“Lonely Girl”

Today’s was a fairly solid episode, with its fair dose of sheer crazy, but the show isn’t slow to develop our cast of characters. Here’s the rundown so far…


If this is what this cap is implying, then Linda has known Banri beforehand. This explains her occasional moodiness and almost offers to go outing with him before being interrupted. But why would Banri not remember someone so dependable, especially considering how apt he is at noticing other’s troubles? Considering his injuries, probably amnesia, but we’ll have to see what the story reveals. It’ll be interesting though to see how Linda reacts to Banri’s interaction with the rest of the female cast, as it’s heavily implied she’s had some interest in him before.


Mitsuo may speak bluntly at times when it comes to Kouko, but in a sense he’s correct…despite how awful it seems to acknowledge it. Attractiveness does have a correlation with drawing attention and people caring about your life more, and it does hurt to be on the end that has to be in a sense, “ungrateful.” Though Kaga Kouko’s behaviors are easier to digest thanks to the shield of the silver screen, it is easy to relate to Mitsuo’s almost gut-reaction snap at the mere mention of Kouko when you apply it to the realm of reality. The shadow of a person’s influence is an infuriating thing, especially in the college atmosphere where freedom is supposed to be a highlight.

The fact that he snaps at Banri first is significant–the foreshadowing continues to build itself between Mitsuo and Banri, whose friendship may be challenged in a love triangle setting. My concern at this point is that the show may not do enough to make Mitsuo’s resentment a sympathetic case, but that’s just me worrying at episode 2 of a two-cour. With so much time on our hands, I look forward to seeing what conflicting emotions Mitsuo will trudge through, especially once Kouko stops chasing him and gives him a breather to think.


I’m not really feeling the vibes of sympathy towards her right now. In fact, it’s a very realistic move by Banri to doubt the intentions behind Kouko’s sad display–is it a guise or is she really sad? Though we want to believe that Kouko has some story behind her that explains much of her behavior in sympathetic terms, our generalizations and stereotypes about her character type get in the way. After all, we don’t actually have that much information on Kouko. Up until the end of the first half of this episode, all we knew was that she has an obsessive and stalkerish attitude towards Mitsuo, of which is only counteracted (not really) by her attractiveness. The second half of the series does balance things in her favor more, though personally not enough for me to begin to feel for her case. It’s understandable to see why she’s stuck in a vicious cycle of chasing Mitsuo. The combination of her attractiveness, reputation, and lack of initiative in communication have isolated her from the fervor of the new school year, leaving her with no other outlet to focus her attention on. Thus, the most sensible path for her is to continue as she’s done before, chasing the one person in her life that’s still a source of constancy and familiarity. Now, this in no way justifies the extent of her behavior, but it certainly explains it, and she’s full aware of the futility of her efforts as well. Kaga Kouko, I expect, is a person who’ll be letting on a whole lot more than we’ll ever expect, once Banri finally gets her to remember his name. When that time comes, I’m sure it’ll be easier to sympathize with her, especially as she cools down her chase-mode to make way for more mutual affection.


He’s starting to show potential, but it’ll be up to the next episode to really show his stuff. It’s nice that his maturity in facing Mitsuo is reflective of a college attitude–it’s something that I want to see more of from all the characters. I suspect Banri will be at his weakest as a character during normal episodes, but as soon as that drama kicks in, Banri will be here to save the day. After all, that’s pretty much the good model for beta-type characters–stay soft until the right time comes and then go for the kill when the drama gets rough. It’s in no way a bad formula or character type, so long as it’s executed properly. If Banri can make this inevitable overnight fun club trip worthwhile, it’ll be through his wit and success–the result being that Kouko loses focus on Mitsuo, even for a few minutes, to focus in on her own life and desires.


She’s just too darn adorable, isn’t she? ;_;




  1. This is starting to show promise…I’m not a huge fan of the whole mitsuo-kouko ‘thing’, but I assume its going to take care of itself in the near future.

    That was pretty accurate as to how many college parties go though:

    1) Lots of booze? Check
    2) Lots of topless women? Check
    3) Lots of people being taken advantage of (in this case, the poor freshmen boys)? Check

    Seems legit to me!

    1. If the opening is of any indiction Koko will eventually end up with Banri, that really interest me considering the complete one sided affection of her towards Yana-san which could only mean a breaking point in their “relationship” in the near future.

      1. As I mentioned last week, it’s probably going to be a “you don’t know what you had until you’ve lost it” scenario with Mitsuo.

