OP Sequence

OP: 「シンクロマニカ」 (Synchromatica) by ねごと (Negoto)

「ガリレオDNA」 (Garireo DNA)
“Galileo DNA”

Benvenuto a tutti! Let’s begin, shall we?

I hope you’re all ready for explosions, because explosions and action are definitely at the core of Galilei Donna’s identity. So much so that it’s a little on the crazy side, though in no way is that a bad thing. The setting and plot are secondary to the sheer show-off power of A-1’s animation and budget (this is some pretty crisp stuff, CGI nonwithstanding) in this premiere, true, but we do start getting an idea about the kind of series this wants to be. I wasn’t expecting mecha, for one thing, with the small amount of information available prior to airing, nor was I expecting a few of the character interactions we’ve been privy to. Somehow I assumed our trio of sisters would be an idyllic and somewhat pandering dynamic of sisterly love and support, but instead I see a family of dissatisfied individuals, and while I don’t think they dislike one another, they’re all pretty much doing their own thing. I find that to be pretty normal, as far as familial relationships go; after all, as an older sister myself, my relationship with my sister is rather all over the place, from irrationally close to somewhat disconnected, and it makes sense for these sisters to be a little cool to one another, especially when considering the fact that they’re living separately thanks to their parents.

In that sense, we do learn some of the basics on what makes the sisters tick. They’re all descendants of Galileo Galilei, something their mother likes to remind them of when they’re disappointing her, but as Hazuki Ferrari (Shindou Kei), the onee-chan at law school, points out, they’re all doing their own things. She herself is bordering on early alcoholism (drinking during the day instead of being at class, ouch) as a result of her dissatisfaction with her studies and life at college, and she lives alone, separate from the family. Hazuki is also the provider of some of the comedic relief in this episode, especially when she self-importantly starts spouting out law information in dangerous situations, and she seems to be a bit out of it and irresponsible. The middle sister, Kazuki (Ookubo Rumi), is a socially withdrawn high school student who doesn’t care to participate in group projects but who harbors an unrequited crush on her fellow classmate, whom we’re not introduced to. She’s a rather sullen presence compared to her sisters, in that bored, rather snarky teenage way, and she expresses a desire to leave her home, which she presumably shares with her overbearing mother. Then there’s Hozuki (Hidaka Rina), the youngest sister and in some ways the star of the show. Unlike her sisters, Hozuki seems to be an engineering genius who has designed and built her own weaponry and technology. Despite being the smallest, she’s the most openly ready to counteract, and also in some ways the most removed from her family (excepting her father, whom she probably lives with). The Ferraris don’t seem particularly aware of Hozuki’s abilities, after all, and she’s the one who ends up coming to their very surprised rescue when things go a little insane.

As to the plot surrounding the three sisters, we only know a few things. Firstly, the Ferrari girls specifically are wanted for some unknown purpose by unknown individuals, which is stated to be finding “Galileo’s Inheritance,” whatever that means. Strangely enough, it’s the girls who are targeted rather than their parents, which leads me to believe that the sisters have to fulfill some unknown role rather than just give their pursuers information. Secondly, the in-story setting is still a little hard to place (they’re in Italy right? so why the Japanese first names? Are they part Japanese?), with pre-premiere information stating that the series takes place during a glacial maximum. Thirdly, with the appearance of Hozuki’s mecha, I think we’re in for some traveling adventure, and that is something I can easily get on board with. Where will the story lead from here? I couldn’t say, but based on this first episode at least, I think it’s safe to say we’re in for a good ride. Personally, I’m loving the small astronomical references in mentions of Copernicus and Ganymede, and I can never say no to a series that tries to go about familial relationships. That being said, best hang on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen; it looks like it’s going to be a bumpy one.


ED Sequence

ED: 「イノセント」 (Innocent) by Earthmind


  1. I really like Hozuki, for someone at her age she already created a stun gun launcher, an airship, even a goldfish AI! I hope to see what other contraptions Hozuki will come up with.

  2. The summary of the series posted around various sites did mention airships, but it did not mention that they’d be this involved from the get-go. I was expecting one to two episodes of introductions and relaxed drama before stuff hit the fan; instead we got action and core introductions out of the way from the start. I’m impressed how well they kept the tidbit over airships and sky sailors hidden in plain site.

    Judging by the ED, I’m expecting this to be a sisterly bonding anime with a good mix of action and drama (much like Neo Ranga, now that I think about it).

