「メシェ」 (Meshe)

I hope you like your explosions with 80% more mecha and gunfire.

I’m still not exactly sure where Galilei Donna wants to go with all it’s untapped potential, but I do think we’re in for something of a travelogue meets historical mystery, a story about three sisters all alone in the world with nothing but their goldfish mecha (now named Galileo) and a seeming ally in Anna Hendricks. What’s sure is that the Ferrari girls’ lives are about to change drastically, now that Mama and Papa Ferrari seem to be more or less out of the picture (I don’t know if I’d call any deaths yet, but I wouldn’t remove the possibility either) and the whole world seems to be after the three of them. It doesn’t seem like there’s anywhere safe for them in Italy at least, so will they do as Hozuki intended and head for Japan?

Before any speculation, though, the astronomical/science/history nerd in me is pretty happy with the way that portion of the story is being developed in the background. We still don’t know exactly what this so called “Inheritance of Galileo” really is or why it is that everyone wants it all of a sudden, but we do know that it seems to be some sort of unpublished discovery or idea of Galileo’s that he hid away for some reason, and we do know that a lot of people want it, even if we have no clue why. It reminds me of something like The Da Vinci Code or some of Dan Brown’s other conspiracy-esque novels, and personally I find that sort of plot to be pretty fun to watch unfold. There’s definitely a conspiracy here, after all, what with even the police assisting in something akin to kidnapping and torture, but the bigger question for me is, why now? Why is Silvia’s boss, whom she presumably sees every day, suddenly taking her and her family’s hostage? Why didn’t the police keep the girls in custody when they first arrived in the station after being attacked? Why are all the air pirates suddenly interested in something like Galileo’s Inheritance, and where did Anna come from?

Then, of course, is the question of why everyone is so sure that three young descendants of the family would know more than their parents about such a matter. I can understand using the girls to threaten Silvia or Geshio, but why do they need to interrogate the girls themselves? It seems kind of silly to me, but then again, I am questioning a series with a giant goldfish mecha. I suppose from here we take that as is and enjoy the drama and action; the Ferrari sisters are up to their necks in it.


  1. I was thinking about Dan Brown’s novels as well. that’s why we have too many questions with very few answers,and we won’t get answers that quickly and easily..I guess. so yes, it’s probably gonna be like a travel-adventure that meets history-mystery stuff. I don’t see a problem with the concept as long as it will be perfromed well. what’s concern me is the characters. there’s too much focus on the younger sister(the mega-genius)so the 2 older-sisters seem more like a third-wheel in the way…
    I wonder whether the mother is really dead, if she’s not dead then it’s just a lame troll/”cliffhanger” at the end of the episode..that way or another, it’ll be the first hurdle for this show to be deal with.
    I hope they will do things properly, because there is potential..whether it’s untapped will be answered in the next 1 or 2 episodes.

    BTW where is that red-head guy with the binoculars had gone?I thought we’re gonna see him this time. we can add this to the list of unanswered questions 😛

  2. I expected Police to have better weapons than that……..Actually, the guns used by everyone in this show looks very outdated in the age where Hi-tech flying machine and car are normal thing….

    Come to think of it…flying machine, technological contradiction, a girls who’s good at creating something…This show somehow reminds me of Secret of Cerulean Sand.

    1. it’s still a problem.
      we can assume 95% that it’s a direct blow to the head and there’s quite blood loss from the head itself. so in case she’s alive somehow, she must be really crriple or a vegteable…

      that way or another, mother’s case will be a major event for us to examine about the series intentions and…even quality. it’s the first challenge that GD must deal with.
      I wonder..not only what they are planning, but also how this will be done on screen.

  3. I loved everything about the first ep. The character design is gorgeous, especially the three sisters, the action is great and the bishie villain was fabulously Italian! 🙂
    Also, I’m a sucker for the “old meets new” setting, the north Italian(?) village in the winter but with a twist mechas and holographic signposts makes things more fun.
    Judging by the new episode (didn’t actually see it yet), things are going to get even more exciting and fun!

  4. I will enjoy the goldfish ride. From the airships to coded mysteries, this series has me hooked up, and girls themselves learning to cooperate might be fun to watch. The unknown factor of the rivalling parties (dirty corporate boss & son, sky pirates (and possibly someone else they work for?), Anna) real motives is definitely nice too. We might see some side-switching and unusual alliances yet.

  5. It feels like it should be called Research or Die. It feels exactly like Read or Die except instead of famous authors it uses famous scientists (although it has already involved John Milton, a famous poet). Quirky female protagonist(s), check. Shadowy evil organizations with seemingly limitless influence, check. Even the choice of music and the dialogue of the characters are reminiscent. So if you like this show then go watch Read or Die (the movie first then show) if you haven’t already.

  6. If i am may to compare the “Base” of this Anime with old “Studio Ghibli” ones, i know…

    “Laputa, Castle in the Sky”, share the same Base line. a Girl descendant of someone Powerful Race in the Past, chased from Humans that want her Secrets… But in the End, the Girl destroyed the Secrets for the Human Benefits, no one should hold this kind of Power for Abusing…

    But lets see, if here it is other way around. Interesting

    I have this Anime, on my Radar. Please continue to entertain me, Galilei Donna

    p.s: Hayao Miyazaki inspired many Children’s in his Lifetime. Job well done, Mr. Miyazaki. But your own Son, need to stay on his own two Feet, like you. No one is born as a Genius

  7. The mother is annoying, but I didn’t want her to die, especially in the second episode ;/. I don’t want Papa Jesus to die either, but he’ll just resurrect on sunday or Hozuki will turn him into a Goldfish/Human cyborg lol. Mecha Momma might happen too.

    I’m glad Kazuki isn’t just the normal middle type character, she’s got to have something that keeps her sisters from overshadowing her. I’d like to see more cans of woop ass opened funya.

  8. Okay, i saw Episode 3, and i came to an conclusion

    This “Tube Hair Girl”, is the Good Cop of the “Cood Cop and Bad Cop” Play of this “Mafia”

    Yeah, if the Girls are forced to tell the Secrets that they dont know about them selfs, then a “good God” can perhaps help them to find it

    Yeah, i predict that she is not that what we want to see

    But, i try to enjoy the Story.

    p.s. it is my Speculation, but my Spider senses are tinkling

    1. How i made this Conclusion?

      While the “Mafia” mecha came into Action, then the Script Action reveal it. Just a bit Preasure to crack the Girls. And then the draw, it played all to well


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