「汝の名は侵略者」 (Nanji no na wa Shinryaku-sha)
“You are an Invader”

Invaders don’t always come howling in on horseback, and sometimes the most dangerous weapon of all are ideas.

Education Can Change the World

This was mentioned in the comments last week, but for an underdeveloped nation like the Holy Eldant Empire, there is nothing more dangerous to the status quo than education. Humans currently rule the country, but that’s only because they beat the elves, dwarves, and the other races – races with gifts the humans are jealous of – to creating a government. The whole scheme rests on the other races not realizing they can do the same thing, just as the formerly primitive people of Earth had to learn they could do the same things the seafaring Europeans with their big guns and fancy decrees could do. What impressed me was that Shinichi does realize what he’s doing could upset the entire power structure, and he’s doing it anyway because it’s what he feels is right. I’m not sure this is wise from Japan’s standpoint – a country battling upheaval caused by one of your people isn’t liable to shower you with gifts – but it’s what Shinichi feels is right, and that’s what matters right now. Plus it’s not like Japan couldn’t probably own them in a fight. Magic is cool, but I’ll put my money on guns and missiles any day.

A True Believer

This show gives me so many opportunities to go off on tangents, and this episode provides another one. This time I’ll be talking about marketing, i.e. what I do during the day to support my writing habit. Petrarca mentioned that all the past representatives were clearly after something – fame, fortune, power, etc – but that Shinichi is different. He’s a true believer, one who actually loves the product (culture) he’s preaching. Shinichi is, in fact, marketing otaku culture to Eldant, and the Japanese government was wise (or lucky) to finally figure out that the best person to market an idea is someone who truly believes in it. You can all tell when a company, politician, or spokesperson doesn’t believe in what they’re saying, can’t you? I can, and I know most people can too. It’s those that truly believe in their vision that suck you in.

Intermission: Myuseru Kawaii Yo

Pardon me while I fangirl…Myuseru wants to go back to Japan with Shinichi HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!! I like that Shinichi doesn’t immediately waifu her because of his past trauma, but I think he’ll find that she truly does like him for who he is, because his acts of kindness are a reflection of his character. But when Shinichi geeked out because Myuseru delivered his forgotten lunch…ohhh man, I laughed so hard. Seriously, she’s perfect! Marry her on the spot you doofus!

A Dangerous Enemy, and Dangerous Allies

Props to this Alessio chap for being far smarter than the average racist terrorist villain. First of all, he was not wrong in his accusations of Shinichi, nor in his predictions of what Shinichi’s school would do to the status quo, as previously discussed. What really earned my respect (and continued loathing) is when Shinichi accused him (and humans in general) of subjugating the elves and others because they were jealous, and he agreed. He understands that humans have a ponzi scheme going that will fall apart when enough people figure out what’s going on, but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to try to keep the merry-go-round spinning for as long as possible. And when he called Shinichi out on bluffing because there wasn’t any magic coming from him? Seriously, take this guy down. He’s way too dangerous.

As for allies, Minori. Just Minori! First of all, telling Shinichi to insert himself as far as he can (hur hur hur) to get the pen-knife she stored in her bra ala Fujiko? Minori is flying up the rankings! She was also a badass when she owned the mook terrorists with nothing but her hands and feet, though I always question the wisdom of a normal human (physically…her skills and intelligence are anything but normal) going up against people wielding weapons, even if they apparently suck with them.

Next is Myuseru. It was really impressive that she could translate so much of what Alessio and the others were saying already, but the real jewel was her nuking the fuck out of the baddies, a skill which was foreshadowed last episode and did not disappoint this time. And of course, there’s when she–but more on that soon.

Petrarca deserves kudos as well. As Shinichi noted, she finally seemed like a ruler instead of a spoiled little rich girl, and it was her words that saved Shinichi from losing his head (literally) long enough for them to turn the tide. As an aside, I also liked how Garius and Jinzaburou seem to get along. I think those two understand each other well.

Finally, Shinichi. First he sacrifices his pride to get everyone out in the hallway (hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go), which was a nice touch, but I totally lost it when he bluffed the mooks with his Madoka-tan alarm! It takes balls to bluff with a two and a seven and make it seem like you’ve got pocket rockets. That, his 530,000 power level comment, and capping it off with the fire extinguisher…ohhh man, that fire extinguisher! I totally lost it on that again. They did a really good job of building that magical device up to be unstoppable, and then Shinichi uses Earth-logic to do stop it flat. I mean, it operated with fire, right? It makes sense. But I can’t say I would have thought of that. Shinichi proves himself once again to be an excellent protagonist.