        I get the feeling that, at first, Mitsuo won’t mind when Koko and Banri end up together (if only cautioning Banri about it) and be happy that Koko is no longer his shadow. But, eventually, he’s probably going to start noticing her now-deliberate absences, even possibly turning down an invitation to join him for something since she’s already planned something with Banri, something she would’ve jumped at the chance at before, and, whether he knows it or not, it will eat away at him until it eventually ends up blowing into a jealous confrontation of some sort.

  2. I did appreciate them touching on this possible friction between Mitsuo and Banri. When you look at things from his perspective it’s understandable. Probably no one ever looked at things from his point of view. They just deferred to Koko because she’s cute and that was that. At the same time looking at the pictures, I wonder when things started to sour. At this point Mitsuo just can’t trust Koko or see her actions in a positive light. The one good thing I took from that friction was how Banri and Mitsuo handled it. Banri standing his ground and pointing out that how each feel about this is up to them. It’s fine for friends to not agree on everything. Now if Banri gets together with Koko it could be a problem since Mitsuo doesn’t trust her.

    Koko is a mixed bad for me. Certainly she’s created a lot of her own problems. Obsessively chasing Mitsuo and not listening to his turning her away. Yet, at the core she’s not a bad person. Just caught in a vicious circle. Her actions, appearance, and apparent wealth are isolating. It’s tough going into a new environment without any friends and she doesn’t appear to have the social skills or willingness to handle this problem alone. Banri will be really key in helping her out. And at least she seemed to get his name down near the end of the episode so that should be ok.

    And yeah I think there are too many hints for Linda to not have a connection to Banri from the past. It did kind of look like her in that flashback, though not super clear.

    1. I think you are right with the vicious cycle but Mitsuo has fault in this too, he turns down Kouko every time but doesn´t leave things clear enough so she can take the hint, I belive some part of Yana-san doesn´t want to let her go completely because she´s benn a part of his life for so long.

      As for Linda, I too has my suspicions that she´s somehow connected to Banri, it´s too much of a coincidence for her her to save two times now and I don´t belive in coincidences!.

      1. I’d like to say he’s been clear enough, but at the same time his way to resolve this is to hide and avoid her at all costs. Certainly nothing is going to change this way unless he plans on running from her his entire life.

        I don’t think he or Koko can resolve this by themselves any longer. Mitsuo doesn’t trust Koko enough to even discuss the situation with her. He’ll never get her to understand because he doesn’t think there is a misunderstanding. She’s decided to make his life miserable and that’s that. So I do agree that both have a part to play in this. Banri’s just going to have to help resolve this for all their sakes.

    2. Koko’s attractiveness and seemingly-common knowledge of her being from a rich family doesn’t help things either as, to your average joe, new college student (as that one unnamed guy mentioned to his friend), she would probably come off as too far out of their league, making them feel intimidated by her, so probably feeling better not to try and risk looking like an idiot to her.

    3. @FlareKnight:

      A side note: she’s actually wearing the same hoodie in the flashback as she wears in this episode.

      Though the picture wasn’t in clear focus, this sure clarifies it :P.

      1. Yeah you have to pause at just the right moment, but it does seem pretty certain that’s Linda. The hoodie looks the same and while a bit blurry the hairstyle looks pretty exact as well. Until proven otherwise I think we can safely say it’s her.

  3. Thanks,i just rewatched the ending of episode one, and the beggining of the second,and it´s most likely that when he saw the hospital number,he remembered the night that he suffered the accident,and after the night he escaped from there, and meet someone,i guess.

  4. If this show continues being this good…. Many tears will be shed by the time we finish this series. Though, for the flashback. Is it really Linda, or could it be Koko? They might just pull that trick and have Linda come into the picture through some other event. It’s all speculation for me, but I’m excited to find out.

    1. i’m going with linda here. koko being revealed to be the forgotten friend slash love interes just feels too forced. at least with linda we already got all those foreshadowing.

      i really like the direction this anime is going. wanna see more of how the relationships develop further. won’t be surprised if yana-san actually realizes that he does love koko only to find out that she has already fallen for banri. oh the impending emotions!

      i did notice some animation drop in the first few minutes but that’s forgivable. and yeah, definitely needs more chinami :3

      1. If this does actually happen that would just be an onslaught of overwhelming emotions. Though, there may be more characters incoming to make the relationship a whole lot more complicated. This is slowly becoming my favorite show of the season. I’m glad that I have a show like this to satisfy my needs for a good romance/drama show like Sakurasou.