  3. It seems like almost every anime, recurring or new, this season has a badass girl and that’s awesome.

    I honestly didn’t know what to expect going into this and I was surprised. First off, I love the historical background implementation. It was hilarious how the coughbitchcough mother got some of her “facts” wrong when trying to lecture the sisters and Papa Jesus had to correct her.

    I was getting a Castle in the Sky feel when the men in black was trying to kidnap the girls, especially when Mr.Wild Arms 7 protagonist pulled out his Lugerish gun.

    I like Hazuki, when she started spitting out the law it’s like I was watching a Phoenix Wright cutscene. Kazuki is the least interesting out of the 3, maybe she’s the one who’ll get more character development. Hozuki is just epic, she got a Stun Gun Launcher, a foldable scooter and a Magikarp Mecha with matching Ai.

    I can’t wait for the next episode ;p

    How dare you seperate/divorce Papa Jesus!!! He rose from the grave to give you 3 cute daughters!!!

  4. Dumb. When it’s a crisis, families band together naturally. Wtf? Why are you arguing? Also, shoot the bad guy and your family is safe. Why let him go? Where are the cops and their mecha? A huge flying thing is chasing a kid thru the streets and no one notices? Or the bigger one at the end? Dumb.

    1. Well I’m guessing you have the *perfect* family. Because not everyone has a good family dynamic (have you ever watched Jerry Springer? Any of those families put into this situation and they would be busy arguing who’s the baby daddy instead of created stun bazooka’s), sheesh.

  5. I really like it. A-1 are doing a bit short 1cour series – they are good with that kind. we saw that in AnoHana, Silver spoon and more. as long as they won’t mess up too much with bizarre/melodramatic end..this can be really great.
    yes, Mecha was surprising indeed, but it was so good, and I needed a good stuff like that seasn. I also like the characters, we could see glimpses to depth through their own inter-conflicts and hardships.Hozuki got a bit more focus cause she has that special genius ability but clearly she won’t be able to do everything on her own.
    there are also some other mysterious stuff like what’s with Galileo’s Inheritance, the goldfish and what happened in the intro with those big unknown mecha. so clearly there are question and interesting stuff to come by in terms of story which will help build the characters. and I like the reference for astronomy.

    I’m already on board with Galilei Donna!

  6. Yeah, this show really surprised me in the best sense of the word. I’m glad I decided to switch out a show for it, as I’m not really a mecha fan. This season has so many good shows, I gotta keep my watchlist down to a reasonable high tens number……

  7. Hozuki was adorable!

    I can’t seem to like Hazuki the older law student sister, T_T as a law student myself, she reminds me too much of the stupid things I say and some stupid things I do.

    I can safely say that Hozuki is going to be my favourite !

  8. far more than what I thought the series will be.

    from a series that I don’t know anything become my 2nd most interesting series (1st is Kyokai no Kanata by the way), hopefully next episodes will be as entertaining as first episode

  9. First impression when I saw the first character to show up in the first episode is: Sword Art Online Character Design. Strangely enough, it’s actually the primary reason why I’m gonna keep on watching the episodes to come.

    Red HeartGold ZX
  10. I definitely expected the sisters to act differently than they did. Perhaps more relentlessly upbeat or something like we are used to seeing in anime but they are definitely their own characters and have unique personalities. So far my favorite is Hazuki, since her personality is bold, as she proves by spouting off legal threats at gunpoint.

    Mecha action definitely came as a surprise as well, I thought this would be standard fair suited agents with guns chasing girls across Europe in search for some hidden clue a la Uncharted.

    1. I didn’t know where this show was going at first, but it reminded me of Sasami@Ganbara-whatever’s three sisters, with pretty distinct styles, but unlike there, I’ve enjoyed what we’ve seen with these three sisters =03.

      I also like, as someone said elsewhere, the way that the cute moe girl, instead of just being cute, moe, and helpless, just saw her family in trouble, and calmly went back to her hideout, start her ship, and fight them back. Certainly a series I’ll be keeping my eyes on =03.

      Oh, and the moment I saw that guy with the long gun, I was easily reminded of Arc Rise Fantasia’s Niko(in link above), ESP after I saw that gun…well, if he manned up x10 X03. Like Niko, he still seems like a bit of a bumbling idiot . I expect some him and Hazuki action later on in the series. I do love “mismatched” couples interacting, so I’m sure it’ll be entertaining.


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