Petrarca Can’t Understand Equality…Until Now

It’s understandable that Shinichi keeps pissing off Petrarca, because he keeps putting her and Myuseru on the same level when this is something Petrarca cannot understand. I mean really just cannot fathom – it goes against everything she has learned and been taught in her entire life up until now. It’s truly alien reasoning, and she’s not necessarily being cruel by thinking she’s better than Myuseru, anymore than Myuseru has low self-esteem by thinking she’s less. That’s just how their culture works, and as with all of us, they are products of the culture they grew up in.

Until now. It’s a well-known fact that the best way to cure a bigot is to put a member of the people they hate / think less of near them, preferably in their family. A parent suddenly becoming fine with homosexuals because their child is one? People becoming fine with other races when a nice family of that race moves next door? It’s a story as old as humanity, and it works even when we’re dealing with elves and dwarves. Proximity makes it hard to hate, but it’s usually a slow grinding down process, where the discriminated wears down the bigot’s prior assumptions by consistently being a good person near them…but sometimes great acts can accelerate the process. My breath caught in my throat when the blood flew, because I knew it wasn’t Petrarca’s, and I knew whose it was. After this I think Petrarca will be a lot more receptive to the idea of equality, at least where Myuseru is concerned. But once she accepts Myuseru, it’s only a matter of time.

Looking Ahead

Myuseru better not be dead!! Normally I would be annoyed that the preview appears to have spoiled this, but I honestly don’t think I could have taken a week of wondering. It doesn’t seem like she should be, that would be totally unexpected and kill the show’s tone…but what can I say, I worry. If Myuseru dies… No, I will not consider such a thing! It’s too horrible to contemplate!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Ideas, education, & dangerous enemies collide. Fortunately our heroes are dangerous as well. They’re up to the challenge. Myuseru!! #ob_c 03

Random thoughts:

  • Myuseru bit her tongue on that tongue twister, d’aaawww!
  • Still with the Shingeki, eh? Shinichi can pull off a pretty good Eren.
  • Seriously, I’m not one to be prejudiced against a loli, but I would waifu Myuseru on the spot. Selfless & kind half-elf meido who wants to go back to my world with me? Done. Just so done. Too bad she’s a thief, because she’s STOLEN MY HEART!

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  1. I’m digging this series a lot. It’s a pretty good exploration of the whole “When two different societies meet” thing we’ve seen repeated over and over in history. I’m curious to see how this is going to get resolved, though, because often in these sorts of encounters, one side wins and the other side loses–badly.

    But Myuseru is cute, so I tend to forget all of that when I’m watching it.

    I have mixed feelings about spoiling your own show in the next week preview. Part of me is relieved, but the other part is thinking, “Why did you build that tension just now, only to ruin it 30 seconds later???”

    Also, I’m of two minds about a “natural” reaction for the loli empress. If Mysuseru really is a servant from a lower class, who doesn’t even count as a person, then of course saving the empress is just something she’s supposed to do, right? So if queen loli was to have a change of heart *just over that*, then I don’t think it feels as natural.

    I’m nitpicking. But that’s what fans do.

    Myuseru is cute enough to make up for any flaws I see.:D

    1. Generally I don’t like spoilers in the preview, it’s just that this time the cliffhanger would have done a number on me. Myuseru ;_;

      On your Petrarca point, remember that it’s not really a maid’s job to take a knife for anyone. That’s a soldier’s job, perhaps, or more correctly a bodyguard. Myuseru’s job is to clean and make tea, so for her to do that for someone who isn’t even her master…yeah, that says a lot. Plus Petrarca has had Shinichi pushing this equality idea on her, so she’s been primed to make the jump, even if it doesn’t happen immediately.

      1. The thing is, I think they stated in the previous episode that she was originally a soldier before becoming a maid. Her soldier side came out from her past and she acted as such.

      2. I think the key to this is, as you mentioned, shinichi.

        If this had happened on any other day she likely wouldn’t have cared. Dirt is dirt. With Shinichi there on the other hand, like you say, she’s already starting to question how these roles work. Whether she’s coming around or not is irrelevant, the system is at the forefront of her thinking and she can’t ignore it.

        So this happening now has to slot into the mental process she’s currently going through anyway.