  5. damn, now I like that anime even more!
    the relationship between the characters starts to emerge well with each one show a bit of its own hardship and uniqueness.
    and yes it keeps being more mature and sincere with the college stuff and the relationship between the characters too.
    last week Cross told me of the similarity between Banri and Riki (LB), and now it’s more apparent. the way he keeps himself between Mitsuo and Kouko is so alike. he wants to be friend with both without him to do something to ruin other’s desires (as bizarre as it may seem). I like him.
    Kouko has many hidden sides and clearly something is very important to her, otherwise she wouldn’t chase Mitsuo so much. I only noticed this episode that she’s actually Kushieda VA from toradora. so fits!
    Chinami – definitely more screentime!

    I cant wait for more golden time. it’s indeed ‘valuable’ time and definitely worth it! 😛

  6. after reading Zanibas’s mention that the writer is from Toradora!, this became an instant sold for me. I fell in love with Kouko’s character (appearance-wise mostly) already, and I’d love to get to know her more. Without going into my delusions of her that I had throughout the day, I would like to know where her obsession stems and how this romance is going to turn about phase and how a guy is going to pursue a girl who’s already in love with someone else.

    That said, did I mention Kouko’s beautiful? Even by anime girl standards she is obnormally beautiful and elegant, not to mention the energetic type too. Long hair, beautiful, gorgeous fashion sense, attractive eyes that draws you in, and a girl full of obsession and devotion that tip-toes into yandere while retaining tsundere elements… the list goes on. She’s definitely my type.

    RuriNeko (TheNewHorde)
    1. I am going to give you advice that will save you much trouble as you continue to go through life.

      Kouko is pretty, but she’s a creepy obsessive stalker. She’s crazy


      Find a new type, for your own good.

      This has been a PSA by the Men’s “I stuck it once and it haunted me forever” association.

      1. I got a little advice for you, EmD. You may not want to judge Koko on the first two episodes we’ve seen. There’s a lot more to her than you think, she really isn’t as bad as she seems.

  7. OK, someone tell me where was all that wild partying going on while I was studying? I guess I definitely was not “too out of reach” like Kaga-san looks to be. Maybe flatly refusing to drink any alcohol was too much of a shocker for some fellow students?
    Anyway I love how the series takes its time developing any possible romances. For now everyone is in the friendzone and forces of romantic gravity are just starting to work its magic (save of course Mitsuo-Kouko relation where Mitsuo is desperate to escape Kouko’s “romantic gravity well”).

  8. 2D-kun from the Tea Booze Club looked like Keima. I still hate how the OP spoils their eventual relationship. It would have been cool to speculate how and if Banri would ever win Overly Attached Childhood Friend Kouko’s affection

    The Story You Don't Know
  9. I’ve always had this image of a tea club (in anime) as having a quiet atmosphere and it’s members being the behaved and elegant types (I thank Amagami SS for that imagery). Golden Time changed that, not that it’s a bad thing.

  10. Having read the Light Novel on Baka-Tsuki. I can honestly say that this series is going to be a treat! the characters in the original work were really well rounded. And everyone is believably morally grey. My number 1 is Linda, she as less of a presence than i would like but the reveal of her secret establishes her as one of the toughest character.

  11. Nah, I truly get how Kouko feels. Having said that with a similar experience with a… *cough* lover. I mean, being an overly attached person has its own merits anyway. Not that it’s advisable to be one – just don’t overdo it.

  12. Much like Takemiya Yuyuko’s previous novel Toradora, Kouko is not only resembling a bigger version of Taiga with her physical appearance and ojou-sama wealth, but also some of her personal flaws which in turn leads to her insecurities. Taiga at least had Minori (whom Hocchan also voiced), but Kouko is now at risk of alienating her childhood sweetheart Mitsuo for good with her antics.

    Having known Alcohol Anonymous members Itou Shizuka and Gotou Saori cameo as the very inappropriate members of the “Tea Ceremony Club” that drinks booze all night is a treat to watch.

    Ditto for the increasingly eponymous Taneda Risa credited simply as “Recruiter” for her epic persuasive skills in recruiting both Banri and Kouko into her club.

    1. glad i am not the only one nticing that kouko does look like an older taiga. am guessing that this would go in the same manner as in toradora’s dynamics in that kouko and banri would try to help each other deal with their personal relationships (mitsuo for kouko and probably linda for banri) only to realize that they have fallen for each other instead.

    1. Yeah,she isn’t but she’s not obnoxious either.Kouko will have to show some(maybe a lot) of improvement until she gains our affection which,if done right,can be something to really look forward to.

  13. With this episode as well as the 1st,I can definitely see where Mitsuo’s coming so he earns my sympathy rather tham Kouko.That makes things all the more interesting though as I believe we have to view this differently(or at least I’m gonna risk doing so,thus having higher expectations).We’re very used to the usual RomCom formula that’s usually something like:

    *Guy likes girl for what she is,girl already likes guy from the start for what he is.As they struggle through some generic events they eventually get to be in a relationship,if they even get that far.*

    Here,it looks like both Kouko & Banri will have to struggle through whatever their college life throws at them and help each other overcome whatever other personal problems they have.

