with all the embarrassing noises they have to make.

    Also the main girl looks like Misaki from Kaichou wa maid sama :3

    1. I’d love to see “behind the scenes” antics of the seiyuu… They must have been laughing off like no tomorrow…
      Made me remember Koe de oshigoto. Which probably was better anime anyway…

    1. Well, at least it wasn’t done in the typical trope way.

      While it does represent the “change” aspect, the way it came about was different by being losing the match rather than Sakura herself choosing to do so, so I give it a point for that.

  4. I thought they played the Puro Resu strength a bit more than anticipated. If they keep that element up, it could genuinely be pretty interesting through later episodes. Production values could have been better, but the action was conveyed well for what it was.

  5. What the fuck i just saw!? It’s the most misogynist, disgusting show i’ve seen this season that brutally, sexually objectifies women and tear down their integrity as characters into mere sacks of meat for the viewers to oggle at. I came here expecting wrestling on the serious side only to received this bunch of raw meat on my computer screen

    I’m done. Now, go ahead and downrep me

    1. It WAS a relatively serious wrestling display though. Pro wrestling uses a lot of humiliation moves and submissions especially in Japan so it’s really not entirely a female pro wrestling thing in Japan (even though they may play up the sexual outfits).

      The ogling aspect kind of comes with the territory of being a fanservicey show, not meant to denigrate all women in any kind of a serious manner. The unrealism is kind of the point, just saying. Not to mention Sakura is fighting for her (and her idol co-workers’) honor.

      Not to mention we are dealing with pro wrestling here. Something that objectifies both men and women in terms of their gender in outrageous ways either way. It’s not meant to be reflective of real, everyday people. No less we’re also dealing with pop idols. Which is a double escapism/unrealism double whammy.

      1. The problem I have with the fanservice in this show is the inherent cynicism in it all. One scene that i deemed mostly problematic was during the wrestling fight. Ok, sure, that’s how wrestling supposedly be done between two women, but that just obfuscates the fact that what is on screen is the half naked body of two women being depicted in an overtly sexual manner with all the moaning and such. Personally, there is zero doubt in my mind that this scene is intended to be tantalizing and risk. It’s meant to appeal to an audience who would eat it up. Can you blame I or others for thinking that there is a clear and apparent intention to market questionable content?

      2. Amiluhur, it really depends on what you personally find appealing. This show obviously is going to be a love it or hate it deal since it is fairly risque (though still nothing like Mnemosyne or Queen’s Blade or Seikon no Qwaser level).

        ALso, it’s not like the girls were kidnapped and put there against their will. They’re warriors fighting it out in the ring. It’s not like in some old pro wrestling hentai that shows them forced to wrestle or anything. This show is several levels behind stuff like that, that are meant to be purely hentai and nothing but.

        I won’t say you are required to like this show. Absolutely not. Just that I don’t think the show is quite that exploitative that’s all. I hope Sakura can come out of the series a champion personally.

      3. This seems to be the same self-righteous bs, which goes along the line of thought that using female sex appeal to sell a product is somehow bad and/or degrading for women.And yeah, I can blame you but first you’re going have to help me understand what’s so questionable about the content, is it the ecchi?If so why?To be honest your reply to my comment made zero sense to me.

    2. expected wrestling on the serious side…

      If you saw the PV for this show, you’d know that this was far from the truth. Also, wrestling on the serious side…what serious side? Pro wrestling is by nature cheesy and bombastic, showy and full of people being melodramatic. If you’re talking about actual wrestling, this is definitely not it–the two are completely different entities.

  6. After all, we all know why most of you are here–no need to be ashamed!

    Rinshin? lol

    Rio sounds closer to Paako in Beelzebub than Mor, though. I swear that show holds the record as the show in which no VAs (female) sounds like their usual’s, dabu.

  7. Certainly a series that knows perfectly well what its reason for existence is. Plot/characters/etc is all just to create an excuse to put these girls into those holds and get those cries out of them. Actually got a pretty decent voice cast for that purpose.

    Of course to make this all happen we needed a main character who is a bit of an idiot and extremely rash.

    Should be pretty solid in the end for the kind of series it is going to be. Pretty well the main girl getting owned beyond belief for the first few episodes before she starts getting it and starts putting her opponents into the painful spots.

  8. meet sakura who now find herself getting in wrestling match yet how it all happen well give she is idol sweet group & their top member so one day their manager have idea have sweet group help promote female wrestling?!

    well sakura go do it for the sweet group yet fellow sweet elena doing it cause she prove herself so two doing wrestling promote til meet rio who called idol bimbo wannabee fake wrestler.

    so elena trying make stand to challenge rio but got camal clutch, figure 4, & leg crab lock beatdown by rio who continue insult them cue sakura dropkick try due to defend group name so lead tv wrestling match sakura vs rio.

    give sakura train herself give ready for match yet it’s on give kick & suplex well rio yea time to get real cue strikes, scoop slam, leg crab lock, crossbow lock, camal clutch, & even the “shame hold” on sakura.

    yet sakura still not giving in so rio well time to finish sakura with the sleeper hold & match over with sakura lost but the match is the loser get hair cut match!!!

    so cue hair cut of sakura for everyone to see give the lost & tears of sakura yet rio continue insult sweet group cue sakura that it for honor of sweet group that sakura now go real pro wrestler.

    next ep welcome to training camp wrestling sakura.

  9. Personally I would recommend Ring X Mama if you’re into women wrestling. Yes, it’s porn, but it actually have good storyline, great character design, and well, the women there (both young women and older professional ones) do have sex, lots of lots of sex.

  10. I think I’ve been spoiled too much with some of the better ecchi shows out there such as DxD and even Hyakka Ryouran who had some good comedy besides it’s excellent fanservice,and in DxD’s case,a good plot as well with some interesting lore.Also even if we’re to rate this on fanservice alone(because I really don’t see what else this could offer),it has what’s probably the worst enemy of ecchi shows out there: the white light of doom!

    Gonna pass on this one.

    1. If you’re not watching already, I suggest Freezing Vibrations. Freezing does have a plot (read the manga from inception). It’s not as light-hearted as HS DxD thought I wouldn’t call it “grim-dark” either. EP 01 was 95% added material, but looks to be back to the source material with the next EP. This arc is pretty good – definitely a story behind it and there’s no “white bar” issue.

  11. I just noticed that there were a lot of Ecchi Anime coming out this month.If they are going to fill this season with nudity theme,then at least please release the next OVA of Kiss x Sis dammit!

  12. I wish we could one day get another ecchi anime with the animation quality of say Manyuu or Seikon. These days ecchi anime goes about a cheap as they can with the budget because they KNOW they can get away with it since the otaku fappers eat it up anyway =/.

  13. Sakura just got “humbled”… Too bad she didn’t make a grab for the bottom rope to break the hold (dunno if that rule also applies in the Japanese pro-wrestling scene), but then again, this is her first time in a pro-wrestling match.

    (Crap, and I’m now reminded of the many episodes of RAW and SmackDown I missed. It’s been a long while. 🙁 On the bright side, I now have a reason to check on Botchamania once again…)

  14. Not giving up on this yet, there is still potential… The one-sided fight was to be expected but hopefully the next episodes will share the pain more evenly. As for the lack of oppai, there is still a fair amount of bouncing but the number of crotch shots was also impressive.

    weird d
  15. So far as this series follows the manga it’s going to get better. Do not know why they threw in the random shower scene there since it does not happen at all in the manga. There is no need to worry since fanservice is minimal in the manga.


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