  2. I guessed a battle scene last week, but I didn’t expect it to be in the very next episode :p
    As for the 3-episode-rule impression,
    Guess I’m tuning in until the last episode of Outbreak Company 🙂

    Though for the anime I’m following, this week of Episode Three(s) seems to be a Sad Week.
    Coppelion Ep03? Damnnnn…..Show Spoiler ▼

    Freezing Vibration Ep03? Damnnn…..Show Spoiler ▼

    Kyoukai no Kanata Ep03? Damnn…..Show Spoiler ▼

    Strike The Blood Ep03? Damn…Show Spoiler ▼

    Little Busters Refrain Ep03? Sobbing….VN players would probably rate that episode highly.

    Wow, checking back with RandomC’s Autumn Preview, looks like I’m following about 18 out of 42 animes…..And not all of them are covered here in RandomC.

    1. To repeat a tongue twister from different language, which you’ve just heard said twice times? Of course she would bite her tongue. I’ve spoken English for more than 20 years but still I wouldn’t repeat such a phrase. She can speak the language quite well already, but tongue twisters are totally different level.

      1. While your point is certainly valid, I also think she faked it.

        The maid has shown that she knows not to overstep her position. She’s very smart. She would have known that to do it correctly, or to do anything else, would get her in serious trouble.

        I mean it’s possible she messed up, but given that she purposely showed him her skills when they were alone, I believe we’re supposed to assume she faked it.

  3. Let’s not forget, how made this “Contact” possible in the frist line. Sure this “Generation” need to deepen the bounds. But it was the old ones, that want this Dream come true…. You see this old canceler? that is behind the Princess? he is the real one, that have to thank you. He made the First Step

    And yes, imagine how our Culture forcible missionary can create some “Dark” things. Respect for Knowing, Trust for friendship. Love comes from Heart

  4. Seriously, I’m not one to be prejudiced against a loli, but I would waifu Myuseru on the spot

    You and me both my friend. I’m an avid lover of tsundere, so I expected myself to be all in on the Petrarca ship but every episode I find myself leaning more towards Myuseru. If it wasn’t for the preview I’d be sweating bullets right now with that cliffhanger.

    Seriously never expected this show to be so good. It’s rare that a show with such a joke of an initial premise actually ends up being in the upper echelon of shows in a season.

    1. I’m right there with you, I came into this show just expecting a harem with an interesting twist. Got way more then I expected, this show has back story, setting, and the strawman characters I saw are way beyond strawmen – they make sense.

      There’s only one thing that could make this series more impressive, is if the MC isn’t clueless about the girls. I mean, he even mentioned episode two he had the beginnings of a harem there. Common man, you’ve already proven yourself more clever then half the protagonists in anime!

      1. “There’s only one thing that could make this series more impressive, is if the MC isn’t clueless about the girls.”

        Shinichi _is_ aware of Myuseru/Myusel’s feelings for him, but after his experience of getting rejected by a girl just for being an otaku, Shinichi doesn’t want to rush in reciprocating Myuseru/Myusel’s feelings. (There is a trope for that…)

      2. I don’t know if Shinichi is actually clueless about girls. It seems he was scarred from his childhood friend rejection, which explains his hesitation to waifu Myuseru right away. Though I suspect if he did waifu Myuseru right away, it will make his relationship with Petrarca that much more complicated.

        I also find it interesting that they use Shinichi’s past rejection to build his view of “equality.” Sounds like a silly premise (being persecuted for being otaku), yet the device works perfectly in this setting.

      3. @Aoihoshikage:

        It’s okay… There’s more than one way to explain a viewpoint.

        “It’s rare that a show with such a joke of an initial premise actually ends up being in the upper echelon of shows in a season.”

        The last series that gave off a similar vibe (IMO) was Girls und Panzer.

      4. FWIW, I think it’s a little of both – now. By EP 02, pretty clear IMO that both girls were interested in Shinichi, but until this episode I really didn’t get the impression he had a clue in terms of either one.

        For Myuseru, I would think (at least hope) he’s figured it out by now even if he doubts the reason(s) why she likes him given his internal conversation. However, IMO he’s Ichika dense when it comes to Patrarca. Just to be clear, I think Shinichi is definitely more perceptive overall than someone like Ichika, but I also think he has his Ichika dense moments as well – so far at least.