    I’m getting too ahead of myself here but there’s just so much potential here and you don’t see an anime like this very often that it would be a shame for it not to be good.

  14. So currently right now we have the 5 main characters assembled I believe?

    Thus far, it’s kinda shaping up well and pretty much have no regrets picking this up.

    Gonna watch this closely and see if it’ll be on par with ToraDora or surpass it.

    Would be nice to see epic scenes from this show itself

    1. After reading the manga up to date just an hour earlier… I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed 😀 Well, then. Guess it’s time to read the LN next. Just damn it! I wish I’ll shave my hair if Kaga doesn’t end with Banri in the end.

  15. Loving this show even more! Granted some sequence were different from the LN and manga but its all good. Glad this is a 2 cour show.

    Koko’s just adorable to me, sans the stalker-ish side of her. 🙂

    Linda’s coming in 2nd.

    And I just realized that 2D-kun just looks like Keima Katsuragi, in college.

  16. I’m sorry Latin club, but the Onee-samas have captured me, Tea Club for life!

    I am liking the flashback mystery thing going on with Linda. Was she the one on the motorcycle who ran Banri over? Another question would be why would she run over a nice guy like Banri on purpose? Linda is an undercover Yandere, I called it first.

    Mitsuo was pretty much right when he was describing his side of the situation with Kaga. Nobody ever takes the dude’s side because if you’re a boy you’re going to take the girl’s side and even if you’re a girl you’d still take the girl’s side anyways. I’m on your side Mitsuo, maybe you can get Chinami, if you deserve her though. I need to see some more development before you’re worthy.

    I need to see more reason from Kaga other than “we’re childhood friends and we’ve been together all our life” for why she is so obsessed with Mitsuo before I feel sorry for her.

  17. Can’t wait for the next episode to watch!.. I do feel sorry for Kouko, she must really fell lonely seeing other club members inviting other students while she’s just being ignored..

    Faint Smile
    1. The funny this is at that moment I thought “wow she finally remembered his name. But she actually remembered it earlier than that. Think she first got it down around 17:45 when asking him about the tea club recruiters and how many he’d been invited to join, etc.

  18. I thought this show will have an “evolving credits” kind of OPs… But now that I have seen that the second episode have the same OP, I guess it’s safe to assume who the official couple are.
    I actually prefer shows that didn’t show that clearly from day one, but I guess I can still enjoy ones who do.

    My favorite is Linda, however.

  19. Them girls at the Tea Club are really rowdy.

    AND it looks like Banri and Kouko are starting to spend more time together. It won’t be long before they hit it off and show that jerk what’s his missing with an overly-attached, retarded girlfriend.

    Linda and Banri seems to have this air familiarity though I’m not sure yet, really. Even in the LN part I read it’s just hinted Linda knows Banri but Banri don’t. I won’t be surprised if Linda was the one who ran Banri over and it’s a cliche “feeling guilty for the poor cute guy with childish looks” ploy.

  20. My prediction for Kouko’s back story and why she is so overly attached to Mitsuo:

    Kouko was probably just as avoided from her childhood as she is now, all the way to where we see her today. She was either put on a pedestal, or was just really shy and eventually was just looked at as “in a different league” as she got older, adding to her inability to find friends. Mitsuo was probably the only person who would talk to her since they were together since they were little, but eventually Mitsuo was tired of her trying to be in his business 24/7 and the fact that he seems to be living in her shadow. That would explain why Kouko is overly attached to Mitsuo, since he was her only friend. Add onto that the fact that being too close to someone for such a long time starting in childhood can erase any sort of romatic feelings you hold towards that person, and we get to the current situation of Mitsuo and Kouko’s relationship.

    1. or The both was planed to Marriage, when they archive some Goals. So this choose from Parents for married route. Something of “Bloodlines”, it still have a deep meaning in Nippon

    1. Linda’s and Kouko’s Father, must be the Same. Just that Linda’s Mother or Linda herself, was thrown out of the “Main branch” or something like that. Perhaps the “Evil Stepmother or Stepfather” Play card

      1. and the Way Kouko are acting this Way, is perhaps the Way their Parents plant her entire Life for her. Since she was Born. All are planed from the Parents. So she is used to plan all for his Boyfriend, too. She is not used to “own free Will”

  21. Solid second episode. As a drama/romance/comedy fan, this season’s offering of Golden Album of Refrain is killing me XD

    Also, at the ED : Kouko with stuffed cheek really looks like adult Taiga. And Kouko already developing faster than I expect before.


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