        BTW, did Shinichi’s comment remind anyone of Issei (HS DxD)?
        Show Spoiler ▼

      5. Well, Shinichi so far is much less of a pervert. I’d say, Shinichi is more of a perverted gentleman. Issei wins the pervert medal/oppai fetish hands down. However, I agree that after hearing Shinichi’s comment all I could think of was Issei.

    2. I think this is one of those series where the premise synopsis doesn’t really do the truth of the plot justice. For instance, I’ve been (finally) watching Steins;Gate, and the synopsis of “mad scientist makes a microwave that sends texts back in time” sounds really strange (a microwave? really?), but when you get into the story it all makes sense.

      Here it probably would have been better to talk more about using culture (which happens to be the otaku one, in this case) to bridge the divide between cultures and other such things. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) most places emphasize the moe stuff, so we were left with low expectations going in.

      Which isn’t a bad thing! That just makes it being awesome all the more fun now ^^

      1. Hahaha, I somehow managed to wait until the last week of September to marathon Shingeki no Kyojin (WHY!?) so I know exactly how you feel about Stein;Gate. Gotta get that marathon in before the movie comes out in December. You’ll probably find that after episode 12 you WON’T BE ABLE TO STOP (caps for great justice). But enough about Steins;Gate, this is about OBC.

        I totally agree about the synopsis not doing justice to the content. Initially I wasn’t even going to watch this because of how bad the synopsis was. I was expecting a trashy harem show with fanservice taken to the umpteenth degree and what do I get? I get well developed characters with a plot that’s pretty original and fresh and even some pretty good action (Minori is a boss). It’ll be interesting to see if the show can keep this going because so far this has been a top 5 (maybe even 3 if I decide to put in some actual thought towards the topic) show for the season for me.

      2. This is a major mistake on their part in my opinion. I’m not in to ‘anime culture’ for the most part, and when I read the season preview, this series sounded completely ridiculous to me. The only reason I even watched it was my wife was gone for the last month and I had nothing to do so I watched all the new series’ first episodes.

        And this one was great. And nothing like the blurb implied. Well that’s not true, the blurb is accurate, but it is giving the absolute foundation of the plot and nothing else. I was thrown. And this has turned out to be perfect for me, as someone who has lived abroad for years and has dealt with racism and cultural conflict both in daily life and now from in-laws.

      1. …and because you want them to sacrifice you to save the world…
        Naw, I didn’t like that whole premise. Betrayal with a purpose is still betrayal.
        Let the world die if that’s what it takes….
        Wait, sorry, wrong show… 😛

  5. I think we have all learned that if Stilt’s is unable to control his inner marketer in regards to a particular show, that we have a potential gem on our hands. Ironic. Stilts jumps from a show that did everything wrong to one where the writer(s) are doing everything right. Great concept, good characters, superbly executed plot. I am fully engaged in this story.

    Is it sad that I sort of feel that the best anime this year have been slice of lifes and comedies?

    1. Ahaha, thank you! And yes, I’ve often thought it funny how I’ll go from seasons where I’m covering all amazing shows I’m super happy about (this one being one of those), to ones where I’m, well, not. Sometimes that’s just how the cards fall.

      Seriously though, Gen’ei was such fail. Guh.

  6. episode to episode..this show is.. evolving!
    among the comedy and fantasy world we see more clearly aspects of our life like educations, values (ideals) collide once again with the “system” of the fantasy world in which humans rule.
    an interesting development with the “hostages” situation reveal another side of this show, and that’s really reminded me the combination of shonen(a bit) to a comdey, as we’ve seen in maou-sama.

    I like Miusel. it’s not coincidence that she saved the queen. she was inspired by the idealism. but it’s not only that, we saw her huge advance in terms of values and learning the culture, she even wants to visit his world!
    it was so much expected she will take the hit, so I am not disturbed by the preview. it’s better than to troll for nothing.
    I assume that now Petrarca won’t separate her from Shinchi..though it could be interesting if that happen.

    Madoka-tan is cute!

    Shinchi is still stuck in the middle of a love triangle..and he hasn’t “harem” yet…

    Shingeki no kyojin again?well…it was damn hilarious, but please refrain from recycle references so directly.

    1. I like that they stuck with Shingeki. I don’t think it’s a reference so much as showing they’re not bouncing around to different series, but slowly going through one as the students learn more.

      1. Actually, aren’t there references to other Animes/Games all over? It’s just that the references are all jumbled (i.e. different clothes, hair style, colors, etc)

        Here’s a few I’ve picked up:
        To Aru Kagaku no Railgun with a different Mikasa (Poster)
        Hatsune Miku (character display)
        Hataraku Maou (poster)
        Rental Madoka –> Mix of Rental Magica/Madoka/Moe-tan
        Shingeki no Kyogami? I think that’s their version of Shingeki no Kyojin
        Strike Witches (poster)
        I think I saw Asuna from SAO as well somewhere
        Magi (poster)
        Gintama (poster)
        Hunter x Hunter (poster)
        Inukami! (poster)
        Minami-Ke (manga)
        Steins;Gate (poster)
        Da Capo (poster)
        Rozen Maiden (poster)

        And there’s too many figurines to sort through…

        Hmm, is my otakuness showing?

  7. Definitely called the antagonists being those who had no intention of seeing change on their watch. Interesting that they were defeated so fast though. Looks like the main conflict going into the rest of the series will be the integration of the nobility and lower classes in Shinichi’s school.

    Props too for the restrained fan service, actually serves a purpose than some of the other season’s offerings (i’m looking at you Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shi).

      1. @Stilts: Probably not, ’cause I have my eye on some of his girls too >:D

        Who doesn’t? Issei’s harem is one of the best out there IMO, and the anime hasn’t even shown one of my favorites.
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. So all you have to do is kill Ichika, Issei and now Shinichi, man you have it though Stilts! By the way, are you interested in any girl in index universe? Because Touma Kmijo is one difficult bug to kill! XD.

      1. Actually it was perfectly repeating a scene from the manga (and anime) where Sasha looks hungrily at Misaka’s piece of bread and Misaka in turn follows her gaze, looks at her, then eats it to her disappointment.

  8. Just dont forget, this Show has the same base as Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (me liked Episode 9 a lot). Just that here is not the War the focus, it is the social status of two different Worlds
    . Lucky that the “Human” World dont rush in like the “Espana”(Spain) in America at their time…

  9. Good points : Petrarca showing she’s not just a royal brat but an actual leader, Myusel’s badass moment wwith her magic, and the fire extinguisher of doom – seriously, I was laughing my head off there
    Bad point : Minori taking down the bad guys bare-handed; yes it looked cool and shows she’s more than busty fanservice, until you remember her gun was still on the table where the terrorists had left it, meaning she could have spared 2 seconds to grab it back before exiting the room, and shot them easily…
    Also, I wonder if the eyecatch means Alessio will be a recurring character.

    Aww, no one commented on the DBZ reference?

    weird d
    1. Agree 100%. Stated the same thing about Minori and the gun in my comment (didn’t see yours until after posting >_<). IMO, while less than ideal, if you think about it, her leaving the gun is kind of necessary for Myuseru to sacrifice herself for Patrarca. Otherwise, Minori could have easily took control of the situation one way or another.

      I'm sure they could have scripted the scene so that Minori does grab the gun, and either it jams at "the worst possible" moment or she runs out of ammo, but not sure either one would come across any better. Probably the best way to handle it would have been for one of the terrorist to simply throw the gun out the window, but w/e. No big deal IMO as long as that type of thing doesn't consistently keep cropping up.

      1. and perhaps this “outland” Magic would even scare the Ally to dead, or other Fraction want these Power. if i would use Guns, at last i would build them so that only the rightful User can use them (Fingerprint or so), to avoid steal it and use it. “This is Magic of Evil. When even a Holy Person can use it, and kill Peoples!”

      2. I think you misunderstand my point a little. Minori doesn’t have to necessarily “shoot to kill” One shot to the leg to disable one, and they’ll get the point that the game is over. It’s simply a credibility issue. Minori is clearly highly trained in combat, but what well trained soldier forgets his/her gun (or other main weapon)? If she was a knight, you’d expect her to pick up her sword. Again, no big deal, but something that did cross my mind while watching.

    2. I agree, she should have picked up the gun even if she just wanted to pistol whip people with it. A weapon is always better than fighting barehanded, even if you’re trained to fight without one. Really I think it was mostly to prevent the mood from going totally dark after Minori shoots some people, as well as to make it justifiable for the mooks to fight back so much.

      Coulda solved it all by having Alessio keep Minori’s gun in the back of his belt or something, though, so still a slip up.

      1. Oh my goodness people. It’s a hot chick beating up a bunch of mooks. Why are we complaining about her not grabbing the gun? The outcome is the same, but a little hand-to-hand is a heckuva lot more entertaining.

      2. This Hand-to-Hand Combat Scene, was to Show how Bad ass this “Guardian” is, not just a “Boobies Joke on Legs”, and with the Pistole the Scene would be to fast over 🙂

  10. Hmmm… I guess there are many analogies with Japan in late Shogunate/early Meiji – I envision there will be much of such “patriotic samurai”, erm, knights wanting to get “filthy foreigners” out.
    But first let me rage!!! How dare they strike Myuseru??? GRRROAAARRRRR!!! I hope she will survive, and at least Petrarca seems more empathic now… speaking of Her Majesty, she seemed also much more smart than smartass which was her usual mode…
    Also, nice job with extenguisher, Shinichi! Minori doing Fujiko Mine act was great too…
    The show also makes me remember how in 1632 series first act of the enemies of USE was to attack the time-travellers school…

      1. Yup, the whole taking hostages action is typical of terrorist modus operandi. Down to setting up a bomb equivalent spell/device as a deterrent (luckily its vulnerable to extenguishers!)

  11. @Stilts: This episode caused me to think of a possible topic for the next podcast – “Is consistent improvement over the season a typical characteristic of HQ anime.” That’s something I’ve noticed with some of my favorite shows. Granted far too early to make any conclusions regarding Outbreak Company, but so far IMO the show is getting better with each episode.

    I was a bit surprised with the spoiler preview, but since Myuseru seems to be a popular character (my favorite so far) I can see why. No point tormenting the show’s fans, or causing the inevitable twitter/forum/blog backlash. Personally, I would have been very surprised if she did die since the show doesn’t give off an uber/grim-dark vibe, but better to avoid any potentially wrong speculation.

    As a plot device, I can’t think of a faster, more effective way to change Patraraca’s elitist views. Normally, that well used plot line risks coming across to me as a little formalistic, but I think it works here because there are so many other issues left to resolve. It’s one step, albeit a significant one, in a much larger process, and (unfortunately) the show doesn’t have a 2-cour season which would allow it to resolve every issue at a more leisurely pace.

    Some other random thoughts:

    – Was I the only one who noticed that when Patraraca mentioned Shinichi might get the servants pregnant, Myuseru just blushed and said NOTHING. Safe to say that flag is hard-coded set. I half-expected Myuseru to quietly mutter “It’s OK if it’s Shinichi…” Lucky bastard. Probably a good thing she didn’t, because I shudder to think of Patrarca’s reaction if she overheard that comment. Talk about a bad end.

    – Shinichi’s a lucky bastard part II: “But Patrarca and Myuseru, I HAD to bury my face into Minori’s breasts in order to save us!” Fortunately for him, it’s true.

    – For someone who can be quite perceptive at times, it seems to me that Shinichi suffers occasional bouts of Ichikaitis. I suspect (hope) he’s finally realized Myuseru likes him (even if he has the wrong idea why), but he’s still oblivious to Patrarca’s easily discernable interest. At times I think he has some clue, but then he’ll come up with an Ichika worthy comment (e.g. “Why are you still here?” or “I glad I met you AND the girl you’re insanely jealous about”).

    – While I do prefer Myuseru, I thought it was touching how Patrarca told Shinichi that she never had so much fun with someone else. For all her tsundere antics, I get the feeling she’s a bit lonely sitting at the top. The speech about normally someone always wanting some personal benefit when approaching her (i.e fame/fortune) reinforced this impression. JMO.

    – I wonder if Myuseru will be the first non-human to be awarded some sort of mid or lower-upper class status. Not entirely sure, but kind of got that impression from the preview.

    – Minori needs to go back to basic training. Sure the martial arts/hand-to-hand combat was appropriate when she first broke free, but PICK UP THE GUN before you leave the room to rescue Shinichi! Takes 2 seconds, and if she had it, Myuserul might not have been stabbed. Not a big deal, but still…

    – Getting to long already. Stilts is right. This show really does give you a lot to discuss, not that I’m complaining.

    1. Relative to Patrarca, watching the ED it’s only her moving about the castle and countryside alone. We could take that as showing how while she is in charge of everything in the kingdom she has no one who is really close to her. Shinichi is different for her because everyone else is her subject and technically beneath her socially.

      1. True – goes back to the “it’s lonely at the top” reference. I think it’s easy to see her as lonely and isolated. Given her position, it’s difficult to know who you can really trust apart from a very few select individuals – if that. As she noted, everyone she meets just wants to use her for their own gain. Her rank within a clearly defined caste system greatly restricts what chance she might have otherwise had to make friends close to her own age. Meeting someone like Shinichi must be a huge “breathe of fresh air” for her.

    1. I am not so sure about that. after all..KLK, SNK, gargantia, chihayafuru 2, refrain, monogatari and so many other big-names this year. besides…fall season has just started.
      yet I can say for sure it is definitely must be nominate as “surprise of the year” and/or “comedy of the year” along side maou-sama (:

      1. Looks like we have very different tastes, what’s fine.

        In my Gargantia was pretty good, but not really outstanding. Refrain is also fine, but I don’t think it will be one of the best of the year. The others you talked are BS to me.

        My list would have:

        Gin to Saji
        Hataraku Maou-sama!
        Maou Yuusha
        Mondai-Ji-tachi ga Isekai
        Yahari Ore no Seishun
        Majestic Prince

        I’m only considering anime that started this year…

    2. Technically, the Japanese already voted for a best anime of the year at an event,
      called Newtype Anime Awards 2013.

      Their timespan of a year is considered from October 2012 to September 2013 though.
      Top 10 according to rank: http://bit.ly/19wU0lw

      1.Attack on Titan
      2. Majestic Prince
      3. Girls und Panzer
      4. Psycho-Pass
      5. Love Live!
      6. Free!
      7. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
      8. Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
      9. The Devil is a Part-Timer!
      10. Sword Art Online

      1. I’m pretty sure this is based upon votes by Newtype readers who would vote Gundam SEED as the best anime ever though. They did however do a fairly good job on this one. Love Live being #5 is kinda just like, “huh?” I enjoyed it for sure, but I wouldn’t nominate it as being a contender for anime of the year.

        I would imagine Seishun likes Majestic Prince as #2 though. Funny how I haven’t even watched #2 and 3. I should really get on that.

    1. Petrarca actually. I’m pretty sure she’s named after the Italian scholar Francesco Petrarca (Petrarch to English speakers) who essentially created the concept of the Dark Ages.





        My bad. Admittedly, that was a pretty bad joke though.

      2. The actual intent of it was to make fun of myself but w/e. I was trying to get the feeling off of me being a robot incapable of abstract thought. Apparently this was in bad taste though.

        The “my bad” is separate from the rest of the post because I legitimately thought he was being serious. I was trying to have a little fun with it with some self-depreciating humor then apologize.

  12. the preview appears to have spoiled this

    @Stilts Yeah, I agree. It’s like the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing — this
    definitely falls into your rant in another series where the ED completely blew the mood.

    Good story telling in this ep. One of the things that impressed me was Petrarca grasp of
    the situation and in general, she’s NOT just a cute 16-year old puppet leading her country.
    We are given glimpses to her depth at times and the weight she bears as the ruler of her country.
    She seems to know what’s going on and I guess, was the one who rejected Japan’s previous
    attempts because she saw through the other representatives to their real motives.

    She’s Savvy…

    It’s Shinichi sincerity that makes her want to embrace some of the new ideas he brings to
    the table, and (assuming Myuseru hasn’t died — which I doubt) Myuseru will be the bridge
    to help overcome the cast system that seems to be in place in the Holy Eldant Empire.

    @daikama I agreed with your estimation of Shinichi and I hope the series corrects that as
    time goes on. I gotta admit those Ichikaitis moments had me cringing and nearly ruined
    some things for me. It’s almost like our male protagonist is the drama’s comic relief at times;
    it doesn’t play well at all.

    Can’t wait for the next!!!

    1. Petrarca definitely isn’t a puppet. She’s still young enough to need some help (and make some mistakes), but she’s been in power long enough to be pretty savvy, I’d warrant. That’s what she showed this time.

  13. Logic > Magic. Period.
    Also, one’s power level can be over 9000.
    Also, believe in mangas!

    And Myuseru is really nice in not showing Petrarca her ‘true power’ in conversing in Japanese. Either that or Petrarca might get super pissed and order her removal.
    Still, MYUSERU FTW!!

    1. I think Myuseru translating already showed how much further she was ahead…and to her credit Petrarca didn’t care, because it was serious time and not even Shinichi burying his face in Minori’s breasts could (totally) shake her resolve when she was in Ruler Mode.

      1. Petrarca actually scored the first points in her favour there. She showed some wit and perception, her ‘lie’ even showed how much she realised about our heros actual status. Before that so was all we had seen from her a spoiled brat, so much so that I wonder if she have actually been acting before? She may be a lot smarter then she seemed.

    2. I am impressed, too. To understand and speak a foreign language, you need to hear it, and known how to pronounce them. But, i doubt that they put their rings away to speak Nippon. So the only other option where she picked it up, is his Animes. So you knows to watch DVDs, too

      Because learning your “school English”, you just web in your Mother-language slang, you need to hear the Original to speak it right. I was in a English speaking GameGuild. There i polished my English. Perhaps you can do it, too (i used Teamspeak3, and some F2P Game)

  14. This was definitely an amazing episode 😀 truly enjoyed this episode and IMO, i prefer having the preview spoil us that Myuseru was alive, cause number 1, just like Stilts, I don’t think my heart can handle one week of uncertainty of whether Myuseru is alive or not, and second, if they left it at such a cliffhanger and then Myuseru turns out to be alive, it kinda doesn’t go well with such a tense cliffhanger so the fact they just basically gave away that Myuseru is still alive kinda softens the impact in the next episode so we won’t be disapointed in a pointless cliffhanger.

    1. Very true. No one was going to believe that Myuseru actually died, so better to give us the quick shock, and then assure us that all is well immediately thereafter. Keeps people from freaking out while still giving us that initial shock at the end of the episode. A good balance.

  15. Did anyone notice when Shinichi was ear deep in Minori’s tits, Minori was able to tease one of the captors when neither one of them had their ring on? Guess the terrorists were already educated in Japanese.

    1. yeah that scene confuses me a little bit but it’s also possible that the terrorist is wearing a ring so he understand what she’s saying but she doesn’t is my conclusion after thinking about it for a while

    2. I assume he was either wearing a ring, or he just got the idea from her exposed cleavage and the tone of her voice. That was my assumption though, so it could be a plot hole…though not a major one if so.

    3. He didn’t actually understand what she was saying. I’m assuming you watched Anime-Koi’s fansub and I think there’s a mistranslation in that scene. She said:

      …yubiwa nai kara wakannai ka

      Which would roughly translate to:

      …I’m not wearing my ring so you wouldn’t understand what I’m saying.

  16. Magic is cool, but I’ll put my money on guns and missiles any day.

    You’d win your bet, in this anime’s world.
    If anything, the scene where Shinichi disposes of a magical item with a fire estinguisher confirms that the authors have their ideas firmly set about interaction of technology and magic.

    It seems like magic has limits in this world, and that’s good because it’s not likely they will go deus ex machina on us to resolve situations, putting a solid basis for a great story.
    The whole settings is thought and planned very well (at least it seems to me) and this, together with the believable character traits (as showed by Schinichi’s inner thoughts), is the reason I’m enjoying this series so very much.

    ehm, that, and Myuseru, hnng. And loli princess.
    Ok, that after Myuseru and loli princess.

  17. Daaaamn, this show continues to surprise me with just how good it is. I was shocked when Shinichi recognized Myuseru’s interest… then cynically dismissed it! It’s rather logical when you think about it, he’s probably the nicest human she’s ever met and he’s not even that outstanding for his world. I do hope we get to see her in Japan though.

    Alessio was a great villain, but is ultimately fighting for a lost cause. Just like the day Columbus set foot in America, the second that gate opened up Eldant’s structure was doomed. The only question is how messy the collapse will be. He should just be glad that the Japanese didn’t bring a bunch of new diseases with them like the Europeans did. I wonder if there will be a plot about someone trying to close the gate in the future, it’s the only way to halt the cultural exchange.

    After three great episodes I’m definitely following this to the end. I really hope it maintains this level of pure win to the end!

  18. ARGH I HATE HOW THEY DO THE PREVIEWS FOR THE NEXT EPISODE! Then again, you’re doomed for it if you decide to see what’s next anyways lol. It ruined it for me when I found out Myuseru is well…yeah fine and dandy xD

    Also Myuseru blushing…NGGGGHHHHH

    Jason Isenberg
  19. It’s amazing anime, mostly of all, hilarious otaku boy who loves huge breast! XD
    Update Outbreak Company 4 pics yet?
    I’ve highly hope that this anime will goes well! ☺️


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